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Doctor: Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Will Transform Medicine

Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Will Transform Medicine, Doctor Predicts – CNS

A scientific breakthrough that enables researchers to create adult stem cells much faster and easier will radically transform the way medicine is practiced, predicts Dr. Marc Darrow, assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of California/Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine.


“It will be the standard of care,” said Darrow, who teaches regenerative techniques utilizing platelets and adult stem cells to medical residents at UCLA, and who has been using the same techniques to treat patients with joint, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries in his own LA clinic.

Darrow explained that in the past, creating stem cell lines was a very tedious procedure which required “using a pipette to take nuclear material from one cell to put into another.”

But an article published January 29th in the peer-reviewed journal Nature describes a new technique for creating undifferentiated adult stem cells by immersing blood cells in an acid bath for half an hour.

Biologist Haruko Obokata, a stem cell researcher from Japan’s RIKEN Center of Developmental Biology, then injected the acid-stressed, florescently-tagged blood cells into a mouse embryo, where they created entire organs – including a beating heart.

‘It’s amazing. I would have never thought external stress could have this effect,” said study co-author Yoshiki Sasai. (See STAP cells.pdf)

“The generation of these cells is essentially Mother Nature’s way of responding to injury,” added co-author Charles Vacanti, director of the Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham Women’s Hospital.

“Our bodies make stem cells all day long and that’s probably what’s keeping us alive, by regenerating tissue. The whole field of medicine is moving into regenerative medicine,” Darrow told CNSNews.com.

And despite the fact that most insurance does not cover stem cell therapy, he predicted: “This will become the new medicine sometime soon.”

“I mean right now, surgery is still the king, but I see terrible results from surgery. I see patients every single day who have surgeries that have failed. In fact, there are [insurance company] diagnoses such as ‘Failed Back Syndrome.’ What does that tell us? It tells us there’s enough of those surgeries that don’t work that I wouldn’t want to have one.”

In contrast, Darrow said, stem cell therapy is “the easiest, simplest and cheapest form of medicine that I know of to regenerate tissue, get rid of pain and return function.” And with the newly discovered procedure, which he warned is still in the research phase, “it’ll be very quick and very easy to repair body parts.”

“This is the crest of a wave that’s going to become a tsunami,” he predicted. “I’ve been pushing for this stuff for 16 years… and there’s guys like me out there that teach at universities and the younger docs are going for it. It’s going to be the tsunami of the new form of medicine. There’s no way to stop it.”

Another benefit is that the new technique utilizes only adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells, Darrow added. “That’s the good news,” he told CNSNews.com. “We don’t have to deal with embryos, which has a terrible political and moral controversy surrounding it.”

In addition to ethical problems, “embryonic cells can cause tumors,” according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Cell-based therapies show great promise for repairing, replacing, restoring, or regenerating damaged cells, tissues and organs,” an overview published by the FDA on Dec. 11, 2013 noted. Since “embryonic cells can cause tumors… these more mature cells may be better suited to replace specific types of damaged cells or lost cells or for repairing damaged tissue.”

Darrow noted that the recent breakthrough in procducing adult stem cells will provide new insight into how the body repairs itself, calling them “the crème de la crème of healing.”

Although adult stem cell therapy will never replace surgery for some problems, he predicts it will greatly reduce the number of back surgeries and joint replacements now being done. “People who would normally be having surgery who come to me don’t have to have surgery,” he said.

“Look, I love surgeons. They’re brilliant. This is not a putdown on surgeons. It’s just that they’re very, very busy. When I was doing orthopedic surgery as a medical student and as an intern, there were days when we’d see 60 patients in the clinic. How much time does the doctor have to examine the patient? It’s mostly slap an X-ray up on the wall or an MRI and then deciding what to do from that. It’s not the best medicine.” Darrow told CNSNews.com.

“And again, that’s not a hit on surgeons, because we definitely need surgeons. There’s a lot of work for surgeons to do. It’s just that many of these, what I’ll call elective surgeries, in my mind – and that’s just my opinion – should not be done. We should be using regenerative medicine with platelets and/or stem cells to regenerate the tissue.

“And I hear from patients every day who say their doctor says it can’t work. You can’t regrow tissue. Well, that’s nonsense. I’ve been watching this for 16 years. It works great.”

That’s why, he says, it won’t be long before using adult stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue becomes standard medical care. “Who wants to do surgery when it’s going to hurt someone? Who wants to get surgery when it can hurt [you]? This is the way. This is the Holy Grail. It’s a no-brainer.”

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Some people just love to impersonate a hemorrhoid I guess

What would possess a person to spend their precious time being a pain in normal people’s asses? This prick would. Go read the link, this guy is certifiable. And no, whatever “Doug” he is talking about, and threatening, ain’t me. Frankly, I have far more important, and useful things to do than waste time on Billy Boy. Sorry, I have no time for cowards who hide behind lawyers and sue people at the drop of a hat, and usually they are the ones dropping the hat. Hey Bill, here is some advice, for whatever good it will do grow up, shut up, and grow a set. Enjoy your life, and stop trying to ruin the lives of others!




Great news, fellow blogger Jim Hoft improving

Ed and I are very happy to hear this update!

Great news!!  Jim has just graduated from the ICU to a regular hospital room.  He has made significant progress and is stable and feeling better.  And he’s fun to talk to on the phone again!

I will work on getting a new picture of Jim to share.  In the meantime, please continue offering your prayers.  They are working.  Thank you!

For the background on Jim’s health scare, read here.

Outstanding! Keep getting better Jim!


About those “non-existent” death panels………….

Bunkerville, who is now on our blogroll has audio of Mark Levin talking to a neurosurgeon about this issue. CHILLING!

In one of the most chilling phone calls that Mark has ever had, last night was something else. A Neurosurgeon had just attended a meeting with Government representatives. They let the group of Neurosurgeons know what they were in for. After age 70, no Neurosurgery will be the effect of the new rules coming down. People are no longer called people. We are now called Units. Comfort care is what we get. All to de-humanize us.I was hoping someone had snagged this, and indeed someone did.

Comfort care? In other words, we will fluff your pillow and let you die if you are over 70 and need neurosurgical care. If this is true, then, well, I wonder what other measures for who gets care and who gets “comforted” will be applied to Americans, er units. of course, as Western Hero points out, some of us can “buy” our way out of ObamaCare I guess supporting the emperor can really save you life huh?

Michael Barone asks…

If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?

He goes on to make some excellent points about how passing a law and then selling exemptions to it is a fundamental violation of the Rule of Law. (Yes, I said sell. Organizations don’t give candidates and political parties campaign contributions just for the fun of it.)

Of course, for those who will shake their heads and say that there is no way our government would allow such barbarity, consider that our government heavily subsidizes Planned Parenthood, which makes a LOT of money by killing the inconvenient

(Life News) — Catherine Adair, a former Planned Parenthood staffer in Boston, has written a new column in the Washington Examiner about her experience and says the abortion business is really concerned about one thing: abortion.

Adair has begun to speak out recently about her experiences and, previously, credited Abby Johnson leaving her post as the director of a Texas-based Planned Parenthood abortion facility with inspiring her to share her own story of getting out of the abortion industry. […]

“My time there was not spent providing prenatal care to pregnant women, providing counseling or basic health care services or educating women about reproductive health. Instead, I spent my days urging women to terminate their pregnancies. My superiors constantly reminded me of our abortion-centered business model: abortions first, everything else came second,” she writes. “I began to recognize their emphasis on performing abortions each time a woman would express concern or have second thoughts about having an abortion. When I notified management, though, they told me not to worry and encourage her decision to move ahead with the procedure.”

This is what ALWAYS happens when we subjugate individual liberties for the common good. Our Founders formed a nation based on individual rights. Natural rights Franklin called them, Rights that are part of our natural condition. Rights that no government can take away. George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson wrote of these rights, chief among them were LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!

Marx, and his followers, and you are right to count Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman and other Liberal politicians among them, do not believe as our Founders did. They believe the individual has certain rights, but these rights are conditional. They are conditional as long as the government, acting in the name of the common good, allow these rights to remain.

For the Marxist, there is no higher power than government, and all rights come from government. And the fact is, what government “gives” be it the right to speak, assemble, own firearms, or the “right” to health care, the same government can restrict, limit, or also take away entirely.

God help us.

The latest thing about ObamaCare that will make you say OH SHIT!

Soon to be EX Speaker Face Lift told us we had to pass the bill to see what was in it didn’t she? YUP, and since it passed there have been lots of OH SHIT moments!

It’s very easy for Obamacare supporters to scoff at the whole idea that there are “death panels” ensconced in Obama’s health care power grab. But the fact of the matter is that they exist in a defacto form. One of those defacto death panels is the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), an agency invented under Obamacare that has no congressional oversight and will be able to summarily cancel your drug prescriptions as paid for by Medicare.

The IPAB is not well known by Americans, but it is a 15-member board appointed by the president and while members are confirmed by the Senate, the board is not otherwise answerable to anyone but the president. As to its duties, this board was given the responsibility to put a spending cap on Medicare. One way that the IPAB intends to do that is to decide what drugs are cost effective enough for government to pay for.

In other words, the IPAB will decide whether or not Medicare patients will be allowed to have a drug and its decision to eliminate the drug will be based solely on cost, not effectiveness or medical necessity. These decisions will also not be made with your doctor. It will be a top down, bureaucratic decision, not a decision based on medical science.

If the government decides that your lifesaving drug is too expensive, then you simply won’t be allowed to have it. How is that not a “death panel”? Can anyone see a meaningful difference between a “death panel” and the IPAB’s powers?

Read the whole thing folks, this is scary, and this is the very thing we all knew this bill would do! That is why most Americans were, and are vehemently opposed to this bill, or any other “comprehensive” health care bill. We fear granting the government such power. Sarah Palin, and anyone else who raised fears of death panels was ripped by the media as a fear monger or a nut. Yet, many aspects of this bill scream death panels!