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Greedy Leftists to ban soda in San Franfreako

There is just no quenching the Neo-Marxist’s thirst for absolute power

Now it’s time for San Francisco to take its turn in the sugary beverage battle.

Supervisor Scott Wiener plans this week to introduce a ballot measure that would set a tax on sugary beverages. The proceeds would fund health, nutrition and activity programs for city youth.

Wiener’s proposal would levy a tax of 24 cents on each can of soda sold in the city, where fast-food restaurants are already prohibited from handing out free toys in kids’ meals high in fat, salt and sugar.

Similar tax measures were defeated last year across the bay in Richmond and in the Los Angeles County town of El Monte, after the beverage industry spent millions of dollars to kill the proposals.

And New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s attempt to ban the sale of sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces has been halted by the courts.

Note the part highlighted in red by me. What that should read is the proceeds will be wasted and will line the pockets of fat cat politicians and their flunkies.

Nanny Bloomberg now wants to ban E-cigarettes too

What a control freak.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to rid the City of all things unhealthy has taken aim at various fattening foods and harmful products like cigarettes and trans fats. He even once tried – and failed – to ban large containers of soda within New York’s five boroughs. 

But Bloomberg’s now gone a step further – not only does hizzonor not want you to smoke cigarettes, he doesn’t want you smoke fake cigarettes, either.  

Recently leaked drafts of three tobacco-related bills that are expected to be introduced into the City Council indicate that Bloomberg’s planning to regulate e-cigs into extinction.

Basically, I would call Bloomberg a fanatic. Some people should never be in a position of power, he is one.

Does Anthony Weiner have a hard on for a political return? UPDATED! First Weiner campaign video added

Anthony Weiner might be seeking the New York Mayor’s office next election. Will he run as a Democrat? Will the party support him? Or perhaps he might start a new party? The Trouser Snake Party? or the One-Eyed Monster Party? Or perhaps the Perverts Party?

Via NY Post:

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is laying the groundwork for a political comeback, possibly as a startling addition to this year’s mayoral race, sources said yesterday.

Political insiders were abuzz at news that Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, had granted a lengthy magazine interview for the first time since his resignation in an embarrassing sexting scandal in 2011.

“The magazine piece is step one of a two-step process for him to run citywide this year,” said one Democratic Party source.

“He’s looking at public advocate and comptroller, but he really thinks he can use this to get back in and run for mayor.”

Weiner issued a terse “no comment” when asked about his plans.

Weiner has $4.3 million left in his campaign account, including $248,710 that would be matched 6-to-1 under the public-financing system.

Here is a possible campaign them song

UPDATE! This might be the model for the first campaign ad

It IS called freedom

And we should defend that against all its enemies. Martin at What Would the Founders Think uses Nanny Bloomberg as an example of an enemy of liberty

In this particular case, New York State Judge Milton Tingling ruled that the Mayor of New York and the Board of Health had far overstepped their bounds of authority.

The rule would not only violate the separation of powers doctrine, it would eviscerate it. Such an evisceration has the potential to be more troubling than sugar sweetened drinks.

It is arbitrary and capricious because it applies to some but not all food establishments in the city, it excludes other beverages that have significantly higher concentrations of sugar sweeteners and/or calories on suspect grounds, and the loopholes inherent in the rule, including but not limited to no limitations on refills, defeat and/or serve to gut the purpose of the rule.

In other words, it’s just plain ludicrous and devoid of rationality.

That it is. If Bloomberg, or any other Statist can ban certain sizes of “sugary drinks”, what is next? Certain size steaks? Certain sized portions of BBQ? Maybe certain pies or cakes? Statists like Bloomberg are fanatical, their thirst for power is never sated. there will always be “something else” to ban, or limit, and of course, it will always be “for our ow good”. Martin knows this as well as I do

Personally, I don’t drink soda, but somehow manage to carry around a few more pounds than is good for me.  I eat more than my body requires.  But that’s my business. Choices have consequences – it’s not the government’s job to make sure that all my choices meet with the approval of a “public servant.” He may have been elected mayor, but he wasn’t elected God.

But never fear, Bloomberg is here to save the estimated (who’s estimate?) 5,000 New Yorkers who die every year because they are too fat. His office wasted no time in announcing via twitter,

We plan to appeal the sugary drinks decision as soon as possible, and we are confident the measure will ultimately be upheld.


We believe @nycHealthy has the legal authority and responsibility to tackle causes of the obesity epidemic, which kills 5,000 NYers a year.

Gosh, what was this judge thinking! How dare he stand in the way of this selfless billionaire mayor and the Department of Health!

Folks, freedom is too precious to waste, or cede without a fight. Statists like Bloomberg who want to tell us what to eat, and other Statists who wish to tell us what we can read, watch on TV, say, and when we can display our faith, or what type of gun we can own, or what size magazine, or what kind a car we can have are just as dangerous as Bloomberg. The choice is clear, our liberty, or a Nanny State?

More Bandemonium from Bloomberg

The little wannabe dictator is at it again

Salt, soda, cigarettes, firearms, trans fats, baby formula — next up for suppression by the parody of a totalitarian tyrant who passes for Mayor of NYC: Styrofoam.

Bloomberg plans to use part of his Thursday State of the City address to push for a ban on Styrofoam food packaging. …

“One product that is virtually impossible to recycle and never bio-degrades is Styrofoam … something that we know is environmentally destructive and that may be hazardous to our health, that is costing taxpayers money and that we can easily do without, and is something that should go the way of lead paint,” Bloomberg will say, according to excerpts of the speech obtained by The Associated Press.

He said his administration would work with the City Council to ban Styrofoam food packaging from stores and restaurants.

H’T to Moonbattery, where Dave Blunt adds this

Coming next: a ban on plastic. Or maybe the transistor. Or radial tires. Or the color orange. Who knows?

New Yorkers will now pay more for takeout food that doesn’t stay warm so that Bloomberg can congratulate himself on making their world a little less free. The rest of the country will have to deal with supplying products to its largest city in the face of bizarre restrictions that pile up by the day.

People like Bloomberg are dangerous, Their fanaticism increases with whatever power they are allowed to gain. Pray this ass hat never gets elected to anything after his stint in NYC is over.


Obama garners another endorsement from a Statist!

Yes indeed! Mayor Nanny Bloomberg looks up to Obama, well, actually, Bloomberg looks up to almost everyone, even some midgets but, that is another story

Via WaPo:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Obama Thursday, citing climate change as his primary motivation.

“Our climate is changing,” the mayor writes in an op-ed on Bloomberg View, part of his media empire. “And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it might be — given this week’s devastation — should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action.” Obama, he says “has taken major steps” to deal with climate change.

Now before you chalk this up to one Statist endorsing another read the statement from Bloomberg. He says that “climate change” may or may not be behind the storm that hit New York, that it might be a risk, but all elected leaders should take immediate action. So, we should take action, not even knowing if there is a threat? And if we do not know there is a threat, how can we possibly know what actions to take? Good grief, how do idiots like Bloomberg ever get elected to anything?


Today’s Marxist Moron is………..

The gun-grabbing Mayor Nanny Bloomberg! Doug Powers documents Bloomberg’s latest trip into the Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote an op-ed in the New York Daily News that goes for a record in misguided problem solving. In the article, Bloomberg calls for more gun laws that would accomplish little except take guns out of the hands of non-criminal legal gun owners. Then Bloomberg virtually admits (unwittingly, of course) that people who follow the law and possess firearms legally aren’t the problem:

Every one of the criminals who has shot at our police officers possessed his gun illegally. Every one.

Good grief! It is true that stupid should hurt. Bloomberg would have a headache that 1,ooo,000 Excedrin could not cure.Powers notes,the absurdity of Bloomberg’s”logic”

He destroys his own argument in a single sentence. “Problem: Criminals shooting at police officers. Solution: Keeping guns out of the hands of people who don’t shoot at police officers.”

Would Bloomberg be happier if the people who shot at cops possessed their guns legally? At least then his argument might make at least a modicum of sense.

As bad as Bloomberg is, the idiots in New York that continue to vote for him are even worse. Why do they keep voting AGAINST basic liberties? I suppose I should bestow upon these pinheads, who have no earthly clue what the Hell freedom is, a Marxist Moron Award of their own.

Oh Goody, it is the Nanny Statists again!

Reason TV has just named their Nanny of the Month for March. And it is none other than Mayor Nanny Bloomberg

This month Alabama lawmakers were itching to make it a criminal offense to annoy people online (isn’t that what the interweb is all about?), and a national pollexposed the split personality of Americans who pretend to support individual responsibility, all the while cheering bans on smoking, transfats and the like.

But this month top dishonors go to the man who is perhaps the busiest busybody of them all, the big-city mayor who decided to halt private donations to his city’s homeless shelters (after all, who can be sure that such donations wouldn’t fill homeless people with fatty or salty food?!).
Presenting Reason.tv’s Nanny of the Month for March 2012: New York City Mayor Meddlin’ Mike Bloomberg!
What an incredible bag of arrogance this clown is

The really stunning thing about this story is……………

Rudy Giuliani
Image via Wikipedia

That Rudy Giuliani was able to get through a whole statement WITHOUT bringing up 9/11!

Rudy Giuliani demanded that Mitt Romney apologize for his Massachusetts health care plan during a visit to New Hampshire on Friday.

The former mayor of New York said that Romney made a “terrible mistake” in requiring residents to purchase health care when he signed the plan into law five years ago, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports.

“[Romney] can’t talk his way out of this,” Giuliani said. “If you create a state or a federal government that can give orders like that, you’re taking away people’s freedom, and I think Gov. Romney should be more sensitive to that.”

Giuliani also blamed the former Massachusetts governor for providing the model for President Barack Obama’s national health care plan. He said that Romney must admit the plan’s failures in order to avoid hurting the Republican Party.

I agree, Romney has to renounce any support for ANY health care mandate to have a shot. But, again, I am still stunned Rudy did not tie this back to 9/11. After all, he pimps 9/11 more than Je$$e Jackson pimps Selma.

Well known Dick: Hey you know what is better than the awesomeness of ObamaCare?

Opting OUT of ObamaCare apparently! H/T to American Glob

Rep. Anthony Weiner said Wednesday he was looking into how a health law waiver might work for New York City.

Weiner, who is likely to run for mayor of New York, said that because of the city’s special health care infrastructure, his office was looking into alternatives that might make more sense. Weiner is one of the health care law’s biggest supporters; during the debate leading up to reform, he was one of the last holdouts in Congress for the public option.

Exit question: Weiner opines that the greatness of the bill is that it allows cities and states to find alternatiye solutions. Hmm, couldn’t they find those SAME alternate solutions WITHOUT forcing this bill on ALL Americans? I think we all can figure the answer to that. Can you say $$$$$$$$$$$$

Mayor Nanny still obsessed with running your life

What a gigantic Nanny Stater! Gutfeld has some choice words for Bloomers!

So on his radio show, Mayor Mike Bloomberg said that the cops won’t enforce the city’s new ban on smoking at beaches and parks.

So, who will?


That’s right, Bloomie said, quote, “This is going to be enforced by public pressure. […] Mainly….everybody’s going to turn to you and say, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be smoking.’ And you know, most people listen.”

Yeah, most people.

He must be refering to smurfs, pixies and tree nymphs. Cuz it ain’t us.

And so we see another example of Bloomie’s mammoth misunderstanding of human nature.

We don’t like busybodies. We don’t like meddlers. And we don’t like jerks butting in over our butts.

More important, everyone knows that the average life span of a snitch, is far shorter than a smoker’s.

People hate snitches more.

The Trash Police? This one will make you VERY ANGRY!

Chris points out yet another Statist idea from Nanny Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, and all-around control freak!

One old lady’s trash is a treasure trove of fines for Mike Bloomberg’s Recycling Police. On Sunday eighty year old Delia Gluckin threw her newspaper in the trash. In swooped a Department of Sanitation inspector to search the garbage can, and write her a $100 ticket for “improper disposal”.

Yes folks, New York City pays someone to harass little old ladies for not properly recycling their newspaper. And there’s no mercy.

I said “I’m terribly sorry. I did it inadvertently. I’m a senior citizen. I never did anything. I’m going to take it out.” And she said “No you’re not” and she wrote up the ticket.

Officious busybody bureaucrat! Why don’t they pick on someone their own size? Mike Bloomberg’s Sanitation Stormtroopers can’t cut an old lady a break? Nope! It’s a revenue stream.

A spokesperson for the Department of Sanitation says agents have issued more than 2,300 tickets for similar violations this year.

The soul of a Progressive examined

By Bob Belvedere no less! He looks at Mayor Nanny Bloomberg and his incessant desire to save us from our own liberties!

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, Full-Time Beautiful Person, aka: Mayor Bozoberg, aka: Massa Bloomsy, aka: New York Naggie, aka: Michael Bloomingidiot, has been pontificating again and moving forward with his War Against Salt [how brave!]. -Regarding the latter, the Reaganite Republican has the details here [complete with a lovely little Photoshop he devised] on anti-Saltmitic Mayor Naggie’s spending of $370,000 taxpayer dollars on an anti-salt campaign which targets soup.  I like the name RR has come up with for the campaign: Operation Chicken Noodle.