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Former SEAL blasts Bloomberg!


Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso has a special message for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others like him who are pushing for more gun control: “If you really cared about the American people, you’d stand up for more freedom for them, and not more power and status for yourself.”

The 12-year veteran is one of the newest NRA News contributors and has just released a diatribe against politicians who say they stand up for American safety but are quick to sacrifice essential freedom.

“It is unbelievable that politicians like Mayor Bloomberg think that they are experts on personal protection,” Raso says in the video. “Me and the guys I fought with, we didn’t go to war so that some politician could dictate whatever he thinks is best for the American people.”

“What have those guys ever accomplished that gives them any credibility on the subject of personal protection?” he adds later:

Go read the whole thing and check out the video


Conservative Hideout’s Useful Idiot of the Month is………

Who else but Nanny Bloomberg?

I guess when it comes to being a nanny, or a useful idiot, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC takes the cake.  After all, the cake is sugary, and might make you fat! You guessed it right, Michael Bloomberg, the man who thinks he should micromanage your life, has won Useful Idiot of the Month!  So, we at the CH 2.0 send our congratulations to Mayor Bloomberg for a well deserved dishonor.  Then again, he wouldn’t think it is dishonor, would he?  Stay tuned for the next nomination thread, coming at the end of April

Also not that Conservative Hideout is one of our Blogs of the Month!

Your Marxist Moron of the Day is

Piers Morgan, who obviously does not grasp the concept of liberty

CNN’s Piers Morgan has become an apologist for the nanny state. He defended Mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban on his Monday night show, a ban that was shot down that day by the state supreme court for being “arbitrary and capricious.”

I agree with Mayor Bloomberg,” Morgan asserted. “And what’s the point of being a mayor of a city like New York? He’s been big on gun control, big on smoking – he wants New Yorkers to be fitter and healthier. What is wrong with that?

Piers, if we have to explain it to you, then, well…………


City Officials Pull The Plug On Vibrator Giveaway, Leaving Thousands Dissatisfied

City Officials Pull The Plug On Vibrator Giveaway, Leaving Thousands Dissatisfied – New York Post

They must have rubbed Mayor Bloomberg the wrong way.

City officials pulled the plug on a vibrator giveaway by the Trojan condom company yesterday, disappointing potentially thousands of pleasure-seeking women who hoped to get their hands on some no-cost sex toys.

“I’m 57 years old. I should be able to get a vibrator!” declared Linda Postell, who was among hundreds of women (and men!) waiting in the heat on Pearl Street only to be left unsatisfied. “I have a problem with the smoking ban, and the soda ban – and now this!”

Trojan sent tingles of excitement across the city when it announced the giveaway of some 10,000 vibrating sex toys from hot-dog-style pushcarts.

Trojan began by handing out about 400 free vibrators without incident on Sixth Avenue in Rockefeller Center between 11 a.m. and noon.

The giveaways were scheduled to start at 4 p.m. in the Flatiron District and near the South Street Seaport.

As carts arrived at each location, nearly 300 women – and quite a number of guys – queued up.

But instead of climaxing in a successful giveaway, the promotion was prematurely interrupted by City Hall, which sent a dark-suited representative to put the squeeze on Trojan’s “Pleasure Carts.”

The spoilsport, who declined to identify himself, told Trojan’s reps at the Flatiron location that they had to shut down because of the size of the crowd that had gathered.


The event barely got started. The downtown event shut down about 40 minutes later, and Trojan managed to dole out just a couple of hundred battery-operated tinglers.

The decision to nix the giveaway clearly caused the mayor’s voter satisfaction ratings to plummet among the empty-handed thrill seekers.

“There’s a lot more important things the city should be worried about than a free-vibrator giveaway,” complained Park Slope bar owner Melody Henry, 42. “Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You can’t have a giant soda. You can’t have a vibrator.”

The Mayor’s Office insisted the vibrator switch-off was a permit issue, and not due to any prudishness.

“This activity promoting Trojan products, which impeded pedestrian and street traffic, did not have a permit,” City Hall said in a written statement. “The production company affiliated with the event is currently in discussions with the Mayor’s Office to hold a promotional event with proper permits at a later date.”

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Muck Fayor Bloomberg!

Moonbattery has news of Mayor Nanny Statist’s latest gun grabbing fantasies!

Anyone with the least respect for the America form of government is disgusted and enraged, but B. Hussein’s fellow authoritarians are delighted with the Chicago Way (now known as Hopey Change). New York’s nanny state dictator, not content to micromanage his subjects’ snacking habits, wants Chairman Zero to circumvent Congress to attack the Second Amendment.

After months of waiting in vain for gun control supporters in Congress to take aggressive action against semi-automatic firearms, gun shows and NRA-supported restrictions on the abuse of instant background check records and firearm trace information, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging President Obama to make 40 changes to federal gun law interpretation and enforcement on his own-without congressional approval. …

Titled “A Blueprint for Federal Action” and released only in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, the 51-page Bloomberg battle plan takes another cue from the military in calling for its mission to be carried out jointly by seven federal departments and agencies: the departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The first six agencies are wholly under President Obama’s command, while the CPSC is an independent agency headed by commissioners nominated by the president.

The “Blueprint for Federal Action,” a copy of which was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, presents 40 recommendations that would dramatically curtail firearms freedoms.

That Bloomberg got elected to any office truly makes my skin crawl. To think such men as Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Washington and Mason did what they did, risked everything to form a nation founded upon God-given liberties. That nation, and those same liberties, today, are under assault from Nanny Statists like Bloomberg, Pelosi, Reid, Grayson, Obama, Biden, and the rest. That is truly sickening isn’t it? These fools are dead set on absolutely eradicating everything that made this nation great. remember in November my friends!