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Another Liberal digging in the Pit of Eternal Stupidity

A wealth tax? Another disciple of the lunatic Karl Marx displays the incredible stupidity of Marx, and those that still follow his moronic rantings.

Ah yes, Marc Lamont Hill. How did this boob ever become a professor? If I talked to this guy for two minutes, I would know he is not bright enough to be trusted to mow my lawn. In fact, if he did mow my lawn, it would take him two days, the yard would be half-mowed, my lawn mower would be broken, and he would want to charge me three times the quoted price! Seriously, this guy is a fool! He cannot grasp that a “wealth tax” would require another massive, and intrusive government agency. Stupid should hurt! And this buffoon is Phil Donahue stupid!

Socialism in Action: Obama’s Education Chief Says Student Loan Bailout Will Address Income Inequality | The Gateway Pundit

Obamunism on display! Democrats firmly believe in using taxes, and spending, to force their version of America on to the rest of us. Sadly many people fall for the class warfare rhetoric the Democrats have been spewing for decades now. Too many of us are too wiling to be victims, and to wallow in self-pity. Too many of us look at the rich, as bad people, who have somehow “stolen” what is rightfully ours. So, foolishly, we look to government to play Robin Hood, to avenge the wrongs the rich have committed against us.

It sounds so good, doesn’t it?If we just make the evil rich “pay their fair share”, then we can all live in a Utopia where “fairness” reigns. That, in the end is the message of all the”isms” that sprang from the demented minds of Marx and Engels.

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But, the promise of Marxism is never fulfilled. Instead of a Utopia, nations that are seduced by the promise are soon robbed of any hope of bettering themselves, or of success. And eventually, they are robbed of their liberties as well.

See, the promise of Marxism might sound sweet, but the cost of the hope of Utopia, a hope that is never reached by the way, is that our freedoms are sacrificed on the altar of Collectivism. This, in essence is what the Democratic Party  has become. It has become the Party of Collectivism.

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