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Luxury Hotel Under The Sea Features Restaurant, Gym And Even A Wedding Chapel

Luxury Hotel Under The Sea Features Restaurant, Gym And Even A Wedding Chapel… As Long As You Can Afford $15,000 For A Week’s Stay – Daily Mail

Most guests luxury hotels are not thrill-seekers – but visitors to the Poseidon Undersea Resort will have to take a serious leap of faith.

The holiday complex is set to be located 40ft under the sea in a lagoon off the shore of a private island in Fiji.

It will house 25 suites, as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, and even an underwater wedding chapel.

The innovative project is the brainchild of L. Bruce Jones, boss of U.S. Submarines, Inc.

For $15,000 per person per week, guests will enjoy access to the underwater complex, which will be accessed via an elevator from the shore of the island.

Above the water will be 51 additional hotel rooms, as well as a number of restaurants and bars plus a spa, tennis courts and a nine-hole golf course.

But most visitors will surely be attracted above all by the stunning underwater seascape, full of stunning biological phenomena such as tropical fish and coral reefs.

To explore this subaqueous world, guests will apparently have access to four personal submarines provided by the resort.

Those put off by the see-through modules will be relieved to learn that they will be able to make the plastic opaque, drawing a virtual blind over the windows.

And visitors who are concerned about the safety implications of spending hours at a time in transparent domes underwater are assured that their fears are baseless.

The resort claims on its website that its buildings are based on the design of passenger submarines, which it describes as ‘statistically the world’s safest form of transportation’.

The various modules of the complex are all structurally separate, meaning that each one can be shut off if a problem develops there.

And the plexiglass rooms can all be detached from the seabed and lifted to the surface for repairs if necessary.

The Poseidon resort has been in the making for several years as Mr Jones and his partners have sought the capital necessary to convert their comprehensive designs into reality.

They claim it will take just two years to construct the undersea complex once they have raised enough money.

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