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Official: Hillary Put Lives At Risk By Keeping Highly Classified, Operational Intelligence On Unsecure Server

Official: Withheld Clinton Emails Contain ‘Operational’ Intel, Put Lives At Risk – Fox News


Highly classified Hillary Clinton emails that the intelligence community and State Department recently deemed too damaging to national security to release contain “operational intelligence” – and their presence on the unsecure, personal email system jeopardized “sources, methods and lives,” a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents told Fox News.

The official, who was not authorized to speak on the record and was limited in discussing the contents because of their highly classified nature, was referring to the 22 “TOP SECRET” emails that the State Department announced Friday it could not release in any form, even with entire sections redacted.

The announcement fueled criticism of Clinton’s handling of highly sensitive information while secretary of state, even as the Clinton campaign continued to downplay the matter as the product of an interagency dispute over classification. But the U.S. government official’s description provides confirmation that the emails contained closely held government secrets. “Operational intelligence” can be real-time information about intelligence collection, sources and the movement of assets.

The official emphasized that the “TOP SECRET” documents were sent over an extended period of time – from shortly after the server’s 2009 installation until early 2013 when Clinton stepped down as secretary of state.

Separately, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., who sits on the House intelligence committee, said the former secretary of state, senator, and Yale-trained lawyer had to know what she was dealing with.

“There is no way that someone, a senior government official who has been handling classified information for a good chunk of their adult life, could not have known that this information ought to be classified, whether it was marked or not,” he said. “Anyone with the capacity to read and an understanding of American national security, an 8th grade reading level or above, would understand that the release of this information or the potential breach of a non-secure system presented risk to American national security.”

Pompeo also suggested the military and intelligence communities have had to change operations, because the Clinton server could have been compromised by a third party.

“Anytime our national security team determines that there’s a potential breach, that is information that might potentially have fallen into the hands of the Iranians, or the Russians, or the Chinese, or just hackers, that they begin to operate in a manner that assumes that information has in fact gotten out,” Pompeo said.

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, one day before the Iowa caucuses, Clinton claimed ignorance on the sensitivity of the materials and stressed that they weren’t marked.

“There is no classified marked information on those emails sent or received by me,” she said, adding that “Republicans are going to continue to use it [to] beat up on me.”

Clinton was pressed in the same ABC interview on her signed 2009 non-disclosure agreement which acknowledged that markings are irrelevant, undercutting her central explanation. The agreement states “classified information is marked or unmarked… including oral communications.”

Clinton pointed to her aides, saying: “When you receive information, of course, there has to be some markings, some indication that someone down the chain had thought that this was classified and that was not the case.”

But according to national security legal experts, security clearance holders are required to speak up when classified information is not in secure channels.

“Everybody who has a security clearance has an individual obligation to protect the information,” said national security attorney Edward MacMahon Jr., who represented former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in the high-profile leak investigation regarding a New York Times reporter. “Just because somebody sends it to you… you can’t just turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened and pretend it’s unclassified information.”

These rules, known as the Code of Federal Regulations, apply to U.S. government employees with security clearances and state there is an obligation to report any possible breach by both the sender and the receiver of the information. The rules state: “Any person who has knowledge that classified information has been or may have been lost, possibly compromised or disclosed to an unauthorized person shall immediately report the circumstances to an official designated for this purpose.”

The Clinton campaign is now calling for the 22 “TOP SECRET” emails to be released, but this is not entirely the State Department’s call since the intelligence came from other agencies, which have final say on classification and handling.

“The State Department has no authority to release those emails and I do think that Secretary Clinton most assuredly knows that,” Pompeo said.

Meanwhile, the release of other emails has revealed more about the high-level exchange of classified information on personal accounts. Among the latest batch of emails released by the State Department is an exchange between Clinton and then-Sen. John Kerry, now secretary of state. Sections are fully redacted, citing classified information – and both Kerry and Clinton were using unsecured, personal accounts.

Further, a 2009 email released to Judicial Watch after a federal lawsuit – and first reported by Fox News – suggests the State Department ‘s senior manager Patrick Kennedy was trying to make it easier for Clinton to check her personal email at work, writing to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills a “stand-alone separate network PC is… [one] great idea.”

“The emails show that the top administrator at the State Department, Patrick Kennedy, who is still there overseeing the response to all the inquiries about Hillary Clinton, was in on Hillary Clinton’s separate email network and system from the get-go,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Kennedy is expected to testify this month before the Republican-led Benghazi Select Committee.


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Hillary Is Finally Asked About Non-Disclosure Agreement That Obliterates Her Classified Email Defense – Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton was finally asked on Sunday about a non-disclosure agreement she signed in Jan. 2009 which completely undermines the defense she uses to downplay the existence of classified information on her private email server. But as is often the case with the Democratic presidential candidate, she dodged the question and gave an inconsistent answer.

“You know, you’ve said many times that the emails were not marked classified,” said ABC News “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.

“But the non-disclosure agreement you signed as secretary of state said that that really is not that relevant,” he continued.

He was referring to the “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” – or Standard Form 312 – that Clinton signed on Jan. 22, 2009, a day after taking over as secretary of state.

“It says classified information is marked or unmarked classified and that all of your training to treat all of that sensitively and should know the difference,” said Stephanopoulos, describing the document.

Clinton responded to Stephanopoulos but did not address the meat of his question. In fact, she appeared to reject the language of the SF-312, saying that “there has to be some markings” on classified information.

“I take classified information very seriously,” Clinton said. “You know, you can’t get information off the classified system in the State Department to put onto an unclassified system, no matter what that system is.”

“We were very specific about that and you – when you receive information, of course, there has to be some markings, some indication that someone down the chain had thought that this was classified and that was not the case.”

However, as the SF-312 makes clear, classified information does not have to be marked as such in order to require being handled as classified information. The document applies not just to physical documents and emails but also to oral communications.

Clinton revised her defense of the classified information on several occasions, as federal agencies release more damaging information about her home-brew email system.

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified materials,” she said in March, when news of her personal email account and server first broke.

In July, after the State Department began retroactively classifying many of Clinton’s emails, she revised her claim saying that she was “confident” that she “never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent or received.”

Days later, she changed her tune again, adopting the now-familiar claim that she did not send or receive information that was “marked” as such. That was after it was reported that the Intelligence Community’s inspector general had found highly classified emails which were classified when originated.

Clinton’s statement to Stephanopoulos about the inability to transfer “information off the classified system in the State Department to put onto an unclassified system” also fails to hold water.

Earlier this week, Fox News reported on a 2013 video showing Wendy Sherman, who served as Clinton’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, discussing how State Department officials often used Blackberries during overseas negotiations to send and receive information that “would never be on an unclassified system.”




Hitlery Calls Law Protecting Lives Of Viable Infants “Extreme And Unacceptable”

Hillary Clinton Calls Law Protecting Lives Of Viable Infants ‘Extreme And Unacceptable’ – Weekly Standard


This week, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker signed a law protecting the lives of infants after the fifth month of pregnancy (or 20 weeks after conception), a point in human development when babies can feel pain and survive long-term if born prematurely.

The law includes an exeption for cases in which a physical health issue endangers the life of the mother, but Hillary Clinton still denounced the late-term abortion ban as an “extreme and unacceptable” measure:

Hillary Clinton

Gov. Walker signed dangerous abortion restrictions into law in WI – without exceptions for rape or incest. Extreme and unacceptable. -H

8:43 PM – 20 Jul 2015

Clinton especially objects to the fact that Wisconsin’s law doesn’t include an exception to allow the killing of infants late in pregnancies that resulted from rape. But laws in the blue states of Pennsylvania and New York (which take effect, respectively, at 22 weeks and 24 weeks after conception) also prohibit late-term abortions in that circumstance. Does Clinton think liberal New York’s aboriton law is also “extreme and unacceptable”?

Scott Walker responded to Clinton with the following tweet:

Scott Walker

@HillaryClinton attacks me for protecting life after 5 months, but won’t condemn disgusting Planned Parenthood videos. -SW

5:44 PM – 21 Jul 2015

Republicans in Congress have not only tolerated the legality of abortion in pregnancies that result from rape, they have voted since 1993 for laws allowing federal Medicaid funding of abortions in these extreme cases in order to prohibit funding in more than 99 percent of other cases. But even if one accepts this exception for principled or prudential reasons, it does not follow that this exception must exist in the ninth month of pregnancy.

So does Clinton support any limits on abortion? She has given conflicting answers over the years, and her campaign still hasn’t answered several questions about her position on late-term abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion:

In 2005, Hillary Clinton said that “government should have no role” in limiting the right to abortion – a remark very similar to the one made by Wasserman Schultz this week. “This decision, which is one of the most fundamental, difficult, and soul-searching decisions a woman and a family can make, is also one in which the government should have no role,” Clinton said at the time.

But at other times, Clinton has claimed that she’d be willing to support a ban on late-term abortion. “I have said many times that I can support a ban on late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected,” Clinton said in a 2000 New York senatorial debate. Clinton did not define “health,” and supporters of a right to abortion have typically defined health exceptions so broadly–to include “mental and emotional” health–that any restriction on late-term abortion would be rendered meaningless. (In 2008, Barack Obama endorsed late-term abortion bans without a mental health exception, but quickly backtracked.)

So would Secretary Clinton support any federal law restricting late-term abortion? If so, how many weeks old must an unborn child be for the law to protect her? Must any restriction on late-term abortion include a “mental and emotional” health exception? And does Clinton still support taxpayer-funded elective abortions for Medicaid recipients?



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The Definitive Guide To How Obamacare Is Destroying American Lives (Matt Walsh)

The Definitive Guide To How Obamacare Is Destroying American Lives – The Matt Walsh Blog


On Sunday night, I wrote a short post soliciting stories from my readers about how Obamacare has already immediately impacted their lives. I asked that all of these emails be directed to ObamacareMakesMeSick@Yahoo.com. I expected a response; I didn’t expect it to be quite so overwhelming.

Over the last 24 hours, my inbox has been flooded with hundreds of emails. What you’ll read in this post represents a portion of them. I’m only one guy (with a fulltime job and twins) — I wasn’t able to go through every single message just yet. Some, I left out because the information was too specific and personal, to the extent that it would reveal the identity of the person who sent it. Some, I couldn’t include because they are simply (well written and accurate) editorials about Obamacare, but they don’t speak to the personal, physical impact of Obamacare on American families. Others, I just haven’t had a chance to read. I expect there will be a sequel to this post coming very soon. Thank you for your stories.

In the meantime, here are the tales of many, many, many real Americans. Share this with your friends. Every time some Statist nincompoop extols the virtues of Obamacare; every time they insist that the “Affordable Care Act” has done nothing but “help” low and middle income families; every time they babble incoherently about how Obamacare isn’t “perfect” but it’s still “better” than what we had before — show them this. Challenge them to read what is happening out there. This isn’t abstract. It isn’t academic. It isn’t a matter of ideology. It isn’t even an issue of constitutionality (although it’s that, also). This is about people. People with kids, and bills, and health problems. This is about people who can no longer afford their health coverage, their mortgages, their lifesaving medication. This is about doctors and nurses leaving medicine behind, driven away by destructive bureaucratic interference. This is about moms and dads losing their jobs so that their employers can compensate for the financial burden of Obamacare. This is about people without insurance because of Obamacare, now being fined for not having insurance because of Obamacare. This is about business owners driven to the edge of bankruptcy. This is real. We heard a lot of fantasies about what Obamacare was “supposed” to accomplish, now it’s time to talk about what it’s actually doing.

So when they say you are “heartless” for opposing Obamacare, show them why it’s heartless to support it.

Sure, the President, the media, Hollywood and the DC elite have touted some “success stories.” But they are few and far between — and they come at a cost. This is that cost. For every person thanking his lucky stars for this new healthcare entitlement, thousands of low and middle income families are suffering.

Is that fair? Is that compassionate? Is that moral?

Notice a few things about the stories that follow: Many of the families facing financial ruin because of the ACA are young. Many are single mothers. Moreover, the vast majority of these emails are from women. I thought Obamacare was supposed to especially help women? Well, I guess for every Sandra Fluke, there’s a million Annes from Nebraska. The former, deeply concerned about getting cheap birth control on the tax payer’s dime. The latter, more worried about having access to affordable lifesaving medication for their children. With Obamacare, the former takes precedent over the latter.

This is insanity.

I’ll be printing this compilation out and sending it to the White House. Then I’ll send a copy to some of our legislators. These people can’t be allowed to hide from what they’ve done.

This is Obamacare:

Meg, Georgia:

I’m a 12-hr night shift nurse in a hospital (the irony). I work part time so that my husband and I can trade off caring for our one-year-old (he’s a firefighter who works 24 hrs on- 48 off on a rotation). My manager called me and stated I would have to, because of Obamacare- related insurance cost restraints , etc (her words), either go up on the number of hours I work each week or become a per diem employee. Did I mention I’m 6 months pregnant? So, I had to decide whether to go up to working more hours than our family can handle or go “per diem” in which case I’d immediately lose all the paid sick leave I’ve been earning, hoping to use for maternity leave, as well as lose a short term disability policy I’ve been paying for which would also help with maternity leave. Guess which we chose? How on earth do you plan for the future with the future shape-shifting constantly on the whims of egomaniacal and out-of-touch politicians? Thank goodness for a supportive and geographically close extended family.

Lisa, Oregon:

I am a small business owner and have a family of 4. My health insurance costs are fixing to double and my deductible going up from 3000 to 10,000. Obamacare makes me SICK!

Sara, Colorado:

I have four children. My husband works for a small business that has never been able to offer a health plan. We treat most sickness using natural medicine, by choice. Since health plans never cover nutrition counseling, chiropractic, supplements, or anything else that could possibly keep us from getting sick in the first place, it has never made sense to take hundreds of dollars from our one household income to pay for coverage.

We are some of those poor souls without healthcare.

Under the new laws, we get to either pay for “coverage” that I guarantee we would only use in a catastrophic situation (we haven’t been on antibiotics in 7 years), OR pay a fine.

Neat. Thanks. Just what we needed in this economy. I would like for them to keep their “free” healthcare. I’ll keep using my essential oils and herbs and keeping my kids healthy and strong on my own, by the grace of God.

Trish, Virginia:

We received a notice from my husband’s health plan that the insurance we have now isn’t economical enough according to the Obamacare regs, We don’t know what will happen next. We have a low premium and a moderately-high deductible (which we meet very late in the year). I’m guessing higher premiums and deductibles are in our future.

Jess, Oklahoma:

We are losing our current health insurance at the end of this year. My husband’s employer is getting rid of it due to Obamacare. Our insurance currently covers my husband, myself, and our two daughters. My husband’s employer is having to replace our current insurance with a policy that is $400 more a month and an added $3000 deductible. The worst of it is that it will now cost him $100 more a month to cover me, his WIFE! Disgusting.

Nick, Florida:

My current health insurance policy for my family of four is $375/month. The cheapest I can find for relatively similar coverage is $784/month. I can “save” money by going with a high deductible plan and pay $630/month. How is that saving? I can’t afford health insurance at these prices, and my employer doesn’t provide insurance to employees.

Pam, Georgia:

Two of our doctors that we have been using for years made the decision to simply retire early and wash their hands of the whole system. One is nearing 70, but he had planned to practice for at least 5 more years, health permitting. Once he saw what was happening to the medical industry, he threw in the towel and will take a well-earned retirement. The other is younger, but he has invested well and was part of a group that has to turn away patients. He is, he told me, contemplating moving out of the country. He may practice again once he is free of the onerous burden of ACA. Another female doctor, in her 40′s, confided to me that she would retire if she could. She is trying to figure out a way. THAT is an effect that will ripple down to all of us, as we lose the priceless treasure of experience and caring. There will not be enough doctors to handle the caseload, so we will be shunted to PA’s. The wait time for an office visit will increase. We will ALL experience a drop in the quality of care, and that is a terrible price to pay when there were other solutions far less damaging to provide for lower income Americans.

KB, Illinois:

The company I work for has capped all 250+ part time employees to 25 hours a week so that even if they go over a little, they still won’t top the 30 hour “full time” designation. Employees who were struggling to pay bills while working 35 hours a week now get written up if they go over 25 hours a week. Thank you, Obamacare.

Kira, Idaho:

We were able to afford insurance for our family of six for our entire marriage (12 years) until the “Affordable” Care Act forced our insurance company to jack rates over a year in advance because they were already suffering added expenses from Obamacare. We had to cancel our insurance and have now been uninsured for over a year. We will not be enrolling in Obamacare, which means we are uninsured AND looking at a huge financial penalty, and we are just praying our four sons don’t do anything boyish and need to visit the ER.

Michelle, no state given:

So not only are we losing are affordable health care plan and are insurance premiums going up my pay will be cut because even though I am covered for insurance through my husband if I work to many hours my they have to provide me with health cage so the cut my hours or force me to go full time and cut my pay. Which if I have to go full time I might as well quit my job because why work full time if it’s just going to pay for daycare. Either way I’m screwed.

Elizabeth, Tennessee:

Insurance through my husband’s job will be 1/3 of his paycheck before taxes. We still have to eat and pay a mortgage on top of that. No money for anything else.

Amber, South Carolina:

Obamacare has already had a negative impact on our family and we don’t even know our rate increases for 2014 yet!

We are a one-income family since I choose to stay at home and raise our three children. My husband has a well paying job at an engineering firm where he manages their computers and servers. We used to have great health insurance with low co-pays and premiums. Our rates increased by 50% from 2012 to 2013. Our co-pays also went up while our coverage levels decreased. I’m scared to think how much they’ll go up come January.

Our doctors offices instituted new policies and it’s harder to get appointments, harder to get medication refills, harder to communicate with the doctors at all! Appointments are shorter, the doctors attention is distracted, it’s more red tape and less patient care.

Exactly what part of the “Affordable Care Act” is affordable? It’s not affordable for us at all!

Hey Matt,


My husband works for my fathers small business, I got let go on maternity leave, we have a 17 month old son. There’s the background.

My father can’t afford to offer health insurance to insure us on the cheapest plan would cost around $15,000 a year. I make nothing, my husband makes around $42,000 a year, we don’t qualify for state insurance because my husband makes too much so we pay the state $182.50 a month for our baby to have insurance. Mind you we have a mortgage, a car, and all the bills and taxes associated with it, oh yea and we have to eat every now and then.

This “affordable” care comes out and they want $488 a month for just my husband and I. That’s insane how is that affordable.

Before I get the go get a job, or something about not working I have applied for hundreds of jobs . Everything from a greeter at Walmart to management positions, I was working for a management firm before I gave birth. I applied for a job that would pay slightly above minimum wage, would have to pay $300 a week in day care which would leave me $14.54 after daycare, with no medical benefits. Guess what I didn’t even get that!!! But the government feels that $488 on top of my sons $182.50 is affordable! How, how is that affordable?! My family’s business can’t afford to hire me because he can’t afford to keep his staff now with all that this Obamacare has stirred up!!!!

Kristin, no state given:

My husband works for a wonderful small engineering company. We no longer have prescription coverage and after our deductible still have to pay 80/20 instead of being covered 100% like before Obamacare.

Katie, Texas:

My husband and I are twenty-somethings with student debt up to our eyeballs, full time jobs and a toddler. We hover right above the ‘poverty line’, and we work our butts off to pay bills and provide for our child. We’re your typical middle class family.

My company provided insurance for us for an extremely good price of $95 a month. Since the ACA was signed in, it has gone up to $350 a month to be up to ACA ‘guidelines’. You might be thinking ‘just $350?’, and while it’s true that this seems like pocket change to you, for a young mom who clips coupons and works on a strict budget to put food on the table, it is devastating.

The saddest part is this: If I quit my job, I could get free insurance through Medicaid, food stamps and WIC. And you wonder why there is an epidemic of laziness and entitlement in this country?

Mike, Indiana:

So it is short and sweet. In order for my employment to become ACA compliant, they have taken away our cafeteria discount, our shift and weekend differential pay and our holiday pay. This is only for all hourly employees. Oh yeah, and I work in an ER in a HOSPITAL!

Lori, Tennessee:

My dad is 73. He lives on Social Security (that’s his only “income”) and his monthly Medicare premium is deducted from his check. Several years ago, he also purchased a Medicare Advantage Plan thru BCBS which he also pays a monthly premium. All his medical claims are now filed directly thru BCBS – that’s how an Advantage plan works – it takes the place of Medicare, and it gives you additional coverage (for medication, extended long term care, etc). Even though he gets extra coverage, he pays two premiums 1) standard monthly Medicare premium deducted from SS check and 2) monthly premium paid directly to BCBS.
In 2013, he pays $104.90 for Medicare and $95 to BCBS.

…BCBS sent him a letter telling him that his current plan is now going to cost $121 a month ($26 more a month). That increase itself is bad because it may mean he will have to drop the Advantage plan altogether.

What is worse is that Medicare has not announced what their 2014 premiums will be. Remember, it is open enrollment time. How can my 73 year old dad compare plans and their costs without knowing whether his Medicare premium is going to increase or not.

…The government/Medicare/HHS knows it is open enrollment time. How can they not publish the Medicare premium amount for 2014?

Only one scenario seems obvious to me. The 2014 Medicare premium is increasing and the gov’t wants to wait until the last minute to tell Seniors. I could be wrong, but something stinks here.

I didn’t think Seniors were going to have to bear the cost burden of Obamacare too, but I’m not surprised.

April, Alabama:

My name is April and I am a 25 year old stay at home mom of two boys from Alabama. My husband busts his back working two jobs and we barely, make ends meet. Two weeks ago we received our letter from BCBS regarding our 2014 premiums. Right now our premium for our family of four is $352 a month. As of January 1st, it will jump to $686. Our mortgage is $714. I could have another house for what we will have to pay for insurance. That is if we can pay it at all!

Angie, North Carolina:

We priced healthcare thru the new system and because we’re not on welfare, it would cost us a whopping $1800 a month for coverage. It sucks because our current coverage thru work doesn’t even cover well child visits or immunizations for our kids.

On top of it all, Obama and his lackeys worked into their Healthcare Reform Bill additional taxes for “landlords”. We had to move due to a job change and the market was so horrible in North Carolina we would have had to take a loss on our home. Instead we rented it out and thanks to Obama, now have to pay TAX on the rental money paid to us….not rental PROFIT, ALL RENT paid. Never mind that we are not making a cent on the deal – in fact when property taxes and homeowners insurance are factored in, we are losing $700 a month. The additional tax ON TOP of the rental “income” and personal loss just feels like he’s pouring salt in the wound.

DeEllen, Arizona:

We are going to have to pay the fine because there is absolutely no way we can afford insurance for our whole family here. It is an extra $600 a month here. And who knows if what I have is even Obamacare compliant.

Sherry, Michigan:

My name is Sherry and I am a 27 year old Wife and Homeschooling mom of 2 from Michigan. Our family is at the peak of health, I work out, eat healthy and the last time I was hospitalized was in the 1st grade from an injury. My husband and children are both very healthy and at the peak of health as well.Because of the New Obamacare law, my husbands company will only be covering employees but not their children or spouses. That leaves myself and my two daughters to find care on our own. I went onto the Marketplace website and I was quoted 525 dollars with a 3,000 dollar deductiable to cover me and my girls. My husband through his work will be paying 240 dollars a month just for him with a 1500 dollar deductiable. We make a little less then 60K a year. Paying over 700 bucks a month to be covered is outrageous. Our Premiums from last year to this year have more then doubled! What makes me upset is My parents are both in their early 60s and both has battled cancer these past few years, have health problems up the wazoo are paying very close to what our family is paying. This is ridiclous and I hope people realize what a mistake Obamacare really it.

Jan, Idaho:

Keeping this short and sweet. I’m Jan, a female from Idaho. I live on my pension plus Social Security, which I started drawing this year at age 62. Been treated twice for cancer in the last five years. My current Blue Cross policy is not great, but it’s what I could afford. It is not acceptable under the ACA, however and I’ll be losing it just after the first of the year. Preliminary inquiries into another policy point toward a doubling of my annual deductible (from $5,000.00 a year to $10,000.00) and a more than $200.00 increase in my already-substantial monthly premium payments.

This increase is not something that I can afford. After my current coverage is deactivated in the next couple of months, I will be uninsured, for the first time in my life. I have accepted that fact, and come to terms with it. The ACA? I will not comply. I will pay the fine, instead.

Obamacare will be the death of me.

Julie, Washington:

We have been self employed since 2002 and have bought health insurance for us since then. Received notice from our insurance in Sept. that our policy does not meet the new ACA requirements and they have chosen another plan for us starting Jan. 1, 2014. Currently we pay for the both of us $539, with a $10,000 deductible. Our ‘new’ plan will have only a $5000 deductible but the monthly payment
for the both of us goes to $1095.12! We can not afford that. $500 is the max in our budget now. From what I have been able to see from the horrible website, we will probably have to go on Medicaid.

Christy, Alabama:

We own a small business. Actually, my husband runs an internet sales business. He used to own a small janitorial cleaning service. The economy of 2008 (and forward) kind of wiped that out…..after almost 20 good years. We purchase our health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. We have to buy from them individually. Our premiums right now are $420/month. We just got our notice that we can’t keep our plan, and if we want to get the plan that is closest to our old plan, it will cost us $1005/month. That is about the same as our mortgage. We need a new van for our growing family of 8. We would like to redo our kitchen. Neither of these are now an option. We will also have to dial back our spending every month. Imagine those decisions on a massive scale across America…… I can hear the crash already.

Laura, Utah:

My family’s health insurance skyrocketed. Our health insurance is now $300 more than my mortgage! We are hanging on to our insurance. We will not support a socialist nation!

Melanie, California:

I got our new rates in the mail a few weeks ago, we pay for it ourselves, and found out that our monthly rates are going from $700 a month to $1000 a month for a family of 5. “Ok, that’s not too bad, I guess. It sucks, but we will make it.” Then I look closer at our coverage and start crying. I haven’t cried for 7 years before this day. We have a $5000 deductible that we have to pay before the insurance will cover anything!!!!! This includes doctor visits and prescriptions! What is the monthly premium for if we still have to shell out all the money every time our kid gets pink eye? Maybe we should cancel our insurance and save our $1000 a month and pay the fine for not having insurance. Then at least we would be able to afford going to the doctor if we needed to, since we will pay for it either way. But wait, I have surgery scheduled in January. We are screwed, there is no way out. I hope the end of the world happens soon. I really do. Thanks for the opportunity to vent and express my sadness at what has happened to our once great country.

Tom, no state given:

I am a 58YO self employed person with a pre existing condition. Diabetic since age 14. Presently I am covered by a Wisconsin high risk pool (HIRSP) at a rate of $427.00 per month with a fairly decent prescription plan and a $5000.00 year deductible. This ceases to exist on 12/31/2913. Under Obama care a similar plan with a $4500.00 deductible and higher co pays on everything. I cannot afford it.

Marisa, California:

Here is my sad story. 😦 I have had Blue Shield for the last 3 years. Never missed a payment, only go to the doctor once maybe twice a year. Never have prescriptions. Perfectly happy with my insurance life. Then ObamaCare came into effect…Now my insurance company has dumped me as of January 2014. The only other insurance that is offered to me is Covered California. So I called them and for WORSE insurance coverage, my monthly payment is going to go from $149 to $283!!! For just me!! A healthy 31 year old!!!! So forget it, I am going to go on Medi-Share.

Jill, Texas:

I am a stay at home Mommy of 3 babies. My Husband’s insurance that he has through his job covers our whole family, and it USED to be affordable. A couple weeks ago, they called a meeting at his job to let them know that we “will not be affected by Obamacare” and “will get to keep your existing insurance plan”. Yet our deductibles went from $700 to $2,500… “In order to meet the new federal regulations”, essentially making every doctor’s visit or medical issue an out-of-pocket expense. So we have affordable Healthcare coverage, it just doesn’t cover us.

Destiny, Oregon:

We’ve had benefits through my husband’s employer (Wells Fargo) for the eight years we’ve been married. We’ve had two kids during that time, one under Bush’s presidency, one under Obama’s (this last April). The first baby cost us $200 in medical bills. The second baby cost us $8,000. Yep. Eight thousand dollars. In the last three years we have seen our deductible raise significantly (it’s now at $6,000) and our premiums raise just as much. About $400 is taken out of my husband’s check every two weeks, and we have to have six thousand dollars in medical bills before they pay for anything. It never used to be that way. When we got married, our deductible was $300 per person.

Susan, Colorado:

As a 40 year old diabetic, I’ve already been given my death panel details. After I spend $2500 on diabetic supplies, which usually occurs in the 1st quarter of the year, the death panel gets to decide whether I continue to live or whether I die a slow agonizing death.

I’ve lived in Australia under their socialist healthcare and while paying a huge tax (a 12 pack of coke is $35), this doesn’t include the income tax they pay. Then they pay $120 for a doc visit, and then they are reimbursed by the govt about 1/2.

I’d still rather deal with an insurance company than have to deal with the govt!

Katie, no state given:

Our insurance premiums more than doubled and we could no longer afford to have me on it. I found out I ws pregnant shortly after we had to drop my coverage, leaving me uninsured.

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Man Shoots Himself In The Heart With A Nail Gun… And Lives! (Video)

What A Tool! Man Accidentally Shoots Nail Through His Own Heart – Daily Mail

As the saying goes a bad workman blames his tools. But for one New Jersey builder his nail gun really was the culprit.

Dennis Hennis, of Vineland, New Jersey, miraculously survived after accidentally firing a nail into his heart.

He was doing some repair work on a neighbor’s roof near South Mill Road using the gun when it jammed.

Lucky: Dennis Hennis narrowly avoided death after accidentally shooting himself in the chest with a nail gun

Thinking nothing of it, the self-employed man tried to fix the problem which he said happens a lot.

‘Like I’ve done a hundred times before, just undo it,’ he told ABC News.

‘But it wasn’t doing so well, and I had turned it a little too far, and pop, it felt like someone poked me right in the chest.’

A three and a half inch nail shot into the 52-year-old’s chest, puncturing the right side of his heart.

High-drama: Hennis was working on a neighbour’s roof when the accident happened

Brutal: A three and a half inch nail shot into Hennis’ heart

As paramedics rushed to his aid Hennis held onto the nail that was poking out of his heart.

They were unable to airlift him to Cooper University Hospital because of some bad fog so set off by ambulance instead.

During the journey Hennis went into cardiac arrest. CPR attempts wedged the nail in further, making a larger hole in his heart.

‘I thought I was really gone, I really did,’ said Hennis.

Critical: At first paramedics were unable to airlift Hennis to hospital because of bad fog

As soon as the fog lifted a helicopter took him to the hospital where he was given life-saving surgery by a team of cardiac and trauma surgeons.

‘You’re talking about a puncture wound to the heart,’ said Dr. Michael Rosenbloom.

‘He’s very lucky. There are so many things that had to take place for him to be alive.’

Despite his harrowing ordeal, Hennis has pledged to get back to work as soon as he has recovered, adding that he will be much more careful in future.

‘Safety first,’ he said.

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