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Bulgarian Politician Ahmed Dogan Nearly Assassinated On Live TV (Video)

Bulgarian Politician Ahmed Dogan Was Nearly Assassinated On Live TV – International Business Times

A Bulgarian politician was nearly assassinated on live television while giving a speech on Saturday afternoon as an assailant broke into a political-party conference and held a gun to his head.

Ahmed Dogan, 58, leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, was delivering a speech in Sofia when a man later identified as Oktai Enimehmedov, 25, rushed the stage and held the leader at gunpoint. For a moment, the gunman hesitated, and Dogan attempted to knock his hand away. Then, Dogan and his assailant fell to the ground before security and other party members apprehended the assailant, according to the Sofia Globe.

A local TV station captured the entire event, from Dogan’s speech to the attempted assassin’s arrest. Footage of the incident shows that not only was the assailant apprehended soon after pointing a gun at Dogan, but, once he was on the ground, several party members repeatedly kicked him in the face and torso.

“Ahmed Dogan is in good health. Everything is under control,” party official Ceyhan Ibryamov told Reuters after the harrowing incident.

Gawker contended that footage of the event showed Enimehmedov not only pointed the gun at Dogan’s head, but also pulled the trigger twice. If this were the case, it would appear Enimehmedov’s gun jammed during the assassination attempt.

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that Enimehmedov is from the city of Bourgas and has two previous criminal convictions. The would-be assassin was convicted for causing bodily harm in 2006 and drug possession in 2010. Enimehmedov is a Bulgarian national who is ethnically Turkish.

In addition to the gun, authorities later found two knives on Enimehmedov’s person.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov told reporters an investigation is under way.

Dogan’s party is a strongly liberal organization in Bulgaria and attempts to represent ethnic Turks and other Muslims who, together, make up roughly 12 percent of Bulgaria’s population.

Watch a video of the failed assassination attempt below, as captured by a local TV station.


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CNN Reporter Susan Candiotti Says ‘F***ing N***er’ On Live TV (Video)

Yes, A CNN Reporter Really Did Say ‘F***ing N***er’ On Live TV – The Blaze

Susan Candiotti is not a rookie reporter. So it‘s hard to believe that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing when she drop a two-word verbal bomb in the middle of her Sunday report on the slayings in the Tulsa area.

Now, to her credit, she did warn people that she would be using “sensitive” language. We’ll double down on that warning and say the same – this is an uncut clip:


For Noel Sheppard’s detailed transcript at Newsbusters – click here.

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‘What The Fu** Is That?’: Local TV Producer Drops F-Bomb Twice On Live TV (Video)

‘What The Fu** Is That?’: Local TV Producer Drops F-Bomb Twice On Live TV – The Blaze

Have you ever been sitting there watching a news program and yelled out, “What the fu** is that?” Or how about, “Where’s my damn graphic?”


Well, that’s what a local producer in Boise, Idaho was wondering last Friday. How do I know? Because he let everyone know, meaning his mic was one when he dropped a series of epithets during a live news broadcast.

“It was a rough morning in the KBOI control room last Friday,” reports TV Spy. “After a mix-up with the show’s graphics, a producer could be heard on-air dropping the f-bomb. Twice.”

Here’s what he saw that got him so upset:

It goes without saying that this video has a content warning for language:


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