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Signs you are a RAAAAACIST

If you did not immediately believe that George Zimmerman is a White Hispanic, White Hispanic who profiled, hunted down, and shot Saint Trayvon down in cold blood, you are a RAAAAACIST!

If you believe George Zimmerman’s account that he acted in self-defense you are a RAAAAACIST!

I you wanted to wait until all the evidence came out in Zimmerman’s trial-You are a RAAAAACIST!

If you think there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman you are a RAAAACIST

If you were concerned about riots after the Zimmerman trial, you are a RAAAAACIST

If you think that Cracker, or Cracka are racial slurs, you are a CREEPY-ASS CRACKER RAAAAACIST!

If you speak out against the riots that are happening after the Zimmerman trial, you are a RAAAAACIST!

If you challenge, with facts, any of the race baiters exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death, you are a RAAAAACIST!

If you question why the self-appointed Black leaders NEVER EVER do a damn thing to stem the rampant rate of Black on Black murders  that kill hundreds of Trayvons every year you are a RAAAAACIST!

If you think you ought to have a right to defend yourself, stand your ground, carry a gun, own a gun, chew a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, live in a state shaped like a gun, or say the word gun, you are a RAAAAACIST!


Besides the assaults, racial slurs, death threats, destroying tents, and hot dog carts, union protests were “mostly peaceful”

Good Freaking Grief. Does our media have ANY sense of standards anymore. The Lonely Conservative thinks not

In Michigan the union goons knocked down tents with people insidedestroyed a hot dog vendor’s table while shouting racial epithets, and pounded on the head of a conservative commentator. So, how did the media report things? The protest was “mostly peaceful.”

We’ve been using that “mostly peaceful” gag for some time now, usually stemming from the violent Occupy rallies in 2011. Of course any time leftists agitators erupt into violence,–which is pretty much any time they get together–invariably there’s always some lamestream media outlet that calls the violence mostly peaceful.

Yes, and yesterday was a mostly peaceful day at that mall in Oregon until a madman opened fire.

Of course, if there had been Tea Party rallies in Michigan, the media narrative would have been very different.


So what if a really hot Black actress endorsed Romney? How would the Left respond?

Stacey Dash, hot AND smart!

Well, to find out that answer, consider that the beautiful Stacey Dash has endorsed Romney

And now, she is being trashed and having vile, and decidedly racist things said of her on Twitter

@kyleward3 @unixgod Stacy Dash is an oreo, white man dik hopping uncle tom ghetto gagger may she get cancer twice and die once.

After actress Stacey Dash announced her support for Mitt Romney Sunday, vicious libs urged her to kill herself and called her a “fake black.”

But the Left’s repulsive venom didn’t end there. Obama supporters targeted Dash with the revolting racial slur “Oreo.”

Y’all know Stacey Dash is a Oreo!

@JPvanity @MittRomney that’s ignorant. So you’re voting for him because he’s black? Real smart.

@REALStaceyDash TYPICAL OREO .. Voting for a white devil. 

I used to love Stacey Dash. Then I found out she only liked white boys. Now this bitch supportin romney. She’s an oreo, white in the middle

Others hurled perennial leftist favorites like “house negro” and “Uncle Tom.”

Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @MittRomney @TeamRomney   pic.twitter.com/9HFUhWul

@REALStaceyDash hoe kill yourself!!!! UNCLE TOM…HOUSE NIGGA

Stacey dash I can’t fault her…she trying to secure a position in the big house when Romney bring slavery back

So you’re saying my future belongs on the cottonfields while you eat soulfood in the plantation house? @REALStaceyDash

Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @MittRomney @TeamRomney   pic.twitter.com/9HFUhWul

@REALStaceyDash and I hope he puts you right in the field. No house rights for you, Jemima.

Ain’t the Left just great? Stay strong Stacey, do not let the ideological KKK get to you!

Alan Dershowitz on Zimmerman affidavit

let us just say that Dershowitz is not impressed, at all. He makes the case that this is about politics, and I think he is correct H/T Donald Douglas

William Jacobson has more on another popular “fact” about this case. That whole Zimmerman said “coons” business? Not so fast

One of hotest topics of argument has been whether George Zimmerman said “f-ing coons” under his breath on the 911 tape.  The left-blogosphere has used the alleged racial epithet endlessly to paint this as a racially motivated hate crime.

CNN used three different audio experts to analyze the tape, but one of whom found “f-ing coons,” another “f-ing cold,” and another “f-ing punks.”

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, which just was made available, State of Florida investigators swore under oath that Zimmerman used the term “f-ing punks”:

For the investigators to make such a factual assertion under oath in such an important document certainly means the prosecution has conducted its own analysis and has concluded that the term “coons” was not used.

Great point that if the prosecution is saying this then…… Of course, the Left will continue to use the lie, you can count on that.

One more thing here. To me the press conference that came out during Angela Corey’s press conference.

First is that I am certain that this is a move to bow to political pressure. I am so certain because of this comment from Corey

“We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts of any given case, as well as the laws of the state of Florida.

Translation? Of course this is ALL about bowing to public pressure

Next is how giddy Corey looked during her press conference. To me this raises the questions about her credibility. I really hate to think that Corey would bring charges just to help her political career, but politics breeds cynicsm in me