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Woman Lied About Being Raped Because She “Didn’t Enjoy” Date With Man She Met Online

Woman Lied About Being Raped Because She “Didn’t Enjoy” Date With Man She Met Online – Daily Mail

A Tennessee woman was charged with filing a false rape claim after she admitted to police that she only did so because she ‘didn’t enjoy’ their date.


Twenty-seven-year-old Lynette Lee told detectives in Clarksville, Tennessee that the unidentified man never actually raped her, and that she made the whole story up to get back at him for what she thought was a bad date.

Lee was charged with filing a false police report and held on a $2,000 bond.

Lee initially told police officers from a hospital that she was raped by a man she met on the online dating site Meetme.com.

Per her story, the two had agreed to meet up.

She then told authorities that the two of them went to an unknown location, where the man then removed his clothes and forced her to have sex with him, despite her desire not to.

Investigating the story, police interviewed the man, who promptly told them that the allegations against him were not true.

He said that he did indeed meet with Lee and on the second date they had consensual sex. The man also said that they had a good time and made further arrangements to meet again.

Police then called in Lee who again told officers the same story as before. But shortly after, she asked them to drop the case and admitted that the incident had been completely fabricated.

Police said Lee told them she made up the story ‘because she did not enjoy it and it was bad.’

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