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*VIDEO* Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About The Regressive Left



Rep. Issa: Voicemail Left By Former Top Obama Regime Official A Clear Violation Of Federal Law (Audio)

Listen To The Voicemail Left By Former Top Obama Administration Official That Darrell Issa Says Is A Clear Violation Of Federal Law – The Blaze

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is sounding the alarm regarding new alleged audio of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis leaving a voicemail for someone “off the record” to ask the individual to contribute and help organize a fundraising event for President Barack Obama’s campaign. Issa says Solis violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity on official time.

In his opening statement during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Wednesday, Issa played the voicemail Solis reportedly left to pressure a Labor Department employee to donate to Obama’s re-election campaign.


Read a transcript of the controversial Solis voicemail:

“Hi – this is Hilda Solis calling, um, just calling you off-the-record here – Wanted to ask you if you could, um, help us get folks organized to come to a fundraiser that we’re doing for Organizing for America for Obama campaign on Friday at La Fonda at 6 p.m. Steven Smith, an attorney, and his staff are helping us [inaudible]. There are a lot of folks that we know that are coming but wanted to ask you if you might help contribute or get other folks to help out. I would encourage you to call this number, [inaudible] – that’s his assistant – at [phone number] and you can call [the attorney] yourself who’s a good friend, an attorney, good friend of mine, at [phone number]. And it’s for a Friday event at La Fonda [inaudible] we’re just trying to raise money to show that we have support here in [inaudible].”


Issa went on to slam the Obama administration for showing what he called an “indefensible” attempt to avoid oversight.

“It is deeply ironic that an administration claiming to be the most transparent ever, has resisted oversight of its political office and offered less corroboration than its predecessors,” he said.

Watch Issa’s full opening statement below:




600 American Contractors Left Stranded In Iraq; Obama Regime: “Too Politically Sensitive” To Evacuate Embassy

600 American Contractors Reportedly Stranded By U.S. Government In Iraq; Obama Regime: “Too Politically Sensitive” To Evacuate Our Embassy – Weasel Zippers

According to Fox, the Obama regime doesn’t at this point intend to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, despite the fact that ISIS is within 70 miles of Baghdad, because it is “too politically sensitive to do so”.


In addition to those at the Embassy, many Americans are still reportedly in Iraq, including a reported 600 contractors that were seeking to be evacuated from an Iraqi military base. The U.S. government apparently evacuated a small number of U.S. personnel, but did not evacuate the contractors. Some of the contractors have allegedly been evacuated by Iraqi Army planes, others were still waiting. They are no longer at that military base, but for obvious reasons we do not want to be more specific about where they might be. We believe based on latest information, that those particular contractors should now be out aboard Iraqi Army planes, without U.S. help, in the words of one family member, “Obama AWOL”. We will keep you informed as we find out more about their safety.

Meanwhile, President Obama is fundraising and then off to Palm Springs for more golf.


Sallyport, one of the companies that employs some of the contractors, is reporting that their employees have been moved to secure locations.

“At this time all Sallyport employees operating in Iraq are operating at secure locations in the country or have been relocated to safe sites in the region. Our first priority is the safety and security of our personnel.”

Great news.

It is not clear yet that employees other than those of Sallyport are all safe, but let’s hope that bodes well for the others, and that they all remain safe.



The Left uses issues to push their twisted agendas

The Left has a long history of latching on to worthy issues, ending slavery, ending segregation, raising awareness to stop sexual harassment, unfair labor practices, etc. to push for radical changes in our nation.The issues I listed above are a few examples. The Left used those issues to destroy state sovereignty, create a perpetual racial divide in America, which the Left exploits for electoral victories. they used them to create unions that have morphed into Left wing anti-Capitalist thugs. And they have created work environments where so many rules exist employees walk on virtual minefields of political correctness where any joke that offends, no matter how innocent could cost you your job.

I could also talk about how the Left has bastardized “zero-tolerance” policies in schools to create the insanity of kids being punished for have aspirin, or drawing a picture of a soldier. The Left has done similar damage to freedom of speech and worship. Where their unquenchable thirst for “tolerance” and “inclusion” have created things like a war on Christmas, and all public displays of religion, and speech codes on college campuses.

The Left cried for an income tax, that was, initially one percent. Yes, one percent! Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are also great examples of how the Left uses issues to instill more Socialism into our nation. No matter how noble, or worthwhile an issue is, once the Left latches onto it, it begins to, as Dennis Prager says, to  metastasize, and the results can be seen in every issue the Left has championed.

Why is this? Many reasons could be listed. The inherent greed and thirst for power that afflicts the Left are two reasons. The Left’s disregard for Individualism, and natural rights is another reason. I bring these up because there is another issue now, the issue of Gay marriage. Whether or not you agree with allowing Gay’s to marry, you must admit that the Gay activists, who are Leftists. are using this issue to further change our country.

Allowing Gay’s to marry bothers me not. But, this issue will be used, and in fact IS being used to both radically change how we define marriage. It is being used to force not just tolerance for Homosexuals, but to force businesses like wedding photographers, and bakeries to do their business with Gay couples wanting to marry. That is not about liberty, that is about the Left forcing their will onto everyone. Again, the Left’s appetite for power knows no bounds. Evidence of this can be found at American Power, where Donald Douglas links to a piece at Front Page magazine by Daniel Greenfield

From Daniel Greenfield, at FrontPage Magazine:

And yes. Turning gay marriage into a thing paves the way for legalizing polygamy. As everyone with a brain predicted. Polygamy, unlike gay marriage, was actually a thing. It has thousands of years of history behind it. So this was bound to happen.

If we’re not going to have any standards for marriage except “People in a relationship of some kind” then there’s no reason not to recognize polygamy. Or any of the crazier stuff coming down the pike. And that was why the left pushed the gay marriage scam to begin with.

Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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This is the problem with the Left, they can never be trusted to not use every issue to “reform” America “reeducate” our children, or to “redefine” American traditions and culture

FINALLY! The Left’s Vicious, Political Witch-Hunt Of Tom Delay Ends In His Vindication, Acquittal

Awesome: Tom Delay Acquitted On All Charges – Right Scoop


Tom Delay has finally had his day in court and has been acquitted on all charges. It’s taken forever but the left’s goal to destroy him has finally been arrested:

KVUE – A Texas Court of Appeals in Austin has overturned the conviction of former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, attorney Brian Wice told KVUE sister station KHOU 11 News.

DeLay, 66, was convicted in 2010 for his alleged role in a scheme to influence Texas elections.

He was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering after he was accused of helping funnel corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002.

In documents released early Thursday, however, an appeals court said the evidence in the case was “legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions.”

The court said all judgments against DeLay were reversed, and the former congressman was formally acquitted.

For both DeLay and his critics, the process was frustratingly slow, due in part to some of the appeals court justices in Austin recusing themselves as well as DeLay’s successful effort to have a judge on the panel removed because of anti-Republican comments she made.

DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison, but he stayed free while his case made its way through the appellate process.

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Liberals never learn, example #488

It seems that every year, a group of Liberals try to get sponsors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show to bail on him, thus shutting rush up. The Left engages in such tactics  because they are tolerant, open-minded folks who love freedom of speech, except when they disagree with the speech. Call it the Hush Rush Campaign. This campaign seems to never end, and it seems to fall flat on its face each time. This annual failure must peeve the Left pretty badly. If for no other reason than they are often successful in such tactics. Ah, but, as Stacy McCain notes, Rush is different. He is so popular that his advertisers know they will lose more costumers by leaving Rush’s show, than by staying with him. And that has to hit the Left hard, really hard. Just ask Matt Edelstein

On Thursday, Professor William Jacobson called attention to evidence that the “Stop Rush” boycott campaign has failed. Meanwhile, one of the leaders of the “Stop Rush” campaign, Matt “Shoq” Edelstein, had his lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to his ex-girlfriend, who had been saying some unflattering things about Shoq.

Shorter @Shoq: The First Rule of Dating Matt Edelstein Is, Nobody Talks About Dating Matt Edelstein http://www.virtualdaze.com/2013/06/06/leave-me-alone-shoq/ …

Why is Rush so popular? Because he says it like it is



All you really need to know about Leftism in 13 simple rules

I decided earlier today to do a post outlining the Rules of Leftism so everyone could come to grips with the undeniable truth about the evil I call Leftism.

1- When a Leftist says “by any means…” BELIEVE them! They have a moral compass guided by one thing. If it helps them win, it is moral.

2- Leftism is an ideology of convenience. A Leftist, or a Liberal (a Leftist in training) can change their stance on an issue depending on what party is in power. Just because Leftists wanted to kick Clarence Thomas to the curb over accusations of sexual harassment, did not mean far more serious allegations about Bill Clinton mattered to them.

3- Leftism is just another bastard child of Marxism. Leftists never wish to be called out for what they really are, which is Communists. Everything Marx believed in, they believe in. Never be fooled by their rhetoric.

4- Leftism is about one thing, control! Control of you, your earnings, your property, your kids, your  rights, and certainly your thinking!

5- Leftists often use the term “power to the people”. Yet, everything they strive for seeks to dis-empower people. As Dennis Prager says the bigger the state, the smaller the individual, and the Left has yet to meet a state that is too big or an individual that is powerless enough,

6- The Left HATES your gun more than anything else. Why? Well because Leftism is all about Collectivism, and the ultimate enemy of Collectivists is Individualism. And nothing promotes Individualism more than the right to keep and bear arms. There can never be the Leftist Utopia as long as the right to keep and bear arms is in place. That right, given by the Creator, and protected by the Constitution our Founders gave us is the one liberty that all other’s hang on. The Left knows this, which is why they seek to destroy that liberty.

7- Leftists do not believe in God-given, or natural rights. They believe all right  MUST come from, and be controlled by big government. God-given rights cannot be touched by government. They are as inherent to us as is our soul. The Founders listed such rights, and constrained the government from restricting those rights. The Left has been trying to undo that ever since the birth of America.

8- Leftists seek to allow government to control individual liberty for the “common good”. To the Left, individual liberty, be it free speech, self-defense, freedom of religion, is to be trampled when it becomes a detriment to that common good. And, of course, only a Leftist government can “properly” judge what the common good is.

9- Leftists love freedom of speech, as long it they approve of it!

10- Leftists are not racists, or sexists, they are Marxists. Yes a Leftist will use racist, and sexist attacks on women and minorities when it suits them, But their motivation is not to discriminate, it is to USE those minorities to gain electoral power. And that electoral power can then be used to “fundamentally change” America.

11- The Left divides, then labels people, so as to control them. The Left uses this tactic with great effect. They have used it with women, Blacks, Hispanics, Homosexuals, Asians, the old, the young. First they convince people in a certain group that EVERYTHING in their life revolves around their sexuality, or gender or race. This allows the Left to convince any group that they must THINK as a group, or they are a traitor to that group. Next, the Left convinces these groups that Conservatives hate them, and that the only hope for their gender, sexuality, or race is to vote against the Conservatives.

12- Ignorance is the fertilizer that fuels Leftism. Leftism thrives on the uneducated. And as well on those that have been indoctrinated rather than educated. This is why Leftists always want more focus, and money for education, mandatory pre-school, and for everyone to go to college.

13- Leftists hate powerful corporations, and powerful groups like the NRA, but worship at the altar of all-powerful government. It is horrible to the Left when a health insurance company will not cover you. But, if the government dictates who gets care, and what type of care, well that is Utopia. The Left hates it when gas prices are high, and the people suffer as long as “big oil” is profiting. But if the oil industry were nationalized, and the government made all the money, and gas prices were even higher? Yes, Utopia!

Take these rules, pass them around, and never ever forget them!

Ignorance is the fuel that feeds the engines of Leftism

The left would fall apart if not for ignorance. The Left survives because enough people are foolish and ignorant enough to buy the lies the Left sells. Ignorance leads people to be too emotional, thus falling for the emotionalistic appeals the Left pedals. Our Founders knew the value of education, of genuine knowledge and wisdom. The Left desires people to be the opposite. the debate over gun control is a great example, as Stacy McCain notes today

“Senator Feinstein’s latest attack on the Second Amendment relies entirely on public ignorance of firearms and their legitimate uses,” writes William A. Levinson in an American Thinker article answering the question, “Why Does Anybody Need a 30-Round Magazine?”

The Politics of Ignorance is what enraged me so much about the so-called “assault weapons” ban that Feinstein supported in 1994. Repeat after me: A semi-automatic rifle is not an “assault weapon.”

Of course, Feinstein and the Left wants to revive her bill, with more draconian measures of course, and they will use, or attempt to, public ignorance to push it.

That idiotic law expired in 2004, thank God, but gun-control advocates continue relying on appeals to ignorance, particularly when talking about the so-called “gun show loophole.” What this rhetoric is about is trying to inhibit the private re-sale of weapons, thus depriving gun owners of the full economic value of their assets.

Many millions of Americans own guns and these are actually economic investments, as firearms tend to retain value. There is a ready market for antique and collectible guns. A model 1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol can sell for more than $1,000. And so the family gun cabinet represents a real financial asset to the owner – if he is permitted to re-sell them.

However, when liberals talk about “closing the gun-show loophole,” what they actually mean is requiring these private gun owners to run background checks on purchasers, just like federally licensed gun dealers. This would impose an all-but-prohibitive restriction on the private seller –how much would compliance cost? — and thus makes it practically impossible for him to reap the full value of his asset. True, he could sell his guns to a licensed dealer, or place them for sale on consignment with such a dealer, but in the process he would lose not only the price difference between wholesale (what the dealer pays the seller) and retail (what is paid by the dealer’s customer), but also the convenience of being able to sell the gun himself.

This is why it is so important that we,a s Conservatives speak up. Last week, a co-worker, OK it was my boss, was asking why anyone “needs” a semi-automatic gun. I was happy that I was not the only person who corrected the term semi-automatic for him, in fact three of us did. He really had no clue that almost all guns are semi-automatic. He also was not aware that machine guns had been banned since the 1930’s. He actually thought you could just go buy one. He had been taken in by Leftist rhetoric. Now, though, he understands the facts. And facts can trump rhetoric when applied properly.

Bob Schieffer=STUPID

Good grief. The Left is good at redefining words, and phrases. When it comes to guns, and gun control, the Left throws the term semi-automatic around constantly. They also invented the term “assault weapon”. They do this to create, in the minds of the public, images. Images of machine guns, spewing hundreds or rounds in seconds. these images frighten people. Then the Left comes along and says “Look what the NRA supports! They support everyone owning these semi-automatic weapons”. And meaningful debate on the topic is therefore largely destroyed, and replaced with hyperbole and emotional arguments, which benefits the Left. This video illustrates how ignorant the media is on the terms the Left has redefined

Fully automatic weapons (machine guns) have been illegal for 78 years now. Semi-automatic guns accurately describes most of the guns in this nation. You pull the trigger, the gun fires a round, and chambers the next round, you pull the trigger, the weapon fires again, and so on. It is sad that most Americans get suckered in by the misleading rhetoric of the Left, and even sadder that newsmen like Schieffer do not bother to educate themselves on the topic. This is yet another clear example of why the Left pushes for government-run schools, and mandatory Kindergarten, and preaches that everyone has a “right” to a college education. they want to indoctrinate as many Americans as possible. And they want to teach kids NOT to think, but to emote. they want to teach kids NOT to be pro-active, but to be reactive. The less intelligent the populace, the easier it is for the Left to win elections, and ideological debates.


Why do we excuse racists on TV?

Racists like Toure of MSNBS

The galling thing is that Toure will say that and then, a few seconds later will launch into an attack on the RAAAAACIST GOP. We have, in America, allowed the Left to define, and redefine certain words. We have allowed a double standard to be put in place where race is concerned. No, not as much a Black/White double standard. This is actually more a Right/Left double standard. Toure, or any number of Leftists like him can say overtly racist things, and be lauded how their “insight”. Yet a Conservative, even a Conservative that is also a minority, will be painted with the Brush of RAAAAACISM for doing nothing more than disagreeing with a Black Liberal.

Why have we allowed this? Why do politicians and CEO’s cower at the mere threat of being accused of racism? Why have we  become accustomed to surrendering our free speech to Leftists whose only end game is to silence us? Because we have allowed the Left to define words like tolerance, sensitivity, and inclusion. Because we have allowed the Left to take positive ideas, like Black History Month, and turn them into tools of racial division and Leftist indoctrination. Because we have allowed the Left to take our national motto, E Pluribus Unum (out of many one) and turn it inside out, and upside down, and bastardize it. Because we have allowed the Left to divide us by race, gender, religion, age, income, and sexual orientation. These divisions have caused millions of us to become identity voters. Brainwashed into thinking that our skin color or gender determines our political ideals, we have largely forsaken our individuality, the one thing that TRULY defines us.

Thus we see what the Left has been doing, for decades here in America, they have been waging a war on their biggest enemy, Individualism. Everything the left loathes is centered in the truth that we are individuals born with natural rights that come from our Creator, or Individualism. The Left must destroy Individualism before they can ever achieve their long dreamed of Utopian Collectivist State.

So, what are these ideals that Individualism holds dear? Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of self-defense, private property rights, self-determination, freedom of association, the right to move as high as our talent and ambition might take us, and the right to keep what we earn and to live unmolested by government bureaucrats. Of course the Collectivist Left claims to champion these rights too, but they see these as conditional rights, conditional being based on the “common good”. They also see these rights as coming solely from government. The “rights” the Left talks of, you know, the right to healthcare, daycare, birth control, a job, a house, etc are simply empty promises made to the useful idiots who want all their needs met. what the useful idiots will never grasp, until it is too late, is that these “rights” have heavy price tags tied to them. The price tag is your liberty, which must ultimately be surrendered to secure these “rights” the Left speaks of. These “rights” are “given” by government, and will only be there until government  takes them back. And when that happens what then? What rights will anyone have? 

Understanding how the Left defines bigotry


I as a Conservative define bigotry as someone hating another person because of their gender, or race, or religion, or sexual orientation. To me, your opinion of someone should be based upon their actions, behaviors. To me that seems like a pretty succinct definition to me. The Left has a definition of bigotry too. They have a definition that is pretty easy to understand too. The Left defines bigotry as someone who is a Conservative. This hit me while watching this speech by Cory Booker. In the speech he utters this line

At a Tuesday afternoon Planned Parenthood rally outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame, near the Democratic National Convention, Newark, N.J. Democratic Mayor Cory Booker rallied the Obama faithful with a forceful speech about Republican extremism.

Promising to get “controversial,” Booker spoke about watching the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week in horror.

“Then I heard something that is one of the reflections and echo of some of the most insulting things we have been hearing for a long time,” Booker said of the RNC in Tampa. “I heard people stand up and say ‘I love women.’ I heard people stand up: ‘I’ve got a sister,’ ‘I’ve got a mother.’ That’s like saying you’re not a bigot because you have a black friend.”

See, that? It does not matter to the Left that you Actually embrace and befriend and love people of other races, or other religions. What matters is only your ideology. And that means this if you disagree with the Left’s ideals you are automatically a bigot. Oppose abortion? Sexist! Oppose the government (taxpayers) paying for birth control? SEXIST! Oppose anything Obama has done as president? RAAAAACIST! Even if you campaigned and voted for Obama in 2008 you are still a bigot if you do not support him now. RAAAAACIST! And do not dare think being Black, or a woman, or a Homosexual protects you from the Left’s wrath either. The Left has a page in their Book of Bigotry for you too!

Some of the most despicable personal attacks from the Left are reserved for minorities who do not know their place. Women are not allowed to be pro-life, or to oppose government-funded birth control. Blacks are not allowed to oppose Obama. If they do they are accused of being an “Oreo” or “Uncle Tom” or of “not really being Black. Hispanic? Better not speak out for securing our border. Remember the Left is watching you. If you are a minority the left will TELL you what to think, and say, or else!

So, in the end why IS bigotry so ugly to me, and to most Americans? Because it presupposes things about people based on superficial things like their skin color, or their gender. A bigot looks at a Gay person and say you are gay, so you must be. fill in the blank. They look at a woman and say you are a woman so, that means you think this way. They look at Blacks and say, you must act, and behave in this manner. Wow! That sure sounds a whole lot like the Left doesn’t it? Maybe if the Left wants a real dose of baseless hatred and bigotry, they ought to stand in front of a mirror.


You know, when I call Liberalism an ideology of convenience………

This cartoon at An Old Broad’s Ramblings got me thinking

When I say that Liberals suffer from Consistent Inconsistentitis I am referring to the Left’s inability to stick to certain core principles. The Left says one thing, then does another. The Left says they stand for one thing today, then next week, not so much.

The Left loves to say catchy phrases like “power to the people”, yet, everything the Left pushes for usurps power FROM the people, and gives it to the government.

The Left claims to be the fiercest defenders of freedom of speech, yet they are always calling for more government control of “hate speech” you know, speech which disagrees with Liberalism. Speech codes on college campuses? Shouting down Conservative speakers? Where IS the Left’s consistency?

Oh, and how about tolerance? Inclusiveness? Sensitivity? I could write for three weeks straight and not even begin to touch the many examples of how the Left is the exact opposite of what they claim to be. If you need proof, just look at how the Left treats women, Homosexuals, Hispanics, or Blacks that dare to be Conservative

The most glaring example of this is the Left’s stand on abortion. The Left says that a woman’s right to control her own body is sacred, unless of course, we are talking about universal health care. This is why the Left is so frustrating to us. Frankly, I love to debate political issues, it can be enlightening, but, debating with the Left is a beating of epic proportions. Conservatives do not mind debating, or even disagreeing, but it boggles our brains when someone cannot manage even a shred of consistency. If Liberals wish to be taken seriously then they must learn to pick an ideological position, and STICK TO IT!

Your must read post of the day!

Is at Pundit & Pundette. Jill does a great job exposing the culture of death that infects many on the Left.

Mark Steyn weighs in eloquently on the zombified Left’s creepy, soulless attack on Rick Santorum. Just a bit:

Two weeks ago I wrote in this space: “A nation, a society, a community is a compact between past, present and future.” Whatever my disagreements with Santorum on his “compassionate conservatism,” he gets that. He understands that our fiscal bankruptcy is a symptom rather than the cause.

The real wickedness of Big Government is that it debauches not merely a nation’s finances but, ultimately, its human capital – or, as he puts it, you cannot have a strong economy without strong families.

Santorum’s respect for all life, including even the smallest bleakest meanest two-hour life, speaks well for him, especially in comparison with his fellow Pennsylvanian, the accused mass murderer Kermit Gosnell, an industrial-scale abortionist at a Philadelphia charnel house who plunged scissors into the spinal cords of healthy delivered babies. Few of Gosnell’s employees seemed to find anything “weird” about that: Indeed, they helped him out by tossing their remains in jars and bags piled up in freezers and cupboards. Much less crazy than taking ’em home and holding a funeral, right?

Steyn is a wise man, and Jill quotes him often. Steyn is one of the few people today that I would put on par with our Founders, that is how much I respect his wisdom.

Jill has more on the abortion doctor cold-blooded butcher in Maryland

Meanwhile, in Maryland, more details emerge in the case of late-term abortionists Steven Brigham and Nicola Riley, who allegedly operated a handy drive-thru style service in which the patient would be induced in New Jersey but deliver her baby expel the contents of the uterus in Maryland, where it’s legal to abort late-term babies. After having her cervix dilated the young woman in question allegedly drove herself to the second location for the finish.

But hang on a sec. If you’ve never experienced the sensations created by a dilating cervix, whether naturally occurring (bad enough) or chemically-induced (much worse, I’m told), you may have passed over that phrase too quickly. The pain experienced by the 18 year-old as she drove must have been blinding and panic-inducing. And then it got worse; somewhere along the line her uterus ruptured. I don’t know what that feels like, thank God. The good doctors were then allegedly forced to dump her at a Maryland hospital. It appears she nearly bled to death. Whether her uterus survived its run-in with safe-n-legal, I can’t say. But let’s have a round of applause for Justice Blackmun, Margaret Sanger, and all the selfless warriors who made “choice” the most important right of all. It’s been very empowering.

That last part I highlighted speaks volumes doesn’t it? It speaks to the evil obsession the Far Left has with promoting Collectivism. And it speaks to their loathing of individual liberties. This ties in with their obsession with death as well.

The Left celebrates, no, consecrates abortion. The Left sees as sacred the collective right of women to “control their own bodies”, unless a woman wants to be in charge of any other health care decision of course, then her individual liberty must be surrendered on the altar of Universal Health Care. And, in their defense of abortion, which they see as a Collective Right, the Left is willing to dispense with the individual liberty of the unborn child that men like Mason, and Jefferson wrote about. Yes, that “unalienable right” to LIFE? It must go in favor of the Collective right of “choice”.

The history of the Totalitarian Left has many tales of evils, its path to the utopia of Collectivism is lined with unspeakable atrocities. From Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Mao, to Castro and Che, the Collectivists AKA Marxists have slaughtered tens upon tens of millions, and brought suffering, starvation, and evil to tens of millions more. All of their deeds have been in one way or another been cloaked in the desire to achieve a “common good”.

When individual liberty is sacrificed for the collective good, the individual is made expendable. The individual is stripped of all their value and worth. After all, what is one individual really worth, in comparison with the collective good the Left argues. But, in the end, all the Left has ever achieved, in their morally bankrupt pursuit of the common good is first the loss of individual liberties, followed in short order by abject misery for the collective.

Well, that did not take long

I was just watching The Rachel Maddow Show, and they were talking about the Holocaust Museum shooting. Underneath video of the scene, there was a caption that said this was the SECOND shooting inspired by Right Wing Extremism! Here they go….

Via NewsBusters

Salon.com Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh, on Wednesday night’s “Hardball,” cited “conservatives” like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly for “whipping up” a climate that sparks the likes of alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn and “Hardball” host Chris Matthews wondered if access to guns were to blame for the tragedy as he cried, “It’s easier to get your hands on a gun than to get somebody to make you a waffle.” Blaming Limbaugh while insisting she was not, Walsh charged:

And Joan Walsh was not alone in her tragedy pimping either again from The Busters!

Truly disgusting! Sister Toldjah has more

The Other McCain has lots on this, and points out that the shooter was a journalism major. Hmmm using the Left;s logic, journalism schools are to blame I guess