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Is Salon the STD of the Internet?

It might seem a bit harsh to judge Salon so harshly, but, as Stacy McCain points out, Salon is the  Most Worthless Internet Site, Period. He should know, he reads it so we do not have to. I have read Salon’s stuff, it is like watching MSNBS. Sure it is a Tree of Low-Hanging Blogging Fruit, but the mind numbingly bad writing at Salon can cause severe brain irritation, and, if given a choice between reading salon, and watching MSNBS, well I think Stacy McCain sums up my feelings

Which is worse, herpes or syphilis? Herpes is incurable, but the ravages of syphilis can be deadly. This is a story about the liberal media, however, not sexually transmitted diseases . . .

Of course watching MSNBS, or reading Salon can prove as harmful to your love life as an STD. If you think having to explain that “prescription strength cream” your significant other found in your medicine cabinet is bad, try explaining why you read Salon, or watch MSNBS. Talk about a relationship killer! McCain goes on about the utter failure that Salon, and all “progressive media” is

You know how, since Day One of the IRS scandal, every liberal on the planet has been saying it’s not really a scandal? So the umpteenth reiteration of the IRS Scandal (NOT) meme was published Monday by a writer for Salon, the Most Worthless Internet Site, Period.

While AOL paid gazillions for HuffPo, and BuzzFeed is now estimated to be worth gazillion-times-infinity, nobody has ever hazarded a guess of the value of Salon.com, a site that has been losing massive sums of money constantly since the days of dial-up modems.

Because there are no other “progressive” sites on the Internet, you see, and if these investors didn’t keep pouring money into that courageousSalon.com, then Newt Gingrich would take over America and suddenly TV would be in black-and-white again, or something.

Nobody ever pays attention to Salon except in the sense of, “Did you see that stupid/gross/utterly wrong thing they published at Salon?”

But why bring up Tracy Clark-Flory at a time like this?

My point is that nobody really pays attention to Salon except gigantic inflatable dildos like Lawrence O’Donnell, who evidently had anapoplectic fit because this IRS Scandal (NOT) story failed to mention that Lawrence O’Donnell invented IRS Scandal (NOT) stories.

Of course, O’Donnell has a fit every time the wind blows, that is what he does, he works for MSNBS, where being a gigantic inflatable dildo is a prerequisite for a gig on one of their shows, how else do you explain Martin Bashir getting his own show?  But, the larger point is that America, as a nation, does not embrace Progressive causes. Air America failed, talk radio is dominated by Conservative hosts, not crackpot Progressive’s. Salon, FAIL! MSNBS FAIL! Their are only two reasons anyone follows “progressive media”. For laughs and easy blogging material, or because you are a Progressive crackpot who actually buys the tons on  BS spewed by Progressives. And the fact is there are just not enough crackpots that WANT to read Salon, watch MSNBS, or listen to Thom Hartman for anyone to take them seriously. Yet, investors keep shoveling money into those pits of Progressive failure.

McCain, who hates O’Donnell as much as I do, closes his post with this Tweet asking the age old question which is worse a pack of rabid jackals or a Gigantic Inflatable Dildo named Lawrence?

.@pareene is evil, but so are rabid jackals, and if rabid jackals attacked @Lawrencehttp://www.salon.com/2013/07/09/lawrence_odonnell_outraged_to_read_story_that_isnt_about_him/ … GO, RABID JACKALS, GO!



Of all the MSNBS nutcase talking heads….

Lawrence O’Donnell is easily the one I find the most despicable. Basically, he just goes on TV and lies, in the most outrageous fashion, take his recent rant against the NRA members.

On Monday’s The Last Word, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell portrayed NRA members as imagining themselves killing police officers in a “psychotic vision of an armed uprising” as he ranted against the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre alluding to the benefits of American citizens being armed while a fugitive like Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the loose. O’Donnell:

The NRA’s cause, it’s mission, what that convention was about is making sure everyone else, everyone other than police officers can get any kind of gun and ammunition they want any time they want it. In fact, the NRA’s mission is to make sure citizens can outgun police officers, make sure we all have access to even more lethal weapons than police departments use or can afford. The psychotic vision of an armed uprising against our government, the uprising that 44 percent of Republicans think might have to happen soon is an uprising against police officers.

Police officers are the first people those armed Republicans and NRA members imagine themselves shooting and killing with guns and high-capacity magazines. Good grief, if O’Donnell spent one minute with any NRA members he would know that they are VERY supportive of law enforcement officers, and that MANY NRA members ARE cops. Fact is that O’Donnell is a gasbag and nothing more. He is a shock jock without the talent. A used car salesman in a nicer suit, and most of all he is an intellectual coward.

Here you go Larry, you pathetic windbag


Just five minutes is all I ask

Five minutes is not a long time, but man, it would be so nice to have five minutes, to have a face-to-face discussion with Lawrence O’Donnell. I say face-to-face because I would never get a chance to talk if I ever went on his MSNBS show, The Last Word, which should be called Lawrence Rants. On the show, Lawrence, yells at and talks over anyone who dares have a Conservative viewpoint. You can watch the video of O’Donnell screaming at Gayle Trotter for daring to believe in the right to self-defense here. he shows himself to be a bully, a chauvinist who is angry apparently because Trotter does not know her  place, and most of all an intellectual coward. The very last thing O’Donnell wants is an honest debate. 

This is why a five minute meeting with Larry the Screamer would be fun. First he would not even try to bully me, second he could not be able to control the debate setting, and third, I could call him out to his face for the pompous, over bearing ass hat that he is. And he would do absolutely nothing about it, because he is nothing but a gutless wonder who bullies those that he can.

Much more at Allergic to Bull, where Lawrence and other Leftists pushing for gun control are exposed. O’Donell tried to say that no woman, or anyone period has ever used an assault weapon, a manufactured term that is meaningless, to stop a violent attacker. Aaron Worthing destroys that lie. The spin that O’Donnell used that in many cases the attackers flee when they see a gun, is also addressed.

From the accompanying article:

Early Tuesday morning, Christopher Boise heard a noise coming from the basement. As he walked toward the source of that noise, the RIT student noticed two men standing in the downstairs portion of his apartment.
“They were waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs,” said Boise.
One of them had a handgun trained on Boise.
Within moments, Boise screamed. His cries were heard by his roommate, Raymond.
“It wasn’t like a, ‘I stepped by stepped on a piece of glass’ kind of scream,” Raymond said.  “So, I instinctively went to my gun bag.”
Raymond owns an AR-15 which is a military style rifle.
Raymond estimated that just five seconds passed until the door started to open. It was one of the intruders.
“By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out,” Raymond said.
The two men fled the apartment.
Nothing was taken and no shots were fired.
Now, you might say, “see?  He didn’t need any bullets at all, and certainly not a high capacity clip!  After all the gun was not even loaded when they ran (as is revealed in the full article and in the video)!”  The problem with that is that clearly in this case, it was the fear factor that drove the burglars** off.  So what part of their fear was relevant?  Would any gun have worked?  Would an ordinary hunting rifle have worked?  Or did it specifically help that it was a military style rifle?  And did the burglars think, albeit erroneously, that this man could fling at them up to thirty rounds without reloading?  We might never know the answer to the question and therefore we cannot know whether a lesser weapon would have done the job.
And the irony of it is that allowing this young man to have an AR-15 might have saved lives.  If he had nothing, who knows what the burglars might have done.  Were they just there to rob, or kidnap?  Or maybe the burglars thought that the two young men were gay (rightly or wrong–I don’t want to suggest anything about them) and wanted to beat them up.  One of them could have been hospitalized.  One of them could have died.  Or imagine if Raymond’s weapon was not as intimidating.  Imagine the law kept him from having that AR-15, or limited the size of its magazine and the criminals knew it.  One of the criminals had a gun, too.  Would they have thought that they could take Raymond on?  Would a firefight have ensued?  One can only guess, and one can only speculate at how such a shootout might have went, but it seems unlikely that all four men would have escaped that situation without someone at least being hurt.
But I saved the best example of the use of Assault Rifles for defense for last.  The LA Riots:
This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, sparked by the acquittal of four Los Angeles Police Department officers accused of beating the now-deceased Rodney King.  During the five days, mobs around Los Angeles looted stores, burnt 3,767 buildings, caused more than $1 billion in property damage, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people and left another 4,000 injured.  A story that has been forgotten since then is that of the brave storeowners in Koreatown who fended off mobs with handguns, rifles and assault weapons.
On the second day of the riots, the police had abandoned much of Koreatown.  Jay Rhee, a storeowner in the area, stated to The Los Angeles Times, “we have lost faith in the police.”
With the cops nowhere to be found, hundreds of people marauded through the streets towards Koreatown.  The neighborhood suffered 45 percent of all the property damage and five fatalities of storeowners during the riots.  Having had enough of waiting for police, Korean storeowners assembled into militias to protect themselves, their families, and businesses.
According to the Los Angeles Times, “From the rooftops of their supermarkets, a group of Koreans armed with shotguns and automatic weapons peered onto the smoky streets…Koreans have turned their pastel-colored mini-malls into fortresses against looters tide.”
Rhee claimed that the storeowners shot off 500 rounds into the sky and ground in order to break up the masses of people.  The only weapons able to clear that much ammo in a very short time are assault weapons.  Single shot pistols or rifles might not have been able to deter the crowd hell-bent on destroying the neighborhood.
By the end of the day storeowners had slain four looters and fended off the mob.  It would be 24 more hours until the National Guard arrived and another two days before the riots were completely put down.  Had the riots occurred just a couple of years later when the Congress banned assault weapons, many of these storeowners may not have been so lucky. It’s situations like the LA riots, which, while being rare, can occur anywhere from the streets of Los Angeles to far off countries during the Arab Spring.
Assault weapons are legal for this reason: they protect people from extreme cases of assault.
And for bonus points, while the article doesn’t mention if they had so-called high capacity clips or not, with shooting over 500 bullets into the air, it seems reasonable to believe they used a few, doesn’t it?

There are other examples too in the post, go read it all. It is excellent!


Today’s Douchebag of the Day is MSNBS’s Lawrence O’Donnell

Oh those nutty folks at MSNBS, they are finding new and inventive ways to make asses of themselves. Now, Lawrence O’Donnell is challenging Mitt Romney’s son to a fight?

Give me a second while I stop laughing. OK, Lawrence, you despicable bag of filth, if you are going to play a bad ass, you might need some practice. I mean you just are not a real intimidating guy. You do seem like a fraud though, an intellectual fraud, a journalistic fraud, and likely a tough guy fraud too, of course, you do work for a network that is a fraud so, it fits! What you are, Lawrence, is a wannabe, a wannabe intellectual, and wannabe newsman, and a wannabe thug. And, of course, it goes without saying that you are a world-class douche too!

It is time for another edition of “MSNBS Hosts Say the Darndest Things!”

Chris Matthews is a lunatic, seriously. He says he doubts the SCOTUS would rule against segregation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Then you have Lawrence O’Donnell claiming that the individual mandate in Obamacare does not exist. Egads!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How desperate is the crew at MSNBS?

This desperate!

When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer — a crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. And he had the uniform on display as proof.

So recalls Robin Madden, who had also just arrived as a freshman, the startling incident began when Romney called him and two or three other residents into his room, saying, “Come up, I want to show you something.” When they entered Romney’s room, “and laid out on his bed was a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform.”

ONLY Lawrence O’Donnell could report this type of BS and present it as credible in any way. There really is no proof of the accusation, but O’Donnell makes this sound like he has uncovered another Watergate. Delusional little man that he is, he has the unmitigated gall to call Romney weird? Good grief! MSNBS has become almost a SNL pardoy of MSNBS, only funnier.

If you really want to know how pathetic Obama’s job performance has been, and how desperate his apologists are………….

Just watch MSNBS. Seriously, consider the clip Hot Air has of Lawrence O’Donnell calling the Romney’s “out of touch” because her shirt costs $990.The funny part is that when Meghan McCain actually points out to Lawrence that Michelle Obama wears $600 tennis shoes, O’Donnell shoots back that the shoes really only cost $450. yeah, that is “in touch” Lawrence! 

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
Lawrence O’Donnell, fashion critic 

Of course, this type of class warfare garbage is all the Left has. They cannot talk about any substantive issue. AllahPundit gets it right

When you can’t talk about $5 trillion in new debt, talk about a $990 shirt that the candidate’s wife bought with her own money. When you can’t talk about unemployment dropping below eight percent, talk about car elevators. If this economy ends up in a double dip, we may well see an “all Seamus, all the time” format on MSNBC for the month of October. Can’t wait for Martin Bashir’s dramatic eulogy for Man’s Best Friend on Election Day eve.


MSNBC Jumps the gun, and then the Shark, on Another Controversial News Story, and is Wrong » Conservative Hideout 2.0

Boy,oh boy, NBC sucks at this whole journalism thing don’t they? Of course, this type of thing does happen when you try to MAKE the news what you want it to be, rather than simply reporting the news! H/T Conservative Hideout

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Stacy McCain has more on this

“Typically, we see an upsurge in anti-abortion violence . . . when the anti-abortion movement kind of thinks it was on the verge of victory, and then finds itself somehow thwarted. . . . When there’s frustration among the anti-abortion forces, violence often results.”
Michelle Goldberg on MSNBC, April 2, 2012

Of course,that was what Michelle Goldberg WANTED to be true,Stacy takes her,and the rest of the clowns at MSNBS to task for their journalistic activism

Really, Michelle? Now that police have a suspect in custody, are you going to follow up on that angle, and explain how Francis Gerald Grady exemplifies the phenomenon you described? Have the producers at MSNBC booked you for tonight, so you can talk about Grady as part of the “anti-abortion movement” and the Republican “War on Women”? Or have you already booked your flight to Wisconsin, so you can give Newsweek and MSNBC exclusive coverage from the scene of the crime?

Somehow, I don’t think we’re going to get any of that kind of actual journalism from Michelle Goldberg or Lawrence O’Donnell or anybody else in the liberal media who was so eager to jump to a preordained conclusion about this incident, playing a primetime propaganda game of pin-the-tail-on-the-Republican.

Hell, no, they won’t follow up. Goldberg, O’Donnell, MSNBC, Newsweek – now that there are actual facts to report, these worthless lying scoundrels are going to drop this story and flush it down the Memory Hole as if it never happened. They ought to be indicted for fraud merely for calling themselves “journalists.”

I love that, concise,and to the point! I guess that the new motto at NBC ought to be “If making up the news is wrong,we don’t wanna be right!”

Well guess who is not rich?

 When is  a millionaire NOT rich?

(BuzzFeed) — The rhetoric of class and inequality is back in force, and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — the standard-bearer for a combative new progressivism — made the case to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell last night that members of the Senate shouldn’t own stock.

“I realize there are some wealthy individuals – I’m not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios” she told him.

Hard to see how Warren wouldn’t be, by most standards, wealthy, according to the Personal Financial Disclosure form she filed to run for Senate shows that she’s worth as much as $14.5 million. She earned more than $429,000 from Harvard last year alone for a total of about $700,000, and lives in a house worth $5 million.

She also has a portfolio of investments in stocks and bonds worth as as much as $8 million, according to the form, which lists value ranges for each investment. The bulk of it is in funds managed by TIAA-CREF.

What she means is this. She is “rich” but she is excused from being one of those evil 1%ers because she is a flaming leftist you see. Sure she is, technically rich, but she believes that rich, er OTHER rich folks should be punished by heavy tax burdens so that the “workers” can benefit. Like lots of elitists Warren would never willingly live by the rules she dictates for others.

Exit question. When will all the OWS types figure out that they are being screwed over by the likes of Warren?

Your Marxist Moron of the Day is………..

The man who took over the Keith Olbermann time slot on MSNBS. The man deemed St. Lawrence the Sanctimonious by Stacy McCain

Since taking over the 8 p.m. spot vacated by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell has mounted an extraordinary effort to achieve what many would consider an impossible goal: Being more absurdly self-righteous than Olbermann.

Tuesday night, O’Donnell may have reached that mark by asserting that John Kerry was the gold standard in national security policy:

“Now is the time for the Bush-Cheney fanatics – the people who created the war on terror and who got so much of it wrong – to listen to John Kerry and to listen to President Barack Obama teach them how to fight terrorists.”

Wow! Kerry supported making terrorism primarily a law enforcement issue, although he did grasp the importance of intelligence in battling terrorism. But note, Lawrence actually opines in the video clip, that what the Navy Seals accomplished could be done by any police department. Good grief, does this man have a clue? Lawrence figures that police have helicopters, and rifles, so, they are just like the world’s best trained special forces? Good freaking grief!

Stacy McCain has more good analysis of O’Donnell’s.

(Via Memeorandum.) Is O’Donnell serious? Did he even listen to his own video clip, when Kerry said that fighting terrorism “requires cooperation around the world”? In point of fact, although the U.S. shoveled out all kinds of foreign aid to Pakistan, we did not get that kind of cooperation. It wasn’t “cooperation” that resulted in finding Osama bin Laden: It was the enhanced interrogation” of detainees captured by the CIA and U.S. military during the Bush presidency — interrogations that Democrats condemned, involving terrorists they insisted were being detained illegally. And the raid that killed bin Laden was conducted by military Special Operations troops (a branch of the service increased under Donald Rumsfeld’s tenure as Secretary of Defense), not by “law enforcement,” and certainly not by the European allies that Kerry kept insisting should be granted veto authority over U.S. policy.

Maybe MSNBS should change their slogan from “Lean Forward” to “Stuck on Stupid”? All this goes to show, that once again, my conclusion that Leftism is an ideology of convenience, rather than wisdom, is dead on! O’Donnell, hates Bush, and loves him some Obama. So Obama gets credit for getting Osama, even though he used the enhanced interrogations that Bush used, and that Obama and John Kerry railed against, to get the intelligence that led to killing Swine Laden.

How convenient

Blue on Blue Grayson vs O’Donnell?

From Fire Andrea Mitchell comes this video of Leftist nut Lawrence O’Donnell taking down Leftist nut Rep. Alan Grayson. The video is below and the fun begins at about seven minutes. The topic is the extension of the Bush tax rates,and taxation in general, and we know how the Left loves big taxes on the “rich” don’t we?

O’Donnell points out that it will actually be those who pay the bottom tax rate tax who are hit the hardest, not those who pay top rate. Give O’Donnell credit for pointing this out,  although he of course still wants to punish the “rich” with tax hikes.

Video- Your Marxist Morons of the Day!

Little Keithy Olbermann and his fellow douchebag Lawrence O’Donnell having Jihadigasms over how mean we were to the terrorists. O’Donnell, calls anyone who does not serve in the military a coward, and calls the terrorists more “committed” than Conservatives.

This is a truly disgusting clip of two mental midgets who have been educated way beyond their hat size!

I might take theser pinheads seriously if once, just ONCE, they showed at least as much outrage over Sharia Law, and it’s inhumane treatment of women, or terrorists killing of innocents, or honor killings, or John Murtha calling our troops cold-blooded killers, as they do over Conservatives daring to care about America!

Video is here! Bring a vomit bag before viewing