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Thank you, Rick Perry!

Maybe some Republicans need to care more about substance than style? I think so!

(The Hill) — Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, looking to bounce back from a recent debate gaffe, doubled down in his own defense Thursday by admitting debating is not his strength.

“If we’re electing the debater in chief, don’t elect me,” the Texas governor said on Fox News, repeating his previous criticism of President Obama, whom he calls a “great debater.”

Earlier in the day, on conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham’s show, Perry called President Obama “sleek as a mink.”

Perry stayed on message in his latest appearance, part of a media blitz Thursday following a debate misstep the previous night in which he forgot the third federal agency he plans to eliminate as president.

He acknowledged the extended stumble was “brutal.” Perry laughed it off Thursday, however, turning it into a joke on his website and Twitter feed.

“I hope they don’t lose the feed before the third question!” Perry tweeted when announcing the Fox interview. In a follow-up tweet, he used the hashtag “#forgetmenot.”

Perry’s website also offered visitors the chance to vote on the question: “What part of the federal government would you like to forget about the most?”

Perry quickly pivoted from humor back to his policy positions in the Fox interview, however, focusing on his record as governor.

“I don’t think you have to be particularly nimble when you look at the number of jobs that are being destroyed by the economy,” he said, attributing “absolute economic turmoil” to Obama.

“People understand, you make mistakes,” he said, adding jobs are the most important issue to most voters and he has a record of job creation as longtime Texas governor.

“I think I can take it to President Obama on any given day,” he said.

Allen West apologize to Debbie Wasserman Shrieks? NAW!

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Nice Deb has the video

West is right, he understands that the “outrage” over his harsh words for the DNC head is manufactured from absolute BS! The Left has a long and ugly history of launching vile personal attacks, then playing the victim/gender/race card when their intended victim stands up for themselves. Or, in this case they have chosen to play an even more absurd card. The Sexual harassment Card!

Several House Democratic women on Wednesday called on Rep. Allen West to apologize to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for his e-mail that called her “vile,” “despicable” and “not a Lady.”

The lawmakers said they were sending a letter to House GOP leadership, asking them to condemn the e-mail from the freshman Florida Republican. The group of five House Democrats said West’s e-mail was indicative of a larger problem – both inside Congress and out – of gender discrimination in the workplace.

“For his own good, they ought to take him into the woodshed and say, ‘if you want to survive in this work environment, you’ve got to keep your word, you’ve got to be cordial and congenial and civil even when you’re disagreeing,” said Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) “It makes for a very hard career otherwise.”

“Sticks and stones will not break Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s bones, and neither will Congressman West’s Blackberry,” added Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) who charged that in other workplaces, West would be hit with a sexual harassment claim.

Oh boy! How magical is this? west defends himself from a NOTED bomb thrower, and he is the bad guy? I wonder where these Women were when Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham  were attacked in much more explicit and overtly sexual fashions? Besides Michelle Malkin is sticking up for West!

Your quote of the day

“I only voted for him because he was Black!”

Laura Ingraham interviewed National Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Harry Alford this morning on her radio show and it was an amazing interview. In one of the most honest answers I’ve ever heard to the question of ‘why did you vote for Obama’, Alford said he voted for Obama because he was black and that it was the worst mistake of his life and a lesson he’ll take to his grave. Wow! He added that ‘hope’ was part of the reason he voted for Obama, but then referring to Obama’s policies he said what I think would be a great campaign slogan:

Hope isn’t hiring. Hope isn’t lowering the price of gasoline.

He even referred to Obama as a Marxist and even through in the word ‘brown shirt’. Wow again!

Funny isn’t it? The Left rails against anyone who dares question of criticize Obama and labels them a RAAAAACIST! Yet, they forget two very prominent facts. First, millions upon millions of White people voted for Obama, he could never have won if they had not. Second, they totally ignore the number of Black Americans who voted for Obama for one reason, his skin color!

Now, though, I think many Americans of all colors have seen just how empty a suit they voted for, and in the end, maybe the best thing Obama has done is to show Black Americans that Conservative ideals are far better for everyone, regardless of skin color, than the radical Leftist ideology of the Democrats!

Oh dear Lord not TRUMPABEE 2012~

No, not THAT!

Silly fun from today’s Laura Ingraham show, the highlight of which is Huck’s recounting of a recent tete-a-tete between the two. Diplomatic, deferential, and an electoral asset on a national ticket: Clearly, the job profile of a vice presidential candidate screams “Donald Trump.” Although, in fairness, they do complement each other nicely. Deep south and NYC, blue collar and white collar, Christian and Mammon, governor and businessman. Huck’s only problem is figuring out how to convince Trump to be second on the ticket instead of at the top. Has the Donald ever been beta to another guy’s alpha? Maybe we should be thinking about Trump/Huckabee instead.