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Remember the guy who burned his GOP membership because he was “disenfranchised”?

Yeah, he is sorta, how should I put this, he is, well, full of that stuff some people call fertilizer


I’m mad as Hell looking for publicity and I am going to lie and whine about being disenfranchised

As Donald Trump attempts to distract from his campaign’s myriad failures in Colorado by cynicallystirring the “rigged corrupt game” pot, one of the public faces of this phony outrage is a gentleman who earned himself prime Drudge real estate when he dramatically burned his voter registration card on camera — claiming that he was wrongfully turned away from the state party convention because he’s a Trump fan. It’s a disenfranchisement conspiracy cooked up by the elites, he argued, torching his Republican documentation in protest.  The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway was skeptical of the man’s version of events and dug into the back story.  She discovered that rather than being the victim of shadowy subterfuge, Douglas County resident Larry Wayne Lindsey didn’t understand the rules, shirked his own responsibilities, and leapt to inaccurate conclusions:

According to a series of conversations with party officials, while Lindsey did show up to his precinct caucus and was elected as a delegate to the county assembly, he never showed up to the county assembly, or, at the very least, never signed in for his credentials. On Facebook, he erroneously claimed he’d been elected as a delegate to the state assembly from his precinct caucus, something that is not possible under the rules in Douglas County. “Since Mr. Lindsey did not attend the County District Assembly he was not elected to be a delegate to the State Assembly, nor could he have been, so there is no way that he would have been listed as a delegate to the State Convention when he tried to check in on Saturday morning,” Tanne Blackburn, chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, explained in a press release. He’s blaming his own comprehension failures on the Colorado Republican Party and claiming the party targeted him for being a Trump voter. In truth, he wasn’t even a delegate to the state assembly to begin with. Nevertheless, he promises that he “will raise holy hell” and is “sick to death” of Douglas County Republicans and “ashamed” of being a Republican.

In other words, he was elected as a delegate to his county convention, not thestate convention, which is where presidential delegates were selected (resulting in a Cruz sweep). Furthermore, party officials say Mr. Lindsey was a no-show at the county gathering. What gives? Back to Hemingway, who’s followed up on the storytoday.  She details how this individual has admitted to missing the key county meeting in question, blaming his absence on a variety of shifting explanations — including that he was actively misled by a mysterious ‘establishment’ figure. Allahpundit explains why Lindsey’s half-cocked conspiracy claims make almost zero sense logically, but Hemingway goes a step further. She discovers that given his role as a county delegate, Lindsey was contacted by a public official seeking his backing at the gathering Lindsey ended up skipping. That (very conservative) State Representative, a man by the name of Patrick Neville, says he personally spoke with Lindsey to solicit his support and to underscore the importance of attending the county convention. Hemingway’s conclusion, after gathering the facts that most media organizations ignored in favor of credulously highlighting Lindsey’s theatrics:

Lindsey’s story is a great anecdote for helping explain why Trump’s operation was not up to snuff in the delegate game for Colorado, but it’s not the story of disenfranchisement that national media are running with…Not showing up to an event that other delegates had no problem getting to — among them quite a few Trump supporters — isn’t disenfranchisement. Particularly when elected officials have had detailed phone conversations with you about the importance of the event. Perhaps the media should consider the prudence of running with a story that is false.

Ass hats gonna be ass hats. Isn’t it odd that people like Lindsey are using the same type of false accusations and smear tactics that Leftists use? Things that make you go HMMMMMM

*VIDEO* Colorado GOP Delegate Larry Wayne Lindsey Replaced For Supporting Trump – Quits Party