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Ah yes, Rule 5 is in the eye of the beholder The post to be updated through the weekend

Rule 5 blogging, is a wondrous thing, it brings traffic, and sometimes controversy too. This week, I will poke around at my favorite blogger’s Rule 5 posts, and prove that Rule 5, is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

American Perspective asks if these legs are Rule 5 worthy. I must say no, at least not to my eyes.

King Shamus notes that courage can be HOT!

The Mind Numbed Robot has been slacking in the Rule 5 department of late. Dude, it isn’t March anymore!

Kurt introduces us to Michelle Ryan

Always on Watch thinks that Blogoversarys are sexy? Hmmm

Robert thinks that Allen West is presidential, ladies think he is hot I bet. Allen West that is

Donald Douglas, noted pervert has the ultimate example of brains, beauty, and class Michelle Malkin, as she tears down the “Donald” as the fraud he is

Blazing Cat Fur honors Rule 5 nudity, but only because it offends radical Muslims! Hell on Earth joins in that fun, as does The Last Tradition and Mean Old Meany,

Steve shows us that nature can be stunning too

The Godfather of Rule 5, Stacy McCain , also points out that it can offend Feminuts!

Bob Belvedere, Rule 5 master has an impressive list

Cubachi goes Royal Wedding on us!

Jamie has Mila Kunis

The Feral Irishman wants us to spell HOT

Mike goes retro with Jaclyn Smith!

Full Metal Patriot has Kate Middleton on his mind

Wirecutter falls in love

William Teach thinks we might need an eye exam

POH goes Neve Campbell on us

Proof Positive goes vintage!

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Tersamerica has Anna Serradilla

That Mr. G Guy goes the guns and babes route!

The Classic Liberal has Kate Upton

Theo has TOTTIES!

Rule 5 Sunday Link-A-Round!

The Other McCain’s Smitty always did a fine job on Sundays, but, since he is serving all of us in Afghanistan, God bless him, I will do my best to help fill the void of hotness!

Bob Belvedere has Raquel Welch and Jennifer Aniston as well as honoring Turkey Day with vintage hotness!

Stacy McCain ponders looking up Kate Middleton’s skirt and the Purple Bikini that ate Mexico. He also has video of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! He must be stunned that Auburn will soon win a National Championship! I offer Stacy my condolences and ask him to remember three letters! S.E.C.!

Wizbang threatens us all with the Rule 5 equivalent of germ warfare, nude photos of Sandra Bernhard! Please NO!

Noted pervert Donald Douglas is always a great source of Rule 5 hotness! Consider his Nude Cheryl Cole video and his flashback to a Lee Meriwether as Catwoman crush, and of course is all over Jennifer Aniston’s Purple Bikini! Oh, and did I mention his Jennifer Grey videos?

Who the Hell is Alizee Jacotey? I have no idea, but Blazing Cat Fur knows!

Bring the Heat brings the hotness of Amber Tamblyn nice

Jamie Jeffords has Mila Kunis!

Fountain Abbey has hotness, with an odd twist

Brea Bennet stars at Hell on Earth

Booze and Hookers features some nice behinds

Kind Shamus offers eye candy for men and women

Knuckledraggin My Life Away combines hotness, humor and social commentary all in one post!

That wild and crazy Robot Dude has a wild and crazy babe!

Paco checks in with Lucy!

Dan Collins has some random hotness!

LOTS and LOTS of HOTS at Pirates Cove!

Proof Positive had a Friday Night Babe!

Soylent Green has some after turkey feasting for your eyes

Wyatt has your WTF moment of the day: Harry Potter lingerie?

Mike has Adriana Lima explaining government de4struction

Theo has hot chicks with guns!

Lance offers up Rule 5 humor!

The Reb? Always a sure shot at Rule 5 greatness there!

Chris has Autumn Reeser

Yankee Phil has his own Rule 5 linkfest!

And that, my friends is the end!