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RINO Loser Update: Donations To Karl Rove’s Groups Drop 98% After Tea Party Targeting

Donations To Karl Rove’s Groups Drop 98% After Targeting Tea Party – Big Government


After wasting nearly $325 million during the 2012 election cycle with nothing to show for it and then declaring war on the Tea Party, donations to Karl Rove’s three Crossroads groups decreased by 98% last year. The groups reportedly raised a paltry $6.1 million combined in 2013.

Rove runs Crossroads GPS, American Crossroads, and the Conservative Victory Project Super PAC, which was formed this year to wage war against conservatives. Rove’s two groups raised $325 million in 2012 and about $70 million in 2010. As Politico notes, though, “Rove added a third group to the network in 2013, forming the Conservative Victory Project to counterbalance the influence of Tea Party and conservative grassroots forces in GOP primaries.”

Since then, as Breitbart News reported, “Rove’s organization has been so tarnished among the conservative base that candidates fear donors will not contribute to any group associated with him.” Aware of this, Rove’s Crossroads network has reloaded with groups that share donors but are technically not affiliated on paper with them.

All three of the groups “are permitted to accept unlimited corporate and individual contributions,” and donations to Crossroads GPS, a nonprofit, are even tax deductible.

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If you want the right opinions first………

Read THIS BLOG! Donald Douglas. a blogging legend, in my view, links this piece from IBD

The attempt to rehabilitate Hillary Clinton begins as the New York Times revives the long-ago debunked “video clip” excuse for the well-planned Benghazi massacre while denying documented al-Qaida involvement.

These days it’s all the news that is fit to be made up that graces the pages of the once-proud Gray Lady that has morphed from a self-proclaimed “newspaper of record” to the house organ for the Obama administration.

The latest example is a piece on the Benghazi terrorist attack of Sept. 10, 2010, titled, “A Deadly Mix in Benghazi.” It resembles the infamous White House talking points — on steroids.

Great points, and a very good column you should read, no doubt. But, consider that on this blog, I wrote this yesterday

OH, you mean you did not hear the news? Well actually, they have not fully endorsed her, yet, but that is what this story is all about Absolving Miss What Difference Does it Make. See it WAS all about that video after all. 

I also was the first to call this Operation Cover Hillary’s Ass 2016! Of course, someone will go on Fox, or somewhere else and use that, or very similar wording and they will be praised as insightful, a genius, or be described as on the cutting edge. And if I see Karl Rove, with his whiteboard, or Dick Morris saying that on TV, my head will explode. But, we know who said it first, ME! So, really, it should be me on Fox aweing Megyn Kelly, or Andrea Tarantos, Andrea-Tantaros-handcuffswho can restrain me anytime






or maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle. Or maybe, just maybe I would go on MSNBS, and wow Tamron Hall with my political insight, and she would come out of the closet, no not THAT closet, and announce her infatuation with Conservative guys, namely me.

That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot
That Daley Gator guy is kinda hot

Now, will this happen? Of course not! But I can have dreams can’t I?

David Axelrod and Baghdad Bob Gibbs promise to stop lying now that MSNBS has hired them

Of course, why would anyone assume that two noted liars keep on lying after the Lying News Network (MSNBS) hires them?

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC’s hiring of former high-ranking Obamastaffers David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs once again puts the network in the position of having to defend itself against allegations of being decidedly “pro-Obama” in its reporting and analysis. Speaking with CNN’s Howard Kurtzthis morning, the two pushed back against such accusations and instead claimed the mantle of “independent analysts.”

“Independent analysis” as in independent from reality.

Gibbs is Obama’s former White House press secretary and played a big role in the 2012 presidential campaign; Axelrod has long been a close adviser to Obama. Their hiring at MSNBC renewed the widespread criticism that the network is “in the tank” for the president, prompting the Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald to liken MSNBC’s “purpose” to how Fox News uses GOP loyals like Karl Rove on a regular basis.

But speaking with Kurtz this morning, the Obama confidantes said they plan to act as “independent” analysts for the network.

“I don’t see it either as being a cheerleader for the president or as a spokesman for the administration’s point of view,” Gibbs said.

Of course not. It is not “either” because they are both cheerleaders and spokesmen for Team Obama. And now that Pravda has hired them, they will continue to serve as good comrades!


Asking Karl Rove to “fix” the GOP messaging is like asking Michael Moore for diet advice

Attention House GOP members. Karl Rove is not the solution to your problems, Karl Rove IS your problem

BUZZFEED – Republican strategist Karl Rove huddled with a group of House GOP leaders in the office Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy Thursday morning to discuss the party’s messaging efforts, Republicans familiar with the meeting said.

Details of Rove’s presentation to a group of McCarthy’s “whip team” — a subset of the broader conference tasked with educating the rank and file, rounding up votes on key bills and generally enforcing discipline within Republican ranks.

Following the meeting, several lawmakers could be heard instructing staff to setup meetings with Rove.

Rove’s trip to Capitol Hill may not be met with enthusiasm from every Republican. Rep. Steve King, one of the House’s most vocal conservative firebrands, has been eyeing a run to replace Sen. Tom Harkin now that the veteran Iowa Democrat is resigning.

King is in many ways the sort of conservative candidate that makes the party’s establishment nervous about the coming general election, and King told the Iowa Republican earlier this month his is now strongly considering a run — in part as a response to Rove.

“If I would back up in front of Karl Rove’s initiative, that would just empower him, and he would go on state after state, candidate after candidate,” King told the Republican.

Conservatives like Steve King have always made the GOP establishment nervous, Reagan made them nervous, the Tea Party makes them nervous. That is the problem, these weasels are so busy being nervous, they cannot lead, so we keep getting stuck with “safe” candidates that lose, McCain,Romney, that type of candidate. Here is a BIG HINT to the GOP leadership. Stop backing the candidates the Democrats WANT you to run! See the Democrats will signal which candidate they fear by going hard after those candidates in the primaries. The ones they do not fear they will ignore. And the candidate they want us to nominate? They will praise them and talk about what a “good presidential candidate” he or she would make, and how “formidable” they would be. By the way the media does the same thing. I have to point this out since you, Karl Rove, and his stupid white board cannot figure it out!

Tell you what. Fire Karl Rove, he is all about Karl Rove, not the GOP anyway. Call me, I work cheap, Hell I will advise you for free. Why? Because I actually care about Conservatism. Or you can keep getting advice from Rove, and his ilk. Tell me how is that working out for you?


A question to ponder about polls

Looking over several polls, both state and national, I am struck by something odd. These polls show Obama with 5, 7, 9, even 10 point leads in some swing states. Yet these polls show both candidates winning about the majorities of their party, and they also show Romney winning independents. Does this not strike you as odd? Independents usually swing the election don’t they? Gateway Pundit has video of Karl Rove discussing this on O’Reilly’s show Now, I am not the biggest fan of Rove, but he knows about polls. 

I would also point out that Dick Morris has Romney winning by 4-5 points if the election were held now. Do not buy these polls folks!

Just another reason more bloggers should be on TV debating Liberal Ass Hats like Juan Williams


Imagine this. You tune in to Fox News, let’s say to Hannity. And there is Whiny Juan Williams, spewing the same tired Liberal talking points. THEN, the camera turns, and you see Robert of American and Proud, and you think who is this guy? He is not one of those same five boring “Conservatives” yes, that means stiffs like you Karl Rove, that Hannity always has on, and no, I am NOT including Michelle Malkin in that group, she is always great! So, you decide to hear what he has to say, and you get something like this.

Juan Williams made a comment last night about Ann Romney being a “Corporate wife” That was pretty funny coming from Juan. But it got better this morning. Juan said; “It would have been better if Ann would have talked about what they’ve done for other people” I had to laugh because it’s so stupid it should hurt. Here ya go Juan my rebut to your assholerry.

Mitt Romney has released several years of tax returns. You see that part that says “Charitable giving” yeah, that’s the part that is about 15 times the amount your 1%er in Chief gave. It’s about equal to the big three in the DNC combined for “Helping others”  Did you also happen to hear that Mitt and Ann Romney didn’t “Inherit” their millions, they were POOR, they WORKED through schooling, They suffered failures and made it. Why is that a bad thing?

I understand the talking points Juan, I understand why you must “Hate the rich” to make your points. But the RICH didn’t cause this mess. Politicians did. Mitt Romney didn’t cause this mess and I’m willing to give him a chance to try and fix it. It won’t be easy with your stupidity on display and the sheep who believe you will make it hard. But you know what Juan, We will drag them kicking and screaming into happiness and prosperity with or without you. Sit back, complain and lie all you want. It will only help our cause.

Now THAT would be so much better than Rove, or Kelly Ann Conway, talk about a walking brain donor, or most other scripted Conservatives that get on these shows.


Bottom of the Race Pimping Pool reached!


Via Beltway Confidential:

Angela Rye, Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, argued that President Obama has struggled during his first term due to racially-motivated opposition from conservatives who dislike having a black president.

“This is probably the toughest presidential term in my lifetime,” Rye said during CSPAN’s Q&A yesterday. “I think that a lot of what the president has experienced is because he’s black. You know, whether it’s questioning his intellect or whether or not he’s Ivy League. It’s always either he’s not educated enough or he’s too educated; or he’s too black or he’s not black enough; he’s too Christian or not Christian enough. There are all these things where he has to walk this very fine line to even be successful.”

She said that “a lot” of conservative opposition is racially-charged, citing the use of the word “cool” in an attack ad launched by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS superPAC. “There’s an ad, talking about [how] the president is too cool, [asking] is he too cool? And there’s this music that reminds me of, you know, some of the blaxploitation films from the 70s playing in the background, him with his sunglasses,” Rye said. “And to me it was just very racially-charged. They weren’t asking if Bush was too cool, but, yet, people say that that’s the number one person they’d love to have a beer with. So, if that’s not cool I dont know what is. Even ‘cool,’ the term ‘cool,’ could in some ways be deemed racial [in this instance].”

Rye said “I don’t know” when asked if black enthusiasm for Obama might be lower than in 2008, but added that the Democrats have to explain how voter ID laws are racist to help motivate black voters.

Good grief! The most frustrating part of this is that some people STILL fall for this! Exit question, what is the ONLY transparent thing about Team Obama? The race baiting!

Brett Kimberlin being bankrolled by his wealthy aunt? UPDATED! Did Erick Erickson get swatted?

Stacy McCain is all over it

Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin is the nephew of a wealthy Maryland woman who has contributed to a foundation that helped fund a 501(c)3 organization of which Kimberlin is the director. Kimberlin’s activities have recently attracted widespread attention because of his attempts to intimidate and harass bloggers who wrote about his criminal history.

Harriet Crosby, 66, reportedly an heiress to the General Mills fortune, was one of the original donors to the Threshold Foundation, which contributed $20,000 to Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project in 2008, according to database research I reported May 19.

The Threshold Foundation was started by a group of wealthy devotees of environmentalism and trancendental meditation. The foundation’s “very liberal” view, researcher Ron Arnold has written, “saw American society as rife with injustice and in need of radical transformation.” Threshold has been affiliated with the Tides Foundation, linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros.

A 2009 profile of Crosby in the alumni magazine of the elite Putney School — a private academy in Vermont, where the annual tuition is $46,900 for boarding students — described her as “active” in the tax-exempt non-profit group Velvet Revolution, which Kimberlin helped start in association with liberal blogger Brad Friedman.

Wow, who would have guessed? Another Leftist who supports far Left extremism is supporting Kimberlin’s harassment and lawsuit intimidation racket. And, another shocker, Kimberlin is a liar! NO!

Velvet Revolution gained notoriety by making unsubstantiated claims that Republicans stole the 2004 presidential election through vote fraud. A 2007 Time magazine profile of Kimberlin described how he ”found a home in the blogosphere” by “repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true.” At one point, Kimberlin offered a $100,000 reward for proof of his assertion that President George W. Bush’s re-election was obtained through vote fraud, a reward that was never paid. Velvet Revolution has also unsuccessfully sought criminal prosecution of various public figures including GOP strategist Karl Rove, the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the late New Media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart.

Isn’t it amazing how so many of these anti-American zealots are connected? And they all seem to have one goal, bringing some form of Marxist reformation to this nation.

UPDATE! Erick Erickson at Red State posts this today

Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.

Well, what do you know. Bob Belvedere is not afraid of swatting, in fact ladies, I think he enjoys that sort of thing

Update on Robert Stacy McCain

McCain has drawn the attention of one Brett Kimberlin, a Leftist terrorist, and scumbag in general. Kimberlin would love to silence bloggers like McCain, who has dared to try and expose Kimberlin and his allies for what they are. McCain updates us on his being forced to move to an “undisclosed location”. Stacy offers some background too, please go read the whole post, it is informative, and I would add important for us to understand what Kimberlin is doing. Frankly, I expect thee will be many more attempts to intimidate bloggers into silence running up to the November elections.

Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin on Monday continued his effort to silence those who write about his criminal past by contacting my wife’s employer, claiming that I was “harassing” him. The resulting security concern required immediate relocation if I was to be able to continue writing about the case of Kimberlin, a violent felon, perjurer and admitted tax cheat who is employed as the director of a 501(c)3 non-profit that has collected $1.8 million in contributions since 2005.

Kimberlin was convicted of multiple federal felonies in 1981 and sentenced to 50 years in prison after he terrorized a small Indiana town in a brutal crime weeklong bombing spree. Law enforcement officials told the Indianapolis Star they believed the bombings were committed in an attempt to distract authorities investigating the 1978 murder of a 65-year-old grandmother, a crime in which Kimberlin was a suspect.

In recent months, Kimberlin has used a strategy of legal intimidation and workplace harassment in an apparent attempt to silence his critics, including blogger Seth Allen, Virginia attorney Aaron Walker and Los Angeles deputy district attorney Patrick Frey.

Walker says he and his wife were fired from their jobs because of Kimberlin’s harassment. Walker did legal work for Allen, who was sued after writing about Kimberlin’s criminal career. On Thursday, Walker published a 28,000-word account of how he says Kimberlin tried to “frame” him on a bogus assault charge.

Kimberlin is a known associate of Neal Rauhauser, a Democrat campaign consultant who has described himself as a computer “hacker.” Kimberlin, director of the tax-exempt Justice Through Music Project, is also involved in another tax-exempt group, Velvet Revolution, which has gained national attention by demanding criminal prosecution of high-profile figures including Republican strategist Karl Rove, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue, and the late Internet news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart.Kimberlin’s name also surfaced last year in connection with the so-called “Anonymous” international hacker conspiracy. Kimberlin has pursued numerous strategies to harass journalists and bloggers who have attempted to call attention to his criminal past and his notorious dishonesty — a “top-flight con man,” as Publisher’s Weekly called him in a review of award-winning journalist Mark Singer’s 1996 book,Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin.

As I already said, go read it all. There are more bloggers covering this story. Here are some you should check oit

Bob Belvedere who has a great aggregation

Donald Douglas is on the case too

Evil Blogger Lady has some useful info as well

Dan Riehl predicts pain, blues, and agony for Kimberlin

Just to be perfectly clear, I’m happy to have my buddy Stacy’s back in this and hope many others will, too. But I said Brett Kimberlin failed to learn the lessons of Vietnam on Twitter for a reason. When he goes down – and he will – it’ll be by 1,000 cuts and blog posts from a guerrilla army, not one large enemy, God, or otherwise. That’s precisely what he wants and no one should give it to him.

Now, maybe some potentially bigger enemies for Brett Kimberlin grew tired and bored with the bullshit of a 5’5″ midget who needs to file lawsuits to get enough paper to stand on to reach the kitchen sink and are enjoying watching what’s going on, then, again, maybe not.

But it was always and only an Army of Davids’ approach that could take him down. Sometimes the best thing to do when it comes to the conservative blogosphere is to just sit back andenjoy watching it do it’s thing. As with everything mystical, as to whether or not there’s some unseen hand guiding it, for all anyone knows, it could be the hand of the late Andrew Breitbart reaching back to finish up some not gotten to otherwise minor piece of business.

William Jacobson has a good post about the type of attack Kimberlin seems to be engaging in

The story is not about McCain as such.  It’s about how bloggers, who don’t have large organizations and cadres of lawyers standing behind them, can be the subjects of attempted intimidation through a perceived weakpoint, such as an employer.

I’ve been subjected to periodic complaint letters and not just in connection with the Stop Rush effort:

One of the people behind Stop Rush not only has suggested I should worry about my job, that person repeatedly has tweeted to my employer complaining about me.

If true that Kimberlin contacted McCain’s wife’s employer, that would elevate it to an entirely new level, particularly in light of the history.

Protect and support your local blogger.  Think where you’d be without us.

Update:  It’s worth noting this ending to McCain’s post:

The National Bloggers Club, Inc, a non-profit organization that organizes the annual Blog Bash event celebrating free-market bloggers, is making available a press contact for those interested in learning more about this story:


More updates are likely to be posted later, so check back.

UPDATE! The Lonely Conservative has a great post! Why this matters!

Stacy McCain and his family are still in an undisclosed location. I suspect it will be that way for a while. I have no idea if they’re in Timbuktu or Vanuatu, I only know they aren’t at home in Maryland. He did another post today that does a great job summarizing things to date. For telling the truth about a dangerous man he’s now in hiding. God bless America.

Lee Stranahan is calling on bloggers to write about Kimberlin on Friday, May 25.

This is no war of words; Kimberlin is a serial litigator who has filed over 100 lawsuits by his own account and he takes people to court, claiming they are harassing him. He calls their employers. I stand with all these people, some of whom are my friends. I’m launching a new effort on my own that I hope will help.

The only effective way I to fight Brett Kimberlin is for as many people to research and write about him as possible.
So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s the video Stranahan put together introducing you to Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber.

Dear Karl Rove: Please, shut up and go away!

Sorry folks, but this guy agitates me to no end. He strikes me as a guy who has sold himself as some sort of political genius when he really is not. I hate the way Fox sucks up to him, and I hate his politics before principles style, which to me amounts to nothing more than ideological cowardice!. I ask you am I wrong?

OK here is  a thought that struck me right as I hit the publish button. What if Team Romney tells this Super Pac to go ahead and run the ad? They tell them that they will come out, and denounce the use of the ad. Doesn’t that cover Romney’s ass so to speak? The ad runs, so it benefits Romney with some voters, but Romney has denounced the ad, very early, so his bases are covered there as well. Just throwing that out there.

You say Computer Savvy Activists, I say Marxist thugs online

Stacy McCain, still hot on the trail to expose Brett Kimberlin, the convicted TERRORIST

From the “About” page at Brett Kimberlin’s “Justice Through Music Project” Web site:

Justice Through Music Project (“JTM”) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that uses famous musicians and bands to organize, educate and activate young people about the importance of civil rights, human rights and voting. . . .
Nationally known entertainment attorney Jeff Cohen and other computer savvy activists founded JTMP in 2003 in order to fill a particular need in today’s world – connecting with and giving a voice to youth by speaking a language they understand, music and freedom of expression.

They forgot to add: “Send money so we can pay a convicted terrorist to go around suing every blogger who says bad things about him, because – hey! – we’re all about democracy. Also, music.”

Lots more from McCain, who says Kimberlin might be hearing the Raven


Three days of exposure — “The Army of Davids” effect that the Lonely Conservative cleverly invoked – looks like it was enough to push convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin right over the edge. After nearly two years of Kimberlin apparently stalking and harassing his adversaries, the sudden burst of online publicity occasioned by Aaron Walker (aka Worthing) writing up a 28,000-word account of his own legal dispute with Kimberlin seems to have done the trick.

Remember that the “Breitbart Unmasked” Web site has denied — in a Twitter colloquy with me Thursday night — being run by Brett Kimberlin, which Worthing, Patterico and others long suspected.

OK, asked and answered — the denial is duly noted. Why, then, does that site exhibit such an obsessive interest in attacking those who tell the truth about Kimberlin? And why would the recent flurry of attention to Kimberlin’s activities cause Not Brett Kimberlin (as I’ve begun to think of “Breitbart Unmasked”) to post an unhinged 467-word rant on Saturday afternoon? Quoting that rant in its entirety:

Yes, This is Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law who blogs as Aaron Worthing @AaronWorthing and is amajor Islamophobe who hates Muslims with a passion. He runs a blog called Everyonedrawmohammed.blogspot.com which is now set to private while he battles it out with the non profit Velvet Revolution, who had called him out on his Islamophobia. This is the face of dark evil. This is the man who would assume the mantel of launching a major assault on the institutional left, and with it a solid non-profit organization whose work has helped tens of thousands of people gain a better understanding of the process of voting and how that system has become corrupted by the influence of corporate money into the system. This is the man who has taken upon himself tolaunch an all out attack on everything that the left stands for. His lies are legend. His claims against Velvet Revolution and its foundations are nothing short of an attack on everything the left holds dear. Over the course of the next few weeks we will document everyone involved in this plot against this small non-profit organization that has taken everyone from Karl Rove, to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to the out of control U.S. Chamber of Commerce to task. Yes, this small non-profit has called for massive investigations against these behemoths of the organized right to hold them accountable to the people. And because of that the right has responded with a full on outrageous assault on this non-profit in an effort to destroy everything they have accomplished. They call it #WAR. They call it #IAMANDREWBREITBART they call it a total commitment. OK, if its total commitment you want, it will be total commitment you will get.
Velvet Revolution has worked hard at dealing with this issue with the courts, and has contacted the FBI, the Attorney Generals Office, and everyone else that one can go to seek relief. The end result is that all of the parties that have been approached, contacted, or otherwise utilized, have all said that this is a battle they will not get involved in. So that is the way it will be. This will be a man to man knock down drag out fight for the hearts and minds, and a battle it will be. The message to the right wing extremists out there from BU is this: If you think we are going to be punked out and or bend over and let you stick it in then you are dead wrong. The rules you set up say that you and you only can attack people and get away with it, well, OK. Stand back and let loose the dogs of war then..
I hope you get that message loud and clear. Deal with it…

Oh, you are so frightened, aren’t you, Mr. Not Brett Kimberlin? Kind of externalizing and projecting your sociopathic habits on others, eh?

Horrified at the prospect of exposure, aren’t you? Trying to rally everybody around to protect your dishonest felonious self by conflating your own narrow interests with ”the institutional left,” and exaggerating Aaron Walker into an all-powerful Right-Wing Ringleader, whom you accuse of orchestrating “all out attack on everything that the left stands for” and “everything the left holds dear” — like blowing up innocent people with bombs, for example?


Much more at the link. I personally think Kimberlin has underestimated the Right side of the Blogosphere. We will NOT be cowed, or intimidated by a Marxist thug, or his threatening rants. And yes, HELL yes, we will stick together because we LOVE America more than Kimberlin and his ilk hates it!

UPDATED! Linked by Bob Belvedere!

Karl Rove the parasite!

I cannot recall exactly when I started NOT liking “The Architect”, maybe it was after hearing him called the architect for the 1,000th time, but, it turns out my instincts were right! He is just another elitist RINO, who thinks that he knows best, and looks down his nose at the Conservative base!

The Last Tradition has the details

I think Karl Rovez must be in a secret competition with David Brooksz for the Most Loved Republican by the Leftwing media.

I mean gimmie a break!

He actually said that media whore/lawyer Gloria Allred adds credibility to the Herman ‘sexual allegations witch hunt.

Cue the video

Karl Rove-parasite!

My reaction to last nights debate things that are really starting to bug me

First of all why in the Hell are we not talking about the ECONOMY more? Can then moderators stop trying to start fights between the candidates and start focusing more on the key issue facing the nation please?

Second, all I hear today is that Mitt Romney won, and that he sounded presidential. Please! He sounds like a politician, as in programmed. Nothing against Romney, I will gladly support him against President Zero, but have we not yet learned that “sounding presidential” matters little when it comes to being presidential?

Why is Ron Paul wasting our time? I mean besides to feed his overactive ego and to take time from candidates who actually might win the nomination? Get out Paul, please!

Why is John Huntsman there? To remind us what an arrogant ass looks and sounds like? Sorry, but this guy is a joke. Expect his next gig, after he stops pretending to run for president that is, to be an analyst on MSNBS or maybe CNN. He will be the token useful Idiot Republican who curries the favor of the Liberal media by running down the GOP as a bunch of yahoos.

Rick Perry, buddy, come on! You should be cleaning Mitt’s clock, step it up!

Michele Bachmann? Or is that Mike Huckaphoney in a dress, what a disappointment you are! You are acting like a spiteful politician with a personal axe to grind.

Newt Gingrich I love your answers, I do. I just wish you had character, and a chance in Hell at winning. But alas.

Herman Cain. That a man of his qualities has little chance to win is a tragic commentary on our political system.I hope the eventual nominee taps Cain for a cabinet position.

Rick Santorum? Why does he set off my douchebag meter? Is it his weasel like face? I cannot find fault with most of his answers or positions, but I just find something incredibly irritating about him. Perhaps he comes across as a bit too much of a Social Conservative, and that tends to aggravate my Libertarian side.

Another thing that bugs me is that Karl Rove is on Fox every what, five minutes sharing his “expertise”. Enough already.

Finally, he thing bugging me the most is that these debates are more about attacking the front-runner, or each others books than they are about allowing the candidates to share their plans for addressing the key issues. Ah, yes, that is what I am missing, substance! I loathe talking points, I want depth, substance, I want details about what these candidates will do about the issues facing America.

Who won the debate?

I just listened to it again, and here are my quick thoughts

Perry won, I know this for two reasons. First the “experts” AKA Leftists at MSNBS declared him a loser. As a general rule, take everything any host at MSNBS says, and flip it, then you will have the right answer.

Secondly, I thought Perry sounded like a man of principle, and like a leader. And he swatted Karl Rove, good for him!

Romney, who MSNBS fawned over, had some good answers, but he sounded like he was afraid of  Karl Rove giving him a harsh analysis.

Bachman? I think she might be on the way out.

Santorum? Why is he even still in this thing?

Cain? He, overall gave the MOST substantive responses. My question is why was he given so little attention in this debate?

Gingrich? I loved his spanking of the moderators. And, frankly, he is sounding more like he is campaigning for the eventual winner already. I expect him to withdraw soon after Iowa.

Paul? Why is he wasting our time?

Hunstman? He is a prick frankly. Sorry, but he is. He came across as another RINO pleading for the media to pat him on his head. Stacy McCain put is best about Huntsman

From my point of view, the two biggest questions about last night’s Republican debate were, (a) why was Jon Huntsman on the stage and (b) why did he get so much time? It is absurd to include the man I’ve dubbed “Governor Asterisk” — denoting his status as an irrelevant footnote to the 2012 campaign — while excluding, inter alia, Thad McCotter and Buddy Roemer.

Huntsman represents the “re-elect Obama” wing of the Republican Party

Stacy also enjoyed my favorite part of the night. When Herman Cain put the smackdown on the MSNBS hosts er Leftist tools

Yep, Rick Perry does scare the Left

Rick Perry shows us around his office. He's Te...
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Or as Silver Fiddle says it, Obama might be careful before biting into a hot pepper

The Left is Scared, Folks

As Papa Silverfiddle used to tell me, “They only try to tackle the guy with the ball.” Ken Blackwell’s dad had a similar saying, “A dog don’t chase a parked car.”  The tea party scares the crap out of the statist left, and so does Rick Perry. He’s a hot jalapeño dropped into the plate of bland political pablum, and the left is already screaming at the offensive spiciness.

The Demagogic democrats have already framed the issue as a Texas Cowboy “threatening” the Fed Chief, and the lapdogs in the press have obediently adopted the trope. He did no such thing.

This is a threat…

…Delivered with one hand hovering over a holstered pistol, eyes narrowed down to slits:

“I’ll kick your ass and drag you behind my horse, Ben Cartwright style, if you print more of that neon toilet paper you call money.”

Perry didn’t say that, he said this:

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what y’all will do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,” Perry said to laughter from supporters in Iowa.

“Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, treasonous in my opinion,” he said. (Reuters)

Go read the whole thing, Fiddle lays out a great case for Perry, and I could not agree more. And, as  an added bonus, I must include fiddle’s description of Karl Rove, who has an axe to grind with Perry.

Karl Rover, handmaiden of the establishment and the left’s newest go-to Republican,

BINGO!! Rove is one of the “pragmatic” Republicans, pragmatic meaning they are afraid of any Republican who sounds too much like a real Conservative!

Now go to Western Hero and read the rest of this great piece!

Dump Trump? Hell Yes!

Silver Fiddle hits a home run!

A bad joke is being played on the Republican party, and his name is Donald Trump

“If Trump is not on Obama’s payroll, he’s working for free, and I don’t think he’s that stupid”

OK, Trump fans, time to cut The Donald loose. I like how he injects some real talk into the political discussion, especially in the realm of international trade and diplomacy.  But he’s also a Hollywood blowhard who will say anything to get attention.

So who does he really think is the worst president?  Obama?  Bush?  Carter?  He’s claimed all three were at different times, and he’s called Bush “evil.”  Really…  Hitler was evil, Mao was evil, but George W. Bush?

And while his careening into the Obama citizenship sideshow is gaining him some FReeper fans, it is not presidential.  Savvy pols have attack dogs to do the dirty work.  There’s plenty in Obama’s past that is questionable or mysterious, and I don’t begrudge people investigating it, but that’s not what a presumptive presidential candidate should be focusing on.  We need to fire The Donald before his extreme unseriousness sinks the entire party, which is just now finding its feet again.

Lots more, go read the who;e thing!

You know, I think I will just agree with Clifton here!

Ok, I admit it, I was going to post my thoughts on those “Republicans”who belong to the David Brooks./Meghan McCain wing of the party, who seem to fear Sarah Palin getting the nod in 2012. I was, that is, until I read this post from Clifton, AKA Another Black Conservative, who sums it ball up very nicely.

For many rank and file conservatives, Sarah Palin is their dreams come true. Palin charismatically delivers the conservative message loud and clear without any fear of the left’s reaction.  Unfortunately, there is another part of the Republican Party that does not see Palin in the same light.  The Republican Bluebloods, the Country Club Crew, the Cocktail Set, the elite establishment or whatever names you wish to call them. These folks are desperate not to have Palin be the nominee and are now spouting all kinds of reasons why the nominee should be anyone but Palin. 
They are all sounding the alarm that Palin cannot win the general election. This is not their real reason, for if it was, why then are they not discouraging truly hopeless candidates like Tim Pawlenty?  No, the real reason why the Bluebloods do not want Palin is simply because of power.  Sarah Palin is an outsider who is capable of grabbing the nomination without help from the  establishment. Should that happen, Palin would not owe the establishment a damn thing and would be free to bring in all kinds of outsiders to control the Republican Party.  This would leave elites like Karl Rove, the Bushes, Peggy Noonan, et al out in the cold, trying to curry favor with the type of conservatives they have been sneering down at for decades.


YES!, AMEN! That is it, in a nutshell! They are worried not about the party, or furthering Conservatism, but about preserving THEIR place in the pecking order!

Palin puts Karl Rove in his place

I really have nothing against Rove, but, his criticisms of Sarah Palin are asinine, and I am happy she fired back! Via Doug Powers!

Karl Rove is on record as saying that Palin doing a reality sort of television show in Alaska “doesn’t help people see her in the Oval Office.”

In other words, “That’s a chick-ish, unserious thing to do for somebody who may run for president.”

Palin lobbed that weak volley back into Rove’s court:

She told People magazine in an interview this week that the show was an opportunity to showcase Alaska and its hard-working people, adding that she hoped it would ‘correct some untruths out there’.

She also shrugged off recent comments by Republican political strategist Karl Rove who said that making a reality TV show diminished her credentials as a serious contender for high political office.

‘I’d like Karl Rove to come up to Alaska and see me being in a man’s world,’ Palin told People magazine.

Very well played Mrs. Palin!

Frankly Mr. Douglas, I never liked Bob Beckel either

Donald Douglas highlights Bob Beckel, who is nothing more than a trained parrot for the Democratic Party, and his raging case of Assholitis! Beckel who is, and always has been a world-class asshole, recently he tried to  intimidate Pam Gellar, what a pathetic excuse for a man, as the video at the link makes VERY CLEAR!

Which reminds me of something. I like Sean Hannity well enough, but one thing I detest about his shows, radio and TV, is the frequency that Blowhard Beckel ia a guest. What exactly does he offer anyone? He is nothing more than a walk behind ass kisser parroting the Democratic Party lies. I doubt the guy has ever had an original thought in his  life. I also would not be shocked to learn that the only time this bag of puss takes a dump is when the DNC grants him permission.

Seriously, reading a cereal box offers more mental stimulation than listening to Beckel regurgitate the same talking points. Beckel is a classic example of what is wrong with political debate today, he, like most talking heads sounds like a robot, rather than a person arguing for his ideals.

Which is why I often ignore talking head shows. There is no “there” there. Hint to Hannity, and the rest, try giving people with a voice some slots. Donald Douglas, Stacy McCain, Bob Belevedere, and several more bloggers I could name are FAR more deserving than retreads like Beckel, or Carville, or Peggy Noonan, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Etc. It is originality, and sincerity that we crave. Where is it?