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Poor deluded Don Lemon

Really Don? Really?

“What I saw was a minstrel show today,” he said. “Him in front of all these white people, mostly white people, embarrassing himself and embarrassing Americans, but mostly African-Americans because every one of them is sitting either at home or with their phones, watching this, cringing. I couldn’t even watch it. I had to turn the television off because it was so hard to watch.”

He said West was “being used by the president of the United States, and denigrated him as someone with mental health issues, saying West was “someone who needs help.”

(West was hospitalized in Nov. 2016 during a tour for mental exhaustion.)

“This was an embarrassment,” Lemon added. “Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.”

Don, I think you are the one that needs some help, seriously Don, get some help. Here is more of Lemon’s meltdown, and his racist rhetoric, and his nasty comments about Kanye West’s mental health

Of course, to be fair, MSNBS went all unhinged too

Oh Stephanie, you might want to go talk to a counselor as well. And to be clear, no one goes to MSNBS for any serious reporting or analysis. They watch you and the moron beside you because they are paste eaters like you are, or they go to laugh at your inability to think. And yes, we watch to pick that low hanging blogging fruit you provide.

Crazy Congresswoman to Kanye West Shut up!

Oh Maxine Waters, she just wants Kanye to get back to the ideological plantation

Her full quote, according to Politico:

“Kanye West is a very creative young man who has presented some of the most revolutionary material in the African-American community. But we also think that sometimes Kanye West talks out of turn and perhaps sometimes he needs some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts.

So, she is calling him a moron? Project much Maxine?

We don’t think that he actually means to do harm, but we’re not sure he really understands the impact of what he’s saying, at the time that he’s saying it and how that weighs on, particularly the African American community — and for young people in general. And I think maybe he should think twice about politics, and maybe not have so much to say.”

In other words shut up and know your place Kanye! What a class act Maxine Waters is right? 

The Left and their imaginary rights

Oh those goofy Leftists, always claiming some  imagined right they insist exists in our Constitution. the latest “right”? Why good weather of course!

Warming alarmist James Hansen talks law.

In a new study, I and my co-authors make indisputably clear what the world’s scientists have increasingly warned: Our climate is changing, and the impacts are growing. The changes harm humans and threaten other life on the planet.

Our study, published in the prestigious peer-reviewed science journal PLOS-ONE, was written in support of a lawsuit against the federal government. The plaintiffs are young people, those to whom we are handing an increasingly warmer and destabilized planet.
Climate change is altering people’s lives right now. … It is as clear and present a danger as we’ve ever seen.

They argue that they have a constitutional right to a safe climate, that they have a right to receive from us a planet that supports all life, just as our forebears gave us. It is correctly a legal argument, but it relates to a fundamental moral question.

REALLY? That is in our Constitution? Wow, who knew, besides delusional Leftists of course, no one knew because that “right” is not there. But seriously folks, can’t the Left be more creative when they invent rights? Hell man, go for the gusto! Here are rights I would invenent

The right to go on vacation three months out of the year

The right to have whatever job I want, say a roller coaster critic, or maybe a movie and restaurant critic.

The right to date whoever I want. Let’s see now, what is Tamron Hall’s phone number.

The right to have my own radio show. Hell, I would be a lot better than most on air today anyway.

The right to be rich, I would be GREAT at being rich!

Did I mention the right to date any woman I wanted to? So many NFL cheerleaders, so little time….

The right NEVER to hear Kanye West’s name again.

The right to confront any MSNBS host I wanted to on air. Yes, uncensored!

The right to go to any gun range, anytime, and to take any gun I wanted.

The right to take pictures of Alec Baldwin just to piss him off, let’s see him bully me. 

The right to date any woman I wanted, I may have mentioned that one before I know, but, Minka Kelly is, well have you seen her?

All kidding aside, rights are precious as our Founders knew, and the manner in which the Left trivializes natural rights is depsicable


Kanye and Kim have first child Bob Belvedere hardest hit

I would be concerned for any child born to a Little Bitch, ah Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. Yes the child will have money, which is good, but the poor kid will be lacking in quality parenting I would think. Bob Belvedere takes my trepidations a few steps further

Via Donald Douglas, Superintendent of American Power:

Daily Mail says Kim Kardashian is in labor at a hospital, which means say your prayers kids anti-Christ is upon us. http://t.co/66Vy2Wo3mv

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) June 15, 2013

If confirmed…I’m outta here.

Kim is a Beast.

Kanye is a Beast.


Well, that is a bit harsh, although I do hope the child is not raised on some moronic reality show, and I hope the little girl gets its looks from mom 

Kim Kardashin at "Style Your Sim" fa...

Why would any woman this hot date a loser?

This is Karrueche Tran, she is very attractive, and she is, apparently dating Chris Brown, who famously beat up Rihanna, who, at one time recently renewed her relationship with Brown, or Little Bitch 2, Kanye West being Little Bitch, as I like to call him. So, this question must be asked. WHY in the world would beautiful women date a scumbag loser like Chris Brown? Here is one undeniable fact of life ladies, when you are hot, you pretty much get your pick of guys. You do not have to settle, and you definitely do not have to go out with a loser who beats up women. 

Other women have had problems with men. Halle Berry for instance. Halle is talented, and one of the most beautiful women ever to walk the earth. If you are Halle Berry, you can have any guy out there, yet, Berry has a history of poor choices in men.

Again I must ask why? Sure Brown is famous, and rich, for some reason people think he has talent, but Rihanna is famous, more famous than Brown in fact. So why would she put up with any BS from him? And, given his violent ways, why would the lovely Karrueche Tran even speak to him? Maybe these women are as big a losers s Brown is? Maybe it is a self-esteem thing, who knows. It has always amazed me how many women go for the loser, the abuser, the cheat, etc. Maybe they mistake niceness in guys as weakness. Maybe they truly think all men are pigs, so they might a well get the most successful guy since all men suck.

By the way, not only is Brown a loser with a bad temper, but he even looks like a little bitch. Seriously ladies, THIS is what you find desirable? THIS is manly to you?

chris-brown-amas-2012-red-carpet-05 chris-brown-supafest-2012-24

Your Daley Douchebag is…………………..

None other than the talent-deprived short guy, no not Bill Maher, the OTHER talent-deprived short guy, Kanye West, or as I refer to him, little bitch! 

Rapper Kanye West, who has had his brushes with politics, stepped into the 2012 race with a biting comment directed toward Mitt Romney.

“I’m just trying to protect my stacks,” West raps on “To the World,” the opening track on the forthcoming album Cruel Summer. “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

What an absolute tool. 

When a heart breaker like Kim Kardashian comes between bloggers

Donald Douglas, of American Power and The Reaganite Republican are in the midst of a Rule 5 war over the hotness, or not, of one Kim Kardashian. Douglas approves, highly of Ms. Kardashian, while Reaganite is less than impressed



My good friend Reaganite took issue with my recent Kim Kardashian blogging:

This one never did anything for me – NO class…

And I responded:

Are you kidding, she’s got a body that won’t quit!

And Reaganite replies:

More plastic in her than your wife’s Honda lol…

My wife drives the Jeep, actually, but that’s beside the point, ha!

Frankly, I thought Kim was all natural.

Sad, two bloggers fighting over a Reality TV “star” Allow me to weigh in here, because I see both sides. I agree with Reaganite that Kim is, well, not a gal I would ever date, and she is, like many people today, all about publicity, and she, in my view does not have a whole lot of depth or class. So, plastic IS a great way to describe her.

Of course, Douglas is correct too. Kim is a lovely gal, with a beautiful face, and a great body too. She really is a stunning woman. Sad that her butt is her most “publicized” feature, because it is, TOO DAMN BIG! It strikes me as odd that here you have a woman with an incredibly gorgeous face, beautiful hair, sultry eyes, and, other than her over-sized rump, a smoking body, yet the one physical attribute that is least attractive, gets all the attention, and looks is not the only area where we are focusing on the wrong things. We are a society that overlooks real beauty, talent, quality, and depth and focuses on the flashy, the phony, the shallow or what we think should be popular. I could go on and on, trust me, just turn on your TV and try NOT to find some insidiously stupid “reality” show. Turn on your radio to any “pop” station and try to find a song that actually takes any musical ability to perform.

Like I said, I could go on, and on, and, well you get the idea so let me close with a few pics of Kim Kardashian, the woman who divides bloggers!



This is the top song in the United States?

The logo for the Billboard magazine.
Image via Wikipedia

Donald Douglas offers up a video of  Adele, whoever the heck she is singingRolling in the Deep“: I listened, I cringed, and I thought, who the Hell would buy this piece of crap? Yes, I realize that great music is in the ear of the beholder, but seriously. Anyway, I went to Billboard and perused the current top songs. Katy Perry was number two with a song, Jennifer Lopez number three followed by the talentless Black Eyes Peas, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, and others like Kanye West, what a little whiner he is, Chris Brown, the guy who beats up women, and Lady Gaga, how did she, or he, or it, ever get a recording contract? Not one song would I buy, consider buying, or listen to. The most bothersome thing to me was that none of the songs sounded like anyone performing them had any talent at all. Good Grief! Either I am old or today’s packaged, soulless music is absolute crap!
Or maybe it is both?

The best reason that every state should pass the Arizona immigration law.

William Teach reports that noted Marxist Moron Michael Moore and noted douchebag Kanye West are boycotting Arizona. Man, I bet every state, upon hearing of this will rush to get boycotted by these two asshats.

Zack de la Rocha has issued a statement on behalf of an organization called the Sound Strike urging music fans
and fellow artists to boycott Arizona “to stop SB 1070,” which he labels an “odious” law.

Who? Oh, the guy who turned veggie because he could actually feel the animal going through the pain. Oh, and supports the cop killers Mumia and Leonard Peltier.

Among those artists joining de la Rocha’s boycott are Conor Oberst, Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against, Cypress Hill, Serj Tankian, Joe Satriani, Sonic Youth, Tenacious D, Street Sweeper Social Club and Michael Moore.

Lunch buffett’s around the state can breath a sigh of release. “No! You no welcome. You stay here for 5 hour and eat.” (sorry, that was some comedy routine I heard on AOL radio the other day by some large comedian)

In de la Rocha’s words, the new law “sanctions racial profiling, straight up,” forcing “cops to hunt down and target anyone they ‘reasonably suspect’ that may be undocumented. And if the people they harass don’t have proof that they were born in the U.S., they can be detained and arrested.”

Are all rappers this stupid and uninformed? Good Freaking Grief! I think we have our Douchebag of the Day!