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Most Corrupt Justice Department In U.S. History Stonewalling Internal Investigators

Justice Department Stonewalling Internal Investigators – Daily Caller


The head investigator charged with overseeing the Department of Justice testified Tuesday that various government agencies have repeatedly stymied his investigation efforts, and have done so in direct violation of federal law.

Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General of the Department of Justice, was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on investigative access to government information.

“Since 2010 and 2011,” he said. “The FBI and some other Department components have not read Section 6 (a) of the IG Act as giving my Office access to all records in their possession and therefore have refused our requests for various types of Department records. As a result, a number of our reviews have been significantly impeded.”

“It’s deeply troubling that Department of Justice leadership has stonewalled the Inspector General’s investigations several times and only produced requested documents after officials concluded that it would help them,” lamented Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the committee’s chairman. “The Inspector General’s activities should not be dependent upon the whims of a particular administration. Efforts to restrict or delay an Inspector General’s access to key materials in turn deprive the American people and their elected representatives of timely oversight information with which to evaluate an agency’s performance.”

Inspectors general are independent investigative officers whose job is to ensure that government agencies are not violating the law or engaging in fraudulent behavior. In August of this year, nearly 50 inspectors general signed a letter to Congress alerting politicians to “the serious limitations on access to records that have recently impeded the work of Inspectors General at the Peace Corps, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Justice.”

These officers “faced restrictions on their access to certain records available to their agencies that were needed to perform their oversight work in critical areas,” the letter explained. “Limiting access in this manner is inconsistent with the IG Act [the 1978 law that created the inspector general offices], at odds with the independence of Inspectors General, and risks leaving the agencies insulated from scrutiny and unacceptably vulnerable to mismanagement and misconduct – the very problems that our offices were established to review and that the American people expect us to be able to address.”

During his testimony, Horowitz cited a number of examples of administrative obfuscation, including government actions that significantly delayed their 2012 report on the notorious “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives facilitated Mexican drug cartels purchasing hundreds of guns, and later losing track of them.

In each of these instances, Horowitz explained, “the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General granted us permission to access the records we sought… However, as I have publicly testified previously, I have several significant concerns with this process. First and foremost, this process is inconsistent with the clear mandate of Section 6(a) of the IG Act. The Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General should not have to order Department components to provide us with access to records that the Congress has already made it clear in the IG Act that we are entitled to review. Second, requiring the OIG to have to obtain the permission of Department leadership in order to review agency records compromises our independence.”

In other words, the administration is making the watchdog agencies jump through hoops to do their jobs, significantly delaying their findings, wasting taxpayer dollars, and compromising the oversight reports.

As the IGs’ original letter of complaint plainly states, “the IG Act is clear: no law restricting access to records applies to Inspectors General unless that law expressly so states, and that unrestricted access extends to all records available to the agency, regardless of location or form.”

“Our struggles to access information relevant to our reviews in a timely manner continue to cause delays to our work and consume resources,” Horowitz said. “They also have a substantial impact on the morale of the auditors, analysts, agents, and lawyers who work extraordinarily hard every day to do the difficult oversight work that is expected of them. … For the past 25 years, my Office has demonstrated that effective and independent oversight saves taxpayers money and improves the Department’s operations. Actions that limit, condition, or delay access to information have substantial consequences for our work and lead to incomplete, inaccurate, or significantly delayed findings or recommendations.”

Other investigations hindered by the government included reviewing “whether Department officials violated the civil rights and civil liberties of individuals detained as material witnesses in national security cases in the wake ofthe September 11 terrorist attacks,” FBI use of wiretaps, and sexual assault within the Peace Corps.

“The issues facing the DOJ OIG, the EPA OIG, and the Peace Corps OIG are not unique,” the August complaint stated. “Other Inspectors General have, from time to time, faced similar obstacles to their work, whether on a claim that some other law or principle trumped the clear mandate of the IG Act or by the agency’s imposition of unnecessarily burdensome administrative conditions on access. Even when we are ultimately able to resolve these issues with senior agency leadership, the process is often lengthy, delays our work, and diverts time and attention from substantive oversight activities. This plainly is not what Congress intended when it passed the IG Act.”



Holder Justice Department Spending Over Half A Million Taxpayer Dollars On LinkedIn Profile

Justice Dept To Spend $544,000 On A… What!? You Won’t Believe This – Independent Journal Review


According to the government website FedBizOpps.gov, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division is spending $544,000 on a new LinkedIn profile:

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division is paying $544,000 for a shiny new LinkedIn profile, in the wake of a partial government shutdown that followed a top Democrat’s assurance that ‘the cupboard is bare, there’s no more cuts to make.’

The LinkedIn contract, first reported in the Washington Free Beacon, includes ‘Work With Us’ banner ads and ‘gold’-level user pages commonly purchased by private companies, all designed to drive job-seekers to Attorney General Eric Holder’s law enforcement agency.

The DOJ provided its contractor, the Reston, Virginia-based Carahsoft Technology Corporation, with a not-so-helpful table of prices for LinkedIn’s services, in which all the costs were listed as $0. The agency contracting officer responsible for the award did not respond to a request for an explanation.

While LinkedIn is free to use, it also offers paid plans that give organizations the opportunity to spice up their page and access several bells and whistles. However, it’s not incredibly extensive or complicated. To justify paying someone $544,000 for this is preposterous.

Suppose it takes Brogan & Partners, the consulting firm the DOJ has hired, 150 hours (and that’s a generous estimate) to redesign the profile, create some banner ads and write up some redirect pages. That comes out to $3,626 per hour!

Does it look like our government’s priorities are way off, or is it just me?

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Most Corrupt Justice Department In U.S. History Sets Up Zimmerman Snitch Hotline

DOJ Sets Up Zimmerman Snitch Hotline – Jammie Wearing Fools

George Zimmerman should seriously consider leaving the country, because if Obama’s goons have their way, he’s sure to be railroaded by any means necessary.


The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday afternoon appealed to civil rights groups and community leaders, nationally and in Sanford, for help investigating whether a federal criminal case might be brought against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, one advocate said.

The DOJ has also set up a public email address to take in tips on its civil rights investigation.

Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law – who earlier in the day joined calls for federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman, said that later in the afternoon, she joined a U.S. Department of Justice conference call to discuss the prospects.

“They were calling on us to actively refer anyone who had any information,” that might build a case against Zimmerman for either a civil rights violation or a hate crime, Arnwine said. “They said they would very aggressively investigate this case.”

Arnwine said the call was convened at about 3:30 p.m. by Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice, and included representatives from the FBI, and several federal prosecutors, she said. DOJ officials also said they would open a public email address so people could send in tips on the case.

That email address, which is now in operation, is Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov.

This is un-American, to say the least. It’s hard to imagine anything about Zimmerman is already unknown to these persecutors. At the same time, perhaps they’ll find out he’s a Democrat who voted for Obama and mentored black kids. Come to think of it, if Holder’s so interested his so-called justice, perhaps he’d be OK with a separate tip line so people can provide information on his Fast & Furious gun-running operation that left hundreds of Mexicans and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead. By the way, looks who’s participating in the lynch mob:

In addition to Arnwine’s group, Sherrilyn Ifill, President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Laura Murphy, Washington Chapter head of the ACLU; and several national, Florida and Sanford-based “human relations” groups participated, Arnwine said.

Isn’t the ACLU purportedly in business to protect civil liberties?

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Politics has no place in our justice system, right Mr. President?

George Zimmerman’s trial, joke that it is, proves that in the PC age in which we live, justice is no longer blind. Justice is now a political tool apparently. Stacy McCain lays out the case against our “post-racial” presidential administration

While I haven’t followed the George Zimmerman trial closely, I have noticed the widespread reaction to the trial, namely, “Why are they even having this trial?” There is no way in hell Zimmerman will be convicted. Some see it as a clear-cut case of self-defense, but everyone who has watched the testimony sees enough “reasonable doubt” in the prosecution’s case that it seems obvious the jury will acquit.

So, once again: Why are they even having this trial? And the answer would seem to be, because the Obama administration wanted it.

Lee Stranahan writes at Breibart.com:

Welcome to Trayvongate, where the President of the United States used both the bully pulpit, the Department of Justice and sly media manipulation to gin up charges of racism in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting. Now that the trial is almost finished and the only act of racism mentioned so far came from the victim–Martin called Zimmerman ‘a creepy ass cracker’ according to testimony–the cynical and repeated use of the race card by the White house is even more abhorrent.
Judicial Watch revealed documents today that proved what Breitbart News reported in April, 2012: that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice took an active role in racially charged rallies in Sanford, Florida and that the Community Relations Service helped force the temporary resignation of Sheriff Bill Lee. That resignation made it appear that Sanford authorities were suspect and possibly complicit in covering up something. . . .

Equally disturbing to me is how the prosecution attempted to introduce a brand new charge at the end of this trial. They know they over charged, they know this was all political, yet, they are still willing to pull these tricks out? I guess justice does not mater much to them either. This ought to scare the hell out of every one of us. Because if it can happen in Sanford Florida……..

Justice Department Investigated New York Times Reporter Too

The Justice Department Investigated A New York Times Reporter, Too – Yahoo News

The New York Times reports the Department of Justice investigated national security leaks given to Times reporter David Sanger over his story last year about the Stuxnet virus by pulling all the email and phone records of government officials who communicated with the reporter. Last summer, Sanger reported the U.S. helped develop the Stuxnet virus and used it to attack Iran, becoming the first country to carry out a sustained cyber attack with the intent of destroying another country’s infrastructure. The was some hoopla and a hullaballoo about leaks and DOJ investigations, the Associated Press case, and now a year later we’re finding out just how far things went.


The Times’ Ethan Bronner, Charlie Savage and Scott Shane report the FBI requested for any phone and email logs from the White House, the Defense Department and other “intelligence agencies” that showed any contact between employees and Sanger. It does not appear they went so far as to seize Sanger’s telephone records or emails, as they did with the Associates Press and Fox News reporter James Rosen. They at least got creative this time. Instead of looking at his communication records, they looked at the communications between him and every government employee by looking on their end.

The Times report does paint a very detailed picture of how far the Justice Department goes with these investigations, even before they get into the legally and morally questionable practice of subpoenaing a reporters’ email and phone records. As a result of the intense scrutiny, the Times says some sources are starting to clam up:

Some officials are now declining to take calls from certain reporters, concerned that any contact may lead to investigation. Some complain of being taken from their offices to endure uncomfortable questioning. And the government officials typically must pay for lawyers themselves, unlike reporters for large news organizations whose companies provide legal representation.

The intense investigation into Sanger is a little confusing. There were discussions when the story came out about how it seemed the White House may have leaked the story. Or, at the very least, they liked it. It showed the President taking action against Iran during election season. Sanger told Gawker’s John Cook the White didn’t protest the story being released. The White House didn’t actually leak the story, Sanger said, but they didn’t fight him about it either. The investigation into the Stuxnet leak was announced the same day as the AP investigation.

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At least it was not “very, very, very serious”

Eric Holder is a national embarrassment. By the way how confident should we feel that his Justice Department will be looking into the IRS scandal?

Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters Tuesday that the leak to the Associated Press that prompted the Justice Department to secretly obtain phone records for AP reporters and editors constituted a “very, very serious leak” that “put the American people at risk.”

The AP sent a scathing letter to the DOJ on Monday, after they were informed that the DOJ had secretly obtained two months worth of phone records from April and May of 2012, a period of time during which the AP reported on a covert CIA operation in Yemen to prevent an airplane bomb plot. The Justice Department had previously said it was investigating the leak.

“This was a very serious leak. A very, very serious leak,” Holder said Tuesday at a press conference. He added that it was possibly the most serious leak he had seen, or at least top two or three.

See, it was “very serious” In fact it was “very very serious”, in his personal top three very, very serious leaks it seems. I wonder if it was more, or less serious than selling guns to Mexican cartels?


Obama Justice Department: Children Don’t Need Mothers, And Have No Right To Them

DOJ: Children Do Not Need, And Have No Right To, Mothers – CNS

The Obama Justice Department is arguing in the United States Supreme Court that children do not need mothers.


The Justice Department’s argument on the superfluity of motherhood is presented in a brief the Obama administration filed in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which challenges the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that amended California’s Constitution to say that marriage involves only one man and one woman.

The Justice Department presented its conclusions about parenthood in rebutting an argument made by proponents of Proposition 8 that the traditional two-parent family, led by both a mother and a father, was the ideal place, determined even by nature itself, to raise a child.

The Obama administration argues this is not true. It argues that children need neither a father nor a mother and that having two fathers or two mothers is just as good as having one of each.

“The [California] Voter Guide arguably offered a distinct but related child-rearing justification for Proposition 8: ‘the best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father,’” said the administration’s brief submitted to the court by Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.

“As an initial matter, no sound basis exists for concluding that same-sex couples who have committed to marriage are anything other than fully capable of responsible parenting and child-rearing,” the Department of Justice told the court. “To the contrary, many leading medical, psychological, and social-welfare organizations have issued policy statements opposing restrictions on gay and lesbian parenting based on their conclusion, supported by numerous scientific studies, that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are as likely to be well adjusted as children raised by heterosexual parents.”

“The weight of the scientific literature strongly supports the view that same-sex parents are just as capable as opposite-sex parents,” says the administration.

To support this argument, one of the documents the administration cites is a “policy statement” by the American Psychological Association. This statement claims that some studies indicate same-sex parents might be “superior” to mother-and-father families, but then concedes there is little actual data on the results of raising children in two-father households.

“Members of gay and lesbian couples with children have been found to divide the work involved in childcare evenly, and to be satisfied with their relationships with their partners,” says this APA policy statement the administration cited to the court. “The results of some studies suggest that lesbian mothers’ and gay fathers’ parenting skills may be superior to those of matched heterosexual parents. There is no scientific basis for concluding that lesbian mothers or gay fathers are unfit parents on the basis of their sexual orientation.”

“Studies of other aspects of personal development (including personality, self-concept, and conduct) similarly reveal few differences between children of lesbian mothers and children of heterosexual parents,” says the APA policy statement. “However, few data regarding these concerns are available for children of gay fathers.”

The Obama administration further argues that because California law already permits domestic partnerships in which same-sex couples are allowed all the “incidents” of marriage – including the right to adopt children and be foster parents – that Proposition 8 only denies same-sex couples the use of the word “marriage” and does not change the status of child-rearing in the state.

“Moreover, as the court of appeals determined, ‘Proposition 8 had absolutely no effect on the ability of same-sex couples to become parents or the manner in which children are raised in California,’” says the administration. “As explained, California law, both before and after Proposition 8, grants registered domestic partners the same parental rights and benefits accorded to married couples. And Proposition 8 does not alter California’s adoption, fostering, or presumed-parentage laws, which ‘continue to apply equally to same-sex couples.’

“In light of California’s conferral of full rights of parenting and child-rearing on same-sex couples, Proposition 8’s denial to same-sex couples of the right to marry bears no cognizable relation, let alone a substantial one, to any interest in responsible procreation and child-rearing (however defined),” says the administration. “Indeed, because a substantial number of California children are raised in households headed by same-sex couples.”

In effect, the administration is arguing that California had already conceded the administration’s point that children do not need a mother or a father when it enacted laws treating same-sex couples the same as married couples in its adoption, foster-parenting and other laws–which Proposition 8 did not seek to overturn.

So far in the history of the human race, no child has ever been born without a biological father and mother. Now, in the Supreme Court of the United States, the Executive Branch of the federal government is arguing that, regardless of the biological facts of parenthood, states have no legitimate and defenisble interest in ensuring that children conceived by a mother and a father are in fact raised by mothers and fathers.

The brief that the Justice Department presented to the Supreme Court discussed children only as items controlled by others, not as individual human beings who have God-given rights of their own. It simply assumes that a child has no inherent right to a mother or father and that the only right truly in question is whether two people of the same-sex have a right to marry one another and that that right encompasses a right to adopt and foster-raise children.

To take this view and be consistent with the principles of the Declaration of Independence – which recognizes the ultimate authority of the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” and says that “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” – the Obama Justice Department must advance the assumption that natural law and Nature’s God give children no right to a mother and father and no right not to be legally handed over by the government to be raised by same-sex couples.

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Justice Department Connections To Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Enablers

Justice Department Connections To Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Enablers – Canada Free Press

Thanks to complicit news media, most Americans probably do not know of, or at least do not remember, Floyd Corkins. They should, however, because last year, Corkins became one of the latest in a long line of left-wing domestic terrorists, one who sought to commit violence to the furtherance of his political aims.

For those for whom his name does not ring a bell, Corkins was the assailant who tried to shoot his way into the Washington D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council, a conservative pro-family group, shooting and wounding a guard who nevertheless was able to subdue and hold Corkins until police arrived. During his indictment on charges of terrorism and other crimes, Corkins admitted that he was motivated by his hatred of the FRC’s anti-gay marriage stance, and decided that he was going to shoot as many people at the FRC as possible, smear Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in their faces as they lay dying, and then escape and do the same thing at three other conservative organizations, which he also had on a “target list” and intended to shoot up.

This was not, of course, the first time that socially-liberal left-wing activists have threatened or committed actual violence in the cause of their political ends. Radical homosexual activists have been at work assaulting and intimidating their opponents. For instance, homosexual activists recently suggested that snipers should “take out” Peter LaBarbera, the President of Americans for Truth, Illinois, because of his organization’s opposition to the imposition of their radical agenda onto Illinoians. From the same article, homosexuals in Massachusetts have been busy threatening pro-family groups and individuals, going so far as to publish the names and addresses of people signing pro-family petitions, with the intent that these same individuals would be targeted by violent extremists. In California, Maine, and elsewhere, homosexual activists vandalized homes and churches and called for the murder of people who supported the anti-gay marriage propositions that ultimately passed in both of those states. Indeed, radical homosexual activists have been engaged in a low-level terrorism campaign against churches, pastors, conservative organizations, and other opponents since the late 1980s, when homosexuals and their pro-abortionist allies were calling in threats to pro-life pastors, vandalizing Catholic churches, and even firebombing churches in California. In 1991, when then-Governor Pete Wilson vetoed a “gay rights” bill that was sent to his desk, rioting homosexuals broke through police barriers, broke windows in office buildings, set properties on fire, and shattered the kneecap of one police officer by flinging shards of plate glass at him like they were Frisbees.

Despite the relative handful of shootings and clinic bombings by so-called “pro-lifers,” the fact also remains that pro-abortions have also committed much more violence and terrorism, with hundreds of physical assaults, acid attacks, and vehicular assaults being committed against pro-lifers by abortion supporters since the late 1980s. Indeed, many of these attacks are made against elderly or infirmed protestors who are simply exercising their constitutional free speech rights by opposing abortion. On September 11, 2009, Harlan Drake, a pro-abortionist, murdered Michigan pro-life activist Jim Pouillon in a clearly politically motivated murder. Couple this with the steady flow of political violence by unions, the arsons and bombings by environmentalists and animal rights activists, and the assaults, bomb-making, property damage, and arson by your more run-of-the-mill Occupy/Communist leaning lefties, and it looks like I was entirely right to state that left-wingers are a danger to society.

But back to Floyd Corkins. Wherever could Floyd have gotten the idea that the Family Research Council was a deplorable “hate” group that needed to be “taught a lesson”? The answer to that question is from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) web-based map of “hate” groups, whose demonization of conservative groups apparently motivated this shooter to “take care of business.” The Family Research Council, as well as the other three targets of Corkin’s murderous intentions, is all listed on the SPLC’s vitriolic, hate-filled website.

What is the Southern Poverty Law Center?

What is the Southern Poverty Law Center? It is a radical Left organization that promotes a far-Left political agenda under the guise of being a “civil rights” organization. However, there is little civil and hardly anything right about the SPLC. This group earns its bread by acting as a legal and social bully against conservative groups that oppose its radical agenda. Using its inordinate access to the media, it is able to smear its opponents while trying to intimidate them into silence. By attempting to lump mainstream conservative and libertarian groups together with obvious hate groups like the KKK or Aryan Nations – the SPLC once smeared the Ludwig von Mises Institute (which focuses almost solely on libertarian economic issues) as “Hitlerian” in a magazine issue that featured Hitler’s face superimposed on an American flag – this group slanders people who are concerned about liberty and traditional values in this country. Meanwhile, the SPLC serves as a front and support for a variety of pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-Islamic terrorism, and pro-Communist groups. Basically, the SPLC is an anti-American agitation group. Another area of concern for the SPLC is in promoting and encouraging illegal immigration – the SPLC features on its “hate list” many prominent and not-so-prominent groups and individuals who speak out against illegal immigration.

In short, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-wing hate group. If you’re a left-wing wacko like Floyd Corkins who is seeking direction for aiming your political violence and terrorism, the SPLC’s rhetoric and its online “target list” are tailor-made to help you find out who needs to be hit. In this sense, the SPLC most definitely served as an aid and abettor to the terroristic assault made by Floyd Corkins.

“But that’s unfair!” the lefties are already surely crying. Is it? After all, the SPLC itself made that exact same type of argument – with a much less credible premise – to try to tie Jared Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011, to Sarah Palin in particular, and the broader Right in general. Witness this attempt by the SPLC to claim that Loughner was “really” a right-wing constitutionalist and probably a Tea Partier. Never mind the facts that Loughner hated George Bush, was an atheist who hated religion, had a copy of the Communist Manifesto in his apartment, and despised Gabby Giffords for being a “moderate” Democrat who wasn’t liberal enough for his liking. According to the SPLC (and other lefties), the fact that Giffords’ district had a mock bull’s-eye over it in a piece of campaign literature from Palin’s PAC (indicating that Gifford’s opponent was “targeting” the district for a Republican pickup), this alone motivated Loughner, who had no affinity for Palin, and who didn’t possess any of her PAC’s literature, to literally target Rep. Giffords.

Following the SPLC’s own logic, how much more likely is it that Floyd Corkins, who was already zealous to do something in the cause of “gay rights” and was obviously looking for a convenient list of enemies against which to act, would have been further radicalized by the fanatical and extremist tenor of the SPLC’s rhetoric and the publication of its “enemies list”? Unlike with Loughner and Palin, there IS a direct, proven, self-admitted connection between Corkins and the material he obtained from the SPLC’s website. Oddly enough, unlike when the SPLC’s Mark Potok went on TV to try to link Loughner to Palin and opined that “there is no exoneration” for hate speech that incites others to violence, this group is strangely silent about this most recent revelation of Corkins’ motivation to violence by the SPLC’s own hate speech.

Doubly troubling, however, is the fact that the SPLC is a partner organization with Obama and Holder’s Justice Department, whereby they supposedly work together to “reduce hate” (funny, but I always thought that the purpose of the Justice Department was to reduce crime, including things like shootings). The inclusion of the SPLC in this partnership clearly shows that the Obama administration is only interested in advancing the most extremist left-wing agenda possible. In doing so, it is giving credibility and credence to a group that helped to radicalize at least one left-wing domestic terrorist so far, with who knows how many more to come in the future.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, however. The Obama administration is no stranger to using violence in the pursuit of its agenda. Remember Fast and Furious and Operation Gunwalker, in which the BATFE rigged background checks for individuals, who then “walked” hundreds of genuine assault rifles over the Mexican border to the drug cartels, weapons which have subsequently been used to murder hundreds of Mexican citizens, as well as at least two U.S. border patrol agents? The ultimate aim of this operation was to increase gun violence, giving the Obama administration an excuse to call for stricter gun control laws. Don’t forget that this is the same President who has claimed for himself and his administration the power to assassinate American citizens with drones, without any sort of due process. The same President who has been firing military officers who refuse to state that they would order troops to fire on American citizens on American soil if commanded to. The same President whose Justice Department has been given the power to indefinitely detain American citizens, even after they have been acquitted in a court of law. The same President and his Party who want to restrict, and eventually confiscate, all civilian firearm ownership, even while his government actively stockpiles billions of rounds of ammunition and even the most desk-jockeyish of federal agencies are purchasing hundreds of fully-automatic rifles, presumably for use against the American people at some point or another.

In short, he is America’s very own ten-cent Catiline, seeking to overthrow our Constitution and establish his “rule” (as opposed to “governance”), inside or outside constitutional, legal bounds.

It’s not surprising that such an administration would find a ready and useful ally in a group such as the SPLC. A radicalizing agent like the SPLC fits right in with the plans for tyranny that Obama and his crew have for America. Bully, tyrannize, terrorize – all in the name of advancing the “progressive” agenda by any means necessary. The question is, what is the average American citizen – you, your families, your friends, your church members, your co-workers – going to do about it when more and more Floyd Corkinses start appearing, as the leftist radicalization efforts continue to be stepped up?

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Corrupt Obama Justice Department Thinks Its Collaboration With Media Matters ‘Not A Big Deal’

Justice Department Thinks Its Collaboration With Media Matters ‘Not A Big Deal’ – Daily Caller

The Department of Justice continues to ignore requests for comment in response to the revelation its Office of Public Affairs director Tracy Schmaler has coordinated with left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America, and is sending signals to at least one media organization that the cabinet agency doesn’t believe the collaboration has great significance.

“We have reached out to the Justice Department for some comment on this,” Fox News Channel anchor Jon Scott said on the air Tuesday morning. “Officially, they are not commenting about it – ‘no comment’ – although they are essentially saying, off the record, that it is not a big deal.”

Emails The Daily Caller obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and published Tuesday show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, and Media Matters staffers working together to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals.

Schmaler and the DOJ have ignored TheDC’s requests for comment on the matter since before the first piece was published. She has also ignored TheDC’s requests asking her to confirm that the DOJ doesn’t think her apparent partnership with Media Matters is a “big deal.”

Media Matters spokeswoman Jess Levin has also ignored requests for comment from TheDC about this story.

Fox News’ James Rosen reported Tuesday afternoon that “a spokesman for Media Matters told me the group would comment only if it was offered a chance to appear live on this network, which is a request this reporter was in no position to grant.”

Levin has ignored follow-up requests from TheDC, including requests to confirm Media Matters threatened that it would only comment live and on the air.

Schmaler may find herself under investigation as a result of these revelations. American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel Jay Sekulow said on Fox News that the DOJ’s internal Office of Professional Responsibility could probe whether she engaged in unethical behavior or misconduct.

“They [Media Matters workers] get the e-mail praising them for the piece – whether it’s information on a hit piece on a former DOJ employee,” Sekulow said. “They [DOJ] have an Office of Professional Responsibility, and I don’t know if Tracy’s a lawyer or not a lawyer, but I will tell you this, the Office of Professional Responsibility should be looking at this because the idea that the Department of Justice is using Media Matters as its proxy – as its front group or its outside, unpaid consultant – to do this is outrageous.”

“And when professional ethics are involved, which raises a serious issue here – and media journalism ethics: the idea that you’re planting stories with Media Matters or giving them information to go after former employees of DOJ, that is over the top and needs to be seriously investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility inside the DOJ.”

Sekulow suggested Holder also may have approved or encouraged Schmaler’s apparently improper behavior.

“Does it go to Eric Holder?” Sekulow asked. “I mean, who knows, you know?”

“I suspect between now and the election we probably don’t find out. But there are people looking at this now, and I think as long as we stay on it, we need to demand an answer to that. Why is it that Media Matters gets a special relationship with the United States Department of Justice? Somebody needs to be asking that question.”

Schmaler has also ignored TheDC’s requests for comment on whether the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility will be looking into her collaboration with Media Matters.

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Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, And The ‘Intellectually Disabled’

Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, And The ‘Intellectually Disabled’ – PJ Tatler

The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts to recruit attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have “psychiatric disabilities” or “severe intellectual disabilities.” On May 31, 2012, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez issued a directive to affirmatively recruit people with these “targeted disabilities.”

This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities. Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.

According to the documents, those with these “targeted disabilities” may be hired “before the position is advertised” and even “before the position’s closing date.” Moreover, lawyers with psychiatric disabilities and “severe intellectual” disabilities receive a waiver from the requirement that a new DOJ employee have practiced law for one year before being hired.

You can read the detailed Civil Rights Division “Hiring of Persons With Targeted Disabilities Policy” memo here.

You can also read PJ Media’s full report on the attorneys hired for the Justice Department Civil Rights Division from 2009-2010 here in the Every Single One series.

Speaking of preferences, here is another document, the entire “Operational Diversity Management Plan,” obtained by PJ Media. It should be fascinating to those interested in racial preferences in government policy.

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Florida governor Rick Scott vs DHS

Florida is trying to clean up voter registration by purging inelligible voters, and of course, the Feds have a problem with clean elections, so, to court we go!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said he will sue the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to move forward with his controversial attempt to purge the voter rolls in his state of ineligible voters.

“I have a job to do to defend the right of legitimate voters,” Scott told Fox News on Monday. “We’ve been asking for the Department of Homeland Security’s database, SAVE, for months, and they haven’t given it to us. So this afternoon, we will be filing a lawsuit, the secretary of State of Florida, against the Department of Homeland Security to give us that database. We want to have fair, honest elections in our state and we have been put in a position that we have to sue the federal government to get this information.”

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner produced the lawsuit, filed in Washington, D.C. district court on Monday, shortly after, along with a statement.

“For nearly a year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet its legal obligation to provide us the information necessary to identify and remove ineligible voters from Florida’s voter rolls,” Detzner said. “We can’t let the federal government delay our efforts to uphold the integrity of Florida elections any longer. We’ve filed a lawsuit to ensure the law is carried out and we are able to meet our obligation to keep the voter rolls accurate and current.”

Last week, the Department of Justice demanded Florida stop the voter-roll purge, saying it violated the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA) and the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and was reliant on faulty Department of Motor Vehicle records to determine who is eligible to vote.

But, but, but if only legal voters get to cast ballots, Democrats will lose! So, therefore, Rick Scott IS Jim Crow

Every MLK Day…………

People honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., and Liberals completely forget that King longed for a day when people were judged NOT by skin color but for their Character. Oh well, why waste an opportunity to race bait right Eric Holder?

(Politico) — Attorney General Eric Holder used Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy on the anniversary of the civil rights leader’s birthday Monday to emphasize the Obama administration’s dedication to protecting the American people from discriminatory voting practices.

“Despite our nation’s record of progress, and long tradition of extending voting rights – today, a growing number of citizens are worried about the same disparities, divisions, and problems that Dr. King fought throughout his life to address and overcome,” Holder said at an MLK Day event in Columbia, S.C.

Holder’s remarks in the Palmetto State come just weeks after the Justice Department blocked the state’s new voter ID law from taking effect, citing an unfair burden on minority voters.

Citing the “drumbeat of concern” he has encountered from Americans across the country about discrimination in the election systems, the attorney general vowed that the Justice Department was more committed than ever before to enforcing the Voting Rights Act.

Same Old S#@^

Justice Department rules that ID’s are racist!

OK, actually they ruled that making people prove who they are, and that they actually have a right to vote is racist somehow. Now you might be thinking how could THAT be racist? Well, because it might discriminate against Democrats trying to steal elections silly!

Details at The Lonely Conservative

The Washington Post reported that Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have nixed South Carolina’s voter ID law. Therefore, the state will either have to re-write the law, or take it to court.

Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, several of the states that enacted voter-identification laws are required to receive federal “pre-clearance” to ensure that the changes don’t affect minority political power.

In its first decision on one of those new measures, the Justice Department said Friday that South Carolina’s law will discriminate against minority voters, though the department declined to take a position on whether the alleged discrimination was intentional. The law, passed in May and signed by Gov. Nikki Haley (R), requires voters to show a driver’s license or one of several other forms of photo identification.

Officials in South Carolina could not immediately be reached for comment Friday afternoon. The rejection leaves the state with the option of trying to get the law approved by a federal court or passing another law and submitting it to the Justice Department. (Read More)

If it’s discriminatory to require people to show ID to vote, why is it not discriminatory to require identification when flying, driving a vehicle, purchasing alcohol or cigarettes, entering a state or federal building or cashing a check?

Obama’s Justice Department acting in a politically partisan fashion? Imagine that

Why Elena Kagan SHOULD recuse herself from SCOTUS decision on Obamacare

To be blunt, she was a cheerleader for it! There is no way in Hell she should be ruling on this

we already know Elena Kagan huddled with the White House to help craft the legal defense for Obamacare just five months prior to being sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.

A case for recusal doesn’t get much more clear-cut than this. Don’t hold your breath though waiting for Kagan to recuse herself when the Obamacare challenge lands in the Supreme Court; this is exactly why Obama nominated her.

(CNSNews.com) – On Sunday, March 21, 2010, the day the House of Representatives passed President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, then-Solicitor General Elena Kagan and famed Supreme Court litigator and Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe, who was then serving in the Justice Department, had an email exchange in which they discussed the pending health-care vote, according to documents the Department of Justice released late Wednesday to the Media Research Center, CNSNews.com’s parent organization, and to Judicial Watch.

“I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing,” Kagan said to Tribe in one of the emails.

The Justice Department released a new batch of emails on Wednesday evening as its latest response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by CNSNews.com and Judicial Watch. Both organizations filed federal lawsuits against DOJ after the department did not initially respond to the requests. CNSNews.com originally filed its FOIA request on May 25, 2010–before Elena Kagan’s June 2010 Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

It is  a joke that this Neo-Marxist was even considered for the highest court, but if she chooses NOT recusing herself? But do not be surprised if she does not recuse herself, I do not believe that she has any respect for our Constitution.

Is Obama’s Interior Secretary Lying About Drilling Permits, Or His Justice Department?

Is Obama’s Interior Secretary Lying About Drilling Permits, Or His Justice Department? – Washington Examiner

President Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told Congress recently that his department has received only seven deepwater drilling permit applications and 47 for shallow water drilling in the past nine months.

That caught Sen. David Vitter’s attention because he recalled that the Department of Justice told a federal judge last week that there are actually 270 shallow water drilling permit applications pending and 57 deepwater applications.

Which is it? The 54 applications Salazar claims or the 327 claimed by the Justice Department? Does the Obama administration’s left hand know what it’s far-left hand is doing?

Vitter sent a scathing letter today to Salazar and to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Regulation director Michael Bromwhich, who repeated Salazar’s numbers, concerning the discrepancy. In his letter, Vitter pointed out that:

“It is a mathematical impossibility for your representations to be accurate, as well as the filings of the Department of Justice to be accurate. It is not possible for there to be ‘too few permits’ awaiting review, and simultaneously ‘too many’ permits being reviewed to make issuing a particular handful problematic.”

Vitter then reminded Salazar and Bromwhich that they are required by federal law and regulation to only make public information and data that is “accurate, clear, complete, and unbiased.”

For more from Vitter on this issue, including the full text of his letter to Salazar and Bromwhich, go here.

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Daily Benefactor News – 10,000 Refugees Flee Myanmar Post-Vote Fighting – More Articles


——————————————————- TOP STORY ——————————————————-

10,000 Refugees Flee Myanmar Post-Vote Fighting – Danbury News Times

Clashes between rebels and Myanmar government troops raged Monday at key border points a day after the country’s first election in two decades – polling that critics say will the cement the military-run government’s power.

At least 10 people were wounded in what was the first sign of post-election violence, and thousands of panicked refugees fled into neighboring Thailand. In the heaviest clashes, ethnic Karen rebels reportedly seized a police station and post office Sunday in the Myanmar frontier town of Myawaddy. Sporadic gun and mortar fire continued into Monday afternoon. More fighting broke further south for one hour Monday at the Three Pagodas Pass, said local Thai official Chamras Jungnoi, but there was no word on any casualties.

Groups from Myanmar’s ethnic minorities who make up some 40 percent of the population had warned in recent days that civil war could erupt if the military tries to impose its highly centralized constitution and deprive them of rights.

Myanmar’s secretive government has billed Sunday’s poll as a step toward democracy, but most observers have rejected it as a sham engineered to solidify military control. President Barack Obama called the vote “neither free nor fair.” He said the United States would continue a policy of both “pressure and engagement” in seeking change in Myanmar.

Still, some say having a parliament could provide an opening for moves toward democracy.

There is little doubt the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party will emerge with an enormous share of the seats, despite widespread popular opposition to 48 years of military rule. It fielded 1,112 candidates for the 1,159 seats in the two-house national parliament and 14 regional parliaments. The largest anti-government party, the National Democratic Force, contested just 164 spots.

As early results trickled in, state media and the Election Commission reported that 40 junta-backed candidates had already won their races, including six seats won by recently retired military generals and ministers including Foreign Minister Nyan Win in constituencies that were uncontested.

No matter the election results, the constitution sets aside 25 percent of parliamentary seats for military appointees.

Detained Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, whose party won a landslide victory in the last elections in 1990 but was barred from taking office, had urged a boycott of the vote. Hundreds of potential opposition candidates were either in prison or, like Suu Kyi, under house arrest.

Although the balloting passed peacefully in most parts of the country, the clashes at the border highlighted the unstable situation in Myanmar.

Khin Ohmar, a spokeswoman for Burma Partnership, an umbrella group of Myanmar pro-democracy activists based in Thailand, said a faction of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, seized the Myawaddy police station and post office Sunday. The group sides with the regime, but a faction has split off and along with other Karen rebels is fighting the central government.

Heavy fighting appeared to subside by Monday afternoon but sporadic shots sent refugees streaming across the Moei River into Thailand, said Samard Lyfar, the governor of Thailand’s Tak province on the border. Some bullets landed on the Thai side of the frontier.

He said five Thais and five Burmese were reported wounded.

There was no report on the fighting in Myanmar’s state-dominated media, and Myanmar government officials could not be reached for comment.

An Associated Press photographer at the border estimated about 5,000 refugees had entered makeshift camps in Mae Sot, Thailand, and more continued to come. Tens of thousands of ethnic Karen villagers who have fled decades of fighting in the border regions already shelter in refugees camps on the Thai side of the frontier.

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Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Has Died – National Review

Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past decade and a half. But it is dying a quiet death.

In a move that’s been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media, the Chicago Climate Exchange has announced that it will be ending carbon trading – the only purpose for which it was founded – this year.

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Cop Protecting Obama Shoots Self In Leg – Raw Story

A police officer assigned to guard President Obama during his visit to India accidentally shot himself in the leg, news sources report.

The incident took place at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, where the president and First Lady were staying. The hotel was also one of the sites targeted during the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Suhas Chaudhary’s .38 was not locked, which led to the accidental firing on Saturday.

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Olbermann’s Replacement? Wait For It… – Wall Street Journal

Chris Hayes, tapped Friday by MSNBC to fill in for the suspended Keith Olbermann as host of the prime-time political show “Countdown,” gave money to two Democratic campaigns in recent years.

Now, following that disclosure, MSNBC says Hayes won’t get the gig after all. Mr. Hayes, editor of The Nation, a liberal magazine, made donations to Josh Segall, an Alabama Democrat who ran for Congress in 2008.

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MSNBC Says Olbermann Will Be Back On Air Tuesday – NewsMeat

MSNBC says Keith Olbermann will be back on the air Tuesday, ending his suspension for violating NBC’s rules against making political donations after two shows.

MSNBC’s chief executive Phil Griffin said late Sunday that after several days of deliberation, he had determined that two days off the air was “an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy.”

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18 People Killed In Ciudad Juarez – CNN

Eighteen people were killed in separate shootings throughout Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez on Saturday, marking it as one of the bloodiest days this year in the nation’s most violent city.

In one incident, a family of seven was slaughtered while they were outside their home in the southeastern part of the city, Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office spokesman Carlos Gonzalez said.

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Alaska State Contractor Caught On Tape Telling Employees To Vote For Murkowski – Gateway Pundit

A video has surfaced of a federal contractor telling his employees to vote for Sen. Lisa Murkowski because she is on the appropriations subcommittee that steers a lot of funds to Alaska.

“If her opponents win this election, I can tell you they will not get on that subcommittee,” the contractor remarked. “She is a write-in candidate and you’ve got to spell her name right.”

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Government Wastes $700,000 On Cow-Burps Study – Union Leader

University of New Hampshire and outside researchers are creating a computer model to help organic dairy farmers cut greenhouse gas emissions such as methane, because Beano isn’t an option.

UNH has been awarded a $700,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to create a computer model that measures the amount of greenhouse gases an organic dairy farm produces and thus provide ways to cut them.

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Boehner: ‘I’ll Make Sure Obamacare Is Never Implemented’ – WorldNetDaily

U.S. House GOP leader John Boehner insisted he will “never ever, ever” allow Obamacare to be implemented and hinted that the newly elected Republican majority in Congress has “a lot of tricks up our sleeves” to follow through on that promise.

In a letter sent today to Gov. Haley Barbour, Congressman Boehner has also revealed what at least one of those tricks may be.

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Bomb, Grenades Hit Two Mosques In Pakistan; 70 Dead – All Voices

At least 70 people have been killed and dozens of others injured after a 17-year-old suicide bomber struck a Sunni Muslim mosque in northwest Pakistan during Friday prayers, in the first of two attacks on mosques in the region.

The blast collapsed part of the mosque’s roof on top of worshippers, and there are fears the death toll from the explosion could rise.

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The Fed’s $600 Billion Plan For Economic Suicide – Right Wing News

It’s called quantitative easing, which is just banker talk for devaluing the American currency. Today the Federal Reserve is about to work some “black magic.”

They are going to create $600 billion dollars out of nothing. It is absolutely no different than a corporation vowing to improve its fiscal performance simply by printing a lot of new shares.

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Reputed Drug Kingpin Killed In Mexico Shootout – NewsMeat

Mexican security forces killed reputed Gulf cartel leader Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, one of Mexico’s most-wanted drug lords, in a spectacular gunbattle Friday in the northern border city of Matamoros.

Cardenas Guillen is the brother of imprisoned former leader Osiel Cardenas Guillen. The clashes Friday across the border from Brownsville, Texas, also claimed the lives of four gunmen and three marines.

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Bankruptcy Of U.S. Is ‘Mathematical Certainty,’ Says Former CEO Of Nation’s 10th Largest Bank – CNS

John Allison, who for two decades served as chairman and CEO of BB&T, the nation’s 10th largest bank, told CNSNews.com it is a “mathematical certainty” that the United States government will go bankrupt unless it dramatically changes its fiscal direction.

Allison likened what he sees as the predictable future bankruptcy of the United States to the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps – Search Engine Land

A Nicaraguan military commander, relying on Google Maps, moved troops into an area near San Juan Lake along the border between his country and Costa Rica.

The troops are accused of setting up camp there, taking down a Costa Rican flag and raising the Nicaraguan flag, doing work to clean up a nearby river, and dumping the sediment in Costa Rican territory.

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Justice Department Weighs Voter Intimidation Complaint Against Reid Camp – Fox News

The Justice Department is reviewing a complaint from failed Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle after allegations that Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign engaged in voter intimidation and broke campaign finance law in his re-election campaign.

A spokeswoman for the Justice Department said Friday that the department is reviewing the complaint filed by an attorney for Angle.

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Coffin Makers Launch Raunchy Calendar – Orange News

Coffin makers have taken the lid off the raunchy side of their business with a racy calendar of drop dead gorgeous models.

The calendar shows models in sexy lingerie draped over the caskets performing movie scenes from famous films. The black and white cover shows a close up of a woman in a frilly thong and suspenders holding a gun behind her back.

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Man Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of Miniature Horse – Birmingham News

A 27-year-old Wilmer man was charged Tuesday with cruelty to an animal after Mobile County sheriff’s deputies said he sexually abused a miniature horse.

Eric Steven Easley was also charged with killing or disabling livestock, which is a felony. Those two charges were filed because Alabama has no specific provision in its sexual abuse laws to cover bestiality.

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Man Speared By 13 Metal Rods – Sat Universe

A Chinese man is recovering after he was impaled by 13 metal rods in an accident at a concrete factory. Wang Tao, 24, had been making steel reinforced concrete blocks when a mold exploded sending the rods into his thigh and hip like spears.

Some of the rods were so long that workmates had to cut them off with an angle grinder so Tao could fit into the ambulance.

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Man Gets DUI While Dressed As Breathalyzer – Weekly Vice

Matthew Nieveen, 19, was jailed Monday night after he went to a Halloween party dressed as a breathalyzer test – an interesting coincidence since he was jailed for DUI on the drive home.

An officer pulled Nieveen over after observing him driving in an erratic manner. When the officer approached the vehicle, Nieveen was found intoxicated and dressed as a breathalyzer.

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