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*VIDEO* Flashback: George W. Bush’s Prophetic Iraq Warning Of July, 2007



One stupid Statist who is damned lucky he did not get shot!

Via The Blaze

A Georgia homeowner allegedly awoke to an unusual scene on July 2 — a county code compliance officer yelling at her over the state of her lawn from the doorway of her bedroom.

“I woke up, I didn’t have my glasses on or my contacts in and all I see is this big burly figure standing in my doorway,” Erica Masters explained. “A big huge guy with a grey shirt. It scared the mess out of me.”

She elaborated: “[He] yelled at me to wake me up, to let me know that I needed to come back outside and sign the violation notice,” informing her that her grass was too long.

“I could have been coming fresh out of the shower. I mean, if I’m not answering the door, maybe it’s because I can‘t hear you because I’m in the shower,” she later pointed out.

To top it off, the whole scene can be viewed on Masters’ home surveillance cameras.

Who does this douche nozzle think he is? Talk about power hungry! He has been fired, but he was VERY lucky. If I wake up and someone I do not know is in the doorway of my bedroom, there is a great chance they are going to have an extra hole in them.