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Your Daley Douchebag is Joe Scraborough

Via Newsbusters

On today’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said that a Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum testifying in favor of assault rifles looked “like a jackass.”

Gayle Trotter, who holds undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Virginia and is the co-founder of a D.C. law firm, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.  She argued that having an assault rifle could help a woman defend herself and her children against intruders. Immediately after playing a clip of her testimony, Scarborough said: “if you go out and try to defend assault weapons, then you end up looking like a jackass.” Mika Brezezinski agreed: “I’m sorry, but that’s true.”

A jackass Joe? Really, I would say a jackass is someone who, on national TV uses a term, “assault weapon” that was not even in existence until 1989, when gun control zealots invented it to stir up fear. I would say a jackass is someone who mocks a woman for having an opinion. And I would say a jackass is someone who refuses to defend Trotter’s main point which is that a weapon like an AR-15 CAN be a very good one for a woman in defending her home. I would hope that Joe would at least offer to shed some reality on the subject. Of course, I would also say jackass applies to your co-host Mika, who laughs, as if what Trotter says is just the most ridiculous things she has ever heard. Mika, of course is a special case, a woman who simply lives in her own little bubble world where things like reality do not apply. She is a hateful woman, and there is Scarborough, licking her feet everyday, looking very much like the poster boy for wimpy men every day. I bet Joe owns LOTS of sweater vests, just sayin’.


A note to Joe Scarborough


Joe, Joe, Joe, you ignorant ass. Let’s see if we can get this straight. Your network, MSNBS, has quite the history of being dishonest in their reporting, even doctoring video and audio at times. YOU got busted doing that, and now you are throwing a hissy fit at those bloggers that are exposing your BS? I saw at Dan Riehl’s blog some comments you made

If that’s what he wants, we should give it to him.

Calling them “Cheetos-eaters living in their mothers basements,” Joe Scarborough, angered by criticism by conservative bloggers of a segment on last weeks Morning Joe, has told them to boycott the show. Via NewsBusters.org.

Unfortunately, the latest ratings don’t provide an air time. If there is anyone out here watching it who isn’t watching a recording  because they’re paid to watch it as a media monitor of some sort,  you could really help out the boycott effort by letting conservatives know what time it actually airs. I’d hate to tune in accidentally while flipping channels, or something, and violate the boycott.

Now Joe, to me boycotting your show is distasteful, for one thing, I do not like boycotts all that much. For another, our network, MSNBS is what I lie to call the Tree of Low-Hanging Blogging Fruit. That means that any blogger can find oodles of content to blog about anytime they check out MSNBS. By the way Joe, those sad ratings you have, I hope you realize WHO is tuning in to your show, and every other show on your network. There are people like me, picking from the Tree of Low-Hanging Blogging Fruit, and then, there are the buffoons that actually believe the lies MSNBS spews everyday. that IS your audience Joe. You have the nut jobs, and you have those that tune in to mock you.

Now, one more thing Joe, I must correct your definition of what bloggers are. Yes some of us DO eat Cheetos, and other snacks, but I rarely do that while blogging. For one reason that orange stuff gums up the keyboard, and for another, I could choke on a Cheeto while laughing at the idiocy that flows from your network. And let’s be honest here. No blogger wants to become a blog headline that reads “Blogger chokes on Cheetos, Morning Joe’s laughable content to blame!” That would be humiliating, sort of like it would be humiliating to be a former Congressman who works for MSNBS. OK, choking on Cheetos is not THAT bad Joe, but you get my point.

And, the comment about getting out of our mother’s basement? Come on Joe! Can’t you be more original? Or here is a better idea, just try being an honest commentator Joe.


Is there room under the Magic Obama Bus for Crazy Uncle Joe?


Stacy McCain seems to believe that Biden will be out as VP soon, and gives some pretty good reasons why. 

Obama is about winning. Everything after the tactical consideration, even the long-term security of the country, is something “We’ll get to.” Biden is a liability to the campaign of a daily increasing magnitude. A reporter is going to bring up the Medicare question, for example, and Biden is going to blame state-level mismanagement.

Biden, don’t you know, is ‘experiencing early-onset Alzheimers’, or something. The narrative will shift to what a swell, compassionate guy Obama has been to keep Uncle Choo-Choo ’round these years. Alas, Obama, as a servant of the American people, cannot avoid the hard decisions. Obama has to put his deep affection for Biden aside, and accept Joe’s inability to support the ticket again this fall. With much weeping. Make sure the light hits them alligator tears.

Biden’s gaffes will be reported with increasing frequency and faux emotion between now and the DNC in Charlotte, starting on 03 September. Joe’s ‘illness’ (I’m not a doctor, he may have a no-kidding problem) will be a great, big, fat, emotional freebie. Joe becomes the human sacrifice, savaged by the plans of the evil Republicans. Barack is the savior of the AARP, fighting off that young wolf Ryan, who’s going to fix everything until thoroughly destroyed, don’t you know? Sorry that Ryan was able to take out Uncle Choo-Choo. Or did Biden bravely lay down his political life for the cause? A little martyrdom ain’t so bad, as long as it doesn’t thug any halo from Obama.

If Joe goes who will step in? Is there a rock star out there the Dems can tab as VP? I cannot think of any right off hand. All the young, exciting politicians are Republicans now. West, Rubio, Haley, Christie, Jindal etc. Funny, it seems that the Democrats have become the Uncool Party. Full of retreads, and used-to-bes who never really were in the first place.


Translating Bidenese?

Trying to translate, or make sense out of anything that exits Joe Biden’s mouth can be dangerous, but, I think I can do this. Take this clip Duane Lester posted at All-American Blogger listen closely, and see if you can hear what Crazy Uncle Joe is REALLY saying

So, what is Joe REALLY saying there? Well, the Tea Party is made up of Americans, voicing their views and concerns right? And while the Tea Party was a significant part of the 2010 elections, it was more than just the Tea Party “taking over”. That was the voice of the PEOPLE that Biden and the Democrats heard in 2010. And, apparently Joe just sees us the people as a bunch of “obstructionists”. So, it seems clear that Joe is really telling the people to stay out of the way of the Liberal agenda of the Democrats. In other words, Biden, and Obama, and the rest have no interest in listening to, much less heeding the voice of the people. Now, does that sound like people who respect the Constitution? If you said no,then I think it is pretty obvious which party should not get your vote this November!


Your Blog Post of the Day?

Goes to Lance Burri for this gem, poking fun at the idiocy of Joe Biden

Just imagine how much unexpected fun it must be to cover Vice President Joe Biden.  Normally, reporters who get stuck with the Veep end up enduring dry, meaningless speeches and endless funerals.  With Sheriff Joe, though, reporters assigned to the beat get to break stories like this:

Vice President Joseph Biden on Monday night upped the ante around the already quite-dramatic assassination of Osama bin Laden.

From the pool report of Biden’s comments during a fundraising event in New Jersey come these quotes.

“You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.”

The statement is incredibly inane, even for the Gaffetastical Biden. The blogosphere all took their shots at Joe, but Lance made me laugh out loud when I read this

I dunno: my brothers and me had a pretty audacious plan to raid that cookie jar back when we were kids.

That, my friends is blogging greatness!