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Yep, allergies are still whipping my butt

I am just tired, and finding it hard to do much of anything here the past week and a half. Everytime I feel like sleeping all the time, UGH! So, I am giving up and crashing early tonight, hoping the Nyquil does the trick. Long day at work tomorrow, UGH! Maybe what I really need is a nurse? Yeah!

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A fascinating comaprison

At So It Goes In Shreveport today. The comparison that Pat Austin makes between Obama’s take on women’s rights in Muslim nations, and George W Bush’s is quite revealing. It hopefully will serve as much needed reading for those Liberals who commonly label Republicans as anti-woman.

Like most “perceived realities” about Republicans, that we are anti-science, anti-environment, anti-education, anti-sex etc. this one is totally false. Republicans, unlike many on the Left, are not obsessed with our differences, or with making sure everyone is properly labeled according to gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on.

The Conservative Right sees people as people, as individuals. We do not fixate on the false diversity the Left fixates on. They see diversity as a room full of people of different skin colors, genders, religions, etc. Conservatives see diversity in a deeper sense. Skin color? We see true diversity as it is, far deeper than pigmentation or sexual preferrences. We look at individuals, and their ideals, THOSE are what really matter.

A personal example for you to consider. In 1989 I took my first job bartending. I worked at a Japanese steakhouse, and was one of only a handful of Whites working there. If a Liberal were to have walked in to that restaurant they would have seen almost no “diversity”. They would have seen five Whites, the bar staff, and 40-50 “Asian-Americans”.

They would have missed the differences in the “Asian-Americans”, a term, by the way, I consider one of the most moronic of all Liberal labels. Let me assure you, that Chinese, and Japanese, and Korean, and Filipino, and Thai, and Vietnamese are NOT the same. Different languages, traditions, foods, cultures, etc. make a mockery of the generic “Asian-American” label Liberals are so infatuated with.

In time, I began to notice differences between the various people I worked with, I made friends with, and hung out with them, ate various cuisines, and saw just how different these “Asian-Americans” were. I also began an appreciation for the beauty of Asian women, falling head over heels in love with one Thai-American girl (no, it did not work out) but that tale is best left for some other time. And note that I can pretty easily identify the differences in appearances between Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, etc. Yes, they share some traits, those incredible eyes, and incomparable hair, and they are all lovely, but again, placing some politicaly correct label on them is an awful thing to do, and to me, racist because it focuses everything on the color of their skin.

Most of all though, I learned that everyone there identified with those that thought like them, or enjoyed the same interests, far more than they did by nationality. In other words, as my mother said once “people are not jelly jars so do not try and label them”. That is a lesson Liberals ought to learn! They ought to look at PEOPLE, not their skin color.