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Dysfunctional Family Syndrome

Why are some families so, how should I out this, screwed up? The Other McCain has a story about parents that shelled out tens of thousands of bucks, to send their only child, a 21-year-old girl to college. A daughter they have driven, or who drove herself to get a restraining order against them! Good grief!

The “helicopter parent” syndrome carried to an absurd extreme:

A 21-year-old theatre student has obtained a civil stalking restraining order against her parents after convincing a judge that they attempt to control all aspects of her daily life.
Aubrey Ireland is a gifted theatre major at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, often winning major roles in her school’s musicals. . . . Earlier this month, Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers ruled in her favor, ordering that her parents must stay at least 500 feet from their only child until September 2013.
“They basically thought that [because] they were paying for my college tuition and living expenses that they could tell me what to do, who to hang out with … basically control all of my daily life,” Ireland told ABC News.

Well, if they are shelling out that much cash… But, maybe the parents are a bit wacko, read this

The dean’s list student’s complaints against her parents began when she realized they’d installed monitoring software on her computer and her phone. They paid unannounced visits, traveling 600 miles from their home in Kansas, to meet with Aubrey’s department head.
They also accused their daughter of promiscuity, doing drugs, and having mental issues to the point where they were considering going to court to order that she get treatment.

Look, I know what it is like to have a family member worry you with behavior, and I put some grey hair on my parents, a fact of which I am ashamed,  but monitoring software? There are serious trust issues here. Are they deserved?

“My mom has always been very overly involved,”Ireland said. “I would have to get on Skype all the time to show them that I was in my dorm room, or there werenights I had to leave my Skype on all night and my mom would watch me basically sleep.”
She claims her parents, David and Julie Ireland, have been diagnosed with co-dependency disorder. Her parents, however, say their daughter is just a good actor, and is lying. They said she is “an only child who has been catered to all her life.”

OK, sounds like her parents are NUTTY! Like a fruit cake nutty! Oh and by they way they are now demanding their money back!


You know, if I ever visit Japan…….

There are several nations I would like to visit, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, and Japan being some. But, if I ever visit Japan, I will avoid taking a bath at all costs. Why? Well, Bill Quick explains that baths seem to be dangerous in Japan

Three times more Japanese die in bathtubs than car wrecks.

Japan’s health ministry is to launch an investigation into bath-time fatalities after it was estimated that 14,000 people die every year in the tub – three times as many as those who died in car accidents.

According to the figures, 4,612 people died as a result of traffic accidents across the nation in 2011.

That’s funny. I’d always assumed that a bunch of folks that could build such safe vehicles would have that whole ‘tub of warm water’ thing under control.

But, no. And guess who might just have to step in?…

Authorities are being urged to draw up guidelines on how to take a bath safely, encouraging people to avoid excessive changes in temperatures, gradually and carefully soaking oneself in hot water and drinking lots of fluids.

Well, I guess this ruins my fantasy of being bathed by beautiful Japanese women! DAMN!

Well, I guess this means we need anti-discrimation to protect redheads!

A naturally red headed young man with a beard.
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Stacy McCain sounds the call stop the bigotry against redheaded Danish sperm donors

This is just cruel:

Redheaded men are being turned away as sperm donors — because demand for their progeny is so low.
Ole Schou, director of Cryos in Denmark, the world’s biggest sperm bank, said the facility had become so successful it was now much more selective about choosing donors. . . .
‘There are too many redheads in relation to demand,’ Mr Schou told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.
‘I do not think you chose a redhead, unless the partner —for example, the sterile male – has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads.
‘And that’s perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case.’

Hairism is an ugly thing