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The war on gun owners begins. Names and addresses of pistol permit holders published in newspaper

An attempt to “Shame” gun owners? Despicable, and typical for Leftists.

Bill Quick has the story, via For What It’s Worth

White Plains newspaper The Journal- News, a Gannett publication, has published the full name and address of every licensed pistol permit holder in three New York counties. I don’t know whether the Journal’s publisher Janet Hasson is a permit holder herself, but here’s how to find her to ask:

(UPDATE: Uh oh – InstaPundit’s linked here. Hundreds of thousands of readers; Janet, you have a great Christmas Eve)

All the info is there. Let us see how they like a taste of  their own medicine. Gateway Pundit is also talking about this

On Sunday, liberal New York newspaper Lohud.com published the names and addresses of legal permit holders in two counties online and in print.

Expect more of this. I wondered today, how long until some lawyer starts suing gun owners, or maybe the NRA?