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Global warming being blamed for deadly new phenomenon

The other day, I saw something strange, something I had never seen before, it was a bright light, streaking out of the sky, it caused a great noise, and while beautiful to behold, it seemed sinister. What could cause such a thing I wondered. Then, I read this, and realized that my neighbor, who drives an SUV, which of course causes climte change was to blame for lightning!

Via Irish Examiner:

Veteran Irish explorer Pat Falvey believes global warming was to blame for the lightning strike which killed Ian McKeever.

About 1,000 Irish people climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania every year, but Mr Falvey said this is the first time there has been such a tragic accident on the imposing African peak.

Mr Falvey told The Ray D’Arcy Show yesterday he believes the world’s changing climate caused the “freak” weather which hit Mr McKeever and his group as they climbed Kilimanjaro amid torrential downpours.

“It was quite freaky and probably it’s because of the global warming climate change and it happened in an area that he was misfortunate to be in,” he said. “It was a place called Lava Towers which sticks up in the air like a sore thumb. It is a tower of rock in the lunar landscape section.

“It is very unusual to have thunderstorms and rain at that particular level of the mountain but it is just the whole climate is changing.”

Climber and retired Garda Martin Byrne, who climbed Mount Everest in 2011 and recently brought a team of fundraisers to climb Kilimanjaro for the charity Concern Worldwide, said he was very saddened to hear of Mr McKeever’s death.

Good grief! Anyone who hikes in any mountain range knows that one of the greatest dangers, especially above tree lines, is lightning!