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Houston Crumbles Like Gluten-Free Bread During Las Vegas Bowl, As 4-Point Halftime Lead Degenerates Into 24-Point Loss To San Diego State

And here I thought Texans took their football seriously. *sigh*

Houston quarterback Greg Ward Jr. is an elusive fellow with the football in his hands, dodging would-be tacklers like they’re moving at half speed.

When Ward put the ball in the air here against San Diego State, it was another story.

SDSU intercepted Ward on three straight possessions in the third quarter – the third one returned 54 yards for a touchdown by cornerback Ron Smith – fueling a 34-10 Las Vegas Bowl victory Saturday afternoon before a crowd of 29,286 at Sam Boyd Stadium.

SDSU (11-3) tied its school record for wins with a victory that seemed improbable after the first quarter of play.

SDSU scored 34 unanswered points after Houston jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first period. The Cougars (9-4) limited the Aztecs to three yards in total offense in the opening period.

It included holding Aztecs running back D.J. Pumphrey to minus-1 yard on seven carries. Pumphrey got untracked with a 30-yard carry in the second quarter and added a 32-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

Pumphrey became the NCAA’s all-time rushing leader three minutes into the fourth quarter when he took a handoff from quarterback Christian Chapman and ran 15 yards around the right side.

The run moved Pumphrey past Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne (6,397 yards) atop the NCAA’s rushing chart. Pumphrey finished the game with 19 carries for 115 yards, giving him 6,405 yards for his career.

Houston built a 10-0 lead in the first quarter on 31-yard field by Ty Cummings and a 2-yard touchdown run by quarterback Greg Ward Jr.

The Cougars made it look easy, especially on the TD drive, with an uptempo offense that Ward led with timely runs and key completions.

And how were things going for the Aztecs? Put it this way: Pumphrey had fewer yards on the season after the first quarter than he did coming into the game.


Pumphrey carried seven times in the first quarter – and had minus-1 yard to show for it.

The worst series came on SDSU’s second possession, when Chapman handed the ball to Pumphrey on three straight plays. The Cougars defense stopped him for three straight losses of 1, 3 and 6 yards.

SDSU didn’t get a first down until Houston gave it to them on a running into the kicker penalty on the first play of the second quarter.

SDSU turned the corner when Pumphrey turned the corner on a 30-yard run with four minutes gone in the second quarter. That started the Aztecs on their first scoring drive, which ended with a 23-yard field goal by sophomore kicker John Baron.

Baron added a 28-yard field goal with 1:29 remaining in the second quarter to draw the Aztecs within 10-6 at halftime.

Then came a third quarter that turned everything around.

Three plays into the quarter SDSU safety Kameron Kelly, who had let a would-be interception sail through his arms in the second quarter, stepped in front of a Ward pass at the SDSU’s 36-yard line.

The Aztecs couldn’t convert, but it didn’t matter when linebacker Calvin Munson intercepted Ward on the succeeding series.

SDSU converted this into a touchdown in four plays, Pumphrey carrying it in from 32 yards out for a 13-10 advantage.

Houston was moving methodically down the field on its next drive when Smith, who had had his struggles covering Houston receivers, jumped a route and went 54 yards the other way for a 20-10 lead.

SDSU’s defense play with abandon thereafter, sacking Ward and stopping Houston cold.

A 28-yard touchdown pass from Chapman to wide receiver Curtis Anderson and a 7-yard run by Juwan Washington completed the scoring for the Aztecs.

Kelly added a fourth interception – SDSU’s FBS-leading 26th of the season – with another pick in the game’s final minute.



Man Busted For Setting Houston Mosque Fire On Christmas Day Is A Devout Muslim

Man Charged With Setting Houston Mosque Fire Was A Devout Attendee – Houston Chronicle


A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on Christmas Day.

A spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed that the man was arrested early Wednesday, sometime after midnight, and appeared in court 7 a.m. Wednesday.

The suspect, Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, of Houston, appeared in court at 7 a.m., spokeswoman Nicole Strong said.

According to a charging instrument released by the Harris County District Clerk, Moore told investigators at the scene that he has attended the mosque for five years, coming five times per day to pray seven days per week.

Moore told investigators he had been at the mosque earlier on Dec. 25 to pray, and had left at about 2 p.m. to go home. Moore told investigators he was the last person to leave the mosque and saw no smoke or other signs of fire when he left. He had returned to the scene after hearing about the fire from a friend.

Though the suspect said he was a regular at the mosque, MJ Khan, president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, which operates the mosque, said he was unfamiliar with Moore. “We are just looking into it ourselves,” he said Wednesday morning after learning of the arrest.

“We are really very surprised and saddened by this whole thing,” said Khan.

Using surveillance video from multiple businesses nearby, investigators were able to identify Moore, according to records. A search warrant of his home was conducted, in which investigators recovered a backpack and clothing that seemingly matched that which was seen in surveillance footage, as well as one half of a two-pack of charcoal lighter fluid bottles that seemed to match another lighter fluid bottle found inside the mosque.

Bond for Moore has been set at $100,000.

It took about 80 firefighters to put out the two-alarm blaze at the storefront mosque in Savoy Plaza, near Wilcrest Drive and West Bellfort.



Hundreds Turn Out In Houston To Honor Deputy Sheriff Executed By Low-Life Coward

#CopsLivesMatter: Massive Turn Out In TX Honoring The Deputy Executed By Black Man – Clash Daily

These pictures were taken at a memorial in Houston honoring the police officer that was gunned down at point blank by a career criminal thug.

HOUSTON – Many people gathered together at a memorial Saturday evening to remember Harris County Sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth.

The memorial was made up of flowers, balloons, posters and candles among other items.

All of the items were all placed at the same gas pump where the deputy was shot and killed Friday night. The deputy was pumping gas when he was shot in the back multiple times, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Hundreds of people were showed up Saturday evening to grieve and pray together for the family and friends of the officer. (KHOU)

Please note: The crowd did not destroy or loot the gas station in Texas.






Low-Life Coward Murders Deputy Sheriff At Gas Station In Houston, Texas (Video)

Man In Custody After Deadly Ambush In Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy – KTRK


A person of interest is in custody after the deadly ambush of a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, fatally gunned down without warning Friday night while filling up his patrol car at a northwest Harris County gas station.

We’ve learned the person of interest is inside the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in east Houston and continues to be questioned. So far, no one has been charged.

Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, had just left an accident scene last night when he stopped by a gas station on Telge and West Road. As he was pumping gas, a man approached him from behind, said nothing and fired multiple shots. Once the deputy fell to the ground, authorities say the suspect fired more shots. Deputy Goforth was pronounced dead on the scene.

An intense manhunt covered Harris County for hours overnight. At about 2:30am, authorities converged on a home on Crystal Lake in Copperfield, led there by a tip. The focus of the investigation is on the red pickup truck in the home’s driveway. The person of interest was taken into custody at what’s said to be his mother’s house. His identity has not been released.

The man’s mother – who didn’t want to show her face or give her name – told Eyewitness News her son is innocent. She said, “My son is innocent. I was in the house with him, so when that happened, my son was home.”

Authorities arrested a suspect in the deadly ambush of Deputy Darren Goforth after an all-night manhunt.

Goforth was a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, assigned to the west district patrol. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

“This is a very tough moment right now for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. I can ask you if you give us your prayers and your thoughts,” said Deputy Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s tough enough being a deputy and being in law enforcement in this country right now, but for people, the way that they are right now, I have no words for what this type of person did.”

Officers had described the suspect only as a dark-complexioned man who’s about 5 feet 11 inches tall. He had short hair, possibly a fade cut. He was wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts at the time of the shooting and fled the scene in a dark red Ford Ranger.

“It strikes us all at the heart of public service,” said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman, who vowed to hunt the suspect down. “”I’ve been in law enforcement 45 years. I don’t recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly.”

“It’s an act of cowardice and brutality the likes of which I’ve never seen,” added Harris County DA Devon Anderson.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls tweeted this message of support this morning: “Despite the cowardice attack last night, we will continue to provide professional (law enforcement) services to our communities. Be careful out there.”

Dr. Kevin Pigg, Senior Pastor of Crossbridge Christian Church, felt moved to come out and pray with deputies overnight.

“That just rips my heart out, seeing anyone die, especially one who protects us like that,” he said. “You could just see the officers holding back the tears. I just felt led to pray with them.”

A witness named Mackenzie, who declined use of her last name, heard the shots ring out.

“We were driving on West Road and we heard the shots, and when I turned and looked, the lady was screaming over top of him. So we busted a U-turn into the parking lot and that’s when we saw what had happened,” she said.

The witness says she saw a woman sobbing over Deputy Goforth’s body.

“She was laying on top him. She was saying that was her best friend and that he had two kids,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie says the suspect was gone by the time she had pulled into the parking lot and called 911.

This shooting marks the first time a Texas law enforcement officer was fatally shot this year. This is the first officer slaying in the Houston-area since 2012.

Bob Goerlitz, president of the Harris County Deputies Organization, said the incident was “shocking.”

“We’ve been warned of things like this, because of public sentiment nationally and events over the last few years… It’s just horrific. That’s the only way to describe it.”

We’ve learned the non-profit, the 100 Club, is assisting Goforth’s family. The 62-year-old organization said today they will give the family a $20,000 check to help with any financial needs. The organization added in a statement today, “Additional financial support for the dependent family, which averages $300,000 per tragedy, will be made after an assessment of their needs is conducted.”


Related video:




This is the kind of thing David Frum says never happens

Two thugs, one 18-year-old home alone, one gun, one thug dead, one on the run. HMMMM

A Fort Bend County teenager fought back Friday after two strangers broke into his home. One suspect is now dead and a second is on the run.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the home just after 3pm for a reported home invasion. Investigators said it’s the home of veteran Houston police officer Ken Patmon.

Patmon’s 18-year-old son was home alone when he heard a noise. There were two men pounding on the front door, but he didn’t answer. They then went around to the back of the house.

Patmon said his son called him when the trouble started

“He called me and told me about it,” the homeowner said. “Not long after that, two unknown suspects entered our home without permission.”

The men allegedly forced their way inside, meeting the teen head-on.

“My son, trying to defend his home and himself, he discharged my firearm, striking one of the suspects,” Patmon said.

The shot suspect died inside the home. The second suspect fled the scene.

Thank God that kid was armed. 


Your Daley Gator Feel-Good Story O’ The Day

Unlucky Thugs Target Texas Man With Heightened Sense Of Awareness… And A Concealed Carry Permit – The Blaze

Two unlucky thugs attempted to carjack a concealed carry permit holder in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday. The miscalculation turned out to be deadly as the would-be victim shot and killed one of the criminals and wounded the other.

After returning a movie at a Redbox kiosk outside of a local McDonald’s, the man was approached by two suspects who attempted to steal his car for the rims, according to police. The suspects also took his cellphone and car keys, KTRK-TV reports.


The man was forced out of his car and pushed down. What the aggressive criminals didn’t know was that he was a concealed carry permit holder and had his firearm on him.

Sensing the situation was dire, the man drew his handgun and opened fire. He fatally shot one of the robbers and wounded the other suspect with two or three shots, according to KTRK-TV. The second suspect fled the scene and had not been apprehended.


The carjacking victim told KHOU-TV he didn’t want to appear on camera but said he was doing OK.

A grand jury will “consider whether deadly force was necessary to avoid his own death or harm,” KTRK-TV notes. However, the station’s legal analyst says it appears to be a clear-cut case of justifiable homicide.

It is not uncommon for residents in the north Houston neighborhood to be extra cautious in the area.

“It is kind of odd being right out in the open. I guess people and the desperate need of people nowadays,” Dedrick Moore, who visits the same McDonald’s regularly, told KHOU-TV. “They give up hope and try to go any other way to get their means.”

“I am always checking my area. Looking around knowing what is going on around me,” he added.

It was that same vigilant mentality that possibly saved the life of the Houston man who refused to be a carjacking victim.

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Your Daley Gator Feel-Good Story O’ The Day

Woman With Concealed Carry Handgun Stops Six Robbers At Houston Denny’s – Downtrend

A woman whose husband was being accosted by six men in a Houston area Denny’s pulled her concealed carry handgun from her purse and opened fire on the robbers.


According to Click2Houston.com, the wife was in the restroom, and when she came out she saw her husband lying on the floor, the group of robbers nearby. Police say she then “pulled her gun and shot at them.”

It appears the robbers shot back and police say there was a shootout. The robbers were apparently running as they shot.

“No bystanders or customers” in the restaurant were injured, and the robbers “fled the scene.”

The brother of the robbery victim praised the woman for doing what she did and said, “Self-defense saved my brothers’ life.”


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Three scumbags pick the wrong home to target

Armed homeowner 2 scumbags 0

A Texas dad fought back against three home intruders on Sunday after they broke into his Houston apartment, demanded money and showed a gun.

The protective father and husband, identified as Javier Ortiz, then pulled his own firearm and shot two of the suspected burglars to death, police said. The third suspect ran for his life.

Ortiz’s wife, Lila Pena, said the three men broke into their home and demanded, “the money, the money.”

Pena told KPRC-TV that her kids witnessed the horrifying incident. The family is understandably shook up by the attempted robbery, but they are thankful for Ortiz’s heroic action.


Noted bottom-feeding race pimp contracts Offendeditis over Rick Perry video


Heh, this picture says it all. I had to Tweet ...
Governor Perry on hearing he offended Sharpton


I would call Al Sharpton a festering boil on the ass of America, but that would not be fair to a festering boil.


On the Friday, May 3, Politics Nation, MSNBC host Al Sharpton fretted over the video that was played at Friday’s NRA convention in Houston to introduce Rick Perry which shows the Texas governor firing at targets with an AR-15. Sharpton began the segment:

Houston, we have a problem. It’s called the NRA. Today, in Houston, the NRA held its annual convention with a whose who list of the far-right pundits and politicians in the country. In fact, the NRA used a tasteless video to introduce Texas Governor Rick Perry, complete with the soundtrack and slow motion effects that showed him shooting an AR-15, the same type of gun used at Newtown.

After a clip of the Perry video, Sharpton responded:

That’s offensive. Glamorizing a weapon of murder. That’s not what Americans want. At a townhall last night in Arizona, a woman who used to work for Gabby Giffords and who was shot in the Tucson massacre praised Republican Senator John McCain for his “yes” vote on background checks.


Hey Al




MSNBS Moonbat Melissa Harris-Perry: Houston airport shooting not “technically related” to NRA convention in Houston

Via Weasel Zippers, which has the video of Perry proving that she is not “technically” nor literally connected to reality. Just another cheap shot by the Marxists at MSNBS, the network for emotionally unstable Leftists

*LIVE STREAMING* AFC Wilcard Game – Cincinnati Vs. Houston (01/05/13 – 4:30pm ET)





Click HERE to visit the official NFL GAME CENTER page for this game.


Former President George H.W. Bush in hospital, Leftist tolerance hardest hit

My prayers are with President Bush, and his family.


Former President George H.W. Bush’s family sought privacy and provided no new details Thursday about his medical condition, a day after his spokesman said he’s in intensive care after being hospitalized for treatment of a bronchitis-related cough.

Bush spokesman Jim McGrath said he would put out another statement “when events warrant it,” citing the family’s right to and desire for privacy.

 Bush, 88, entered Methodist Hospital in Houston on Nov. 23 for treatment of what McGrath has described as a “stubborn” cough. He had spent about a week there earlier in November for treatment of the same condition.

It was hoped Bush would be well enough to spend Christmas at home. But while his cough improved, he developed a persistent fever. McGrath disclosed Wednesday that Bush, the oldest living former president, had been transferred to the intensive care unit Sunday and his condition was downgraded to “guarded.”

Sadly, the Left are showing their moral retardation on Twitter

Former President George H.W. Bush is surrounded by family in the ICU of Houston’s Methodist Hospital as he fights a “stubborn fever.” Doctors are “cautiously optimistic,” but the 88-year-old “remains in guarded condition.”

Thoughts and prayers flooded Twitter Wednesday as news of Bush’s illness spread. But the stomach-turning death wishes and plans for ghoulish celebrations weren’t far behind. Here are just some of the repulsive haters salivating over the possibility that Bush won’t recover.

Hope George BUSH HW DIES. Old bitch cripple, 20xx’ed Beavis swag sad, doc death triggnomic mofo. crucify him for the defect.

Die muthafucka RT @IamKisha_: Oh my RT @CNN: Former President George H.W. Bush remains in intensive care with “stubborn fever”

Aww George bush sr is in the hospital boohoo fuck you die

OMG one of the George Bush’s are going to die soon!  

Bush i hope u die and go to hell and satan sticks a needle in your eye#In2013NoMore WAR—
☮Realise & Legalise☮ (@weemarty1love) December 27, 2012

Hurray bush sr might die

Ex president bush in ICU! I HOPE HE DIES!

George H.W. Bush, said to be one of the fathers of G. W. Bush, is on his deathbed. Let that evil spirit suffer the worst & die!

Some people really ought to be beaten with a stick. This bunch of trash is no better than the Westboro Bastards Church frankly.


NAACP Illegally Electioneers For Obama At Houston Early Polling Station

NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates For President Obama – Townhall

Friday afternoon at an early polling place located at 6719 W. Montgomery Road in Houston, NAACP members were seen advocating for President Barack Obama according to volunteer poll watchers on location at the time.


According to Eve Rockford, a poll watcher trained by voter integrity group True the Vote, three NAACP members showed up to the 139 precinct location with 50 cases of bottled water and began handing bottles out to people standing in line. While wearing NAACP labeled clothing, members were “stirring the crowd” and talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama.

After watching what was occurring, Rockford approached Polling Supervisor Rose Cochran about what she was seeing.

“I went to the polling supervisor and let her know that it was not appropriate that they were in the building handing out water. She ignored me. I repeated my statement. She told me that she would handle it. She did nothing. I then went to the assistant supervisor and he stood up, walked over to another table and then sat down. I then walked into the waiting room and they were reloading another dolly with more cases of water,” Rockford said in a True the Vote incident report.

After handing out water and advocating for President Obama, the NAACP members started handpicking and moving people to the front of a long voting line inside the polling place according to the incident report. After multiple complaints from voters about the line cutting, Rockford received a phone call from downtown telling her to “stand down.”

“All of the sudden one of the clerks, Dayan Cohen, said that someone wanted to speak to me on the phone. It was someone from downtown. I got on the phone and she said she was from downtown and that I needed to stand down and that it was okay for the NAACP to be within 100 ft. and they could hand out water. I told her that the NAACP was inside the building, wearing the NAACP clothing and caps and were handing out water and moving people from the back of the lines to the front of the lines,” Rockford said.

At this point, NAACP members were instructed to turn their clothing inside out, which they refused to do and said they weren’t going to stop their actions inside the polling place. Their behavior and actions to move people to the front of the line continued for the rest of the evening. Texas State Representative Sylvester Turner, a former Texas NAACP leader, was also seen outside the building talking with voters.

“The NAACP basically ran this poll location and the judges did nothing about it,” Rockford said.

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UNCOVERED: NBC News Star Sharpton’s Racist, Homophobic Rants

If the video does not load click the link at the bottom of the post

Via Breitbart. The ugly face of racism is a foul thing, and the Left is far more guilty of this abhorrent behavior than the Right. Sharpton is nothing but a race pimp, yet the media fawns over him as if he is some sort of hero. H/T Weasel Zippers

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your Daley Douchebag of the Day

Markos Moulitsas, you are a vile, pathetic excuse for a man, and, Marky you are even worse than the Westboro Bastards Church vermin.

Although the news of Andrew Breitbart’s death is still fairly fresh, the merry band of faceless marauders at the Daily Kos have decided it is time to use his death as an opportunity to make political hay.

A post dated March 1 by “dragon82a,” titled “Let’s Help Andrew Breitbart go out In Style..Get Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Him” encourages readers to post on the Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook page calling for the group to protest Andrew Breitbart’s funeral:

Markos, do you even care what such a stunt would do to Breitbart’s wife? His kids? Well,do you? Odd Markos that by pulling this stunt, you have vindicated EVERYTHING Breitbart said about Leftists like you. You have proven every single point he ever made. Not only are you are miserable coward, but you are as stupid as they come as well.

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Shocking news, and very sad, RIP

Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.

News of Houston’s death came on the eve of music’s biggest night — the Grammy Awards. It’s a showcase where she once reigned, and her death was sure to case a heavy pall on Sunday’s ceremony. Houston’s longtime mentor Clive Davis was to hold his annual concert and dinner Saturday; it was unclear if it was going to go forward.

At her peak, Houston the golden girl of the music industry. From the middle 1980s to the late 1990s, she was one of the world’s best-selling artists. She wowed audiences with effortless, powerful, and peerless vocals that were rooted in the black church but made palatable to the masses with a pop sheen.

Why does the Left never blame crime on criminals?

They will blame guns, poverty, Republicans, racism, and yes now, even shoes apparently! Cold Fury seems to be a tad upset about this trend

Oh, please.

Houston activists and ministers are calling on Nike and Michael Jordan to change the way they sell the highly-coveted Air Jordan sneakers.

After the various violent mishaps that followed the release of the shoes, community leaders claim the people at the top should take responsibility.

Outside Greenspoint Mall on Wednesday activist Quanell X (yes, that Quanell X) and ministers demanded that Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight “lower the price of the shoes and meet customer demand,” reports FOX.

“It is the responsibility of Michael Jordan and Nike to stand up and be part of the solution…” said Quanell X.

It is no such thing, you goddamned dumb shit. Nike is in no way responsible for the violent behavior of pig-ignorant, unsocialized, amoral thugs in the black community who think it appropriate and acceptable to bash each other to bloody pulp over some silly-assed pair of overpriced sneakers. It’s certainly a disgraceful, disgusting display alright…but the fault assuredly does NOT lie with Nike, who is guilty only of the heinous, racist crime of producing a product that knuckledragging drooltards lust after irrationally.

It’d be much more useful–and accurate–if the myriad race-hustling charlatans in this country took a good look into their own hellish urban ghettos next time they wanted to find someone to blame for their own failures

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is ALL the fault of the miscreants who think it is OK to plunder steal, and assault others! Face it, if you are willing to harm others over shoes, you have serious problems!


Political Correctness run amok, God is the new four-letter word

An unbelievable, or should I say an all too believable story out of Houston.

Local veterans and volunteer groups are accusing Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech — including banning the word “God” — at Houston National Cemetery.

In one example cited in documents filed this week in federal court, cemetery director Arleen Ocasio reportedly told volunteers with the National Memorial Ladies that they had to stop telling the families, “God bless you,” at funerals and that they had to remove the words “God bless” from condolence cards.

There was a time when this type if thing just did not happen, then the “tolerant Left” began to get some influence and sway, and now? Now it is amazing just how intolerant the “tolerant Left” is

According to court documents, Ocasio banned members of the groups from using certain religious words such as “God” or “Jesus,” censored the content of prayer, and forbade the use of religious messages in burial rituals unless the deceased’s family submitted the text to her for prior approval.

Court documents also describe the closure of the cemetery’s chapel after Ocasio’s appointment as director two years ago.

“The doors remain locked during Houston National Cemetery operating hours, the cross and the Bible have been removed, and the Chapel bells, which tolled at least twice a day, are now inoperative,” the complaint reads. “Director Ocasio only unlocks the Chapel doors when meetings or training sessions are held at the building. Furthermore it is no longer called a ‘chapel’ but a ‘meeting facility.’”

So, a veterans cemetery is banning the word God? In essence this is akin to spitting on all of those graves.

How bout some love for VCU?

The Rams just keep on winning, and winning, and now they are in the Final Four. And their next opponent Butler, is in for a fight. Odd that Butler has become famous for being the Cinderella team, and now, they will be the established power facing a Cinderella team.

SAN ANTONIO — Move over, Butler. Virginia Commonwealth is crashing the Final Four.

The 11th-seeded Rams, who didn’t even bother watching the NCAA tournament selection show, are heading to Houston, and final No. 1 seed Kansas is heading home after a spectacular collapse.Jamie Skeen scored 26 points as the Rams delivered the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament, shocking the Jayhawks 71-61 on Sunday to become just the third 11th seed to ever make the Final Four.So doubtful were the Rams of even making the tournament that they watched the Cartoon Network and went out for fast food instead of watching the selection show two weeks ago. Now, they’re Houston-bound after an incredible takedown of the last No. 1 seed.”Those people (the doubters) don’t matter,” VCU coach Shaka Smart said. “The only people that matter is the 14 guys on our team, and they never stopped believing.”

I usually pull for the underdogs in the tourney, and I am impressed with VCU, they are for real, and since Butler knocked off my Gators, or, to be more honest, my Gators choked just enough to lose to Butler, I hope VCU wins the war of the underdogs! In fact I hope they win the whole damn thing!