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MSNBC Jumps the gun, and then the Shark, on Another Controversial News Story, and is Wrong » Conservative Hideout 2.0

Boy,oh boy, NBC sucks at this whole journalism thing don’t they? Of course, this type of thing does happen when you try to MAKE the news what you want it to be, rather than simply reporting the news! H/T Conservative Hideout

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Stacy McCain has more on this

“Typically, we see an upsurge in anti-abortion violence . . . when the anti-abortion movement kind of thinks it was on the verge of victory, and then finds itself somehow thwarted. . . . When there’s frustration among the anti-abortion forces, violence often results.”
Michelle Goldberg on MSNBC, April 2, 2012

Of course,that was what Michelle Goldberg WANTED to be true,Stacy takes her,and the rest of the clowns at MSNBS to task for their journalistic activism

Really, Michelle? Now that police have a suspect in custody, are you going to follow up on that angle, and explain how Francis Gerald Grady exemplifies the phenomenon you described? Have the producers at MSNBC booked you for tonight, so you can talk about Grady as part of the “anti-abortion movement” and the Republican “War on Women”? Or have you already booked your flight to Wisconsin, so you can give Newsweek and MSNBC exclusive coverage from the scene of the crime?

Somehow, I don’t think we’re going to get any of that kind of actual journalism from Michelle Goldberg or Lawrence O’Donnell or anybody else in the liberal media who was so eager to jump to a preordained conclusion about this incident, playing a primetime propaganda game of pin-the-tail-on-the-Republican.

Hell, no, they won’t follow up. Goldberg, O’Donnell, MSNBC, Newsweek – now that there are actual facts to report, these worthless lying scoundrels are going to drop this story and flush it down the Memory Hole as if it never happened. They ought to be indicted for fraud merely for calling themselves “journalists.”

I love that, concise,and to the point! I guess that the new motto at NBC ought to be “If making up the news is wrong,we don’t wanna be right!”

Malkin: Ginsburg Coached Pro-Obamacare Lawyer

How very interesting, via Breitbart

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How Not To Chop Down A Tree

Via Viral Footage. Seems that this guy was worried about a tree falling on his home, so, he decided to, well……

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Belgium to Belgistan: Sharia showdown looms in Brussels » The Right Scoop –

Pray for Belgium my friends, and for all of Europe. Exit question, how soon until some city here is fighting this fight? Belgium is paying the price, as will Europe soon, for NOT stressing assimilation. They are paying a price too for not recognizing that radical Muslims want to be masters of everyone else.

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Joan Walsh Says Newt Gingrich Represents ‘Resentment,’ ‘Racism,’ ‘Angry White Male Rage’ | Mediaite

Oh good grief! Talk about the tree of low-hanging blogging fruit! These four dimwits have now turned stupidity into an art form. They really have. They have absolutely no grasp of anything. Bashir goes on about Europe being in economic Hell because it embraces Conservatism! What planet does this buffoon live on? I lose more brains blowing my nose than this clown possesses!

I tell you folks, I did not know whether to curse or laugh listening to the Four Stooges!

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