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SHOCKER! Even more suckage found in ObamaCare!

The more we know, the more we are sickened!

WEEKLY STANDARD: Obamacare Ends Construction of Doctor-Owned Hospitals.

Under the headline, “Construction Stops at Physician Hospitals,” Politico reports today that “Physician Hospitals of America says that construction had to stop at 45 hospitals nationwide or they would not be able to bill Medicare for treatments.” Stopping construction at doctor-owned hospitals might not seem like the best way to boost the economy or to promote greater access and choice in health care, but that exactly what Obamacare is doing.

Kenneth Artz of the Heartland Institute explains, “Section 6001 of the health care law effectively bans new physician-owned hospitals (POHs) from starting up, and it keeps existing ones from expanding.” Politico adds, “Friday [New Year’s Eve] marked the last day physician-owned hospitals could get Medicare certification covering their new or expanded hospitals, one of the latest provisions of the reform law to go into effect.”

H’T to Wolf Files. No wonder more and more Americans want this abomination repealed! And thankfully, one political party is LISTENING!

House Republicans are wasting no time making good on their campaign pledge to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care reform law: Floor debate on repeal will begin Friday, with a final vote scheduled for Jan. 12.

Speaker-designate John Boehner (Ohio) and other House GOP leaders made repeal of the health care law a key component of their successful 2010 campaign to capture control of the House. The Members of the 112th Congress will be sworn in Wednesday.

Republicans were expected to post the repeal bill, dubbed the Repeal of the Job Killing Health Care Law Act, on the Rules Committee’s website Monday night, and the committee will consider the measure Thursday. The legislation will be a simple repeal of the entire health care law, which Obama signed in March 2010.

Once more, it was democrats that said “screw the people” and it is Republicans that are trying to serve the people.

Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa) says that House Republicans should include language that prohibits any funding for implementation of Obamacare in literally every appropriations bill that passes the House of Representatives this year, thus forcing a showdown on the issue with the Democratic majority Senate and President Barack Obama. “Somebody’s going to blink,” King told CNSNews.com. “It’ll be President Obama or it’ll be House Republicans.

“If House Republicans refuse to blink, we will succeed,” said King in videotaped interview. “ObamaCare will never become the effective law of the land and we’ll be able to leave a legacy of liberty for the future generations.”

So consider this my Liberal readers. It is Liberals that are fond of saying things like “power to the people”. So why do you continue to support a political party that IGNORED the PEOPLE, and passed ObamaCare DESPITE the will of the people? The Republicans are trying to DO the will of the people by repealing ObamaCare, isn’t that the party that is far more supportive of “power to the people”?