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Your new beacon of civility is……….

….Chris “Crazy Legs” Matthews. Yes, really

Matthews Takes Break from Calling Opponents Racist to Lecture America on Civility

Okay, that headline is a little misleading. MSNBC host Chris Matthews never really took a break from calling his opponents racists and paranoids while engaging on a media blitz promoting his book about civility and amity in politics.

Just for kicks, let us review some of the civility Matthews practices

They’re “almost traitors,” Matthews said of conservatives who believe that the Internal Revenue Service, an agency created in 1913 and which recently admitted to targeting conservative groups in order to limit their political efficacy, should be abolished. “First of all, the right-wing are crazy,” he said in June. “What they’re saying about getting rid of the IRS is insane.”

“It seems there’s a very interesting compelling continuing effort to delegitimize this president,” theMSNBC host added in August. His evidence: conservatives who refer to Obama as “Obama.”

They refer to him as ‘Obama.’ They don’t say the ‘the president.’ They don’t say the ‘a law.’ They don’t even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate.”

“When are we going to have the book we’ve been waiting for, Killing O’Reilly?” Matthews said in October, jokingly envisioning the assassination of a rival cable news host with whom he disagrees. This moment was particularly satisfying. Matthews made this statement while appearing on HBO with Bill Maher to promote his book on civility.

“I think it’s hatred,” Matthews opined while summarizing the thinking that motivates conservatives in Congress this week. “I don’t think it’s politics.” Just yesterday, perturbed with conservatives who dare refer to themselves as “the American people” while justifying their opposition to the president’s programs, “Do they still count blacks as three-fifths?”

And those are only a few of his nasty personal and partisan attacks.

Civility he says…………..

Sad News James Galdofini passes away

Via EBL He was just 51

James Gandolfini, the heavyweight actor who won multiple Emmy Awards for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano in the smash HBO series, died today.

HBO confirmed his death. He was 51.

Gandolfini suffered a heart attack in Italy. He was due to appear at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily this weekend.

“It is with immense sorrow that we report our client James Gandolfini passed away today while on holiday in Rome, Italy,” said a statement from agents, Mark Armstrong and Nancy Sanders.


You don’t have to be mean spirited to be Lena Dunham, but it sure helps

OK, I admit, that is a mean title for a blog post, but, I am really well past fed up with these morally retarded Leftists, who are far closer to Nazis than any Conservative getting a pass for their crude behaviors. The Other McCain has the reason I find Dunham so deplorable. Republicans are Nazis, or something equally inane.

Maybe you know somebody like Lena Dunham. In a way, it’s hard not to feel sorry for people like her. She’s not really that fat or that ugly, but she just can’t get over the fact that she’s not pretty and skinny.

She can never manage to recover from some deep psychic wound, a sort of juvenile ego-trauma that left her with such a profoundly damagedpersonality that she spends the rest of her life trying to get revenge against the world for bad things that happened to her years ago.

Anyway, if you know somebody like Lena Dunham, you understand what she’s doing: “I’m fat and ugly and unpopular, but maybe if I add ‘cruel’ and ‘obnoxious’ to the list, I can pretend like people who don’t like me are intimidated by my intelligence and courage.” This isn’t really an effective compensation, but it provides her an excuse — a rationalization, a defense mechanism — she can alternately cling to as a crutch or wield as a weapon, harming others without actually helping herself. The damage is never healed, because her inner feelings of worthlessness are so intense, she scorns as contemptible anyone who wants to help her: “If you like me, there must be something wrong with you.”

All of which is a necessary preamble to the latest manifestation of Lena Dunham’s tendency toward vengeful cruelty: People complained about the lack of diversity on Lena’s Not Very Popular HBO Show, so she decided to bring on a black guy . . . as a Republican villain:

Personally, I have never seen her show, likely never will. Frankly, most of HBO’s original programming has been crap, well except for Arliss, I really like that show. To me most cable programming tries too hard, way too hard to “push the envelope” and they end up with shows that seem to be made for sluts, men with the brains of 13-year-old boys, and people who still think getting stoned is like, really cool dudes! But, that is of no matter, not all forms of entertainment are for everyone. But the real point is that people like Dunham are not just ignorant and wrong in their ideological visions. It is that they revel in their ignorance, as if being absolutely clueless is cutting edge and hip. It is that they wallow in their own pits of hatred while screaming about tolerance and claiming to be against hate. Speaking of pits of hatred, consider Dunham’s remarks about Republicans

I want to start with the fourth scene of the entire season, which is you, topless …
… on top of Donald Glover.

Having sex.

Which is pretty much a summary of every single thing that people complained about in season one. How conscious was that?
We always wanted to work with Donald — he’s the cutest and the funniest, and why would you not want to kiss him on TV? But I think that when we shot that scene, there was both a feeling that it was the appropriate place for the character to be and a sense that it would, for people who had been paying attention to the backlash, at least evoke some sense that we were in a dialogue with our audience. It definitely wasn’t a “Fuck you, haters!” That’s not really how I tend to roll my game. But at the same time, it was a pretty clear statement that we are comfortable, that there isn’t a political agenda against having black characters in the show.

Why make him a Republican?
We liked the idea of a Republican entering their universe. And Hannah doesn’t really have a clear sense of why you shouldn’t date a Republican; it’s kind of just like the same reason why you shouldn’t date a Nazi: You just shouldn’t.

In fairness, to Dunham she does go on to say that she just doesn’t think she would be attracted to a Republican and that you should date whomever you wish, OK fine. But my problem is that Dunham in my opinion thinks she HAS to say that Republicans are Nazis. She thinks, again my opinion, that she HAS to have certain Leftist political views to be cool, relevant and hip. I get that impression from a lot of folks in the entertainment world. Sometimes I wonder if their political views are theirs, or if they are just trying to fit in by saying what they think they are supposed to.

Well, that explains a lot about Bill Maher

Maher is a little guy, with a big mouth, which can be a bad combination if the little man flaps his gums to a big guy who is less than even tempered. Recently on Conan O’Brien’s show, Maher revealed something about himself, that I have long suspected. 

Via MRC:

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s Conan show on TBS, HBO comedian Bill Maher absurdly suggested the recent allegations that Mitt Romney engaged in “bullying” in high school are worse than being molested by Michael Jackson, and asserted that he would be willing trade being beat up in grade school for being “gently masturbated by a pop star.”

Maher also again attacked Mormonism and religion generally, using uncensored vulgarity, and seemed to hold Romney responsible for the polygamy of his grandfather.

The Real Time host brought up Michael Jackson to suggest that Romney had behaved worse than a child molester:

But as far as this bullying, you know, this made me think of the Michael Jackson situation. Because, you know, he was accused of being a child molester. We’ll never know because he’s gone, but even his worst accuser never said that he did anything like actually have sex with them. It was grabby, grabby under the covers. Which is terribly wrong.

Maher continued:

However, when I was 12 years old, I was beaten on the playground. Just like the Mitt Romney thing, I was held down and somebody just punched me in the face while other kids watched. And if I could go back to 1968 and trade that experience for being gently masturbated by a pop star

Yep, I know that Maher is a despicable pig, who is, in this case, making light of children being molested. Yes, I know how that enrages anyone with a shred of moral decency. He is a waste of skin. But, I have long seen something in Maher. Some deeply held bitterness, a feeling of inferiority that seems to pour out every time he speaks. Maybe it was on that playground, long ago, when little Billy got his ass kicked that such bitterness began. Maybe that helps to explain why he is such a prick? Maybe, just maybe, this also explains why he seeks to demean others?  Maybe Maher the child never got over that playground beating. Maybe Maher the adult never has either? 

Not that I am in any way excusing Maher, there is no defense for people like him. In fact, I would wager that Maher received his beat down for something he said. Maybe he was a punk with a big mouth way back then. And maybe I am just being mean here but, I would like to think that kid who beat up Maher, was a girl, a girl named Sarah, a pretty girl, with glasses, and who told Maher “you betcha” as she smacked him!

Chris Matthews still bashing Bush

Matthews questioning Bush’s intellect?

(RCP) — Earlier in the week MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said President Obama had an I.Q. near 160.

“The scariest thing, a guy of limited mental power, George W. Bush, talked this country [into the war in Iraq] . . . that’s the scariest part,” Chris Matthews said on HBO’s “Real Time” with host Bill Maher.

“This wasn’t Winston Churchill. This was a guy, about a little bit below average in ability and he talked this country into war.”

It always amazes me when people like Crazy Legs Matthews question anyone’s brain power. Matthews cannot think his way out of wet paper bag frankly. His ideological leanings prevent him from opening his mind and seeing anything except his LEFT-WING IDEALS. of course, Matthews also seems to believe that taking childish pot shots at Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or other Conservatives proves his intellectual superiority. It does not prove anything, except that Matthews is a man incapable of critical thought.

Your Blog Post of the Day

Bill Maher at the PETA screening of I Am An An...
Image via Wikipedia

Is at Brutally Honest, where no truer words than these were ever spoken about Bill Maher.

Last week, he called Sarah Palin “a dumb twat”. Over the weekend, he decided to use the “C” word... you know the one… it rhymes with punt.

Class act eh?

There was a time, long since past, where peckerheads like this were dealt with by men with spines, men with class, men who treated ladies like ladies and a**hole misogynists like the scum that they are.

Bill Maher needs to have his butt kicked.  I’ve got to believe that many women out there could do it.  But there ought to be a man out there, a real man, who’ll stand up for ladies and punch this guy straight in his kisser.

AMEN! That is precisely what Bil Maher, and several other Leftist douchebags I could name need. And no, I am not saying we ought to pop anyone who disagrees with us, but those that say things like Maher says, about women, SHOULD receive a smack upside his head. So should the union bullies we have seen recently trying to intimidate anyone who dares disagree with them.

And, if you disagree with me, fine, I can dig it. But, you call my sister, or any woman I care about a name like those Maher used? Well, then, you better be out of arms length from me when you do.