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Surrendering to Islamists in the UK

Via Big Fur Hat. I will never understand the weak-willed who are only too happy to be bullied by intolerant people. Subway removes ham and bacon from stores in UK

Pamela Geller

Unbelievable. Any where the West and Islam conflict, it’s the West that must submit. “Muslim demands”? Where have we heard that before?

I would never eat a fry from these dhimmis. The UK really is being transformed right before our eyes.

It’s laughable, for Subway explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with “the views of religious communities.” Halal slaughter is vicious (more here).

Their business should suffer.

Non-Halal Meat Served in British School, Worker Who Made Mistake Hardest hit

Via Astute Bloggers

Another case of ludicrous cultural sensitivity for the sake of ensuring that everybody – no matter their religion or cultural background – is served food prepared under the most unreliable concept of supervision (via Jihad Watch):

A dinner lady has been sacked for accidentally serving non-halal meat to Muslim students at a multi-faith school.

The incident outraged parents at the ‘halal-only’ Moseley School in Birmingham, and they have forced the headmaster to apologise for ‘insulting’ their faith.

The member of staff has been dismissed after the ‘unintentional error’ on December 12 last year recently came to light.

All 1,400 students at Moseley school are served halal meat, regardless of their religion.

It has not been specified what type of meat was served, but the person responsible for serving the food was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing last Monday.

Well God forbid a Muslim be offended! I suppose mistakes are unforgivable, especially if you offend the Religion of Peace

For those of you not sure what halal means here it is

In Arabic, the word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Qu’ran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following: 

  • pork or pork by products

  • animals that were dead prior to slaughtering

  • animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah

  • blood and blood by products

  • alcohol

  • carnivorous animals

  • birds of prey

  • land animals without external ears

People can eat what they want, but to force your dietary habits onto a culture that you are a minority in is wrong. If it that big a deal, pack your own lunch. In other words grow up and stop expecting the world to change to protect your feelings! Maybe Islam needs a new rule, like STOP WHINING!

Canada gripped by Offendeditis outbreak!

Via Blazing Cat Fury comes the story of a man who dares to be politically incorrect! Oh the Offendeditis

Blazing Cat Fur has more background here

More of the whining of the offended person

The owner of a hillbilly-themed restaurant on the Mountain says he was only clarifying his cuisine by posting signs saying he doesn’t sell Middle Eastern and Asian foods and serves customers in English.

But Evelyn Myrie, executive director of Hamilton’s Centre for Civic Inclusion, says the signs at Hillbilly Heaven on Upper James Street are “very offensive and against the principles of diversity and inclusion.”

The restaurant has a big sign by the cash register that says halal, rice, kabob, shawarma, fries, wings, ¼ chicken, Mexican and burgers are “things we don’t have and never will.”

On the door it says “to better serve you, our staff speaks ENGLISH” and “What would make you think this was a Korean BBQ? Do you see any f’n ducks in the window?”

Myrie says the owner should take down the signs and apologize.

“Why would he go and attack the people who eat those kinds of foods? He’s ignoring a great deal of the population. It’s very stereotypical … It’s unacceptable and feeds into a stereotype … He has the right to sell his goods but doesn’t have the right to trash other foods that are culturally driven.”

But the owner of the restaurant, Cameron Bailey, says he means no offence. He says his business at Upper James and Fennell Avenue “is in a bit of an Arab neighbourhood. I got tired of people coming in here and asking me if I have halal. I put a sign up saying we don’t have halal, so stop coming in here and asking me.”

As for the sign about Korean barbecue, that was in response to a Korean customer who got angry with Bailey, he said, because his restaurant didn’t serve Korean duck.

He said he’s fed up with people who don’t understand what his restaurant is about. The theme is Southern U.S.-style barbecue that uses smokers that cook the meat for 12 hours at a time and then it’s sold in very large portions.

The owner seems to be a guy with a great sense of humor, which of course deeply offends whiners like Evelyn Myrie. She likely is always offended by something, or someone, and was possibly even born offended. She is a bitter person who ought to be ignored by everyone. One of our biggest flaws in the West is trying to appease miscreants like Evelyn Myrie instead of telling them to shut the Hell up!