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Senator Pat Toomey is your Gutless Republican of the Day!

Trying to sell us out over “background checks”, and giving the Left EXACTLY what they want. What a damned fool

After Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held a presser putting forth their background check “compromise” this morning, it was gun shows and internet gun sales are in their crosshairs.

The “compromise” consists of closing the so-called “gun show loophole”–something that Democrats and Republican Moderates like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have been wanting to do for years.

This supposed “loophole” consists in the fact that some private sellers rent a table at gun shows and make secondary gun sales. In other words, they set up a table to sell their dad’s guns, or their own guns, or the guns their neighbor doesn’t want anymore. These sales require no background check because they are secondary, used gun sales. 

What Manchin and Toomey are proposing is an incremental expansion of the NICS background check system that would include these private sales too. 

This really is a slippery slope–for once the expansion of background checks starts, where will it stop?

When will the GOP figure out that by caving, they will lose? Take your love of “bi-partisanship and stick it frankly! A bad bill is a bad bill. No matter who backs it! And it amazes me, as it does Bill Quick, that some Republicans want to surrender on an issue we are winning!

When your gun is not your gun-The Other McCain

Stacy McCain explains the “gun show loophole”

Your firearms are your private property and you have the right to sell your private property, right? Well, not if Joe Biden gets his way:

“[T]here is a surprising – so far – a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. Not just close the gun show loophole but total, universal background checks, including private sales.”

Last week, I explained that when liberals talk about “closing the gun-show loophole,” they mean prohibiting inviduals from selling their own guns — so that your gun isn’t really your gun anymore.

Gun control=people control. And, once the guns are controlled……all your rights are in peril


Ignorance is the fuel that feeds the engines of Leftism

The left would fall apart if not for ignorance. The Left survives because enough people are foolish and ignorant enough to buy the lies the Left sells. Ignorance leads people to be too emotional, thus falling for the emotionalistic appeals the Left pedals. Our Founders knew the value of education, of genuine knowledge and wisdom. The Left desires people to be the opposite. the debate over gun control is a great example, as Stacy McCain notes today

“Senator Feinstein’s latest attack on the Second Amendment relies entirely on public ignorance of firearms and their legitimate uses,” writes William A. Levinson in an American Thinker article answering the question, “Why Does Anybody Need a 30-Round Magazine?”

The Politics of Ignorance is what enraged me so much about the so-called “assault weapons” ban that Feinstein supported in 1994. Repeat after me: A semi-automatic rifle is not an “assault weapon.”

Of course, Feinstein and the Left wants to revive her bill, with more draconian measures of course, and they will use, or attempt to, public ignorance to push it.

That idiotic law expired in 2004, thank God, but gun-control advocates continue relying on appeals to ignorance, particularly when talking about the so-called “gun show loophole.” What this rhetoric is about is trying to inhibit the private re-sale of weapons, thus depriving gun owners of the full economic value of their assets.

Many millions of Americans own guns and these are actually economic investments, as firearms tend to retain value. There is a ready market for antique and collectible guns. A model 1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol can sell for more than $1,000. And so the family gun cabinet represents a real financial asset to the owner – if he is permitted to re-sell them.

However, when liberals talk about “closing the gun-show loophole,” what they actually mean is requiring these private gun owners to run background checks on purchasers, just like federally licensed gun dealers. This would impose an all-but-prohibitive restriction on the private seller –how much would compliance cost? — and thus makes it practically impossible for him to reap the full value of his asset. True, he could sell his guns to a licensed dealer, or place them for sale on consignment with such a dealer, but in the process he would lose not only the price difference between wholesale (what the dealer pays the seller) and retail (what is paid by the dealer’s customer), but also the convenience of being able to sell the gun himself.

This is why it is so important that we,a s Conservatives speak up. Last week, a co-worker, OK it was my boss, was asking why anyone “needs” a semi-automatic gun. I was happy that I was not the only person who corrected the term semi-automatic for him, in fact three of us did. He really had no clue that almost all guns are semi-automatic. He also was not aware that machine guns had been banned since the 1930’s. He actually thought you could just go buy one. He had been taken in by Leftist rhetoric. Now, though, he understands the facts. And facts can trump rhetoric when applied properly.