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ONLY MSNBS could call Trayvon Martin’s friend “articulate”

Good grief!

“It’s been a little scary. Sometimes it’s like she’s speaking Hungarian, and he’s speaking Cantonese. She’s been articulate, just in a different kind of English than mainstream English, she’s speaking Black English. Everything she says, where you can see the Twittersphere, or people I know thinking she’s making a grammatical mistake. If a Martian came down and the Martian happened to be in South-Central rather than in Grand Rapids, the Martian would have as hard a time figuring out how this dialect worked as any other. She said in the clip that ‘I had told you.’ Many people are thinking, ‘why is she using that?’ That’s Black English.”

When Zimmerman is acquitted, how many heads will explode at MSNBS?


These holidays remember do not drink and drive, and if you do, NEVER wear a Teletubby costume while driving drunk!

Seriously, because this could be you!

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There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Riley Sheahan before, which is understandable considering he’s a 20-year old Detroit Red Wings prospect who has only played in one career NHL game. The kid has a promising future in hockey, he was drafted 21st overall in the 2010 NHL entry draft and spent three years at Notre Dame, but the only reason we’re talking about him is because of some recent moronic decisions he made off the ice.

According to a report detailing Sheahan’s DUI arrest in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 29th, the forward was arrested with a blood-alcohol content of .30. Yes, .30. If you know BAC pretty well, you know that’s nearly four times the legal limit. In fact, that’s almost double what would be considered “super-drunk” by police.

Being “super-drunk” is classified having a BAC of 0.17 or higher, and can land a drunk driver up to 180 days in jail. But that’s not all Sheahan has to worry about. Because the kid is underage and admitted that he had been using teammate Brendan Smith‘s ID that night, he could face deportation back to his home country of Canada.

But wait, we’re not done with the whole “bad decisions” thing just yet! Not only was Sheahan arrested for driving the wrong way on a Grand Rapids road, he was doing so while wearing a Teletubby costume. A PURPLE teletubby costume. C’mon Riley, everybody knows the purple Teletubby is the black sheep of the group.


And you wonder why I fear Nanny Statism

A simply unbelievable story from Michigan about a woman who dared to want a Christian Roommate

This is exactly why we are voting because big government is EVERYWHERE! The state of Michigan has filed a civil rights complaint against a woman who advertised, in her church, the fact that she wants a Christian roommate That’s it. She just wants a roommate who shares her faith. But apparently it violates the Fair Housing Act, and someone in the church turned her in.