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*VIDEO* George Will: “If The President Wants A Terrible Secretary Of Defense, He’s Got A Right To Him”

REALLY, George? And what about the American people’s right to a competent federal government?

After all, the Secretary of Defense is charged with protecting OUR nation. He is supposed to be more concerned with defending the collective interests of 320 million Americans than the short-sighted, political agenda of any single individual.

Why should the Legislative branch of government automatically defer to the Executive branch over issues of OUR national security?

Do the terms “separation of powers” and “co-equal branches of government” mean NOTHING to you?

You see, folks, Mr. Will has just engaged in exactly the sort of mindless, rhetorical argument that practically all so-called conservative pundits do after they’ve spent a few too many years hobnobbing with inside-the-beltway leftists.

They begin to lose their common sense and start viewing everything through the prism of Washington D.C. politics.

We’re not talking here about some largely useless bureaucratic office that any braying jackass with a room-temperature IQ can handle. No, what we’re discussing is the most important federal post next to the presidency itself, one in which life-and-death decisions are made every single day with respect to hundreds of thousands – if not millions of American soldiers and civilians alike.

To reduce such an important topic to some political debate about presidential prerogatives is completely irresponsible, especially during a time of war.


Your Marxist Moron of the Day is….

Andrew Sullivan, who might need to read a couple of history books, especially where the War Between the States is concerned

Andrew Sullivan’s ahistoricism is simply breathtaking. Just watch his stunningly ridiculous comments on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” at Mediate, “Andrew Sullivan to ABC: If Romney Wins Florida and VA, It’s the ‘Confederacy’” (viaMemeorandum):

PBS reporter Gwen Ifill said that “we can’t ignore” the possible factor racial animus may play in deciding the election, noting that the poll indicates that, on some level, people are still willing to admit “racial bias.”

Sullivan then added: “If Virginia and Florida go back to the Republicans, it’s the Confederacy. Entirely. You put a map of the Civil War over this electoral map, you’ve got the Civil War.”

Conservative panelist George Will rolled his eyes. “I don’t know,” said a skeptical Ifill.

Will then posited two possible explanations for Obama’s slippage in the white vote since 2008: “A lot of white people who voted for Obama in 2008 watched him govern for four years and said, ‘Not so good. Let’s try someone else.’ The alternative, the ‘Confederacy’ hypothesis is that those people somehow, for some reason in the last four years became racist.”

“That’s not my argument at all,” replied Sullivan. “It’s the southernization of the Republican Party. [Virginia and Florida] were the only two states in 2008 that violated the Confederacy rule.”

The Confederacy Rule? I have studied the WBTS AKA the War of Northern Aggression for many years, and read hundreds of books, toured nearly all the battlefields, given speeches on several battles, generals, causes, etc. But I NEVER knew that the Confederacy was this big!

Map of the Confederacy according to Andrew Sullivan


A bit of perspective on S&P’s decision to downgrade US credit rating ABC New

Via Maggie, who has a short clip of Cokie Roberts comments of explaining that our darned Constitution got in the way. There is a longer clip embedded below. George Will makes the point that this was, in part a political decision, and that S&P has serious credibility issues itself! Melody Hobson, ABC’s financial contributor agrees with Will on that point

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*VIDEO* Mark Levin Takes Issue With Charles Krauthammer And George Will Over Trashing Conservatives

Again, why should I care what George Will thinks?

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George Will is a bright guy, and he is often right, no doubt. But,he smacks of elitism at times, and frankly, this view, I think, is more about his snobby nature, than wisdom. Yes, the iamge of Palin right now among many would prevent her winning possibly. BUT, 2012 is a ways off, things can change.

George Will, get off your snobby rants

Ace caught Will just losing his lunch over jeans of all things. Will is a very bright guy, but he really ought to peek in a mirror before he gets on his rants about the horrors of jeans! I mean, I think  Will dresses like a reject from Revenge of the Nerds, but I do not really care, if that is his thing then, who cares?