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Former President George H.W. Bush in hospital, Leftist tolerance hardest hit

My prayers are with President Bush, and his family.


Former President George H.W. Bush’s family sought privacy and provided no new details Thursday about his medical condition, a day after his spokesman said he’s in intensive care after being hospitalized for treatment of a bronchitis-related cough.

Bush spokesman Jim McGrath said he would put out another statement “when events warrant it,” citing the family’s right to and desire for privacy.

 Bush, 88, entered Methodist Hospital in Houston on Nov. 23 for treatment of what McGrath has described as a “stubborn” cough. He had spent about a week there earlier in November for treatment of the same condition.

It was hoped Bush would be well enough to spend Christmas at home. But while his cough improved, he developed a persistent fever. McGrath disclosed Wednesday that Bush, the oldest living former president, had been transferred to the intensive care unit Sunday and his condition was downgraded to “guarded.”

Sadly, the Left are showing their moral retardation on Twitter

Former President George H.W. Bush is surrounded by family in the ICU of Houston’s Methodist Hospital as he fights a “stubborn fever.” Doctors are “cautiously optimistic,” but the 88-year-old “remains in guarded condition.”

Thoughts and prayers flooded Twitter Wednesday as news of Bush’s illness spread. But the stomach-turning death wishes and plans for ghoulish celebrations weren’t far behind. Here are just some of the repulsive haters salivating over the possibility that Bush won’t recover.

Hope George BUSH HW DIES. Old bitch cripple, 20xx’ed Beavis swag sad, doc death triggnomic mofo. crucify him for the defect.

Die muthafucka RT @IamKisha_: Oh my RT @CNN: Former President George H.W. Bush remains in intensive care with “stubborn fever”

Aww George bush sr is in the hospital boohoo fuck you die

OMG one of the George Bush’s are going to die soon!  

Bush i hope u die and go to hell and satan sticks a needle in your eye#In2013NoMore WAR—
☮Realise & Legalise☮ (@weemarty1love) December 27, 2012

Hurray bush sr might die

Ex president bush in ICU! I HOPE HE DIES!

George H.W. Bush, said to be one of the fathers of G. W. Bush, is on his deathbed. Let that evil spirit suffer the worst & die!

Some people really ought to be beaten with a stick. This bunch of trash is no better than the Westboro Bastards Church frankly.


The main stream media declares war on Santorum

Matt notes what we all know, the media will NEVER let this election be about the economy and also offers some solid advice to Santorum.

 The administration and MSM are on a quest to avoid the economy at all costs.  To do that with Santorum, they have to hammer him on social issues, even if they have to do some cherry picking or making some stretches to do so.  Forget that gas prices are through the roof, and expected to rise even higher.  Forget that a couple million jobs are gone, and the people aren’t even bothering to look anymore.  Instead, let’s talk about how Rick Santorum is going to ban condoms, or some other nonsense. Santorum needs to do more refocusing.  Every time he is hit with a social issue question, he needs to comment quickly and go right back to economy

Go read the rest, Matt is right. Keep going back to the economy. But, I would add that this is good advice no matter who the nominee is. And, no matter who the nominee is, the DNC and the media have an attack strategy. If Romney wins, they will play the class warfare card like never before,and they will try to make Romney look like a candidate who is grossly out of touch with the common man. With Newt, well, take your pick on any number of issues, from, temperament to past “scandals”.  So, get ready folks, this one will be very nasty. There is not one trick the Left will not use to win. No matter who our nominee is, we best get ready to work our collective behinds off.


The Reaganite Republican wonders if the book on Sarah Palin is open?

No thanks- if Noot can’t come back I’d prefer and open convention, Palin vs. Jeb Bush or some such thing.

Mittens would lose in November due to insufficient contrast and a disgusted GOP base. I agree he’s an improvement over Obama, (not a maniacal racist/marxist) BUT I and many others deeply resent having Romney stuffed down my throat by the GOP old guard. At this point is merely slowing the growth rate of the state sector good enough? Methinks not.

Mark me down for ‘Cuda, then: We used to fear her polling negatives, and honestly I was glad she didn’t run. But now, after how all the negative campaigning has played out… Palin looks more than worth a chance since everybody else on the GOP side has suffered similar damage from flailing negative attacks.

Hmmm, I keep hearing about the brokered convention, it would make for fascinating TV and great blogging fodder, but, I would be surprised if it happens. Of course, we already know what the media attack on Palin would be. The message would be “she is stupid” repeated over and over and…… Of course, it would be fun watching Chris Matthews head explode if she actually beat Obama. Hell, MSNBS might pack up and move to Canada. Just think how that would raise the national IQ average.


Shocker! Thomas Friedman hates the Tea Party

Thomas Friedman, American journalist, columnis...
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Friedman, you useless tool, why does sincere patriotism, and love of our Founding principles offend you so? Oh, of course, I forgot, you are a Leftist, you do not believe in those things.

Just imagine what this fool would have called our Founders?

As Senator Marco Rubio said yesterday, “if we had $1 billion for every time I heard the words ‘tea party extremist,’ we could solve this debt problem.”

Bring Back Poppy — Thomas Friedman, NYT

WATCHING today’s Republicans being led around by an extremist Tea Party faction, with no adult supervision, I find my mind drifting back to the late 1980s when I was assigned to cover the administration of George H.W. Bush, who I believe is one of our most underrated presidents. I have long admired the elder Bush for the deftness with which he dealt with the collapse of the Soviet empire. But, in later years, I came to admire him even more for the fact that he believed that math and science were not matters of opinion — a view increasingly rare in today’s G.O.P.

Despite having run on the promise of “Read my lips: No new taxes,” when the deficit started spiraling to dangerous levels under his presidency, Bush agreed to a compromise with Democrats to raise several taxes, along with spending cuts, as part of a 1990 budget deal that helped to pave the way for the prosperity of that decade. It definitely hurt his re-election, but he did it anyway.

In other words, he admired Bush 41 because Friedman thinks he caved to Democrats? Typical!

Where I diagnose yet another Liberal Malady

Let’s call this one Acute Taxation Addiction as in the Democrat will always look to raise taxes as the first, second, and last solution to any fiscal crisis. The latest casualty of ATA? The debt ceiling talks

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., will also drop out of the debt talks, a source within his office confirms today. The Arizona Republican’s office will issue a formal statement shortly.

After House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) dropped out of the talks this morning, Senator Kyl was the lone Republican in the group left. And with his withdrawal late this morning, the group does not have a Republican negotiator left in the room.

The group was set to meet for the 11th time this afternoon with Vice President Biden, their third meeting of the week.

What caused Kyl and Cantor to give up on finding common ground with Democrats?

Eric Cantor pulled out of the debt ceiling talks this morning, citing unbridgeable differences over the Dem insistence on tax hikes as part of a deal, and in his statement, he called on President Obama to step in and resolve the tax issue:

Since early May, Vice President Biden has led meetings surrounding the debt limit. The Vice President deserves a great deal of credit for his leadership in bringing us this far. We have worked to find areas of commonality to meet the goal of identifying spending cuts commensurate with or exceeding the amount of the Obama Administration’s request for a debt limit increase. I believe that we have identified trillions in spending cuts, and to date, we have established a blueprint that could institute the fiscal reforms needed to start getting our fiscal house in order.

That said, each side came into these talks with certain orders, and as it stands the Democrats continue to insist that any deal must include tax increases. There is not support in the House for a tax increase, and I don’t believe now is the time to raise taxes in light of our current economic situation. Regardless of the progress that has been made, the tax issue must be resolved before discussions can continue. Given this impasse, I will not be participating in today’s meeting and I believe it is time for the President to speak clearly and resolve the tax issue. Once resolved, we have a blueprint to move forward to trillions of spending cuts and binding mechanisms to change the way things are done around here.

Ah, tax hikes. ATA strikes again. Tax increases are all the Democrats can see as a solution to America’s debt crisis. Now, the Democrats will always tell us that they must have those increased taxes, because America needs MORE revenue. Odd, that when tax rates are cut, not raised, but cut, the revenues from income taxes, or capital gains taxes, always INCREASE! For example, Democrats are still trying to blame those “Bush tax cuts” for our debt issues. Well, Bush did cut taxes, and revenues went up. Trouble is, of course, that spending went up at an even higher rate.

If, and it is a big if, Democrats ever recovered from their bout with ATA they just might think about cutting taxes to spur economic growth, and cut spending TOO! Let us think here, more revenues flowing in, less money flowing out…………..HMMMMMMMMMMM.

Stacy McCain, blogging genius, an all-around good guy, even if he is a Tide fan, has another side to this

Obama’s gearing up his 2012 re-election campaign, and is therefore trying to paint Republicans into a box, to depict them as “extremist” and “irresponsible” if they don’t compromise with Democrats on a deal to increase the debt ceiling. And in this case, ”compromise” means agreeing to a tax increase, which would be a 100% betrayal of the voters who gave Republicans the majority in last year’s mid-term election.

In other words, it’s a variation of the tactic by which Democrats in 1990 forced George H.W. Bush to agree to a tax increase, breaking his “no new taxes” pledge. And if Republicans let themselves be bamboozled that way now, they deserve to be defeated in 2012.

Excellent points there. Obama is playing politics. Playing politics when he ought to be LEADING. I think the American people are going to see through this game this time however. They see the president putting his own reelection above the good of the country, and I think they also see the republicans trying their damnedest to begin to reign in the spending orgy our government has been in for years now. So, I do hope the GOP will take McCain’s advice and will stick to their guns. The GOP needs only to stay strong, and November 2012 will see the senate change hands, and see the Obama administration gone in early 2013.

Another gigantic waste of time from the minds of Liberals!

The National Institute for Civil Discourse? Good freaking grief!

The National Institute for Civil Discourse opened yesterday at the University of Arizona. The institute is described as such:

a nonpartisan center for debate, research, education and policy about civility in public discourse.

Read more at the link if you like, but frankly, why waste the time?