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The war on gender, and pronouns

Good Freaking Grief

The Bryn Mawr College “Inclusion Center” recently produced a new pamphlet that adds “co,” “kit,” “sie,” “it,” and “ey” to the list of “gender-neutral” pronouns.

The “Making Spaces More Gender Inclusive” guide, which is prominently featured on the Pensby Center for Community Development and Inclusion’s website, tells students that asking others which pronouns they use is crucial, as it’s impossible to “tell if someone is transgender, non-binary,[…]etc.”

The new pronouns are accompanied by a conjugation chart indicating how they might be used as a subject, object, possessive, possessive pronoun, and reflexive. For example, to refer to a student who identifies as “kit,” one would say, “Kit likes kitself.”

To refer to a “co,” one would say, “Co knows” or “Co likes coself.”

All pronouns have standard conjugation except for “sie.” To refer to a student who identifies as “sie,” one would say “Sie knows,” but the guide warns that “sie” must be changed to “ne” if used in the reflexive, as indicated by the phrase, “Ne likes syrself.”

Though LGBT advocates often warn against using “it” as a pronoun, the Bryn Mawr guide doesn’t shy away from that, noting that students who identify as “it” may be referred to in forms such as “It likes itself” or “I ask it.”

How deep is the Pit of Bat Shit Crazy! Crazy and getting crazier daily

The pamphlet concedes that it is by no means an exhaustive listing of pronouns, and refers students to a Tumblr page with “royal,” “animal,” “nature,” “general,” and “non-English” pronoun selections.

Such pronouns include “hu/hu/hume/humeself,” “zij/ze/zijn/zichzelf,” and “tey/tem/ter/temself,” and students who identify as animals can use pronouns such as “pup/pups/pupself,” “meow/mews/meowself,” and “spide/spides/spiderself.”

Since pronouns can change “often,” the Bryn Mawr guide encourages that pronouns become a mandatory part of personal introductions. Further, it warns teachers against “calling role” from an attendance roster, as it “does not give much flexibility to ask [students] their pronouns.”

Look, I am sometimes accused of not having a filter, so I will be blunt. Anyone who makes up different pronouns that others must use when talking to them has real issues. And appeasing their madness is the last thing we ought to do. There are two, yes TWO genders, period! That science is settled. The English language has words that define gender, use them. If you are so self-obsessed that you demand people deny science and learn a new language to accommodate your over-inflated ego, too damn bad!

*VIDEO* Wild Bill Discusses The Sad State Of Bruce Gender… Uh… Jenner



What happens when cheap sex replaces love?

Everything has a price, and yes, the hook up culture has had a price. It is costing us things like romance, love, real intimacy, and made dating, and being single much more difficult than it should be. It has cheapened, male/female relations, and twisted how we think about sex, traditional gender roles, marriage, and I believe has robbed us of a beautiful thing. Hey, as The Other McCain points out messing with nature has consequences and yes, quoting Jimmy Buffet helps prove the point

I really do appreciate the fact you’re sitting here.
Your voice sounds so wonderful,
But you face don’t look too clear.
So bar maid bring a pitcher, another round of brew.
Honey, why don’t we get drunk and screw?

Is this what they’re teaching in Women’s Studies classes nowadays? Evidently so, according to one young British feminist:

The idea that my generation are unhappy and sexually unfulfilled because, thanks to the dwindling of traditional gender roles, we’ve been able to have sex on our own terms, makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially as in Britain, we never really had a dating culture to begin with. Americans are complaining because “dinner and a movie” has been replaced with “hanging out”, when on this side of the Atlantic people have been flinging themselves at one another outside the pub following last orders since time immemorial, and it’s worked fine. Likewise, while the Americans see the classic “are u out?” fishing text as evidence of shallow promiscuity, we see it as a convenient way of minimising social embarrassment by ensuring both parties are too drunk to attempt a conversation capable of, let’s face it, shattering the illusion whose maintenance is so essential for successful coitus.

OK, so if getting “too drunk to attempt a conversation . . . is so essential for successful coitus,” how is this a triumph for women? Is this what being “able to have sex on our own terms” means?

Or does it mean, you’re getting played?

Making the bar/club/party scene your native habitat makes you a potential prey for the practicioners of “game.” And if he’s good at it, you won’t realize you’ve been played until it’s too late. Ladies, if want to know what the players really think of you, you should read their blogs:

What is a bar? It’s a social venue where women can receive attention from men at predictably constant rates. Every approach performed will increase her worth. Every hot stud who lays pipe inside her via a one-night stand will reinforce in her mind that she deserves Mr. Perfect. These men feed her ego like an IV bag nourishes a surgery patient.
The effect of all this is cumulative so that a 30 year old woman who is well past her prime will put out attitude multiple times higher than a hot 18 year old who just started going to clubs. Since the older woman simply can’t forget all those men who have approached her and wanted to take her home, she won’t receive your approach unless you’re nearly the best of what has attempted to f–k her in the past, even though the number of guys willing to wife her up has decreased exponentially. Nightlife venues give average women near unlimited choice and attention, causing a sharp degradation in her attitude, warmth, and even her appearance. . . .

More at the link. I am no Puritan, never will be. I am not condemning pre-marital sex either.What I am saying is that society has lowered its standards for women and their behavior. And that has resulted in too many women lowering their standards for themselves, both in who they date, and how they conduct themselves. And this really bad for men, and even worse for women. If you are happily married you might not notice, but, if like me, you are single, and dating, trust me you have noticed.