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Oh no! Geico commercial causes Offendeditis

Sadly, it is not just Liberal whiners that can contract Offendeditis. SIGH!

Have you seen the Geico commercial with the pig and the girl? It’s really kind of creepy and now the insurance company is taking heat from a group of moms who say it promotes bestiality.

Angry parents are up in arms over a “repulsive” cellphone app commercial that they say promotes bestiality.

One Million Moms wants auto insurance firm Geico to pull its latest TV campaign in which a woman appears to be flirting with a pig.

The conservative Christian group that monitors children’s programming issued a statement to condemn the clip.

For the love of God people! It is just a freaking commercial, meant to be funny, stop hyper-ventilating! This is why fewer and fewer commercials during Super Bowls are any good, (this years crop stunk). Anytime anyone makes a slightly edgy, or funny spot, here come the whiners looking for some attention. Sure they scream that they are offended, but what they really mean is “LOOK AT ME”. The “Conservative” group One Million Moms, says the commercial is ‘horrible’ for families. Sorry, but groups like this might do a lot of good, but when they pull stunts like this they just makes Conservatives look like prudes! And, really they are not much better than Liberal groups who want to ban everything that offends them. Sorry, but a Statist is a Statist!


A great new idea for a Geico ad

Christina Aguilera performing during the Sanre...
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Geico does some very creative commercials, and their latest one features a man asking if switching to Geico can really save you 15% or more on car insurance, here is an example

After viewing the Superbowl yesterday,I have a new idea for Geico. Try this on for size. Could switiching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Does Christine Aguilera suck at the National Anthem?

Chris certainly thinks so!

Christina Aguilera’s butchering of our National Anthem was really bad. B. A. D. Bad.

And disgraceful.

She flubbed the lyrics! “What so proudly we watched”? I cringed.

How sad that these talented singers have to over sing everything, often butchering our National Anthem.