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Not Breaking News: Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft is still a lying bottom feeder.

Oh that Jim Hoft, he is quite the basket case. He supported Trump during the campaign, which is fine. I was not a Trump fan, which is fine. What was not fine with me was Hofts lies about Ted Cruz, and others and how he posted bogus stories. In short, I was struck and sickened frankly, by Hoft’s departure from credibility and reality. Sadly, Hoft has not moved on since Trump won the nomination and presidency. His guy won, a fact of which I am glad, and, I will say I am pleased with much of what our president has done. And I am hopeful that he will continue standing up to the Left. Further, I will continue to do whatever I can to defend the president from the fake news stories, a biased media, and the Left, which is intent on delegitimizing Trump. Hoft, however, is still in attack mode against “Never Trumpers”! I think Hoft sees them around every corner, and maybe even under his bed. Perhaps he has to sleep with an Info Wars night light on. And if he has to lie to smear anyone who does not dance to his tune, well, what are principles like truthfulness right Jim Hoft?

Take this post Hoft has put up

And just as we assumed — CPAC loaded the roster with committed #NeverTrumpers and ignored the grassroots supporters and websites that got Republican President Donald Trump Elected.

This year CPAC ignored many of the top Trump supporters who helped get him elected.
These top election influencers will not be speaking at CPAC despite their work to get Trump elected.

–Gavin McInnes
–Mike Cernovich
–Milo Yiannopoulos
–Stefan Molyneux
–Bill Mitchell
–Paul Joseph Watson
–Jack Posobiec
–Matt Drudge
–Gateway Pundit
–Ann Coulter? (if she is speaking she is not listed)

Oh no, someone has the sads. Some wanted to be invited to speak I mean look at who CPAC left out. Look, some of those I would have invited, and NO, Infowars would NOT have been on that list. Good Freaking grief!

Hoft has a point. Soe folks who are not so famous, or well know  ought to be invited to speak. But the truth is, Hoft gives the impression that CPAC only invited those who opposed Trump, which is not true. Here is the list Hoft provides of “Never Trumpers” that are going to speak

Katie Pavlich
Dana Loesch
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Michael Reagan
Mark Levin

Pavlich is a great Conservative, as is Dana Loesch, who also said Republicans should vote for the eventual nominee no matter who it was. Why would CPAC not invite them? Oh wait, because they supported people other than Trump! And Hoft, the little Totalitarian would ex-communicate them!

By the way, Cruz endorsed Trump, as did Fiorina and Levin before the election. Why does Hoft insist on misleading people and smearing the “Never Trumpers”? The election is over, you can stop the character assassinations now Jimmy. Many of the “Never Trumpers” you bash are now defending Trump against the media and the political left

And, if Hoft bothered to be truthful, yeah, like that matters to him, he would note how many pro-Trump people ARE speaking at CPAC

Dr. Gina Loudon

Sheriff David Clarke

Vice-President Mike Pence

John Bolton, who may be the new National Security Advisor (I hope he will frankly)

Lou Dobbs

You can peruse the entire list for yourself. Certainly, the time for the rhetoric Hoft is spewing is over. There is a place for bitter, angry, petulant people. It is the Democratic Party. Trump himself has shown a spirit of unity, and leadership. I would say he is winning over many Conservatives. And, yes, that includes myself. Perhaps Hoft should learn from President Trump?

Jim Hoft should probably take his meds and lay off blogging

Good Freaking Grief! Hoft, the Gateway Pundit is diving into the deep waters of stupidity, with Pillow Gate! The thing is this. Lots of people use pillows, as back support, for comfort, etc. I have a pillow I am using right now because of my bad back. Again, many people do it. Maybe Hoft has never noticed that chairs, sofas, and love seats have things called cushions? Good Freaking Grief! Reading The Gateway Pundit is like watching a monkey F*#& a football, except the monkey likely has more credibility than the Gateway Pundit Weasel does at this point.

Look there are dozens of things to go after Hillary about. Her lies, her despicable conduct regarding Benghazi, her lies about lying, her Leftist views, her lies about being a damned liar, her corruption, and did I mention she lies? A LOT! But rather than go on substance, Hoft goes with nuclear grade idiotic conspiracy theories? Of course, the weasel lied repeatedly about Ted Cruz during the primaries, so maybe Hillary’s lies do not bother Hoft so much, who knows.

Moonbattery adds this bit of truth

Hillary Clinton has to be the most conspicuously corrupt candidate ever to win a major party nomination. She also has a decades-long public record of unaccomplishment, characterized by conspicuous incompetence. She has been caught in more provable lies than most anyone, and is infamous for influence peddling as Secretary of State. Yet some can’t find anything more damaging to throw at her than pillows — or rather, conspiracy theories about her secret health condition, which are supposedly supported by her use of pillows:

Truly sad. I expect this type of idiocy from Leftists, but not from our side. 

If Silent Night offends you, then that is a YOU problem

I am so tired of these weasel Progressive’s, and equally tired of people who try to appease them

You can’t take Jesus out of “Silent Night,” you pathetic secular public school demons.

Regressive leftists at work.

Gateway Pundit has it, “Long Island School Removes Words From Silent Night – Too Offensive (Video).” (Via Memeorandum.)

Funny how the same folks screeching about tolerance possess not the first shred of it themselves.


Charles Johnson makes the full transition from somebody to degenerate asshole

I do not know Jim Hoft, of Gateway Pundit, but, I have always been a fan of his passion and his work, so now that he is having his health insurance cancelled, Thanks to Obamacare. I feel for him, especially since his recent health issues.

The Blaze reported:

Well-known conservative blogger Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit suffered terrifying health issues roughly three months ago.

“I became very sick with what I thought was a cold,” he wrote in a candid post earlier this week. “After a few days I lost vision in my left eye and I checked into the hospital. I soon found out that what I thought was a summer cold was actually Strep bacteria poisoning my blood stream. The bacteria blinded my left eye, ate a hole through my heart, caused five strokes on both sides of my brain and forced the removal of my prosthetic left knee.”

Hoft appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Friday with guest host Dana Loesch, explaining how he has now become one of the millions (so far) to lose their health insurance in the aftermath of the Affordable Care Act.

“I get this notification that I’m going to lose my insurance,” he said. “This insurance that I bought, that I purchased, and I was paying a good premium, (and) covered most everything.”

Hoft, who is still in a wheelchair, said he has a number of “major surgeries” in the near future and was “very pleased” with his insurance of choice.

“So to get this news on top of my recovery, on top of trying to make a living, has been obviously a very difficult thing to take on at this time,” he said, the emotion clear in his voice.

Hoft has written about Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ assertion that people who have lost their insurance are “thrilled” with the options they have available to them, and on Friday he repeated his message that she can “go to hell” because that is “absolutely not true.”

Ah the wonders of Socialism, taking from those that have insurance, and are happy with it, in the name of helping those that cannot afford insurance attain insurance. Does that make sense to anyone, on any level? Now Jim has to put up with hateful attacks like this one

Leftists don’t like it when you speak out against their heartless, failed socialism.

This came in the email from Dan Brown in Bluefield, WV
“Pundit dies slowly and in great pain- 200 million Americans celebrate”


Then there is Charles Johnson, who apparently takes joy in deriding a sick man who has lost had his health insurance taken away. RS McCain alerts us to the latest from miscreant Charles Johnson

Jim Hoft is one of millions who are losing their insurance because of ObamaCare’s centralized regulatory scheme. By substituting government mandates for the risk-based business decisions of insurers, ObamaCare effectively abolishes certain insurance plans and in other cases — including Jim Hoft’s — drives insurers out of certain markets.

These problems were entirely predictable and were, in fact, predicted by opponents of ObamaCare, but the media never questioned Obama’s repeated promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” — nowrecognized as The Lie of the Year.

For some reason I’ve never understood, Jim Hoft has always been hated by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, one of whose ignorant minions posted this despicable hatefulness:


This is as dishonest as it is cruel — “thanks to ObamaCare,” my ass!

What these deluded fools would have you believe, basically, is that there was no such thing as “decent” health care in America until Obama and Democrats invented it. According to these idiots, cancellations caused by ObamaCare are actually good news, because hey, the government will force other companies to issue you a policy. But this isn’t the same as, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” is it?

No, it’s not. As Jim says, he had “excellent” insurance that gave him access to the best treatment. Jim paid extra for that plan, because it was the plan he wanted, and the regulatory mandates of ObamaCare have nowtaken Jim Hoft’s plan away from him.

What a lousy excuse for a human being Charles Johnson is. Stomping on someone who is sick, and who is a victim of the stupidity of the central planners who are behind ObamaCare. Like I said, I do not know Jim, but if Charles Johnson had said that in front of me, well, it would have taken all my restraint not to deck the goofy weasel bastard!

UPDATE! Obviously I should note that Charles Johnson did not make that attack on Hoft. Yet I see that CJ allows this post to stand? So again, My apologies to Charles Johnson, HE did NOT make that comment, but he has allowed it to stay on his sight. Yes, I should have checked the post myself, so my mistake is no one’s fault but mine. But, had anyone posted such a nasty post on this blog, not only would that post be gone, but so would their posting privileges.

A Statists appetite for tyranny is never sated!

Case in point? Diane Feinstein, who would silence “just bloggers” by stripping away their right to free speech. How? By allowing the government to define “journalist” so as to restrict freedom of speech AND the press as that government sees fit. Gateway Pundit has the details

Dianne Feinstein wants to regulate who can and cannot be a reporter.  The Internet’s largest disseminator of news, Matt Drudge, called her a “Fascist”.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted for a “Reporter Shield Bill” which would determine who is and who isn’t a journalist.

Senator Feinstein proposed language that she said,”effectively sets up a test for establishing bona fide credentials that make one a legitimate journalist.”  Legitimate journalists will be protected.  Non-legitimate journalists, like blogs, will not.

When the First Amendment was written, there were no credentials for journalists, no journalism schools, no “professional” journalists. The press was a bunch of guys with printing presses. Benjamin Franklin was one, and he used his to great effect in the cause of freedom. Was he a “legitimate journalist”? Not by Senator Feinstein’s definition. If anything, Benjamin Franklin was more like a blogger than like Feinstein’s “legitimate journalist.”

As usual, the Founders saw despots like Feinstein coming and placed constraints on them in the Bill of Rights

As Samuel Adams said in 1768, “There is nothing so fretting and vexatious, nothing so justly terrible to tyrants, and their tools and abettors, as a free press.”

Absolutely, and evil people like Feinstein, and yes, I see people who seek to destroy our liberties as evil, would love to be able to control the media. Control the media you control the message, blogs make that impossible, so they must be silenced so that tyrants like Feinstein, Schumer, and Durbin gain more power.


Great news, fellow blogger Jim Hoft improving

Ed and I are very happy to hear this update!

Great news!!  Jim has just graduated from the ICU to a regular hospital room.  He has made significant progress and is stable and feeling better.  And he’s fun to talk to on the phone again!

I will work on getting a new picture of Jim to share.  In the meantime, please continue offering your prayers.  They are working.  Thank you!

For the background on Jim’s health scare, read here.

Outstanding! Keep getting better Jim!


Jihadist Swine AKA Ft. Hood shooter found guilty on all counts

Via Gateway Pundit. I have just one question. Can we put  a bullet in this bastards head now?

AP reports: Army Maj. Nidal Hasan was convicted Friday in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, a shocking assault against American troops at home by one of their own who said he opened fire on fellow soldiers to protect Muslim insurgents abroad.

The Army psychiatrist acknowledged carrying out the attack in a crowded waiting room where unarmed troops were making final preparations to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thirteen people were killed and more than 30 wounded.

Because Hasan never denied his actions, the court-martial was always less about a conviction than it was about ensuring he received the death penalty. From the beginning of the case, the federal government has sought to execute Hasan, believing that any sentence short of a lethal injection would deprive the military and the families of the dead of the justice they have sought for nearly four years.

A jury of 13 high-ranking military officers reached a unanimous guilty verdict in about seven hours. In the next phase of the trial, they must all agree to give Hasan the death penalty before he can be sent to the military’s death row, which has just five other prisoners. If they do not agree, the 42-year-old could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Four years? It took four years to convict this vile, despicable coward?


IRS scandal gets worser and worser

Gateway Pundit has a very damning bit of info on what Tea Party groups were asked by the IRS

The Obama IRS demanded that several Tea Party groups provide back-end access to their websites.

And, from reliable sources: This happened to several Tea Party groups!

The source has this in writing. It states they wanted access to everything the members had access to, which would be chats, email, contact information, etc. The group raised less than $600. She was targeted as early as October 2010.

Central Texas 912 President, Maria Acosta joined Kristina Ribali from FreedomWorks to discuss being singled out by the Feds.

The IRS asked for back-end access to the group’s website.
And this is a tax question?

And here are some of the questions directed at the Richmond Tea Party

4) Provide the following for your publishing activities including books, CD’s, DVD’s, newsletters, literatures, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, voter guides, and class handouts (from October 22,2010 to now):
a) Copies of allthe publications and/or advertising materials that you have distributed.
b) Expense amounts incurred for your publishing activities from October 22,2010 to now
c) lndicate the percentage of time and resources you spend on these activities in relation to 1oo o/o of all your activities.
h) Will your near future publishing activities remain similar to those you have been conducting recently? lf not, explain the changes of your publishing activities in the near future in terms of contents, time, and resources.
5) Provide the following information for your web and internet related activities:
a) Copies of your current web pages and your presentations on other web pages such as social networking sites and blog sites (from October 22,201 to now). lf you are a membership organization, please include all the pages that are accessible only to your members.
b) Expense amounts incurred for your web and internet related activities from October 22,201 to now.
b) lndicate the percentage of time and resources you spend on these activities in relation to 100 o/o of all your activities.
6) Have you attempted or will you attempt to influence the outcome of specific legislation (in the near future)? lf so, provide the following:
a) Provide copies of all communications, pamphlets, advertisements, and other materials distributed by the organization regarding the legislation.
b) Provide copies of any radio, television, or internet advertisements relating to your lobbying activities
c) Please indicate the percentage of time and resources you have spent or will spend conducting these activities in relation to 100% of all your activities.
lf not, please confirm by answering “No” to this question.
7) Have you engaged or will you engage in business dealings with any candidate(s) for public office or an organization associated with the candidate, such as renting office space or providing access to a membership list (in the near future)?
lf so, describe the relationship in detail and copies of any contracts or other agreements documenting the business relationship



North Korean Gulags exposed by Google Maps

Gateway Pundit has the story

Thanks to bloggers and the internet, the North Korean regime’s secret prison camps are being exposed.

The Telegraph reported:

Human rights activists are turning to Google Earth to identify the vast network of prison camps that dot the North Korean countryside and hold as many as 200,000 people deemed hostile to the regime.

Rights groups are pushing the United Nations high commissioner for human rights to open an international investigation into Pyongyang’s “deplorable” record on its citizens’ rights, including a system of political prisons that has operated for more than 50 years.

Pyongyang insists that the camps do not exist and are merely foreign propaganda, but the advent of high-resolution, free images from outer space has disproved that claim.

On January 18, the North Korean Economy Watch website announced that a new camp had been identified alongside an existing detention facility in Kaechon, South Pyongan Province.

Using newly provided Google Earth images, analyst Curtis Melvin was able to conclude that the new camp sits alongside Camp 14 and has a perimeter fence that stretches nearly 13 miles.

One Free Korea has more on the prison camps.

It has only taken the UN ten years to suspect “crimes against humanity” in North Korean prison camp.

Oh yes, the UN, or Useless Nations as I call that cesspool of ineptitude and corruption, they could not find their asses with both hands!

The war on gun owners begins. Names and addresses of pistol permit holders published in newspaper

An attempt to “Shame” gun owners? Despicable, and typical for Leftists.

Bill Quick has the story, via For What It’s Worth

White Plains newspaper The Journal- News, a Gannett publication, has published the full name and address of every licensed pistol permit holder in three New York counties. I don’t know whether the Journal’s publisher Janet Hasson is a permit holder herself, but here’s how to find her to ask:

(UPDATE: Uh oh – InstaPundit’s linked here. Hundreds of thousands of readers; Janet, you have a great Christmas Eve)

All the info is there. Let us see how they like a taste of  their own medicine. Gateway Pundit is also talking about this

On Sunday, liberal New York newspaper Lohud.com published the names and addresses of legal permit holders in two counties online and in print.

Expect more of this. I wondered today, how long until some lawyer starts suing gun owners, or maybe the NRA?


The Left smells blood, steps up attacks on NRA, gun owners, and liberty

In my lifetime, the Democratic party has gone from Left Center, to Liberal, and is now moving in on full blown Leftist status, and, as their vile tactics of demonizing their opponnents after the Newtown shooting show, they are going all in the destroy our gun rights

Code Pink protesters — including the group’s Marxist founder, Medea Benjamin — disrupted today’s press conference by National Rifle Association chairman Wayne LaPierre. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has video. Meanwhile, as Alex Pappas of Daily Caller reports, influential members of the nation’s elite press corps were openly mocking LaPierre:

Open mic caught members of the media openly praising Code Pink, and mocking the NRA head, whither journalism? The Left, I believe, will go balls out to use this atrocity to paint gun owners as dangerous subversives, and to cripple the NRA and the gun industry as much as they can. Remember, the Left does not seem coexistence, no matter what their bumper sticker says. The Left seeks no less than the total eradication of all Conservative dissent, and if they can do serious damage to the right to own guns at the same time, they will gladly do so.

Twitchy has more on the evil Tweets the “peaceful” Left is writing

It’s times like these that you wish some gun wielding, never owned a TV or games psychopath would shoot up the .@NRA offices. 


Wayne LaPierre: kill yourself. Do what you love to do best – shoot a gun. Just place it inside your mouth first, you fucking cunt. @nra#NRA

Many more like that. The level of rage, not outrage, but rage at gun owners is frightening. Sure most of these miscreants are just mouthing off, but, it makes you wonder how long until some Leftist nut tries to take “revenge” on someone with an NRA bumper sticker. I wonder when the president will call for civility? Yes, I am being sarcastic. The Twitchy link above does make me wonder if Liberals really are against gun violence, since so many of these Tweets demand that the NRA be shot. Odd, I thought the Left was ANTI-violence and tolerant? I also wonder when the media will pick up on this unhinged hate. Yes, I know, they will, five minute after Stalin is ice skating in Hell.


Union thugs show tolerance in Michigan, Steven Crowder’s face hardest hit

I am late getting home today, something called work gets in the way sometimes, but the big news of the day is that Michigan has become the 24th right to work state, and the union bosses and their thugs are not happy. That happens when you mess with corrupt people’s money. Yes, I am calling many union bosses corrupt, and when the flow of corrupt money is threatened, well, violence soon follows. The Other McCain has video of Steven Crowder getting punched, sucker punched to be exact, four times I think, by a union thug. 

Who to blame for this, theories vary, some will point to certain Michigan Democrats who Tweeted that “there will be blood”

The Michigan House Democrats tweeted out a call to violence today over the right to work bill that was passed by Republicans in the House and Senate.

“We are going to undo 100 years of labor relations.  And there will be blood.  We will relive the battle of Overpass.” -Geiss

The Democrats later removed the tweet.

…But not before Dana Loesch saved a copy of it.

Smitty opines that it was the RAAAAACIST tent that Americans for Prosperity put up that set off the thuggery

It seems that the Americans for Prosperity tent was a hotbed ofraaaaacism, and the 1% were using it as a base for #WarOnWomen attacks. So I guess you can sympathize with the need for ‘honest’, State-fearing Union Goons to protect the turf on which the tent sat, and the power that the Union had accumulated through years of graft.

Note the rage displayed by, not Crowder, but the union thugs. Note also that Crowder could take that guy in the video. But, as Crowder noted on Hannity’s radio show today, things would have gotten very bad for him had he fought back. Crowder also challenged any one of these thugs to a one on one meeting, a challenge they will never take of course. The thug in question has been ID’d as Tony last name unsure as of now, hi Tony, lose your cool much there douche bag? Gateway Pundit has that info

The union official who sucker punched Steven Crowder today in Michigan has NOT been fully identified.
His name is Tony according to Gateway Pundit They do give a last name, but I have not seen enough to post it. I should not have been so quick to report that his name was Tony Cummings. That apparently is wrong, and I apologize for rushing to post that! Dana Loesch has more including info on the thug heard screaming about a gun in the video

Tony shown here showing how to properly debate a political issue, union style


Election 2012 live blogging the end of our Constitutional Republic

Is that a cocky headline? Yes! Am I that confident? YES! Keep checking back for updates, I will be back when polls start closing.

Until that magic hour when we all start obsessing over exit polls, flipping channels and focusing the scrolls on the TV screen with vote count updates, here are some great blogs to visit

The Other McCain has election day updates

Gateway Pundit has news that in Ohio, Republican turnout is way up, Democrat turnout? Not so much

Chris has his voter guide at Wyblog

Milton Wolf has advice for the dead among us, Do NOT vote Democrat

Gary Jackson has a thug alert in Philly

American Power, Obama has nuthin!

Breitbart: Two election judges in Ohio booted for allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots

Bob belevedere to Blue State Conservatives, YES your vote matters

Conservative Black Chick: Why Mitt can’t wait

Conservative Hideout: BENGHAZI!

Victory Girls are also live blogging election night and has this story, I hope the part about the SEALs is true

Apparently, the New Black Panthers are also on the scene in Ohio.

Fortunately though, there are allegedly former Navy SEALs, supposedly from True the Vote, on the way to both Pennsylvania and Ohio to guard against voter intimidation. Can I get a “hell yeah” for our SEALs?!

Meanwhile, Politico’s final poll shows that the race is a dead heat, but Romney is up by 15 with independents.

BC notes that Dan Rather is saying Romney is in for a win

Michelle: It’s Time

Moonbattery offers some humor

Jill is feeling good about tonight, but not about this despicable ad

William Teach has an election day special post

Nice Deb has a great election day post as well

OK, here we go, no swing states have been called yet, no surprise there, and Romney holds an 82-78 lead in the EC. Florida is going back and forth, driving me crazy. Virginia and North Carolina looking good, but it is early so, no chicken counting yet on those. Pennsylvania is way too early to even consider, looks like a loooong night. So, what is everyone drinking? Coffee, Beer (yes I am) An Alaskan IPA right now, excellent beer. Watching the results on the PC because frankly, the talking heads drive me batty frankly.

RS McCain is live blogging too, from Ohio. And yes, I think we should give him the credit if Romney wins in Ohio, and the blame if….nope not going there. The Lonely Conservative, also live blogging updates that Arkansas is Romney country so 88-78 Romney currently.

Gateway Pundit says things are looking good in Wisconsin, likewise in Virginia, we hope that turns out to be the case, stay tuned……….

Linked by The Lonely Conservative! Thanks!

UPDATE! Chuck Todd reports that both sides expect Romney to win a close one in Florida

New EC count, 154-123 for Romney

Obama takes Pennsylvania, EC count 154-143 for Mitt

Wisconsin called for Obama? Good grief! 154-153

Looks like Florida is coming down to the panhandle, good sign for Romney?

Florida still damned close, Romney gaining in Ohio, holding on in Carolina and Virginia, I think Wisconsin was called way too early. And I think my eyes are going crossed from looking at all these numbers.

Just noticed that CNN has not called Wisconsin yet, Romney still leading there, current EC count, 163-157 Romney

Looking tough in Florida, but, National Review notes that there is still hope Santa Rosa County is HEAVY for Republicans, it has not reported yet

Florida is getting very close, so is Ohio, this ain’t over people!

UPDATE! Romney takes North Carolina, hope still lives

UPDATE! The Other McCain has given up, I am leaning towards that end right now, but not yet. I am amazed that there are so many in the nation that just have no grasp of what liberty is. If Romney loses, I will be posting lots of thoughts, there is plenty of blame to go around, no doubt. Out of all the swing states we got North Carolina, maybe Virginia, maybe Florida, and Ohio. Sorry, this should never have been this close. I cannot grasp how America votes for a bad economy, staggering debt, and no leadership at all. The Senate could have, and should have been taken. Right now, I am wondering if too many Americans  are simply hooked on big government.

UPDATE! Ohio called for Obama, good Lord we have reelected this Neo-Marxist? This is the price we pay for being ignorant of our history, our founding principles, I would say God help us, but I am not sure we deserve it anymore.

Senator Pat Roberts: Military worried that Obama does not have their back

Gee why would they think that? Video via Gateway Pundit

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West lays out his fears

As I watched this video, I thought of how this administration has completely failed in Obama’s promise to be transparent. Frankly, Obama acts like he does not care a bit about any of this.

Is Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit a trouble maker, or are Conservative bloggers being profiled?

Jim, who I have never met, seems like a good guy, and a patriot, and I am a big fan of his blog. So, I have no doubt that he never attacked anyone, which is what makes this story so weird. Jim went on Dana Loesch’ show to tell his tale

My first inclination is that someone is fabricating the incident trying to get Hoft in hot water. Liberals will certainly stoop to faking such incidents. Now, I could be wrong, but, again, I would not put that past some Lefties.


Obama Administration Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Security Team From Libya One Month Before Attack


Gateway Pundit has the bombshell

The Obama State Department withdrew a 16 member special forces team from Benghazi one month before the deadly attacks on 9-11. Lt. Col. Andy Wood was the leader of the 16 member special forces team whose job it was to protect US personnel in Libya. His team’s mission ended in August a month before the deadly Al-Qaeda attack on 9-11. A six member mobile security team was also withdrawn around the same time. This was despite the fact that there were over a dozen attacks in the country this year. Lt. Col. Wood was subpoenaed to appear at a House committee hearing this coming week. Wood told CBS News it was unbelievable to him that the State Department withdrew security when they did because of the 13 security incidents before 9-11.

Here is the video

Incompetence on a level I cannot begin to fathom.


A question to ponder about polls

Looking over several polls, both state and national, I am struck by something odd. These polls show Obama with 5, 7, 9, even 10 point leads in some swing states. Yet these polls show both candidates winning about the majorities of their party, and they also show Romney winning independents. Does this not strike you as odd? Independents usually swing the election don’t they? Gateway Pundit has video of Karl Rove discussing this on O’Reilly’s show Now, I am not the biggest fan of Rove, but he knows about polls. 

I would also point out that Dick Morris has Romney winning by 4-5 points if the election were held now. Do not buy these polls folks!

It took Joe Klein a long time to become this stupid

Via Gateway Pundit

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Klein insists that Israel is trying to “push us” into war. No, Israel is trying to survive. And, I would remind Klein that Iran will not hesitate to strike Israel, and us if at all possible. I might also remind him that Iran will USE nukes if they get the capability to, and that will cause an even BIGGER war, and will likely cost many more lives. 

Your Marxist Moron of the Day. And a Marxist Moron for life award

Is this ass hat! via Gateway Pundit

Good grief he is a moron, absolutely no grasp of history, economics, or reality. I like the last quote from him. He says we do not need jobs, we need housing and food. Did it ever dawn on him that people with jobs can buy housing, and food? Or does he expect those things to come from government? Or from thin air?

Maybe he got such nonsense in his head from reading Noam Chomsky? Donald Douglas has a link to an interview with Benjamin Kerstein, who’s written a book on Chomsky who I give a lifetime Marxist Moron Award to

From Michael Totten, at World Policy Journal, “Noam Chomsky: The Last Totalitarian.”

It’s an interview with Benjamin Kerstein, who’s written a book on Chomsky. And this is gold: 

Michael Totten: Can you boil down your case against him into a couple of sentences or paragraphs?

Benjamin Kerstein: There are a couple of main points that should be made. First, Chomsky is an absolutely shameless liar. A master of the argument in bad faith. He will say anything in order to get people to believe him. Even worse, he will say anything in order to shut people up who disagree with him. And I’m not necessarily talking about his public critics. If you’ve ever seen how he acts with ordinary students who question what he says, it’s quite horrifying. He simply abuses them in a manner I can only describe as sadistic. That is, he clearly enjoys doing it. I don’t think anyone ought to be allowed to get away with that kind of behavior.

Second, Chomsky is immensely important to the radical left. When it comes to American foreign policy he isn’t just influential, he’s basically all they have. Almost any argument made about foreign affairs by the radical left can be traced back to him. That wasn’t the case when he started out back in the late ’60s, but it is now.

Third, he is essentially the last totalitarian. Despite his claims otherwise, he’s more or less the last survivor of a group of intellectuals who thought systemic political violence and totalitarian control were essentially good things. He babbles about human rights all the time, but when you look at the regimes and groups he’s supported, it’s a very bloody list indeed.

Communism and fascism are obviously dead as the proverbial doornail, but I doubt the totalitarian temptation will ever go away. The desire for unity and a kind of beautiful tyranny seems to spring from somewhere deep in the human psyche.

Fourth—and this may be most important—he makes people stupid. In this sense, he’s more like a cult leader or a New Age guru than an intellectual. He allows people to be comfortable with their prejudices and their hatreds, and he undercuts their ability to think in a critical manner. To an extent, this has to do with his use of emotional and moral blackmail. Since he portrays everyone who disagrees with him as evil, if you do agree with him you must be on the side of good and right. This is essentially a kind of secular puritanism, and it’s very appealing to many people, for obvious reasons, I think. We all want to think well of ourselves, whether we deserve it or not…

Well, that last part surely sounds like the young man in the video doesn’t it? That dopey kid is entirely comfortable with hating the “rich” and in demonizing them as well. He also seems comfortable in supporting governments like Somalia has. And certainly it would seem the young man has totally failed any attempt at critical thinking. He sounds like someone who has been brain washed and indoctrinated by the far Left. And we all know by now that thinking is the last thing the Left wishes anyone to do.

One more note about Chomsky. As Kerstein notes, Chomsky is a shameless liar, and, we are all aware of how many lies the Left spews every day. It is all part of their all means are justified by the ends philosophy. Consider this “story” the Left is telling about raaaaacism at the RNC via Gateway Pundit

The lib media claims two Republican delegates threw nuts at an African-American CNN camerawoman and called her names. So far there is no video, audio, or pictures even though the victim was running a camera. And far left crank David Shuster is the one who first reported the incident.

I call BS.
Yahoo is spreading this tall tale.

Two people were ejected from the Republican National Convention when they threw nuts at a black CNN camera woman and said “this is how we feed animals,” the network said Wednesday.

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum” on Tuesday, the opening day of a gala at which former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will accept his party’s nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in November’s election.

“CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

Several witnesses observed the exchange, CNN reported, and convention security personnel immediately removed the two people from the forum.

The convention confirmed the incident in a statement late Tuesday.

“Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated,” organizers said.

The incident is surely not what Republicans wanted 10 weeks out from the election. Romney has struggled to attract African American voters as well as Hispanics, and he is also on the wrong side of the gender gap, with polls consistently showing women voters preferring Obama to Romney.

Current TV journalist and talk radio host David Shuster first tweeted about the incident Tuesday night.

I will bet this either never happened, or was greatly exaggerated, or more likely, if it did happen, it was perpetrated by plants. No, not actual plants, but by Leftists who wanted to create a racial incident at the RNC that they could use to paint the GOP as racist. The Left is very adept at that type of thing. Besides, if  this had gone down as described, it would have been caught on tape and would be the subject of media coverage!

Even more of the Left’s outrageous lies, and smears ala Chomsky at Camp of the Saints

From Timothy Carney of The Washington Examiner [who has been doing yeoman’s work at the RNC — check out his Twitter feed here]:

…Jack Hitt at Harpers rolls out a Republicans-are-Racist charge that involves ignoring all the relevant facts.

[A]s a Puerto Rican party functionary—Zoraida Fonalledas, the chairwoman of the Committee on Permanent Organization—took her turn at the main-stage lectern. As she began speaking in her accented English, some in the crowd started shouting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

The chanting carried on for nearly a minute while most of the other delegates and the media stood by in stunned silence. The Puerto Rican correspondent turned to me and asked, “Is this happening?” I said I honestly didn’t know what was happening—it was astonishing to see all the brittle work of narrative construction that is a modern political convention suddenly crack before our eyes. None of us could quite believe what we were seeing: A sea of twentysomething bowties and cowboy hats morphing into frat bros apparently shrieking over (or at) a Latina.

Hitt should have left it at “I honestly didn’t know what was happening.” And his editor should have read that line and decided not to publish the baseless insinuations.

Here’s what happened, Jack:

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus had called for a voice vote to approve the Credential Committee’s report. Ron Paul delegates objected, because the committee had refused to seat half of the Paul delegates. When the voice vote came, the “Noes” clearly were louder than the “Ayes.” (Ron Paul backers are pretty good at shouting.) Preibus ruled that the Ayes had won, and then he ignored many yells of “Point of Order.”

The Paulites began chanting “Point of Order,” trying to stop the proceedings so they could have a roll-call vote or even a debate. They also chanted “Seat Maine Now,” in this period.

Some Romney backers from delegations near Maine responded – for better or worse – by chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” over the Paulites’ chants.

Preibus, meanwhile, was just trying to steamroll ahead, and so he brought on Puerto Rican Republican Zoraida Fonalledas, who tried to speak over the parliamentary objections of the Paulites – and thus over the “U.S.A.!” chants of the Romney backers.

From this brouhaha, Harpers’ Jack Hitt concludes it was probably a bunch of racist Republicans shouting U.S.A. at a woman with a Hispanic accent. Seven hours later Hitt added a footnote citing BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller explaining what actually happened.

Miller’s reporting so thoroughly debunks what Hitt wrote that I would have expected Hitt to retract it. But when it comes to charging Republicans with racism, the standards are different, I guess.

You guess right.

-ITEM #3:

From Twitchy, we learn [vile vulgarity warning]:

Tuesday night after rising GOP star Mia Love brought down the house with her inspiring convention speech, the stomach-turning Left labeled the black conservative a “token” and an “Aunt Tom.”

Meanwhile, revoltingly racist, woman-hating Wikipedia vandals were hard at work updating her entry with disgusting slurs like “House Nigger” and “dirty, worthless whore.” The page called her a “total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP.”

Remember one thing about the Left my friends. It is the MOST important thing TO understand about them. They are not governed by any normal moral compass, so they can justify any action to themselves. The only “morality” they see is the ultimate destruction of individual liberty, and the implementation on their Utopian Collectivist Society.

You know there was a time when ass clowns like this would have gotten their ass whipped don’t you?

Gateway Pundit has a video of  a group of college students quietly protesting Obamacare. They are assaulted, OK, one of them is blindsided by some guy, who was likely drunk. This is why I do not go to protests folks. As I have explained before, if I was there, this guy would have had to fight, sorry, I know, legally speaking, the kids did the right thing, they did not throw any punches, they got his tag number and called the police. Hopefully the guy is charged with something. But, I always think back I our history when I see things like this. If the same guy pulls that stunt 40 years ago, he is going to get his ass beat, and rightfully so. So, what happened to us? Why are we, Conservatives, so often the victims of this crap? Well the Left are thuggish yes, but there is another reason. They know we will likely not hit back. This guy knew these kids would not fight back. If he thought they would have, would he have acted like he did?

Would I be wrong in asking my fellow Conservatives WWGSPD? That is What Would George S. Patton Do?