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Who am I most upset with this morning?

Well, it is quite a list to be sure. Let’s see here

Gary Johnson voters, yep, throwing away their votes instead of backing the candidate that could unseat Obama.

The GOP establishment for, once again, playing it safe.

The Romney campaign for going on cruise control after the first debate.

The media? Hell yes, for NOT covering Benghazi, NOT covering Fast and Furious like they should have, and for making Obama look like a hero after Sandy, and for painting Romney as some rich, out of touch, greedy man with no compassion

Chris Christie? Yes, we get it Chris you met the Boss, but you bromance act with Obama? Not what we needed there jelly boy

The voters who are  too lazy to actually do any research, or are just voting for free stuff, or who are naive enough to buy into the Democratic tactic of fear mongering or voting because of skin color? Good grief!

Yes, upset with all those people, but, oddly enough, the first name that crossed my mind when the results started looking bad was Chief Justice John Roberts. Because of that spineless bastard playing politics rather than doing his duty, we will be shackled with ObamaCare now. There is no escaping that albatross around our necks, even if the 2014 midterms were to give both houses to the Republicans, it is too late. Oddly enough, it will be ObamaCare that will finally wake up many Americans to the horrors we are in for. But, tragically, that wake up call will be too late.

One more question, about turnout. Obama got 10 million FEWER votes than in 2008, yet, Romney got two million less than McCain? What about all the polls that showed GOP enthusiasm up? Why would fewer Republicans go vote? I get lots of Obama voters from 2008 not voting, but Republicans? This does not make any sense.

Finally, one apology is in order here, no, make that three apologies. To the Founders, we let you down, we failed. Too many of us fell for the lies of Leftism. Too many of us have been seduced by the false promises of Marxism. Yes, Mr. Franklin, you gave us a Constitutional Republic, no, we could not keep it.

To our military, who have defended us for 250 years, who gave all so we could be free. Sadly, we took their sacrifice and embraced not liberty, but rather, a slow march to Statism.

Finally to God, who blessed us with natural rights, and with men who founded this nation, and gave us our constitution. Too many of us failed to weigh what a blessing those natural rights are, and have increasingly rejected those liberties for things we think we are somehow entitled to.