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Left-Wing Media Matters for America declares victory over Fox News

Stacy McCain points out some facts about Fox News after Media Matters for Marxists Against America declares that they have discredited Fox

This is analogous to the problem of conservatives making Fox News a singular focus of efforts to combat liberal media bias. As early as February 2009, I described what I called “The Fox Trap”:

Media-wise, the GOP made the mistake of putting all its eggs in one basket. I enjoy Fox News, but it has created a syndrome where Republicans watch Fox all the time and delude themselves into thinking, “Hey, our message is getting out! We’re winning!” Fact: The evening news broadcasts of ABC, NBC and CBS reach a combined audience of about 22 million; the top rated Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” reaches 4 million viewers. So if the three broadcast networks are viciously biased against Republicans – and they are – then that anti-GOP message is reaching more than 5 times as many TV viewers as Fox.

Last week, I described the problem again with updated numbers:

[D]uring the Bush presidency, the Left created institutions (notably Media Matters) based on the dubious theory that Fox News and other conservative media had too much influence.
That theory cannot be reconciled with the facts:

NBC Nightly News  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.3 million
ABC World News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.2 million
CBS Evening News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.3 million
Fox News (The O’Reilly Factor) . . . . . . . . . . . 3.2 million
MSNBC (Hardball with Chris Matthews) . . . . . 940,000
CNN (Anderson Cooper 360) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 605,000

Fox News is, as it proudly boasts, Number One in Cable News, accounting for 68% of the cable news audience. Add in the major network evening news broadcasts, however, and the total news audience is closer to 30 million, of which Fox’s share is about 11%.
In other words, 89% of news on TV is reliably liberal in its perspective, and the Left’s obsession with Fox News is absurd. Why should Media Matters have an annual budget of $10 million to counteract the influence of a network that gets 11% of the news audience?

We could discuss at length the ramifications of this data, but the point to be made immediately is that Fox News has functioned like a channelizing terrain feature in the informational battlefield. For the defenders of liberal media hegemony, all they had to do was to isolate Fox — identify it as a hostile force in the eyes of other media — and then to target both the network’s messages and its messengers.

Some very good points raised there. Fox has not influenced the rest of the media to change their game. Instead they have just been pigeon-holed as “Right Wing” by the Left, and to many, many Americans, who get their news from NBC, CBS, and ABC, well, Fox has a, shall we say tarnished reputation. In short, we cannot just rely on Fox News folks. Or on talk radio, which also has been smeared mightily by the Left, or on blogs, which have also been smeared and marginalized by “real journalists”. Stacy McCain sums it up very well

Andrew Breitbart understood this tactic, and fought very hard to escape the “Fox Trap,” which is why he delivered one of his biggest scoops on the WeinerGate scandal — the Meagan Broussard story, which confirmed that Weiner was “sexting” with multiple women — directly to ABC News as an exclusive. If conservative messages and messengers can be limited to one media channel, and that channel reaches no more than a minor fraction of the total news audience, liberals win. It’s really that simple




Have you seen the Super Offensive Super Bowl ad banned by the NFL?

My patience with the NFL is wearing thin. From not allowing Rush Limbaugh to be part of a ownership group, to the inane rules no one can understand, to the often mediocre product on the field, and oddly enough, the increasingly sanitized and awful Super Bowl ads, to this bit of PC

By the way, the company offered to switch the company logo that appears at the end of the spot for an American flag. The NFL still ruled the ad “offensive”

According to a statement from FOX to Daniel Defense, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category.”

The NFL’s Advertising Policy addresses several Prohibited Advertising Categories, including guidelines for ads featuring alcohol, video games, movies, prescription drugs, and, of course, firearms.

The firearms portion of the NFL’s Prohibited Advertising Categories states:

“5. Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunitions (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

According to these guidelines, Daniel Defense’s Super Bowl commercial does not violate NFL policy for two reasons:

  • Daniel Defense has a brick-and-mortar store, where they sell products other than firearms such as apparel.
  • The commercial itself does not mention firearms, ammunition or weaponry.

While Daniel Defense’s commercial does not mention firearms, it does include a logo of their DDM4 rifle at the very end.

When the NFL denied the ad, Daniel Defense immediately offered to replace the DDM4 logo with an American flag and/or the words “Shall not be infringed.”

The NFL replied with another non-negotiable denial.

Allowing teams to shill for ObamaCare, though? That is OK of course, but an ad that talks about basic liberties and responsibilities? OFFENSIVE!


Outrageously Outrageous Outrage! Man wears costume to a costume party, causes out break of Offendeditis!

Good Freaking Grief!

HOPKINSVILLE, KY. (Fox 17) — A picture of a Jennie Stuart Medical Center employee wearing a President Barack Obama mask and straitjacket at the hospital’s annual costume party has stirred debate.

Along with the costume (pictured above), a skit called “VIP Special Delivery” was performed, winning the group third place in the costume contest.

As a result, all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training. The VP of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch.

I actually wonder if anyone complained, or if the douche nozzle from HR just it upon themselves to order the employees to undergo re-education therapy. I tell y’all, it has become impossible to parody these PC morons, they parody themselves so well already.. If I am running this company, I rescind the order for “diversity training” and fire the VP of HR PDQ!


Why Fox News prime time lineup sucks

Just three words tell you why I put that headline up. NO RED EYE! COME ON Fox! Apparently their ratings among 25-54 year-olds has fallen. Featuring Megyn Kelly seems to be their strategy to fix that. I would argue Red Eye would be a better choice. Gutfeld is hilarious, and his guests usually include an attractive woman. See eye candy, humor, political debate, AND entertainment. The only problem with red Eye is that moron Bill Schulz, good Lord what a beating he is, so I would add another guest in his place.

Ah yes, the joys of being sick

I am being sarcastic of course. I hate being sick, my head hurts too bad to listen to any more of the debate, somehow, listening to a president promise to do the things he has not done the last four years agitates me, so, I am hitting the sack with some Nyquil, and will catch up on blogging about this debate after work tomorrow. Until then beware the RAAAAACIST ghosts

The St. Louis Zoo will remove the black-faced ghosts hanging from trees after complaints that they were racist ghosts.

FOX2 reported:

A photo shot by the St. Louis Zoo to show off their “Boo At The Zoo” Halloween decorations caused a stir among some FOX 2 viewers. The photo was shared on our Facebook page by a viewer who felt the black heads on the ghost bodies hanging from trees evoked the days of slavery in the United States.

We contacted the Zoo and have learned they will be taking the ghosts down and never intended the decorations to be offensive to anyone.



What you should be reading today, after you read this blog of course

Today I am tired, maybe lazy, maybe both. I am watching Bones, the Fox show on Netflix. About a third of the way into the first season, but, I like the show. Not very PC, I really enjoy that. So far, the show has featured an episode about terrorism, where the bad guy was a Muslim radical, and an episode on the death penalty that did not bash the death penalty. Also the main character, played by Emily Deschanel is about as un-PC as it gets. And, she is extremely sexy too, great voice, which never hurts. Anyway I figured I should do something today, so here are some great links to check out.

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Why the Left hates Fox News so much

No it is not because Fox has hot women anchors, MSNBS and CNN have those too, although the ones on MSNBS are nuttier than a fruitcake. No it is not because Fox is “Right-Wing”. It is for one simple reason, and only one. Fox anchors do not allow Liberal talking heads to get away with the BS talking points! The Blaze has video of a great example.

Watch and enjoy

PETA makes a mockery of animal rights, again

Can you say over the top? PETA can! H’T I’m a Man

One such organization that behaves in this way is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which has such a long string of mind-bogglingly silly publicity stunts to its name that they could fill several books. From their biology-defying decision to try to market fish as “Sea Kittens,”to the numerous models they dress in nothing but leaves, to the embarrassing street theater that they engage in while dressed like overgrown Peep marshmallows, PETA will likely go down in history as the only freak show to ever successfully make its living as a nonprofit.

But now PETA has decided to take on a new target – celebrity chefs – and have done so with a video that is simultaneously so ghoulishly hilarious and so unimaginably offensive that we have no choice but to report it. The Braiser reports:

The animal rights group recently launched its Silent Scream campaign targeting Fox, Gordon Ramsay, and Hell’s Kitchen. Apparently, they’d like Fox to air their latest PSA featuring “groundbreaking new fish empathy” propaganda during Hell’s Kitchen commercial breaks, in an effort to parallel the silent screams of all those dying fishies to the distinctly audible screams of Gordon Ramsay. Huh?

How disturbed are these people? To compare such horrible acts of violence against people to cooking a fish? Really? Can you say moral retardation?

Dear Karl Rove: Please, shut up and go away!

Sorry folks, but this guy agitates me to no end. He strikes me as a guy who has sold himself as some sort of political genius when he really is not. I hate the way Fox sucks up to him, and I hate his politics before principles style, which to me amounts to nothing more than ideological cowardice!. I ask you am I wrong?

OK here is  a thought that struck me right as I hit the publish button. What if Team Romney tells this Super Pac to go ahead and run the ad? They tell them that they will come out, and denounce the use of the ad. Doesn’t that cover Romney’s ass so to speak? The ad runs, so it benefits Romney with some voters, but Romney has denounced the ad, very early, so his bases are covered there as well. Just throwing that out there.

Yes, Liberals, it is YOU who favor censorship

The Left loves them some First Amendment unless someone uses it to say, or write something the Left does not approve of. When that happens, the Left goes into full blown totalitarian mode

Via The Hill:

An ethics watchdog group is using the hacking scandal in the United Kingdom to call on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to cancel Fox’s broadcast licenses.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government (CREW) sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Tuesday, arguing that U.S. law states that broadcast airwaves shall only be licensed to people of “good character” and used “in the public interest.”

They’re asking the FCC to revoke broadcast licenses for the 27 stations the Fox network owns in the United States.

Rupert Murdoch heads News Corp., the parent company of Fox. Murdoch’s former newspaper, News of the World, is under investigation in England for allegedly bugging phones in order to obtain stories.

“The illegal actions of News Corp. are not only limited to Great Britain,” CREW wrote, citing news reports thatNews of the World journalists hacked into the voice mailboxes of 9/11 victims. CREW called these actions evidence of a “significant character deficiency” that could disqualify Fox from holding a license.

“[T]he Murdochs clearly do not have the requisite character to retain their broadcast licenses,” CREW wrote. “Accordingly, we request that the FCC immediately commence an action to revoke their licenses.”

If the Left had their way, there would be absolute government control of media, the internet, talk radio, and every other medium.

Why does the Left never blame crime on criminals?

They will blame guns, poverty, Republicans, racism, and yes now, even shoes apparently! Cold Fury seems to be a tad upset about this trend

Oh, please.

Houston activists and ministers are calling on Nike and Michael Jordan to change the way they sell the highly-coveted Air Jordan sneakers.

After the various violent mishaps that followed the release of the shoes, community leaders claim the people at the top should take responsibility.

Outside Greenspoint Mall on Wednesday activist Quanell X (yes, that Quanell X) and ministers demanded that Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight “lower the price of the shoes and meet customer demand,” reports FOX.

“It is the responsibility of Michael Jordan and Nike to stand up and be part of the solution…” said Quanell X.

It is no such thing, you goddamned dumb shit. Nike is in no way responsible for the violent behavior of pig-ignorant, unsocialized, amoral thugs in the black community who think it appropriate and acceptable to bash each other to bloody pulp over some silly-assed pair of overpriced sneakers. It’s certainly a disgraceful, disgusting display alright…but the fault assuredly does NOT lie with Nike, who is guilty only of the heinous, racist crime of producing a product that knuckledragging drooltards lust after irrationally.

It’d be much more useful–and accurate–if the myriad race-hustling charlatans in this country took a good look into their own hellish urban ghettos next time they wanted to find someone to blame for their own failures

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is ALL the fault of the miscreants who think it is OK to plunder steal, and assault others! Face it, if you are willing to harm others over shoes, you have serious problems!


Sometimes, you just hear something so asinine………….

That you just have to laugh. Such is the case with the following statement by Juan Williams, who is, of course, one of those eeeevil Right wingers on Fox! H/T to Cubachi

Odd isn’t it? People continue to portray Obama as this great thinker, which, clearly he is not. If he were a true intellectual, he would abandon his Marxist ideological stances. He would learn from history that those ideals do not work. And listen to Williams talking about the “weak” Republican field? Please. Bill Krystal is correct in his rebuttal to Williams. All of the GOP “candidates” ARE far better suited than Obama to be president.