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Why are we so deep in debt?

Many reasons you might say, but the big issue is simple. The government has ZERO respect for taxpayers. It has not even one hint of an idea that maybe they should try to spend less. Here is but one example that illustrates that our government, on all levels, has developed a culture spend, spend, spend

A federal audit has revealed the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, Richard Lidinsky, used taxpayer dollars to spend more than $1,600 a month leasing a Chevy Tahoe SUV and $75 an hour to hire a staffer to drive him around Washington D.C. 

Channel 2 Action News also found parking for the vehicle cost $4,700 a year, and at least 105 trips made with the vehicle were used to “shuttle the agency’s chairman from his office to a nearby train station” that was three blocks from his office, less than a ten-minute walk. 

After agency employees complained about the SUV, The Federal Maritime Commission’s Inspector General “investigated the procurement and usage of the SUV” and also found the agency “trampled government rules” because the Chevy Tahoe, which gets 15 miles per gallon, is not a fuel-efficient vehicle. All government vehicles must pass fuel-efficiency standards. In addition, the investigation found that “agency employees failed to properly log the trips made in the SUV.”

I am sure Libs will read this and say what difference does that spending make, we are, after all, TRILLIONS in the hole. It is about the culture people! Think if the culture was changed? Think if the culture demanded fiscal responsibility rather than accepting this type of waste and fraud? Think if the culture started to change. From a culture of entitlement to a culture of respect and fiscal responsibility!