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*VIDEO* Apparently, Hillary Clinton Believes That Jobs Are Created By The Magic Federal Employment Fairy



Chris Wysocki: What if they gave a Recovery Summer and no one recovered?

The epic failure that is Obamanomics

Apparently the fifth time isn’t a charm either. Another “Recovery Summer” goes bust.

The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs in May, a gain that shows employers are hiring at a still-modest but steady pace.

The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent from 7.5 percent in April.

The government revised the job figures for the previous two months. April’s gains were lowered to 149,000 from 165,000. March’s figure was increased slightly to 142,000 from 138,000. The net loss was 12,000 jobs.

Employers have added an average of 155,000 jobs in past three months, below the average of 237,000 created from November through February.


You know what would really help our economy?

A time machine. See with a time machine we could all go back to 1979. Why 1979? Well Chris Wysocki figures that today’s “bright” economic news, unemployment hit 7.5%, would really be good news, if this was 1979.

Good news America! The unemployment rate has dropped again! It’s now at 7.5%, and employers are adding more jobs than ever!

U.S. employers added 165,000 jobs in April, and hiring was much stronger in the previous two months than the government first estimated. The job increases helped reduce the unemployment rate from 7.6 percent to a four-year low of 7.5 percent.

The government revised up its estimate of job gains in February and March by a combined 114,000. It now says employers added 332,000 jobs in February and 138,000 in March. The economy has created an average of 208,000 jobs a month from November through April — above the 138,000 added in the previous six months.

Alas every silver lining has a cloud. Or 2.

First, the workforce participation rate remains stubbornly stuck at 63.3%, the lowest it’s been since 1979. Because once you’ve given up, you’ve given up. And your president has likewise given up on you.

Second, and perhaps more ominously, ObamaCare is pushing more and more people into part-time work.

Many part-timers are facing a double whammy from President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The law requires large employers offering health insurance to include part-time employees working 30 hours a week or more. But rather than provide healthcare to more workers, a growing number of employers are cutting back employee hours instead.

See! Even good news is bad news in Obamaland. So, would we REALLY be better to go back to 1979? Well, in 1979, Carter was president, and things were not great at all. But there was no Obamacare looming over us, and do you recall what happened the very next year? Yep, Reagan was elected! Also, there was no MSNBS, no reality TV, of course there was no internet, and no blogs, so, what would I be doing with my time?


Figures, NY Slimes bashes Texas for, wait for it, creating jobs!

Oh my Goodness! How dare Texas Governor Rick Perry create a climate friendly to businesses. That is the basic message in this screed from the NY Times. Here is the key part to me. Note the business vs people nonsense the Times tries to play up.

Under Mr. Perry, Texas gives out more of the incentives than any other state, around $19 billion a year, an examination by The New York Times has found. Texas justifies its largess by pointing out that it is home to half of all the private sector jobs created over the last decade nationwide. As the invitation to the fund-raiser boasted: “Texas leads the nation in job creation.”

Yet the raw numbers mask a more complicated reality behind the flood of incentives, the examination shows, and raise questions about who benefits more, the businesses or the people of Texas.

Along with the huge job growth, the state has the third-highest proportion of hourly jobs paying at or below minimum wage. And despite its low level of unemployment, Texas has the 11th-highest poverty rate among states.

“While economic development is the mantra of most officials, there’s a question of when does economic development end and corporate welfare begin,” said Dale Craymer, the president of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, a group supported by business that favors incentives programs.

Those EVIL companies! Coming to Texas, employing thousands of people! How dare they? Those people would be better off depending on the government than their own labor! One might imagine the author of this piece might understand that companies coming in, hiring Texans, Texans who then buy goods and services helps Texas. But sadly, no.  I suppose California is more the model that the Times would support? You know a state flat broke, taxing the Hell out of its residents, driving businesses and jobs away with high taxes and regulations. But I guess that is OK because California is still spending money it does not have right? That is the Liberal way.

By the way, as you read the article, you find a common theme, that Texas is robing from schools to pay these businesses to come here. Here are the fact about what the State is spending in this fiscal year 34% of spending is on education. More than a third. California? They spend 24 % Note, this includes state and local spending. The state of Texas spends 24 % of its spending on education, California 17%

We might also note that the unemployment rate in Texas is, as of October this year 6.6%. California? 10.1%. And as long as we are talking about education spending, we must take careful notice that Liberals ALWAYS equate more spending with better education. Yet, in this country, we spend more, and more, and more, and get less and less, and less for our money spent. The Dallas Morning News did a story in January of last year on what Texas spent on education per student for fiscal year 2009-2010. Forget the rhetoric, and the Liberal gnashing of teeth, note the money PER student spent. 

Texas has dropped sharply below the national average in per-pupil spending over the past decade, a new comparison shows, and could plummet further as lawmakers consider changes that would deprive schools of up to $5 billion a year.

The comparison by the National Education Association, a teachers group — based on figures furnished by state education agencies — indicated that in the 2009-10 school year, Texas spent $9,227 per student, a figure that’s $1,359 below the national average.

That places Texas 37th in spending among the states and the District of Columbia. Ten years ago, Texas ranked 25th and was $281 below the national average.

Over $9,000 PER student? And this is not enough? 

How bad is Obama’s record on job creation?

It is so bad that the Washington Post says it is awful! Via William Teach

Someone at the Washington Post will surely have received a phone call from the White House today to have a conversation with Josh Hicks, who compares and contrasts the economic records of George Bush and Barack H. Obama (I added the H because it’s raaaaacist): Obama’s remarks on worst job growth: Did he end it or should he own it?. Josh spends quite a bit of time going through numbers and such, and finally concludes

There’s no doubt that Bush owns an unimpressive record on job creation. But Obama comes in either last, second-to-last or in the bottom half among presidents since the Great Depression, depending on which way you look at the numbers.

The president said that policies from 2000 through 2008 produced the “most sluggish job growth we’ve ever seen.” Perhaps so, but the worst numbers on record occurred under his watch.

Obama chose a poor metric for measuring past administrations. To make his point with jobs data, he has to point to his own numbers and completely disavow much of them, or else ignore public-sector losses. We came close to thinking this was worth Three Pinocchios, but ultimately decided he was not necessarily including his record in the statement. Still, it’s a very fine line. The president should be much more careful about making such a sweeping claim.

This is, of course why Team Obama is focusing on anything except the economy. Oh, and about those lobbyists President Obama vowed NOT TO HAVE in the White House….

The Washington Post calls our attention to the number of lobbyists who visit the White House, despite the promise of President Obama to reduced the influence of lobbyists on his administration. In all fairness, it’s mostly Democrat lobbyists and those with close ties to Obama and his buddies that are granted access, so not all lobbyists have influence.

Before 9 a.m., a group of lobbyists began showing up at the White House security gates with the chief executives of their companies, all of whom serve on President Obama’s jobs council, to be checked in for a roundtable with the president.

At 1 p.m., a dozen representatives from the meat industry arrived for a briefing in the New Executive Office Building. At 3 p.m., a handful of lobbyists were lining up for a ceremony honoring the 2011 World Series champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.

And at 4 p.m., a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs arrived in the Old Executive Office Building for a meeting with Alan B. Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

It was an unremarkable January day, with a steady stream of lobbyists among the thousands of daily visitors to the White House and the surrounding executive office buildings, according to a Washington Post analysis of visitor logs released by the administration. The Post matched visits with lobbying registrations and connected records in the visitor database to show who participated in the meetings, information now available in a search engine on the Post’s web site.

The visitor logs for Jan. 17 — one of the most recent days available — show that the lobbying industry Obama has vowed to constrain is a regular presence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The records also suggest that lobbyists with personal connections to the White House enjoy the easiest access. (Read More

Darn, this seems to be politics as usual, another thing Obama vowed to end

It is like getting kicked in the nuts by the guy who just robbed you

As if the Solyndra fiasco was not bad enough………..

(IBD) — The Labor Department today announced that it had approved Trade Adjustment Assistance for the former employees of the bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra.

That means all of the firm’s 1,100 ex-employees are eligible for federal aid packages, including job retraining and income assistance. The department has valued packages at about $13,000 a head.

Taxpayers will have to cough up yet another $14.3 million as a result of Solyndra’s bankruptcy. They are already on the hook for $528 million in federal loan guarantees to the company that are unlikely to ever be paid back.

No additional comments needed here. Besides my freaking head just exploded!

Your Nanny Statists of the Day!

Chips (BE), French fries (AE), French fried po...
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Let me say it again, they wish to control EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOU LIFE!

No overbearing perfume. No obscene pictures. And definitely no French fries for work lunches.

That’s the new edict for employees of the same city Health Department that brought you calorie-counting menus and snuffed out smoking on beaches and in parks.

The updated rules – which range from what workers can serve at agency powwows to how loud they can talk in the office – come as the Health Department begins to move into its new Queens digs today.

A set of guidelines for “Life in the Cubicle Village” sent to employees asks them to avoid wearing products with “noticeable odors” or posting “any displays, photos, cartoons, or other personal items that may be offensive.”

They also should avoid eavesdropping.

If they can’t – “at least resist the urge to add your comments,” the cubicle rules recommend.

Employees also got a bright-colored brochure stipulating what can and can’t be served at meetings and parties.

Tap water is a menu must when food or drinks are served. Other beverages must be less than 25 calories per 8 ounces.

“Cut muffins and bagels into halves or quarters, or order mini sizes. Offer thinly-sliced, whole-grain bread,” the brochure states.

Deep-fried foods are an absolute no-no and “cannot be served.”

For celebrations, cake and air-popped popcorn – “popped at the party and served in brown paper lunch bags” – are allowed.

But when a “celebration cake” is served, cookies can’t be offered.

“These standards are mandatory for meetings and events sponsored by the Health Department,” the brochure states.