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In Defense Of Patriotism

In Defense Of Patriotism – Edward L. Daley

The other day I heard a liberal assert that patriotism is really just xenophobia wearing a happy face, and that people who wave the flag and shout “God bless America” are nothing but ignorant fools, full of false pride and hatred for foreign cultures.


This attitude is typical of many left-wingers these days, and it’s not too hard to understand how they could arrive at such a conclusion. They’re extremely ignorant people, who are unable to appreciate the fact that many of their fellow citizens have a deep, unwavering love for their country, and the basic moral rightness for which it stands.

After all, it’s difficult to appreciate the greatness of America unless one understands its history, and liberals are sorely lacking in that sort of education. Take, for instance, the liberal contention that the United States is no better than any other nation, because some Americans used to be slave owners, and our government once wiped out entire populations of American indians. Well, in the first place, slavery, while it was a truly obscene practice, only lasted in this country for a little over 80 years, which is far less than it lasted in virtually every other country on the planet. And whatever you may think about the issue, never forget that hundreds of thousands of Americans sacrificed their lives in order to put an end to it.

As far as killing off the indigenous people of this continent is concerned, it’s not like they were all just sitting around minding their own business when we attacked them. Yeah, we went to war against the indians, and some of the things we did were vicious, ugly, and unjust, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that they were all virtuous innocent bystanders. The indians did a whole lot of slaughtering themselves, not only of white people, but of other indians long before we ever showed up, so I think it’s only appropriate that we try to maintain just a little bit of perspective on the matter.

There’s also the leftist view that America is not the great nation that the patriots among us believe it to be, because equality has not been achieved among all its citizens. What they fail to understand is that there is no such thing as absolute equality among people. There never has been, nor will there ever be. It’s a practical impossibility.

Simply possessing the same rights as everyone else does not, in any way, guarantee a person equality of outcome in any endeavor, nor can laws change the fact that some people are superior to others in all sorts of ways. Is there any question that some folks are smarter than most of us, more athletic, more artistic, more motivated, or more physically attractive to the general population? Of course not. Why then should we assume that everyone is capable of achieving the same level of economic success in their lives? Indeed, what makes liberals think that there aren’t some people who are completely undeserving of success, due to their own lack of hard work?

The only equality anyone can ask for is equality under the law, and if some other country has a better system of justice than ours, I’d like to hear about it.

Left-wingers also whine endlessly about American imperialism, even though they clearly have no grasp of what that term implies. If the United States was an imperialist nation, the Cold War never would have happened, because we would have obliterated the Soviet Union in 1945, and then established American-style governments and economic systems in every country we felt like controlling. No nation on earth was in a position to challenge us once we developed nuclear weapons, but we didn’t set about taking over the world, because modern Americans are not conquerors, we’re liberators.

Still, few liberals are willing to make the sort of moral distinctions necessary to differentiate between countries like this one and the former Soviet Union. Most of the time they behave like moral relativists, who seem incapable of identifying evil when they see it. Of course, if the subject happens to turn to something like conservatism, their demeanors suddenly change. They have no problem treating right-wingers as if they were the spawn of Satan himself, but when it comes to someone like Joseph Stalin, why, he was just a poor, misunderstood schlub.

Oh, and let’s not forget that America is also a horribly racist country, or so leftists would have us believe. Aside from being the descendants of slavers and genocidal maniacs, the white majority routinely seeks to disenfranchise black voters, prevent hispanics from entering the country, profile Arab-looking people at airports, and railroad virtually every non-white criminal suspect we can get our grubby little hands on. Of course, it doesn’t seem to matter at all that a disproportionately high number of criminals in this country are non-white, that the vast majority of terrorists are Arab-looking, that millions of hispanics have entered the U.S. illegally, or that there’s been practically no evidence of black voter disenfranchisement anywhere in the country in recent times.

For the most part, liberals who cry racism at every turn are racists themselves, choosing to exploit the issue of skin color whenever they feel it will afford them some sort of political or social advantage. In fact, they are even more dangerous, potentially, than neo-Nazis or the KKK, because they don’t admit they’re racists. At least you know a skinhead when you see one.

These left-wing bigots are the same people who delight in telling everyone how awful this country is, and how ashamed we should be for all the horrors we’ve inflicted on the innocent people of the world throughout our history. And while they may not make up the majority of liberals in this country, they are almost never challenged by other leftists for being utterly despicable cretins.

No, their left-leaning confederates are too busy referring to patriotism as the foolish antics of a bunch of redneck simpletons, who think everyone else in the world sucks. Well, patriotism is NOT foolishness, nor is it an expression of unwarranted pride. Patriotism in this country is born of the understanding that we are among the most honorable and decent people on earth, in spite of our flaws, and it’s kept alive by an overwhelming desire to make sure that our children are left with at least as much freedom and prosperity as we enjoy.

American patriots appreciate just how lucky they are to live in this country. They understand how many people sacrificed everything to get us to this point, and how many more sacrifices will have to be made to keep us here. True patriots don’t go around telling people from other countries how superior Americans are to them. They don’t hate anybody who hasn’t exhibited a hatred for America first, and they’re perfectly willing to let other countries be, just as long as they don’t threaten America’s interests.

Patriotic Americans also understand that you can’t build up your country if you spend all your time trying to tear it down, and I’ve yet to meet a liberal who hasn’t attempted to wreck some aspect of American culture at some point in their lives.

While it is the right, and even the duty, of all Americans to question their government from time to time, ridiculing the American culture, and demeaning the remarkable efforts of our ancestors simply because some of them did horrible things, is as contemptible as it is narrow-minded.

Liberals love to preach to the rest of us about tolerance and understanding, but when put to the one test that matters the most, they reveal themselves to be as intolerant as any group of people can be. They act as if there’s something wrong with Americans choosing to embrace all that is good and right about our country, instead of habitually focusing on its faults, and I for one resent their attitude.

America may not be the best it can be, but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than the socialist utopia envisioned by people on the left these days. Given the choice between associating with some whiny, blame-America-first liberal, or a proud, flag-wavin’ redneck, all I’ve got to say is toss me one o’ them there brews, Bubba, and fire up the barbecue!

In the words of the late John Wayne, “Sure I wave the American flag. Do you know a better flag to wave? Sure I love my country with all her faults. I’m not ashamed of that, never have been, never will be.”

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Ed Shares His Brilliant And Timeless Article On The Stupidity Of Taxing The “Rich”

The Main Problem With Raising Taxes On The “Rich” – Edward L. Daley

September 5, 2003

By Edward Daley

Ok, so you’re a single, working class Joe pulling down $20,000 a year at the age of 25. You’re paying roughly a third of everything you make in taxes, from income to Social Security taxes; gasoline to sales taxes; excise to clean air taxes, and on and on.

You’re not wealthy, far from it. You have rent payments, car payments, school loan payments, utility payments, insurance payments, food and clothing expenses, and you like to keep a few bucks in your pocket for a bottle of booze or an occasional video rental. You also have a girlfriend who has rather extravagant tastes in clothing and jewelry, and really enjoys eating in restaurants. You work fifty hours a week and spend five hours on top of that driving to and from your place of employment, so you’re pretty tired most of the time, but at least you have weekends off and you like what you do for a living. You haven’t had a raise in over a year and your company is currently laying people off, but your boss assures you that your job is secure in spite of the economic slow down, and, confidentially, you look like management material to him.

You have one credit card, and owe about $400 on it. Your three-year-old Ford Mustang is in need of minor repairs, but if left unattended, it will probably require major work within 6 months. You make a mental note of that. You have about $1,800 in the bank and no stock, bond or land investments, which means that if your car does break down, you’re savings will be cut in half by the time you’ve had it fixed. Things aren’t great, but they could be worse, and besides, you’re a young man with plenty of opportunities ahead of you.

So, one Sunday afternoon you’re sitting in your tastefully decorated (by your girlfriend) living room watching the tube and waiting for the football game to start when you stop flipping through the channels long enough to see the top two presidential contenders as they begin to debate the state of the economy. One candidate, a Republican, claims that everyone, regardless of their income class, could use a tax cut of one kind or another because the economy needs more money flowing into it in order to stimulate growth. The other candidate, a Democrat, claims that because the government has a budget deficit, “rich” people need to pay more in taxes.

On election day, you and the majority of people in the country vote for the candidate who wants to raise taxes on the “rich.” What the heck, your next door neighbor who just bought a new Mercedes definitely isn’t hurting for money. People like him SHOULD pay higher taxes! Sure, he seems like a nice enough guy, but hey, he can afford to pay a few more dollars in the name of balancing the budget. It’s only fair, right?

Anyway, a few months go by and your boss tells you he has to let you go. At the same time, your rent is increased by $50 a month and the cost of virtually everything you buy seems to be going up. You find another job making $18,000 a year, move to a cheaper apartment in a seedy part of town and trade in your car for a six-year-old Hundai, which, it turns out, needs about as many repairs as your Ford did.

Also, your new employer’s health insurance provider doesn’t offer a plan that will cover you as well as the last one did, unless you agree to pay more money out of your own pocket for it, and it doesn’t look like anyone is supporting the new president’s universal healthcare bill like you were hoping they would. Your new neighbor is a drug addict who keeps you up all night with wild parties, and his friends vandalize your car one night in a crack induced fit over you calling the cops on them the night before. Your credit card debt just doubled because you had to charge 4 retread tires and a new windshield to the account. You would have paid cash for them, but the cost of moving, registering another car, paying those new, increased deposits for electricity and telephone service, and buying your girlfriend a present for her birthday pretty much wiped out your bank account.

The months go by and you find yourself sitting in your dingy little living room, watching the basketball game on network TV (because you can’t afford the rising cost of cable anymore) and wondering what just happened to your life. Well, here’s the deal… thanks to 6 out of 10 voters (yourself included) your old boss had his taxes raised, so he had to “cut corners” in order to stay in business. You just happened to be one of those “corners.” You actually sort of liked the guy before he gave you the ax, but even so, you still felt he needed to pay higher taxes. After all, he WAS one of those “rich” people, just like your previous neighbor with the Mercedes. You remember him, he was the one who DIDN’T slash your car’s tires out of spite or wake you up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. In fact, the only thing he ever did do was give you a bottle of single malt scotch for Christmas because you told him how much you liked his Mercedes.

Your former “rich” landlord had his taxes raised too, so he decided to increase your rent payments, forcing you to move. You hated him for that, but now that you think about it, at least he always made sure your utilities worked, the garbage was collected, the toilet didn’t back up every other day and the place wasn’t infested with cock roaches and other vermin…unlike your new landlord.

The local retail stores, manufacturers, distribution companies and the like all had their taxes raised as well, so they decided to pass their increased costs onto you. When push came to shove, it was either raise consumer prices or lay off your friends who work for them. After all, did anyone really expect the owners of those companies to take a pay cut on behalf of people like yourself who just voted to raise their taxes?

So anyway, there you are, suddenly turning the corner on 26 years of age. You work at a crappy job, for a cranky boss who doesn’t pay you nearly what you’re worth and is always asking you to come in on weekends. You find yourself buying industrial sized cans of ‘Raid’, a heavy duty toilet plunger, new tires every other month (because your neighbors are totally out of control and the cops don’t patrol that neighborhood very often), higher fuel bills (because your place is so poorly insulated), higher prices at the store, higher insurance premiums, a security alarm for your apartment (because God knows what those maniacs next door will try next) and none of your friends want to visit you in that “hell-hole” (as they like to call it) you now call home.

Oh yeah, and your girlfriend just called to tell you that she doesn’t feel your relationship is working out, saying something about the problem being with HER and not YOU… yada yada yada. In less than a year you’ve gone from being a fairly stable young man with a pretty young lady on your arm, a nice apartment, a cool car and extra money to spend, to a lonely, dateless, overworked schmuck, with swelling credit debt, no money in the bank, a career that’s in the crapper and a brand new acid stomach condition.

Still, look at the bright side. The way things are going, it won’t be long before you qualify for that earned income tax credit the new president was talking about last year while he was pushing for those tax hikes on the “rich.”

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Donald Trump For President – A Stream Of Consciousness

Ed considers the issue of a Trump candidacy… while drinking heavily.


I demand to see Donald Trump’s Certificate of Live Hair!

First I was a “birther”, now I’m a “scalper”.

Like Obama’s birth certificate, Trump’s hair is definitely layered.

Did you know that Donald Trump’s barber is from Kenya? True story… I heard it on the Alex Jones show.

Trump just signed a deal with Penguin Books to publish his autobiography titled ‘Audacity of Brill Cream’. It’s rumored that former Congressman James Traficant may ghost-write it.

BREAKING: This just in… Donald Trump and James Trafficant have decided to formally endorse a new political movement called the Wig Party.

The one positive thing about a possible Trump presidency is the fact that I’ll get to spend at least four years referring to him as the Combover-in-Chief. COMEDY GOLD!

I can’t wait for the inevitable VP edition of ‘The Apprentice’, wherein The Donald devises challenging, yet demeaning tasks for his potential running mates to perform. I’m especially looking forward to the episode in which he turns to Ron Paul and says: YOU’RE FIRED!

His ratings would go through the roof!

We’re talking pay-per-view potential here!

I need to submit the idea to him before somebody beats me to it… I’m only asking for 3 percent of the royalties.

Ya know, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the best move for The Donald would be for him to choose his hair as his running mate.

Joe Biden would have a tough time beating Trump’s hair in a debate.

Some have argued that Trump’s hair is actually the one in charge, and that the rest of him is just an ugly appendage.

The problem, however, is that Trump’s hair may well be an illegal alien… the jury’s still out on that.

Interesting: The Donald recently told the Chinese to go f*** themselves. Of course, he basically said the same thing to his ex-wives, yet the alimony continues.

Q.) If Donald Trump really were a “carnival barker”, as Barack Obama has implied, would you ever go to a carnival again? Just askin’.

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