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Don Lemon REALLY wants everyone to know he is Gay

Yes, we know Don, and most of us, including the president really could not care less

CNN host Don Lemon on Tuesday evening wondered why so many of President Donald Trump’s supporters overlook his “racism” that Lemon said is “personal” and “even deadly” to people like himself.

Lemon and host Chris Cuomo were discussing former Ohio Governor John Kasich’s comments about how most people who voted for Trump are not bigots.

“But for people who look like me, other minorities, women who have–well, let’s just leave this to race, this president has said and done so many insensitive and bigoted and racist things that… if you support him, people like me want to understand why you ignored so much in order to support this man,” Lemon said. “You may not think you’re a racist. Maybe–I don’t know if you are. I don’t think, you know, every Trump supporter is a racist. But you certainly had to overlook racism and bigotry in order to make that decision.

Don, Don, Don, it is easy to spout this nonsense that Trump has said and done like SOOOOOOOOOOO many like racist things. The truth, however is that saying it, even everytime you open your mouth, as you do, fails to make it true. I note you never seem to give examples, and, those you do are misquotes, or outright lies. Don, you wish to pretend you are a victim, and throw a non-stop pity party, that is on you. But slurring people and telling lies makes you exactly what you accuse Trump of being, a bigot! You are the one with bias here Don, not Trump, or his supporters. So quit projecting, and for God’s sake quit posing as a journalist, because you have forsaken any journalistic ability you had on the altar of fake victimhood. 

Poor deluded Don Lemon

Really Don? Really?

“What I saw was a minstrel show today,” he said. “Him in front of all these white people, mostly white people, embarrassing himself and embarrassing Americans, but mostly African-Americans because every one of them is sitting either at home or with their phones, watching this, cringing. I couldn’t even watch it. I had to turn the television off because it was so hard to watch.”

He said West was “being used by the president of the United States, and denigrated him as someone with mental health issues, saying West was “someone who needs help.”

(West was hospitalized in Nov. 2016 during a tour for mental exhaustion.)

“This was an embarrassment,” Lemon added. “Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.”

Don, I think you are the one that needs some help, seriously Don, get some help. Here is more of Lemon’s meltdown, and his racist rhetoric, and his nasty comments about Kanye West’s mental health

Of course, to be fair, MSNBS went all unhinged too

Oh Stephanie, you might want to go talk to a counselor as well. And to be clear, no one goes to MSNBS for any serious reporting or analysis. They watch you and the moron beside you because they are paste eaters like you are, or they go to laugh at your inability to think. And yes, we watch to pick that low hanging blogging fruit you provide.

CNN’s Don Lemon descends into the madness of Racial Obsession Syndrome

Simply Pathetic Mr. Lemon

Lemon conducted an interview with NBA star LeBron James and discussed the issue of race in America. Lemon became emotional and went on a racially charged tangent while he was discussing the interview with his political panel

“I know people that watch and they say ‘Why are you guys talking about race? You’re race baiting. It’s not that bad.’ It is that bad,” he said. “And stop saying that. Start examining yourself. Why don’t you want to talk about it? Maybe I should be more open to talk about it. Maybe I should learn more about my neighbors of color or people who are not like me.”

Perhaps, Mr. Lemon, you should stop obsessing over skin color? Why is it Don Lemon thinks neighbors who “don’t look like each other” do not talk? Maybe they do not sit and pretend racism is rampant. Maybe they just chat, cookout, or enjoy each other’s company? In short, does Lemon ever think people of all races, are pretty much over race?

“What is it that I don’t know? What is it that I’m not exposed to? What am I not learning rather than every single time saying there is no racism. It’s all behind us. Slavery was a long time ago. That’s all really bullshit, if you’re watching at home and you’re saying that,” he concluded. “Not even LeBron James is exempt from racism and bigotry. What does that say about the state of this country?”

Well, Don, racism is largely a thing of the past these days. Yep, you can find a few racists, of all races if you look hard enough. In a country of 320 million, you can find most anything if you look hard enough. And, to be honest if CNN wants to find racism, they could start with some of their leftist guests who play the race card every time they can. Or he could look at leftists and their level of hatred for anyone who does not walk the line If you would take your victim glasses off you might see that most of us are past that now. And, of all the people to hold up as a victim you pick Lebron James? Yep, that guy is richer than rich, the greatest basketball player on earth, and adored by millions. What a victim! I don’t see how he manages with all the oppression he faces.

Don Lemon vies for Journalism Fail Hall of Shame

Good Freaking Grief what planet does this fool live in?

On Monday night, near the end of his CNN Tonight show, host Don Lemon got into a heated debate with right-leaning CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer after she began criticizing the media for giving the anti-gun Parkland student activists a forum to make incendiary attacks on the NRA and other opponents of gun control.

After she complained that, if you criticize the behavior of some of the students, “all of a sudden you’re the bad guy,” Lemon shot back: “You are the bad guy. Yes, you are, you are. These kids suffered an unimaginable tragedy. You let them vent, and then you move on.”

Continuing to dismiss her concerns about giving air to one side of a political debate without being allowed to respond with appropriate criticism, he soon added: “We’re not elevating them. And they deserve to have every elevation because of what they went through, and we should listen to them because I can’t imagine what they went through.”

So, if you are traumatized, and under the age of 18 then you get to say whatever you want? No matter how false? Not only that, but everyone else must elevate you, and do whatever you suggest because if you don’t you are the BAD GUY! The truth? BAH! Don Lemon don’t need no stinkin’ truth!

A bloviating race pimp, a loudmouth bigot and a man with common sense walk onto a CNN set

I think the readers can determine which is which here

Exit question. Is there anyone who uses more big words without actually saying anything than Michael Eric Dyson? And Symone Sanders? Is she anything else but an overt racist? Watch

CNN’s Don Lemon dares challenge the narrative on “brutal arrest” of 16-year-old South Carolina girl

Don Lemon does have some good moments, this might be his best

Don Lemon has come under fire for suggesting people should learn more about the incident involving a police officer dragging a South Carolina girl out of her desk in a short video clip.

He doubled down on his comments a day later.

When the incident was first reported on CNN Lemon said “I would like to see what happened before (the video clip) and I would like to see what happened afterwards.”

Those comments fired up CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin who angrily yelled “I don’t need to know more.”

Well, Hostin cannot order a cheeseburger without seeing RAAAAACISM in it somehow. It is frightening she was ever a prosecutor given her far-Left bias

Lemon stuck to his guns and said everyone, particularly a prosecutor like Hostin, “should want to know more.”

A day later after evidence had been uncovered that the 16-year old girl was belligerent and punched the officer Lemon felt vindicated.

“We are a news network which provides context and information and knowledge to our viewers,” he said. “Knowledge is power. The more information you have, the better it is.”

Again good for Lemon, although CNN did repeatedly show the video that did not give any context, so they are part of the problem.

Don Lemon is too smart to be this stupid

Cnn’s Don Lemon has shown his intelligence, he has said some very good things, but, THIS is what happens when raw emotion supplants intelligent debate

Bob Owens weighs in

Lemon doesn’t know the difference between an automatic weapon—a machine gun—and an semi-automatic weapon, which fires one bullet per trigger pull and which have been commonly owned by civilians for more than a century.

Lemon, never willing to concede how stunningly wrong he is, then attempts to argue that the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic is a matter of “semantics.”

Again, Lemon either did zero research, or ignored that which was inconvenient. This is NOT journalism, this is emotionally based rhetoric, that has no place on any credible news outlet. Here are some more facts about automatic weapons

Since the National Firearms Act passed in 1934, automatic weapons have been very tightly regulated. There are roughly 250,000 in the entire nation—half of those are registered to law enforcement agencies—out of 300 million total firearms.

Precisely zero automatic weapons have been manufactured for public consumption in 28 years, since the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owner Protection Act (FOPA) made the sale of new machine guns to the public illegal, regardless of their qualifications.

Frankly, this is why so many point to media bias. 

Update! Whiny rapper displays typical entitlement attitude, genuine stupidity

This guy is a spoiled child. What a moron, Typical Leftist useful idiot