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The answer is because he is a Democrat

If this were Jeopardy, you would ring in and answer with the question. In this case Lonely Conservative asks the right question. Why is Bob Menendez still a US Senator?

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is no stranger to scandal, but the latest allegations against him would have meant the end of his political career if he had an R next to his name rather than a D. Not only is he under an ethics investigation for accepting the gift of chartered flights to the Dominican Republic, there are also charges that the chairman of the foreign relations committee was having sex with underage prostitutes while in that foreign country. So, why is he still a senator? Because, he’s a Democrat from New Jersey.

The sad truth is this. Powerful politicians from both parties do bad things. Politicians from both parties get caught. But, it seems, for the most part, only Republicans have the decency to resign. This is true in part because the media makes far more of Republican scandals than Democrat scandals. It is also true that Republicans have more of a sense of what is right, even when they do wrong. And, sadly, it is true because Democrats care about power more than morality, or decency. And yes, that applies to Democratic voters as well, except that rather than placing power over morals, Democratic voters place their own sense of entitlement, as in entitled to some of everyone else’s money, above morals.

This brings me to another answer, to a question I have asked quite a bit. Given the lack of character, the lack of respect for the Constitution, and the lack of interest in the will of the people most Democrats openly display, why would anyone be a Democrat? The answer? Because they know Democrats will keep the handouts coming. And if that offends you as a Democrat, do not blame me. The truth hurts, so, instead of attacking me go take  a long look in the mirror.

From the Department of Redundancy Department

Stacy McCain ponders the redundancy of the term corrupt Democrat.

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection reports on a congressional ethics investigation that has found “there is substantial reason to believe that Representative Owens accepted payment of travel expenses for an officially connected trip to Taiwan from an impermissible source, resulting in an impermissible gift, in violation of federal law and House Rules.”

Maybe a better question is was there any banging of underage hookers going on?

Short answer: Hell to the yes!

Two FBI sources have told The Daily Caller that the bureau’s inquiry into  Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is now based in New Jersey, not  Miami. One added that pressure is mounting from the highest levels of the  Justice Department to pursue the investigation.
The change of focus away from the bureau’s Miami field office indicates that  the government is focused primarily on Sen. Menendez — and not on his longtime  donor Dr. Salomon Melgen, as political observers have speculated.
Menendez is embroiled in a scandal sparked by allegations that he slept with  underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

(Hat-tip: Viral Read.) There are rumors that powerful Democrats are now working to hasten the downfall of Menendez.

See ya Bob, good luck getting those underage hookers after you are gone from the Senate. Because after that, Bob, you will not be a powerful United States Senator. You will just be an undesirable 59-year-old pervert. One more thought, I think we all can agree that the only way the Bob Menendez/Underage hookers story could be worse would be if a sex tape surfaced. Bob Menendez sex tape? UGH!

If you are too busy to report about Jailbait Hookers, then you are just too busy!

At least I think that is what The Other McCain is saying about the media cover up of Sen. Bob Menendez’s international outreach to underage prostitutes

When the major news networks ignored the FBI raid on the Miami doctor who bankrolled Sen. Robert Menendez’s trips to the Dominican Republic, I was frankly stunned. No matter how liberal your bias may be, the allegation that Menendez was banging underage hookers during his Caribbean expeditions is irresistible as news.

There is nothing in mere politics than can equal the power of a sex scandal to make people pay attention.

And dude: Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee? It’s almost as good as a sex scandal with a congressman named Weiner.

I guess we now have the answer to the question of how deep into Democrats the media really is don’t we? Ignoring a Senator cheating on his wife is one thing, but ignoring a United States Senator doing the Horizontal Bop with possibly underage hookers? Oh, did I mention that these girls were, indeed GIRLS?

So, how did the Senator — who was all about empowering women and youth — like his hookers? Of course, he liked ‘em young and fresh:

In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman wrote nine months ago that she slept with 59-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez at a series of sex parties organized by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime Menendez campaign donor.
“That Senator also likes the youngest and newest girls,” the woman wrote on April 21, 2002, according to an English translation provided to The Daily Caller by a native Spanish speaker.

Alas, if ONLY Menendez were a Republican America would be very familiar with this story by now, but, he is a Liberal Democrat so, well, you know, some scandals are more equal than others!

So, I suppose it will be up to those “just bloggers” types to report the sordid details huh? Perhaps we even need a theme song for breaking Bob “I Likes ’em Young” Menendez News. Here is one idea


Latest on Bob Menendez sex scandal: “It was outrageous. When it started, we thought it was a one-time thing. But it went on for months — hours and hours of headbanging sex.”

Old Bob was quite the party animal I guess

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez had loud sex with different women nightly in his Washington, D.C., apartment, his former neighbor told the liberal gossip website Gawker.

“We lived below him,” the former neighbor said, according to the website. “It was outrageous. When it started, we thought it was a one-time thing. But it went on for months — hours and hours of headbanging sex.”

The report in the liberal Gawker comes on the heels of The Daily Caller’s early Thursday article about how Menendez allegedly paid two women in the Dominican Republic for sex.

So, it appears that Menendez likely enjoyed the company of “working girls” in his DC  home, so you might figure he would indulge himself in the Dominican Republic too. Here are more details on the Hell Menendez put his neighbors through

The former neighbor said that when the Senate was in session, Menendez would normally stay at his D.C. apartment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. On Mondays, Fridays and weekends, he’d normally go home to New Jersey. On at least two of those three weeknights, the neighbor said Menendez would have young, attractive women over for sex.

“They’d usually arrive together in the late evening,” the neighbor said. “We’d hear him put some jazz on. Maybe around 11 p.m., the noise would start. He had a very squeaky mattress and a very squeaky bed frame. We’d hear moaning, and we could hear them switching positions because different parts of the bed would squeak. It was awful.”

I hated to post that, but, inquiring minds want to know. No word yet if Menendez or his “dates” ever wore chicken suits or used fly swatters or Crisco. Also no word on a possible Bob Menendez sex tape. WE can all agree to hope no such thing exists.

Yes, I know, I ought to take this story more seriously, but, my twisted sense of humor needs to run with it a bit.

Senator Bob Menendez hooker scandal? UPDATED!

RS McCain has the scoop

Dominican hookers, to be specific. This is what we’re hearing about the sex scandal involving a “powerful senator” in a sex scandal being touted by Drudge, with a story by the Daily Caller promised late tonight.

Domincan hookers you say? Maybe they are just doing the Horizontal Bop with a man who American hookers just will not do?

Well, do not expect this to get much attention from the media types, unless it is a headline that reads something like Humanitarian Bob Menendez reaches out to help underprivileged Dominicans.

This update just in, Bob Menenedez is accused of not only having sex with the hookers, but screwing them out of money too, sounds like a Democrat to me

In interviews, the two women said they met Menendez around Easter at Casa de Campo, an expensive 7,000 acre resort in the Dominican Republic. They claimed Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex acts, but in the end they each received only $100.

The women spoke through a translator in the company of their attorney, Melanio Figueroa. Both asked that their identities remain obscured for fear of reprisals in the Dominican Republic.

When shown a photograph of Sen. Menendez, the women said they recognized him as the man with whom they’d had sexual relations at Casa de Campo this spring. Both said they were brought to the resort with the understanding they would be paid for sex.

Neither knew the identity of the man at the time. Both claimed to recognize him later as Sen. Menendez.

“He called him[self] ‘Bob,’” said one.

Who knows if these allegations are true, if they are, well, men paying for sex is not too uncommon and Menendez is single, divorced, so it is not like he is cheating, but still, this is not the way a United States Senator ought to conduct himself., especially on a trip funded by our tax dollars. Stacy McCain asks a pertinent question, one that hits on the accusation that Menendez cheated these women out of money.

What would Lilly Ledbetter say?

What would she say indeed!

Your Daley Douchebag is…………

This ass hat

Long Island man busted for ‘pretending’ to be soldier to get first-class upgrade

There is a stolen valor aspect to this story. Here’s a clown who wants people to treat him as if he had the courage to enlist and put his life on the line for his country, when in reality he is a cowardly piece of opportunistic slime that may just be a waste of carbon.

This GI Joe wannabe got a hero’s welcome just by dressing the part.

A Long Island man was arrested for donning an Army uniform and brazenly posing as a soldier so he’d get bumped up to first class on a flight to JFK from the Dominican Republic, Port Authority cops have charged.

Rock Diaz, 22, of Freeport, has a history of pretending to be a military man to get VIP treatment, cops said — he once even smooth-talked his way into a jetliner’s cockpit, where he was photographed sitting at the controls wearing a goofy grin.

The mile-high huckster was finally brought to earth Friday afternoon when a sharp-eyed customs official at JFK asked him his rank — and he gave an answer that didn’t match the insignia on the uniform he was wearing.

SCANDALOUS scandal rocks Rule 5!

UPDATE! Bob is all over the controversy!

Ah, the simple joys of Rule 5, where pretty girls bring hits and possible infamy to your blog. Today, controversy swirls around Miss Dominican Republic. Stacy McCain the most infamous of the Rule 5 bloggers is, naturally all over the story of a beauty robbed of her rightful claim to the crown. Stacy might crack the case, if only he spoke Spanish

As Smitty reported yesterday, Evi Siskos (pictured above) has claimed that she was robbed of the Miss Dominican Republic title because judges were bribed to give the crown to Dalia Fernandez. Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress has updated us on his ongoing investigation of this scandal. My own efforts to get to the bottom . . . er, to expose . . . to uncover the sordid truth have been hampered because no habla Espanol:

NUEVA YORK._ Esta ciudad, cuna del concurso mundial de belleza Miss Universo, fue escenario ayer miércoles de lo que parece ser el de una guerra entre mega divas y mises dominicanas, cuando en conferencia de prensa la ex candidata de Samaná –Evi Sisko – denunció que en el certamen 2011, “hubo dinero sucio”, sugiriendo que la corona fue comprada por la actual reina Delia Fernández, pictured below