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So when did “sexy” become a negative thing anyway

Alternate post title? Danica Patrick does not want to be called sexy, Lance Burri hardest hit!

Danica Patrick,who is more famous for her bikini photo shoots, bikini videos, and those Go Daddy commercials,where she is nothing if not sexy, thinks that calling her sexy is negative?

Danica Patrick doesn’t think reporters should describe female athletes as “sexy.”

The NASCAR driver – and star of racy Go Daddy commercials – wondered aloud on Thursday why the sports media can’t come up with a better way to describe attractive women than “sexy,” which she believes has a “negative connotation” to it.

“You don’t say those things or frame it like that for a guy,” she told a large group of reporters during NASCAR’s annual Media Day. “But it seems like with female athletes, if they’re pretty, (reporters) only know how to describe them in a sexual way.

“And I don’t care, but I just wonder why we can’t talk about it in a different way. Why can’t there be other words for it? Why does there have to be somewhat negatively twisted?”

Well, forget for  a moment that calling someone sexy, is not at all the same as describing them in  a “sexual” way. Forget that Danica has done her darndest to take every advantage of her looks, and yes, her sexiness in all those bikini shoots, and Go daddy spots.  Forget that Danica feigning offense over the word sexy is about as hypocritical as you can get. Sorry Danica, you cannot play both sides of the sexy card. Google Danica Patrick beaver will get you this video,which, by the way, is funny, and sexy. I certainly have no issue with Danica, or her ads.

What is most obnoxious about Danica’s statements to me,is that she somehow thinks a compliment is “negative”. A lot of Feminuts (my pet term for Liberal Feminists) use that type of verbage. They like to play the sexism card every time a woman is described as hot, sexy, attractive, or in any other way that compliments her looks. Not that Danica is one of those Feminuts, I certainly hope she isn’t. But, seriously, when did noting physical attractiveness become a negative thing? Yes, there are ways to compliment someone that would be less than positive, but no one is using crude language to note Danica’s good looks.

Sorry, but if a woman is attractive, people notice. And, I fail to see anything wrong with complimenting that. Nothing at all. Now, if Danica wishes to stop doing the sexy spots and shoots, and wants to be described as strictly a race car driver, OK. But, Danica cannot have it both ways. I can also see how it might get old to be constantly leered at. Well actually, if women were constantly leering at me, wanting me, I could live with that. I guess Danica and I are in the same boat. She has Sexy Overload Disorder, and I have Sexy Deficit Disorder.

Maybe if Danica had me in her next Go Daddy ad……………

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Danica Patrick, NASCAR, and hits

Danica Patrick is set to make her NASCAR debut today at Daytona, and since I could not care less about NASCAR, the second most boring sport behind golf, you might be wondering why I am posting about it. Simply put it is about the HITS! Danica, is very popular, and people are looking for pics, Danica is a pretty girl, info, she is the biggest story in NASCAR right now, and all of that will bring people here.

Increased traffic leads to more people reading this blog, more bloggers linking here, and hopefully, liking the content. So see, it is business. Lance Burri uderstands this too. And he is the King of Danicalanches, so best of luck to Danica today. The better she does, the better bloggers like Lance and I do.

What? Lance Burri vows never to blog about Danica Patrick again?

Yeah right! Like that would ever happen. The TrogloPundit, who is deeply in love with Danica Patrick offers up three different GoDaddy ads featuring Danica And YES, I am horning in on his Danica blogging. Here is one of the videos

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