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The Daily Caller’s Official Rundown Of The Worst, Looniest, Most Leftist Professors In America (Emma Colton)

The Daily Caller’s Official Rundown Of The Worst, Looniest, Most Leftist Professors In America – Emma Colton

his mild summer is winding down. Professors across the fruited plain are preparing for another fall semester of spewing half-baked progressive ideologies at gullible undergrads.

It’s time, then, for The Daily Caller’s second annual, highly definitive list of the worst professors in America. All the professors on the first annual definitive list remain terrible, of course. But we won’t bore you with some rehash.

Instead, here are a dozen professors from this past school year who stole the headlines for being the most leftist, goofy and downright absurd.


Former University of Memphis sociology professor Zandria Robinson came under scrutiny in July when tweets she tweeted revealed her beliefs that “whiteness” is “terror” and that the Confederate flag represents “capitalism.” Robinson, who took a job at Rhodes College this summer, also claimed that her very serious premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) might be triggered by “severe trauma from microaggressive whiteness.” Robinson set her Twitter account as private when the news broke about her radical opinions, but she has since made her account public again. She continues to comment on race and gender issues.


In January, TheDC awarded Shimer College humanities professor Adam Kotsko the title of America’s Stupidest College Professor because he tweeted that the horrific terrorist attack on the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo was foreseeable because the writers spewed “hate speech.” He later apologized profusely when he realized that Charlie Hebdo was not some exclusively anti-Islam pamphlet. He begged Salondotcom to remove screenshots of his hilariously idiotic tweets. You’d think Kotsko would slink away from social media, embarrassed for life. But, no. In a now-deleted tweet from June 2015, Kotsko suggested that white people alive right now are complicit in slavery even though they obviously have no involvement in it and even if their ancestors were never involved in it. “I know it sucks having a racial identity that exists solely to legitimate the subordination and exploitation of other races. #whiteness,” he wrote.


Ron Hayduk, a professor at Queens College in New York, believes illegal alien voting is the “suffrage movement of our time.” So moved is Hayduk for the voting rights of people who have no legal right to be in the United States that he wrote an op-ed in the Providence Journal in January. “Noncitizens suffer social and economic inequities, in part, because policymakers can ignore their interests,” the taxpayer-funded professor wrote. “The vote is a proven mechanism to keep government responsive and accountable to all.” Hayduk staunchly believes that voting rights and citizenry do not go hand-in-hand, so everyone and anyone should be able to cast a ballot in the land of opportunity.


Enrique W. Neblett, Jr, an associate professor of psychology and lab director of the African-American youth wellness laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, believes black college students become fat due to racism they probably experience in college. Or, shorter Neblett: The “freshman 15″ is racist – if you are black. At an April 2015 lecture at the University of Georgia, Neblett elaborated on his revolutionary theory. “Youth are thinking about their identity and may experience race discrimination for the first time,” he said. “Experiencing racism might lead to compromised health. For example, some students will cope by eating fatty snacks.”


Thanks to the power of the Internet, an obscure 2012 study by Marquette University psychology professors Stephen Franzoi and Debra Oswald saw the light of day late last summer. In their study, Franzoi and Oswald concluded that calling your daughter a “princess” is sexist behavior. Worse, daughters who get called “princess” may suffer from high self-esteem. That’s bad, see, because it’s “benevolent sexism” which amounts to “restrictions misunderstood as love.” “Benevolent sexism” “restricts what the woman can and cannot do by setting up rewards and punishments when they engage in gender non-conforming behaviors.” Another example of “benevolent sexism” includes chivalrously holding doors open.


Stanford University education professor Jo Boaler made claims in a February interview with U.S. News & World Report that it’s “harmful” to tell students to memorize and to practice simple math equations. Boaler – who in 2006 was accused of scientific misconduct by fellow Stanford professors – is also against giving student timed quizzes. It’s just way too stressful. “When we combine those who are stressed with those who are turned away from math because of them [quizzes], we have a large section of the U.S. population that goes across all achievement levels,” Boaler proclaimed.


Sara Goldrick-Rab, a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, warned her Twitter followers this year that Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker has “terrifying” “similarities” to Adolf Hitler. “My grandfather, a psychologist, just walked me through similarities between Walker and Hitler. There are so many-it’s terrifying,” the taxpayer funded professor tweeted in July. Goldbrick-Rab also decided it would be a good idea to contact high school seniors who are barely 18 and who have no idea who she is to tell them a bunch of professors would leave the school. She also threatened to quit and find another job in response to a new tenure law. And she has called former President Jimmy Carter is an “extraordinary national treasure.”


Stephany Rose, a professor of women’s and ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, claimed in July that African American celebrities like Stacey Dash perpetuate white supremacy by being successful African Americans. “When you come across these individuals like a Stacey Dash, there is this idea that they buy into the mythology of merit, and meritocracy, and the American dream is available to any and everyone one as long as you work hard,” Rose said in a radio interview. Successful, famous black Americans perpetuate white supremacy because they attain the American dream and their success in America immortalizes white hierarchy, capitalism and the competition to live a prosperous life. That’s Rose’s theory. If you want to read more, Rose has a book, “Abolishing White Masculinity from Mark Twain to Hiphop.” You can buy it for a cool $80.


In June 2015, Cornell University associate professor of science and technology Sara Pritchard, wrote an article for The Conversation calling for universities to give bonus points to female professors as a method to combat gender bias. According to Pritchard, the course evaluations students at colleges across the country are encouraged to fill out each semester are “pervasively slanted by gender bias.” The Ivy League educator claimed that female professors are subject to personal attacks about appearances and fashion choices. Due to this alleged bias, they should be awarded extra bonus points to boost their evaluation outcomes.


In the sexiest email sent to a class of law students this year, Drexel University law professor Lisa McElroy sent her pupils an email containing a 13-minute porn video from mega-website PornHub.com called, “She Loves Her Anal Beads.” The fracas occurred in April. McElroy included the text, “I thought this article on brief writing would be interesting to all of you.” As promised by the title, the video showed a woman loving her anal beads. Lots and lots of anal beads.


Taxpayer-funded University of Maryland women’s studies professor Ashwini Tambe took to Twitter was in the news in May because she took to Twitter to call for “men control.” It’s masculine men with guns who kill people, Tambe claimed. “#YesAllWomen” and it’s time to “Recast masculinity.” Tambe has also used Twitter as a soapbox to rant about lowering the voting age to 16, and to defend the fraudulent and fabricated Rolling Stone article about a rape that never happened at the University of Virginia. Currently, Tambe is using her professor status to research “the legal paradoxes in age standards for sexual consent and the shifting definitions of girlhood.”


Juan Cole, a professor of history at the University of Michigan, claimed in June that right-wing Jews and an “Islampohobic network” were “a key influence” for Dylann Roof’s rampage that killed nine people at a black church in Charleston, S.C. “The Muslim-hatred of the Geert Wilders and Marine LePens in Europe, for which Daniel Pipes, and Pamela Geller, and the whole Islamophobic network are cheerleaders and enablers, was a key influence on Dylann Roof, according to his manifesto,” Cole wrote on his popular blog, Informed Comment. As a commenter noted, Roof’s manifesto makes no mention of Pipes, Geller, Wilders, Muslims, or Islam.



I could call Michael Eric Dyson a loathsome bottom-feeding parasite

But that would not go far enough in describing how loathsome this race pimp is

What a genuinely stupid man, assuming he actually believes his own BS, Dyson is. But I doubt he is after anything but keeping his job as a race pimp by spreading such racist, and divisive remarks. I cannot find the proper words to describe how much I despise this walking, ranting pile of hippo dung.


Your Race Pimp of the Day Michael Eric Dyson

This guy gives snake oil salesmen a bad name

This guy is a easy to see through as they come, yet, too many Blacks have been conditioned to buy the venom and hatred he spews. In fact, far from being a friend to Blacks, he is one of their very worst enemies. And ass hats like Toure are not far behind


If there is sooooo much racism, sexism, Homophobia, and bigotry in America, why do Liberals have to fake incidents?

The short answer, of course, is that there is not very much racism, sexism, Homophobia or bigotry in America, so, the Left creates such incidents to justify their constant carping. The Other McCain can only hope an Alabama win over Auburn Saturday is as easy to see coming as yet another phony hate crime

How predictable was this?

On Nov. 14, [Vassar College] sent a mass email to students advising them that Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) had received at least six reports in the last few months of hateful and insensitive messages being scrawled and spray painted on student residences. Messages included “Avoid Being Bitches,” “Fuck Niggers,” and most prominently, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.”

“This is unacceptable and members of our community should be able to learn and work in environments that are free of hurtful expressions and behaviors,” wrote Edward Pittman, BIRT coordinator and dean of the College for Campus Life and Diversity, in an email to students. . . .

Here is another reason the Left invents hate crimes, they just love having groups with important sounding names like Bias Incident Response Team

The task force had one student member: Genesis Hernandez, who is transgendered and was also a vice president of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), the student government.

Five days after the email was sent, Vassar President Catharine Hill sent a follow-up email announcing that the bias incidents were hoaxes perpetrated by two students. . . .

[The Daily Caller] has learned that one of the perpetrators was none other than Genesis Hernandez.

Informed sources within Vassar told The DC that administrators pinpointed Hernandez as a responsible party, forcing him to give up his position in student government and leave the college.

Maybe the Left should study the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf? 

Police seize investigative reporters files during home raid

Reading over this report at The Daily Caller, something does not smell right 

A veteran Washington D.C. investigative journalist says the Department of Homeland Security confiscated a stack of her confidential files during a raid of her home in August — leading her to fear that a number of her sources inside the federal government have now been exposed.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, journalist Audrey Hudson revealed that the Department of Homeland Security and Maryland State Police were involved in a predawn raid of her Shady Side, Md. home on Aug. 6. Hudson is a former Washington Times reporter and current freelance reporter.

A search warrant obtained by The DC indicates that the August raid allowed law enforcement to search for firearms inside her home.

A search warrant for guns would not seem to cover confidential files, maybe someone with more experience or knowledge can correct me here, but, again, something seems to stink

The document notes that her husband, Paul Flanagan, was found guilty in 1986 to resisting arrest in Prince George’s County. The warrant called for police to search the residence they share and seize all weapons and ammunition because he is prohibited under the law from possessing firearms.

But without Hudson’s knowledge, the agents also confiscated a batch of documents that contained information about sources inside the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, she said.

Outraged over the seizure, Hudson is now speaking out. She said no subpoena for the notes was presented during the raid and argues the confiscation was outside of the search warrant’s parameter.

“They took my notes without my knowledge and without legal authority to do so,” Hudson said this week. “The search warrant they presented said nothing about walking out of here with a single sheet of paper.”

To me, the warrant seems like an excuse to enter the home and look for something else? Maybe Hudson was stepping on the wring toes?

At about 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 6, Hudson said officers dressed in full body armor presented a search warrant to enter the home she shares on the bay with her husband. She estimates that at least seven officers took part in the raid.

After the search began, Hudson said she was asked by an investigator with the Coast Guard Investigative Service if she was the same Audrey Hudson who had written a series of critical stories about air marshals for The Washington Times over the last decade. The Coast Guard operates under the Department of Homeland Security.

There is more here to the story, and it will hopefully come out. RS McCain knows Hudson and adds some background

As soon as I saw the headline, I called Audrey, whom I worked with for years at The Washington Times. Audrey said she was “terrified” when she learned that police who raided her home in August — believe it or not, they had a search warrant for a potato launcher her husband had bought online — had taken notes containing information about sources for some of her reporting on TSA scandals.

McCain also provides some links to others covering this

 Now a Memeorandum thread, with more commentary byBryan Preston at PJ Tatler and Rick Moran at the American Thinker

Like I said, there is more to this story, we shall see what develops


I think MSNBS has found a new host

His new show could be called UNHINGED! Maybe STALKING the Conservatives! Seems right up the MSNBS alley! On second thought maybe the new show could be called Civility Alley?

Democrats are always calling for civility in politics, but it’s a shame they don’t follow their own advice. Their rhetoric is so out of control they’ve inspired one guy to go off and threaten the life of Senator Ted Cruz, over and over again.

The man under FBI investigation for making violent threats against Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was inspired to encourage violence by Democratic Party messaging efforts.

Troy Gilmore, Jr., who identifies himself as having served in the U.S. Navy, is under FBI investigation for possible violent threats on Twitter against Republican senator Cruz. The FBI has communicated with Gilmore as part of the investigation and is monitoring for possible violence inspired by Gilmore’s online writings. …

The Twitter account of Gilmore, named “DarkNight,” is now protected. But Gilmore wrote numerous threats toward Cruz on his Facebook page, the address of which ends with the term “countdown543,” while linking to anti-Republican activist web pages paid for by the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a Democratic congressional campaign.

“I WILL SAY IT AGAIN LET’S GO TO TED CRUZ,HOME AND KICK HIS STINKING ASS FOR CAUSING THIS MESS.YOU CAN BET HE HAS HIS PAYCHECK AND HEALTH BENEFITS FROM THE SENATE AND CANADA. HE LIVES AT [address redacted by The Daily Caller], THE FUCKING SCUM,” Gilmore posted on Facebook October 14, linking to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee web page entitled “Demand Ted Cruz Denounce Disgusting Tea Party Attacks on President Obama.” (Read More)

There’s much more at the link. Gilmore posted over and over again Cruz’s home address, possibly inspiring other unhinged liberals to go after Cruz and his family. Someone should alert Debbie Wasserman Schulz, I think this guy needs a lecture on civility.


Rep Alan Grayson: Team Obama fudged intel in Syria?

This is a Left-Wing nut blowing the whistle folks. But if anyone has less credibility than Grayson, it would be Obama

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who is aggressively lobbying against a military strike on Syria, says the Obama administration has manipulated intelligence to push its case for U.S. involvement in the country’s two-year civil war.

Grayson made the accusation in an interview published Wednesday by The Atlantic and offered more detail in a Thursday discussion with U.S. News. He says members of Congress are being given intelligence briefings without any evidence to support administration claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons.

Grayson said he cannot discuss the classified briefings, but noted details in the administration’s public, non-classified report are being contested.

The White House released its four-page public report Aug. 30, arguing that Assad’s government killed 1,429 people on Aug. 21 with a planned chemical weapon attack. Evidence cited in that report included “intercepted communications involving a senior official intimately familiar with the offensive who confirmed that chemical weapons were used.”

Grayson, however, says “the claim has been made that that information was completely mischaracterized.”

He points to an article published by The Daily Caller that alleges the communications actually showed Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack. The communications, according to unnamed sources paraphrased in article, were intercepted by Israeli intelligence and “doctored so that it leads a reader to just the opposite conclusion.”

This could prove very big, IF the media gets after the truth for once


Leftists love to exploit a good crisis, even if they have to create one

That racial hoax at Olberlin College? Looks as if maybe they did it to create a crisis they could exploit

When The Great Oberlin Racism Hoax of 2013 was exposed last month by Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller, troubling questions arose as to How Could Oberlin Be So Cruel as to not have told students there weren’t really Nazi and KKK sympathizers stalking the campus.

Police records reveal that the Oberlin administration was aware, no later than February 27, that it was a hoax led by someone who was not racist, but rather, a pro-Obama liberal “anti-racist” activist who did it as a “trolling” prank to get a campus reaction. The students protesting on campus on March 4, when classes were canceled, were not told.

Oberlin could have informed the campus and the nation that there were no actual fires, just fire alarms pulled as a prank.  Instead, it allowed fear and disquiet to spread.  One student I spoke with stated that “people were freaking out when [the administration] brought in the FBI,” thinking there really was a threat.

But it’s even worse.  That fear and disquiet was exploited by student activists aligned with the Oberlin Multicultural Resource Center and Afrikan Heritage House with the encouragement of the Oberlin administration.

Oberlin “used that fear to get students to push for even more extreme policies”

A student contacted me to alert me to how the campus turmoil was exploited to encourage and then implement aggressive multicultural and left-wing agenda items:

I’d like to personally thank you for your coverage of the Oberlin hate hoax. Many students… have been following your site and are glad that somebody is helping to get the word out about the Oberlin administration’s response.

The Daily Caller story just grazes the surface of what really happened. The administration didn’t just allow students to live in fear, they actually used that fear to get students to push for even more extreme policies on campus. Many students formed into “working groups” to propose solutions for “institutional change”, nearly all of which have been approved by the administration and are being enacted.

This student’s concerns are reflected in the timeline of events, and documents reflecting the agenda.

Go read the rest at Legal Insurrection. Never forget the Left will do anything achieve their ends

The Daily Caller Presents: The First Annual College Stupidity Awards

The Daily Caller Presents: The First Annual College Stupidity Awards – Daily Caller

It’s commencement season. College seniors across the country are donning mortarboards, getting misty-eyed and preparing to face the realities of President Barack Obama’s sparkling economic recovery.

The Daily Caller is a little misty-eyed, too, because college students will soon disperse from campuses for a long summer, which likely means far fewer stories about stupid and otherwise outrageous occurrences on campus.

The time is right, then, to celebrate the academic year that was. Here are the 20 stupidest, most outrageous and most cringe-worthy campus moments of 2012-13.


Florida Atlantic University: Worst university in America

What an embarrassing year for Florida Atlantic. The administration tried to punish a student who expressed discomfort with a professor’s assignment to stomp on a piece of paper bearing the word “Jesus.” Also, wackadoodle communications professor James Tracy took to his personal blog to suggest that the Boston Marathon bombing was a “mass casualty drill.” As if those incidents weren’t enough, the southeast Florida school bowed to student pressure and scrapped a $6 million agreement to name its football stadium after a for-profit prison company. During a protest over the stadium fracas, FAU’s president hit a student protester with the side mirror of her Lexus.

Dartmouth College: Most likely to let the terrorists win

Dartmouth also had a ridiculous year. The administration coordinated a manhunt to locate some guy who possibly spoke mock Chinese. Also, a campus atheist group organized an event aimed at skewering “lying, thieving Albanian dwarf” Mother Teresa. However, the prizewinner occurred when Dartmouth leftists crashed a recruiting event and loudly demanded that they get a day off from classes in order to bemoan the death of civility on campus. Craven school officials capitulated, of course, prompting one student to comment that administrators “let the terrorists win.”

George Washington University: Most prone to commit crimes against soda, Catholics, U.S. News and World Report, and Mount Rushmore

Speaking of bad years, consider The George Washington University. A law professor at George Washington forced students to undertake legal campaigns against soda companies in order to pass his class. Meanwhile, 30 percent of professors asked in a very limited survey endorsed the eventual addition of President Barack Obama’s face to Mount Rushmore. The D.C. school also admitted that it has been misreporting statistics to inflate its rankings for at least a decade. In still another incident, students tried to force a priest to leave campus. (At least GW is better than Gonzaga, though, where Catholic students can’t even form a Catholic student group.)

Columbia University: Most demented, homicidal faculty

Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin is an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work (and a scholar in residence at New York University). The inept getaway-car driver participated in a brazen $1.6 million Brinks truck heist along with members of the Black Liberation Army that resulted in the murder of three people. Meanwhile, it turns that out that Uma Thurman’s dad, Robert Thurman, is an Indo-Tibetan studies professor at Columbia. He made a crazy video calling Republicans “seditious” and “treasonous” for refusing to raise taxes.

Northwestern University: Most delicious multicultural blowback, con queso

A Hispanic student group at Northwestern University instructed members of the campus community to forgo eating tacos and drinking tequila on Cinco de Mayo, so as not to offend Mexican culture. But Mexican students, who indeed wanted to spend their holiday eating tacos and drinking tequila, took offense at the assumed offense. The Hispanic student group ended up with huevo on its face.

Mission College: Most valuable athlete to play college basketball both with and without a penis

Gabrielle Ludwig is a 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound center on the women’s basketball team at Mission College, a community college in Santa Clara, California. She played this year at the age of 51. She was also a man until July. Incidentally, Ludwig played basketball more than three decades ago at another community college on Long Island in New York. Her name then was Robert John Ludwig.

Oberlin College: Best faked or imaginary Ku Klux Klan sighting

A month-long spat of racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages at simperingly progressive Oberlin College turned out to have been the handiwork of two students. The series of incidents culminated in “a report of a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit” near the school’s “Afrikan [sic] Heritage House.” Police at the Ohio school scoured the area but were only able to find a student draped by a blanket. Nevertheless, Oberlin’s apoplectic administration cancelled classes for a whole day.

Harvard University: Most likely to confirm everything non-leftists believe about Harvard

Deciding at long last to make things official, the student newspaper at Harvard wrote an editorial begging conservatives to please stop applying to Harvard. The editors had grown tired of conservative Harvard alums going on to criticize the university.

University of California, Berkeley: Best witch hunt against a charity organization

UC Berkeley liberals may love giving away money (especially tax dollars), but they love to hate Christian groups even more. No surprise, then, that the student government attempted to kick the Salvation Army off campus.

University of Chicago: Most successful dildo giveaway that was also marketed as fun for the whole family, even the kiddies

The University of Chicago pulled out all the stops for its sex-week festivities. There were pornographic movies, interviews with people in the porn business, condom and sex-toy giveaways galore, anal sex instructions, and even a workshop titled “Sex for Kids.”

Swarthmore College: Most baffling attempt to make a university’s revenue stream go extinct

A leftist student group at Swarthmore College wants the university to divest from fossil fuels, a move that would cost millions of dollars and force administrators to jack up tuition. In pursuit of this goal, a leader of the group, Mountain Justice, wrote that free speech would naturally need to be diminished. Students at the swanky suburban Philadelphia school also persuaded the scheduled commencement speaker to withdraw because he was once connected to the Bush administration. And, of course, a guest lecturer dropped by campus to proclaim that Jesus was bisexual.

University of Wyoming: Best alleged Facebook hoax perpetrated by an obese feminist

University of Wyoming student Meg Lanker-Simons was charged with interference with a police investigation after she allegedly posted on an anonymous social media page called UW Crushes that she wanted to “hatefuck” someone named – wait for it – “Meg Lanker Simons.” The 28-year-old undergrad had previously been convicted of aggravated assault after she brandished a gun at an employer who fired her.

Brevard Community College: Best unabashed voter intimidation

The president at Brevard Community College in Florida recommended the sacking of a tenured math professor who forced her students to sign pledges that they would vote for President Barack Obama last November. A three-month investigation found the professor, Sharon Sweet, guilty of electioneering, harassment and incompetence.

Brown University: Most confusingly offensive sex-related event

Are you a gay minority student struggling with an attraction to white people? Well, you missed out if you didn’t attend Brown’s “Protect Me From What I Desire” workshop on sexuality and attraction, where participants were segregated by race to enhance the dialogue, somehow. The Ivy League school also made headlines by covering students who decide they want to change genders under an already-generous student health insurance plan.

DePaul University: Most flagrant vandalism of a memorial for dead babies

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 13 student vandals destroyed an anti-abortion display on the main campus of the nation’s largest Catholic university. The makeshift monument was erected by the DePaul chapter of Young Americans for Freedom with school permission. Later, an anonymous student wrote a letter to the student newspaper insisting that students have a right to walk across the Chicago campus without having their pro-abortion sensibilities offended.

Lehigh University: Most outrageous lawsuit

Lehigh University graduate Megan Thode sued Lehigh for $1.3 million because she was unhappy that she got a C+ in a class in 2009. Thode, 27, said the grade ruined her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor. Her civil suit alleged breach of contract, sexual discrimination and a broader attempt to force her to abandon the graduate degree she had been pursuing. The Pennsylvania judge in the case ruled in favor of Lehigh.

University of Cincinnati: Best helicopter parents

A judge granted 21-year-old Aubrey Ireland a stalking order against her own parents after she claimed that the parents installed tracking software on her phone to monitor her around the clock. David and Julie Ireland must stay 500 feet away from the theater student for a year.

San Jose State University: Least self-awareness

Sky-is-falling environmentalism professors at San Jose State University did the very thing conservatives often accuse them of doing: They burned a book that was skeptical of climate change. (RELATED: Climate change profs burns skeptical book)

University of North Carolina Wilmington: Best filthy poetry by a professor at a taxpayer-subsidized institution

The faculty of publicly-funded UNC-Wilmington is the professional home of Alessandro Porco, a randy professor who exuberantly peddles decadent smut. “Who would say No to a gang-bang?” asks one of his poems. “Who would say No to my scholarly toungin? Thank you fathers for your daughters.” Other gutter poems are entitled “Did I Shave My Nuts For This?” and “Ménage à Bush twins.”

Johns Hopkins University: Worst use of a simile for political purposes

Some members of the student government at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore were determined to prevent pro-life students from forming an official campus group, because, see, pro-lifers are just like the Klu Klux Klan.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Report: Special Forces Team ordered not to help in Benghazi

Via The Daily Caller

As the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya raged on for more than seven hours, a team of U.S. special forces in Tripoli was blocked from flying in to attempt a rescue, according to a top American diplomat who was in the region.

In previously secret testimony given by Gregory Hicks — the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya — to congressional investigators last month, Hicks revealed two possible courses of action that could have saved American lives that night: allowing U.S. special forces to enter Benghazi and flying a fast-moving U.S. military aircraft over the scene of the attacks.

“So Lieutenant Colonel Gibson, who is the [Special Operations Command South Africa] commander, his team, you know, they were on their way to the vehicles to go to the airport to get on the C-130 when he got a phone call from SOCAFRICA which said, you can’t go now, you don’t have authority to go now,” Hicks told congressional investigators, “and so they missed the flight,” which would have gotten the team inserted prior to the second attack on the CIA annex.

If this is true, then I do not recognize my country anymore


Toure, just another thug wanna be

Yet another complete tool who made it by lying, playing the victim card, and by being overtly racist. Black America’s biggest problem?  They do not throw bums like Toure, Sharpton, and Je$$E Jackson to the curb

If you want to find true racists — those who genuinely hate people based solely on their ancestry — just listen for the loudest voices denouncing others as racists. MSNBC’s pretentiously mononymous Touré, for example:

MSNBC host Touré founded a student newspaper dedicated to black liberation theology while he was a college student attending Emory University from 1989 to 1992.

Touré’s flagship publication, The Fire This Time, lavished praise on famous anti-Semites, black supremacists, and conspiracy theorists whom Touré helped bring to campus. Before he became an intense-but-sardonic TV personality, Touré also decried “the suffocating white community” and defended a nationally famous fake hate crime.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Touré described the newspaper as “an important black voice on campus” and “a form of community building.”

I guess that would make him a community organizer. As we have seen, even an adolescent fool can go far with those credentials these days — given the right skin color and sufficiently hard left ideology. Turdé qualifies.

Touré’s duties included more than just publishing. The young campus gadfly brought to Emory speakers whom The Fire described as “role models from the real world to speak about life” and a “stunning list of visitors.”

This list of role models included Conrad Muhammad, at the time the would-be heir to Louis Farrakhan’s anti-white Nation of Islam.

Among Conrad Muhammad’s contributions to modern liberal thought was blaming Jewish “bloodsuckers” for making a hole in the ozone layer.

Another role model: H. Rap Brown, a.k.a. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, author of the autobiography Die Nigger Die! At one time, Brown had been on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for inciting a riot and carrying a gun across state lines. He spent five years in prison in the ‘70s for a robbery conviction and converted to Islam.

If you want H. Rap’s autograph, you will have to get it by mail; he is now serving a life sentence for killing a police officer.

Also included was Lenora Fulani, who ran for President as an independent in 1988. In 1989, according to the New York Times, Fulani wrote that Jews “had to sell their souls to acquire Israel” and had to “function as mass murderers of people of color to stay there.”

The next role model should have her own show on MSNBC:

Frances Cress Welsing, a self described black supremacist … is famous for putting forward the theory that white people are the genetically defective descendants of albino mutants.

No doubt those who don’t agree with this theory are racists.

As for the fake hate crime:

Sabrina Collins, a black freshman at Emory, reported in March 1992 that a dormitory had been vandalized and racist words written on her walls. The news made national attention. Touré and others protested for television cameras. Collins said the event had traumatized her.

Six months later Collins admitted the entire dorm vandalism story was a hoax.

Like so many others.

But Touré continued to defend Collins’ allegations after she retracted them. “In the aftermath,” Touré wrote in The Fire This Time, “THE POSSIBILITY THAT COLLINS HERSELF PERPETRATED THE CRIME HAS SEEMED TO MINIMIZE THE INCIDENT’S IMPORTANCE. IN ANALYZING THE EVENT’S IMPORTANCE TO EMORY, IT IS NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT IF COLLINS DID IT.” (Emphasis added by Touré.)

Touré went on to insist the incident be used to leverage a list of demands against the university, “including instituting an African American studies class as a distribution requirement.”

With liberals, it all comes down to lies, coercion, and brainwashing. Boor-aye’s future in the establishment media is secure.


Dear Harry Reid, when the ACLU is against your gun bill…………

Via the Daily Caller

1.) The ACLU has a surprise for Harry Reid– Even the liberal-leaning organization doesn’t support his gun bill. TheDC’s Vince Coglianese reports:

“As Senate Democrats struggle to build support for new gun control legislation, the American Civil Liberties Union now says it’s among those who have ‘serious concerns’ about the bill. Those concerns have the capacity to prove a major setback to Sen. Harry Reid’s current gun bill, which includes language from earlier bills introduced by Sens. Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, a top lobbyist for the ACLU announced that the group thinks Reid’s current gun bill could threaten both privacy rights and civil liberties. …  ’However, we also believe those checks have to be conducted in a way that protects privacy and civil liberties. So, in that regard, we think the current legislation, the current proposal on universal background checks raises two significant concerns,’ he went on.”

When you have lost the ACLU……….


It always amazes me when smart men like Bill Gates crave more government power

How can someone so smart be this foolish?

Via Daily Caller:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the wealthiest American, said on “some days” he wishes the U.S. political system were like England’s, so that President Barack Obama could have “slightly more power.”

Gates was asked for his assessment of President Obama’s job performance during an interview at Politico’s “Playbook Cocktails” event.

“Some days I wish we had a system like the U.K. where, you know, the party in power could do a lot and you know, you’d see how it went and then fine you could un-elect them,” said Gates on Wednesday.

“Now, over time, our system has worked slightly better than theirs, theirs has worked okay but so it’s ironic that right now it feels like I wish there was slightly more power in the presidency to avoid some of these deadlocks. So I think what he [Obama] wants to do and what he’s actually able to do, the gap is so big there that it’s hard to know in some ways.”

Good grief! Gates obviously does not keep up with how Obama has operated has he? Obama has not even tried o work with the GOP. He has either rammed through what he could, or played political games to make the GOP look like they are the problem. Count Gates among the uniformed voters!


Democrats to rub our noses in illegal immigration during the SOTU speech

Good people can debate what to do about the 11 plus million illegals in this nation. But, as with most other issues, Liberals do not want to debate, they want their way, and they want to shove it in our faces. Five Democrats, including Michelle Obama, are bringing illegal aliens to the SOTU tonight. That shows how serious they are about enforcing any immigration law. Democrats see one thing when they look at illegal immigration. They see a voting block that they feel will cement their future electoral success. Who cares about laws, or sovereignty, or national security when there are voters to be brought in to keep Democrats in control?

Senator John McAmnesty said last month that we “can’t have 11 million people living in the shadows.” However, I wouldn’t necessarily define the State of the Union speech as “the shadows”:

A number of Democrats, including First Lady Michelle Obama, are bringing illegal immigrants as guests to the State of the Union on Tuesday.

But a spokeswoman with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency declined to comment to The Daily Caller on Tuesday about whether the agency approves of this occurring at the Capitol, where Obama is set to give his annual address on Tuesday night.

“I don’t have any comment for you on this,” Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said after TheDC inquired whether the agency was aware of this and whether it was possible the guests could be arrested.

At least five Democrats are bringing illegal immigrants to the State of the Union, according to reports.


From the Department of Redundancy Department

Stacy McCain ponders the redundancy of the term corrupt Democrat.

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection reports on a congressional ethics investigation that has found “there is substantial reason to believe that Representative Owens accepted payment of travel expenses for an officially connected trip to Taiwan from an impermissible source, resulting in an impermissible gift, in violation of federal law and House Rules.”

Maybe a better question is was there any banging of underage hookers going on?

Short answer: Hell to the yes!

Two FBI sources have told The Daily Caller that the bureau’s inquiry into  Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is now based in New Jersey, not  Miami. One added that pressure is mounting from the highest levels of the  Justice Department to pursue the investigation.
The change of focus away from the bureau’s Miami field office indicates that  the government is focused primarily on Sen. Menendez — and not on his longtime  donor Dr. Salomon Melgen, as political observers have speculated.
Menendez is embroiled in a scandal sparked by allegations that he slept with  underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

(Hat-tip: Viral Read.) There are rumors that powerful Democrats are now working to hasten the downfall of Menendez.

See ya Bob, good luck getting those underage hookers after you are gone from the Senate. Because after that, Bob, you will not be a powerful United States Senator. You will just be an undesirable 59-year-old pervert. One more thought, I think we all can agree that the only way the Bob Menendez/Underage hookers story could be worse would be if a sex tape surfaced. Bob Menendez sex tape? UGH!

Your DaleyGator Marxist Moron of the Day is

Useful idiot James Taylor

WASHINGTON — Addressing the issue of gun control, singer-songwriter James Taylor told The Daily Caller that Americans “need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms” in order to keep children safe.

Following his performance at President Obama’s second inauguration, The DC asked Taylor if he agreed with Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

“I think the nation is very divided on gun control,” Taylor told  The DC, “but I think the majority of us feel strongly — even the majority of gun owners feel strongly — that we need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms, if that’s the way to put it. We need to make some sacrifices to what we might want to have, in order to safeguard our children.” […]

So, if we surrender some of our liberty, kids will be safe? I beg to differ Mr. Taylor, and Old Ben Franklin would definitely have some sagacious words about giving up liberties in exchange for security.


Your Marxist Moron of the Day is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

English: Andrew Cuomo, 11th United States Secr...
Andrew Cuomo, Marxist Moron

What a clueless political hack this man is. Chris Wysocki lays Cuomo‘s idiocy bare

Are the police above the law? Do they get the “David Gregory Exemption?” Because in his haste to Do Something New York Governor Andrew Cuomo forgot to exempt them from his draconian new gun control law. That’s right, if a cop is carrying more than 7 bullets, he’s breaking the law.

Even better, if a cop brings a gun to a schoolhe’s breaking the law.

The NY SAFE Act, which was championed and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, bans all magazines that hold more than seven bullets and pre-1994 high capacity magazines, and prohibits the carrying of guns on school grounds.

But because no loophole for law enforcement was included in the law, every police officer in the state is technically in violation of the statute even though the prohibition is unlikely to be enforced, according to New York Assemblyman Al Graf.

Graf — a former New York City police officer and the ranking Republican member of the assembly’s powerful Codes Committee — says that the ban could even impede the efforts of officers to respond to a school shooting.

“The language is unclear, and to go further, a cop cannot go on school property with a gun,” Graf told The Daily Caller. “They weren’t exempted from that, either.”

There was actually a story that was relayed to me the other day about a New York City police officer who went to a school the other day to pick up his kid, and the security guard told him that if he came to the school with his off-duty gun he would be arrested,” Graf continued.

Arrest the cops! I’d pay to see that. And to see the egg on the faces of the stupid liberals who created this mess in the first place. Knee-jerk liberal idiots, turning everyone into felons — even the police!. For the children of course.

This is one of the unintended consequences when politicians, usually liberal politicians contract Do-Something-Itis! They go into emoting mode, and spit out some ineffective knee-jerk legislation that does as much harm, if not ore, than it does good.

Oh goody, let’s hear another RINO bash Conservatives

Colin Powell makes an ass of himself in this interview with David Gregory. Sorry, it is true. Powell was a man I admired for a long time, but frankly, Powell is simply parroting the talking points of the Left these days. He says the GOP has to “change”. Change to what? A carbon copy of the Democrats?  Video is at The Daily Caller here is part of the transcript

“I think the Republican Party right now is having an identity problem,” Powell said. “And I’m still a Republican. … In recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the right, and we have seen what that shift has produced: two losing presidential campaigns. I think what the Republican Party needs to do now is take a very hard look at itself and understand that the country has changed. The country is changing demographically. And if the Republican Party does not change along with that demographic, they’re going to be in trouble.”

I would argue that we need better messengers to take the message of Conservatism to those groups  rather than trying to sell them the same identity politics the Democrats have been selling them.

The GOP showed its “dark vein of intolerance,” Powell said, in a variety of unhelpful and self-defeating ways in the most recent presidential campaign.

“You can’t go around saying we don’t want to have a solid immigration policy, [or that] we’re going to dismiss the 47 percent, [or that] we are going to make it hard for these minorities to vote, as they did in the last election,” Powell said. “What did that produce? The court struck most of that down, and most importantly, it caused people to turn out and stand in line, because these Republicans were trying to keep us from voting.”

 Where does Powell get that the GOP tried to make it harder for minorities to vote? What, showing ID is RAAAAACIST to Powell? Frankly this race baiting has to stop, especially from individuals that ARE smart enough to know better!

“There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party” he continued. “What I do mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities. How can I evidence that? When I see a former governor say that the president is ‘shucking and jiving,’ that’s a racial-era slave term. When I see another former governor — after the president’s first debate, where he didn’t do very well — saying that the president was lazy. … And then there’s a third word that goes along with it: birther, the whole birther movement. Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the party?”

Good grief! Here we go any criticism of Obama is RAAAAACISM! Perhaps Mr. Powell could enlighten us as to why calling a debate performance that was, well LAZY, lazy is racist? Frankly, I think Mr. Powell’s main issue is that he is as addicted to the Identity Politics and race baiting as the next Liberal is.

Let us sum up Powell’s recipe for Republican resurgence.

1-Stop pushing for border security

2-Stop calling for lowers taxes

3- Do not expect minorities to respond well to Conservative ideals

4 Stop trying to stop voter fraud

5-Never, ever, under any circumstance dare criticize Obama

In short, it would seem that Powell wants a new Republican Party, so he can go vote republican without and still be a Liberal at heart!


AGAIN! Head of Chicago Teachers Union accuses Teach for America of “helping to kill children”

Karen Lewis is the latest Leftist to play tragedy pimp over the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. Via The Daily Caller

Only days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the head of the nation’s third-largest teachers union is blaming Teach For America for helping “kill and disenfranchise children.”

Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers Union, bashed the national organization and one of its vice presidents, David Rosenberg, in a message that appears on the blog of educational policy analyst Diane Ravitch.

“We in Chicago have been the victims of their experiments on our children since the current secretary of Education ‘ran’ CPS,” Lewis writes, calling Teach For America a group of “education missionaries” who view teaching in poor communities as a “stepping stone to a more lucrative career.”br

Lewis admits she is using the Sandy Hook tragedy to advance the agenda of her union.

Lewis, I would imagine, cares about nothing but her wallet. She knows about pushing the teachers union agenda, which likely has not one damn thing to do with teaching kids.


Nancy Pelosi attended high-dollar fundraiser in May, and look who was there

Via The Daily Caller

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi headlined a high-dollar fundraiser in May that was attended by U.S.-based Islamist groups and individuals linked by the U.S. government to the Hamas jihad group and to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood movement.

The donors at the undisclosed May 16 event included Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, according to data provided by the nonpartisan Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The CAIR group was named an unindicted conspirator in a 2007 trial of a Hamas money-smuggling group.

The hosts of the event were DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel and two Muslim representatives, Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Andre Carson.

Ellison is the DCCC’s “national community outreach chair” and the co-chair of the House progressive caucus.

On Oct. 29, The Daily Caller asked Ellison’s press aide if the congressman would decline donations from Islamist groups. The aide replied that Ellison was not available to comment.

If you think the Democratic Party is working in America’s best interests, think again! Go read the rest, and pass this around. let everyone know just how low the Democrats are willing to go.