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Andrew Sullivan: Americans think my blogging is worth $1.67 a month!

Sure it is Andy, sure it is. I mean where else can readers learn about your obsession with Sarah Palin’s uterus?

Via TheDC:

After stints blogging at Time, the Atlantic, and the Daily Beast, Andrew Sullivan has announced he will be going back out on his own. Starting February 1, he will move to a new paid content model.

In return for purchasing a subscription, Sullivan promises his readers, “No corporate ownership, no advertising demands, no pressure for pageviews … just a concept designed to make your reading experience as good as possible, and to lead us not into temptation.”

For now, Sullivan is offering readers a chance to sign up for $19.99 a year, which he notes, “translates to $1.67 a month.”

Poor delusional Andrew Sullivan


Media Bombshell! Mitt is a Mormon!

Yes, just as I predicted, Mitt Romney is now in the cross hairs of the media. And yes, they are going to beat the Mitt is Rich Drum until it falls apart, but they are also going to pound the Mitt is a Mormon Drum too. Stacy McCain, who also saw this coming, ’cause he is sharp like me has the latest, the dreaded Mexican Polygamy Commune Card!

OK, maybe it’s stretching the definition of “mainstream” to include the Daily Beast and MSNBC, but the predicted eruptions of the “Mormon Mitt” meme keep occurring with increasing frequency.

Notice how Newsweek/Daily Beast reporter Ben Jacobs hands a cue to Montana’s Democrat Gov. Brian Schweitzer:

While discussing swing states, Schweitzer said Romney would have a “tall order to position Hispanics to vote for him,” and I replied that was mildly ironic since Mitt’s father was born in Mexico, giving the clan a nominal claim to being Hispanic. Schweitzer replied that it is “kinda ironic given that his family came from a polygamy commune in Mexico, but then he’d have to talk about his family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico, given the gender discrepancy.” Women, he said, are “not great fans of polygamy, 86 percent were not great fans of polygamy. I am not alleging by any stretch that Romney is a polygamist and approves of [the] polygamy lifestyle, but his father was born into [a] polygamy commune in Mexico.”
Romney’s father, George — who served as governor of Michigan and was a member of the Nixon cabinet and also a presidential candidate — was born in Mexico in 1907 to a family of American Mormons who fled to Mexico when the United States government cracked down on the practice of polygamy. George Romney’s parents were in a monogamous marriage, but Mexico was the last bastion for the practice of plural marriage in the Church of Latter Day Saints.

See! Mitt is a Mormon, and therefore a Polygamist, and women hate Polygamy so Mitt Romney hates women. So, the media is attempting to paint the presidential race as a choice between a rich Mormon Polygamist who hates women and straps dogs to the roofs of cars, or the Obamassiah. For me, the choice is simple, we can choose the Mormon who understands basic economics or the Moron who still believes that Karl Marx was all that!

Who says Christians cannot be kinky?

I do enjoy poking a little fun at “Social Conservatives”  who venture into prudish waters at times. But seriously, anyone have any thoughts on this?

Christianity and sex toys don’t usually end up in the same sentence, but at Book22.com, an online sex toy shop for Christian married couples, faith and bedroom fun are always intertwined.

God “illustrated that in marriage man and woman symbolically become one flesh,” the shop explains. “A common theme throughout the Bible is sexual purity…We want to encourage God’s plan for people to remain sexually pure.”

Another Leftist lies about guns in America

First the lies

If a new militia movement coalesces, its members will have no shortage of sophisticated assault weapons to choose from. At the gun show in Reno, I witnessed the sale of rocket-propelled-grenade launchers and bazooka guns; I watched a California-based dealer demonstrate how rapidly he could field strip his .308-caliber sniper rifle, then stash it in a deliberately innocuous-looking backpack and a briefcase that “looks just like a camera case.” Nearby, I interviewed another dealer retailing a brand of.50-caliber assault rifle that was banned in California because it could supposedly down an airplane. He told me by slightly altering the bullets his gun fired, and by converting the gun from semi-automatic to bolt-action, he was able to sell it in California once again.

Now, the lies are debunked! Via Confederate Yankee

Mr. Blumenthal, I’ll make you a deal.

Produce a functional gun show-purchased RPG-7 launcher and grenades or a functional “bazooka gun” (whatever that is), and I’ll either eat it, or let you shoot at me with it. The simple fact of the matter is that such weapons are not available at guns shows, though replicas— non-firing essentially 1:1 scale models—sometimes are.