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Couple Capture Creepy Clown On Video Breaking Into Chicago Cemetery After Dark

Creepy Clown Breaks Into Cemetery, Then Waves Slowly – Chicagoist


Cell phone video captured an eerie scene at a Victorian Era cemetery on Chicago’s North Side earlier this month: a clown breaking into a cemetery and then waving very, very slowly to passers-by.

Julia Graham and her husband spotted a strange figure in shiny pants scaling a 7-foot-tall fence at Rosehill Cemetery around 10 p.m. while they were driving by one evening, CBS Chicago reports. At that point, the cemetery had been locked up for the evening. Her husband snapped a photo.


“When we get closer, we realize it’s a clown, which is super weird,” she says.

The couple realized it was a clown staring right at them and waving. They pulled out a cell phone to capture the bizarre scene. Rosehill Cemetery didn’t offer comment to CBS on the clown, but said it hasn’t noticed any vandalism in the cemetery since it heard the report.

Rosehill Cemetery is the final resting place of many notable Chicagoans, including retailers Richard Warren Sears, Aaron Montgomery Ward, John Shedd of the Shedd Aquarium, and Vice President under Calvin Coolidge Charles Dawes.

That’s because the graves of legendary Cubs announcer Jack Brickhouse, Oscar Mayer, ad exec Leo Burnett, Shedd Aquarium founder John Shedd and two retail giants – Richard Warren Sears and Aaron Montgomery Ward – sit yards away from a planned nature preserve. The 20-acre wooded site neighboring Rosehill Cemetery on the North Side will open to the public next summer.

Clowns have been creepy since basically forever, but clowns doing bizarre things have been going super #viral in the last year. Last October, a clown (or clowns) carrying balloons in California’s Central Valley blew up on Instagram and achieved urban legend status just in time for Halloween. Last summer clowns popped up in a cemetery in New York during daylight hours as well. Graham hadn’t heard about these clowns but she thought such stunts disrespected the dead.

“I just think it’s creepy and wrong,” Graham says.

Here’s the newscast that contains the cell phone video from Graham:



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FLASHBACK 2014: Creepy Clown ‘Haunts’ Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery – New York Daily News

Someone’s clowning around in Green-Wood Cemetery.

A prankster dressed as a scary clown, holding a fistful of pink balloons, spent last Wednesday hoofing it through the historic Brooklyn graveyard before mysteriously vanishing over a hillside.

“I was just walking through the cemetery, and I saw this really creepy clown,” said Matt, who didn’t want his last name used. “I did a double take.”

The red-wigged, ghoulish jester – who wore a polka-dot jumpsuit with multicolored shoes – circled a mausoleum on the west end of the sprawling cemetery before wandering off among the aging headstones.

The bizarre scene, first reported by South Slope News, was captured in a pair of YouTube videos posted by a user named Bruno Leo.

“What the fuck was that?” the cameraman says as he follows the clown around the corner of the mausoleum. “Oh, my God.”

Creepy clowns have become a popular prank in recent months.


A dead ringer for horror author Stephen King’s character Pennywise terrorized a small English town for weeks late last year until a local reporter unmasked him as a 22-year-old filmmaker.

A Staten Island production company pulled a similar stunt in March, sending a silent Bozo into the borough to drum up publicity for an upcoming movie.

Regardless of who is behind the new graveyard gagman, officials at the hallowed grounds aren’t laughing.


“Green-Wood staff has no information about this individual and has not seen him nor have any lot owners or visitors reported a sighting,” cemetery president Richard Moylan said in a statement. “When and if he is spotted, he will be immediately escorted from the premises.”

So far, no one has come forward to claim credit for the buffoonery.

Both the clown and Matt were surprised to see each other, said the witness, who works nearby.

“I was, like, totally freaked out,” Matt said.



*VIDEO* Joe Biden: Our Creepy, Gropey, Pervy, Leftist Vice President



Creepy Perv Charged With Masturbating In Front Of Children While Riding Bicycle

Clark McElfresh Charged With Masturbating While Riding Bicycle – Weekly Vice

Clark Duncan McElfresh, a 51-year-old California man, was jailed last Thursday after he allegedly masturbated in front of two young children (and their parents) while riding a bicycle.


According to police, officers were dispatched to a location near Seale Park in Palo Alto after witnesses called to report that a man was exposing himself and masturbating while riding a bicycle.

When officers arrived at the scene, a couple with two young children stated that they were attempting to park their car when a man rode past them on a bicycle.

The couple went on to say that the man was exposing himself and masturbating as he rode his bicycle back and forth before them.

Officers obtained a detailed description of the man and located him a short time later.

McElfresh was booked into jail and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure. He was reportedly arrested for a similar offense in March 2012 after he was caught walking down a street naked while fondling himself.

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Mum To Have Dead Son’s Baby

Mum To Have Dead Son’s Baby – The Sun

A woman is set to fulfil her dream of becoming a grandmother – using her dead son’s sperm.

Marissa Evans was shattered when beloved son Nikolas died after he was punched on a night out with friends.

The 21-year-old suffered a devastating brain injury after he was knocked down and his head hit a pavement.

He spent five days in intensive care, before Marissa, known as Missy, made the agonising decision to switch off his life-support machine.

But before his life slipped away the divorced 44-year-old controversially asked to harvest his sperm.

A judge ruled that doctors could go ahead with Missy’s wishes so she could see through Nikolas’ desire to one day become a dad.

Missy, of Austin, Texas, said: “I told the court that I wanted my grandchild. The judge gave me the sweetest look and nobody objected.”

The mum added: “The weekend before he died we were talking about what a great dad he would be. And we were saying I’d be a good grandma too. Then just a week later all that suddenly changed.”

Now Missy has hand-picked a surrogate mother and an egg donor to have her son’s child.

She found a clinic in Mexico which will let her make several attempts with one of their registered surrogates for £18,000.

Missy has faced criticism over her decision – even from her ex-husband Chris, 42.

She said: “People say it is not natural. That it is not right for a baby to be born not ever knowing its mother or its father. They say that I am trying to recreate him or replace him and that I’m not letting him go properly.”

But she added: “I definitely know that I am doing the right thing. Nikolas told me he wanted three sons called Hunter – after his favourite author Hunter S. Thompson – Tod and Van.

“He had other dreams too. I’m making the only one of these dreams that I can come true.”

Nikolas was killed after attempting to stop a fight between Erik Skeeter, 30, and pal Hugo Lagunas, 23, outside a nightclub in Austin in 2009.

Missy said: “It left me totally numb. I went through denial and shock. I’ve definitely still not recovered. I just couldn’t imagine living without him in my life.”

Skeeter served ten months behind bars and was given ten years probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

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Minority Report Realized: Creepy Homeland Security Mobile ‘Malintent’ Pre-Crime Screening System To Scan Americans At Large Events Passes First Round Of Testing

Minority Report Realized: Creepy Homeland Security Mobile ‘Malintent’ Pre-Crime Screening System To Scan Americans At Large Events Passes First Round Of Testing – The Blaze

Straight out of Minority Report a new Homeland Security program would subject Americans to pre-crime interrogations and physiological scans to detect people who are intending to commit a terrorist act at sports stadiums, malls, airports and other public places has moved closer to being implemented after the FAST program passed its first round of testing at an undisclosed location in northeast US.

The system uses a computer program that studies physiological indicators of a person, such as heart rate and the steadiness of a person’s gaze, and then uses the data to make a judgment on whether that individual has “malintent”.


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Horror Filmmaker Arrested After Decomposing Body Of His Mother Found At Home A Year After Her Death

Horror Filmmaker Arrested After Decomposing Body Of His Mother Found At Home A Year After Her Death – Daily Mail

A horror film-maker has been arrested after the decomposed body of his mother was found in her home – a year after her death.

Police made the grisly discovery in Tombstone, Arizona.

An officer had gone to 68-year-old Jill Fattig’s home to do a welfare check and when no one answered the door, he questioned her son, Timothy.

The 34-year-old film-maker for Desert Scream Productions told the deputy his mother was in a Tucson hospital.

When authorities found this was untrue, Mr Fattig admitted his mother had died a year ago and with a search warrant , deputies discovered her skeletal remains inside the house.

Mr Fattig told deputies that when he found his mother’s body, he was so overcome with grief he never reported her death.

He had been telling people around Tombstone for several months that his mother was in a hospital, said Marshal Billy Cloud.

Mr Fattig was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide and booked on a $40,000 bond at the Cochise County Jail.

But if an autopsy reveals his mother died of natural causes, charges are likely be downgraded to failure to report a death which is a misdemeanour.

Mr Fattig is an author and historian who wrote a biography of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

The website of Desert Scream Productions says the company is ‘here to share our love of blood and guts and old-school American horror with the fans’.

His Facebook page says he is a fan of the films Resident Evil, There Will Be Blood and The Godfather.

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