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Justice Department Connections To Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Enablers

Justice Department Connections To Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist Enablers – Canada Free Press

Thanks to complicit news media, most Americans probably do not know of, or at least do not remember, Floyd Corkins. They should, however, because last year, Corkins became one of the latest in a long line of left-wing domestic terrorists, one who sought to commit violence to the furtherance of his political aims.

For those for whom his name does not ring a bell, Corkins was the assailant who tried to shoot his way into the Washington D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council, a conservative pro-family group, shooting and wounding a guard who nevertheless was able to subdue and hold Corkins until police arrived. During his indictment on charges of terrorism and other crimes, Corkins admitted that he was motivated by his hatred of the FRC’s anti-gay marriage stance, and decided that he was going to shoot as many people at the FRC as possible, smear Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in their faces as they lay dying, and then escape and do the same thing at three other conservative organizations, which he also had on a “target list” and intended to shoot up.

This was not, of course, the first time that socially-liberal left-wing activists have threatened or committed actual violence in the cause of their political ends. Radical homosexual activists have been at work assaulting and intimidating their opponents. For instance, homosexual activists recently suggested that snipers should “take out” Peter LaBarbera, the President of Americans for Truth, Illinois, because of his organization’s opposition to the imposition of their radical agenda onto Illinoians. From the same article, homosexuals in Massachusetts have been busy threatening pro-family groups and individuals, going so far as to publish the names and addresses of people signing pro-family petitions, with the intent that these same individuals would be targeted by violent extremists. In California, Maine, and elsewhere, homosexual activists vandalized homes and churches and called for the murder of people who supported the anti-gay marriage propositions that ultimately passed in both of those states. Indeed, radical homosexual activists have been engaged in a low-level terrorism campaign against churches, pastors, conservative organizations, and other opponents since the late 1980s, when homosexuals and their pro-abortionist allies were calling in threats to pro-life pastors, vandalizing Catholic churches, and even firebombing churches in California. In 1991, when then-Governor Pete Wilson vetoed a “gay rights” bill that was sent to his desk, rioting homosexuals broke through police barriers, broke windows in office buildings, set properties on fire, and shattered the kneecap of one police officer by flinging shards of plate glass at him like they were Frisbees.

Despite the relative handful of shootings and clinic bombings by so-called “pro-lifers,” the fact also remains that pro-abortions have also committed much more violence and terrorism, with hundreds of physical assaults, acid attacks, and vehicular assaults being committed against pro-lifers by abortion supporters since the late 1980s. Indeed, many of these attacks are made against elderly or infirmed protestors who are simply exercising their constitutional free speech rights by opposing abortion. On September 11, 2009, Harlan Drake, a pro-abortionist, murdered Michigan pro-life activist Jim Pouillon in a clearly politically motivated murder. Couple this with the steady flow of political violence by unions, the arsons and bombings by environmentalists and animal rights activists, and the assaults, bomb-making, property damage, and arson by your more run-of-the-mill Occupy/Communist leaning lefties, and it looks like I was entirely right to state that left-wingers are a danger to society.

But back to Floyd Corkins. Wherever could Floyd have gotten the idea that the Family Research Council was a deplorable “hate” group that needed to be “taught a lesson”? The answer to that question is from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) web-based map of “hate” groups, whose demonization of conservative groups apparently motivated this shooter to “take care of business.” The Family Research Council, as well as the other three targets of Corkin’s murderous intentions, is all listed on the SPLC’s vitriolic, hate-filled website.

What is the Southern Poverty Law Center?

What is the Southern Poverty Law Center? It is a radical Left organization that promotes a far-Left political agenda under the guise of being a “civil rights” organization. However, there is little civil and hardly anything right about the SPLC. This group earns its bread by acting as a legal and social bully against conservative groups that oppose its radical agenda. Using its inordinate access to the media, it is able to smear its opponents while trying to intimidate them into silence. By attempting to lump mainstream conservative and libertarian groups together with obvious hate groups like the KKK or Aryan Nations – the SPLC once smeared the Ludwig von Mises Institute (which focuses almost solely on libertarian economic issues) as “Hitlerian” in a magazine issue that featured Hitler’s face superimposed on an American flag – this group slanders people who are concerned about liberty and traditional values in this country. Meanwhile, the SPLC serves as a front and support for a variety of pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-Islamic terrorism, and pro-Communist groups. Basically, the SPLC is an anti-American agitation group. Another area of concern for the SPLC is in promoting and encouraging illegal immigration – the SPLC features on its “hate list” many prominent and not-so-prominent groups and individuals who speak out against illegal immigration.

In short, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-wing hate group. If you’re a left-wing wacko like Floyd Corkins who is seeking direction for aiming your political violence and terrorism, the SPLC’s rhetoric and its online “target list” are tailor-made to help you find out who needs to be hit. In this sense, the SPLC most definitely served as an aid and abettor to the terroristic assault made by Floyd Corkins.

“But that’s unfair!” the lefties are already surely crying. Is it? After all, the SPLC itself made that exact same type of argument – with a much less credible premise – to try to tie Jared Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011, to Sarah Palin in particular, and the broader Right in general. Witness this attempt by the SPLC to claim that Loughner was “really” a right-wing constitutionalist and probably a Tea Partier. Never mind the facts that Loughner hated George Bush, was an atheist who hated religion, had a copy of the Communist Manifesto in his apartment, and despised Gabby Giffords for being a “moderate” Democrat who wasn’t liberal enough for his liking. According to the SPLC (and other lefties), the fact that Giffords’ district had a mock bull’s-eye over it in a piece of campaign literature from Palin’s PAC (indicating that Gifford’s opponent was “targeting” the district for a Republican pickup), this alone motivated Loughner, who had no affinity for Palin, and who didn’t possess any of her PAC’s literature, to literally target Rep. Giffords.

Following the SPLC’s own logic, how much more likely is it that Floyd Corkins, who was already zealous to do something in the cause of “gay rights” and was obviously looking for a convenient list of enemies against which to act, would have been further radicalized by the fanatical and extremist tenor of the SPLC’s rhetoric and the publication of its “enemies list”? Unlike with Loughner and Palin, there IS a direct, proven, self-admitted connection between Corkins and the material he obtained from the SPLC’s website. Oddly enough, unlike when the SPLC’s Mark Potok went on TV to try to link Loughner to Palin and opined that “there is no exoneration” for hate speech that incites others to violence, this group is strangely silent about this most recent revelation of Corkins’ motivation to violence by the SPLC’s own hate speech.

Doubly troubling, however, is the fact that the SPLC is a partner organization with Obama and Holder’s Justice Department, whereby they supposedly work together to “reduce hate” (funny, but I always thought that the purpose of the Justice Department was to reduce crime, including things like shootings). The inclusion of the SPLC in this partnership clearly shows that the Obama administration is only interested in advancing the most extremist left-wing agenda possible. In doing so, it is giving credibility and credence to a group that helped to radicalize at least one left-wing domestic terrorist so far, with who knows how many more to come in the future.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, however. The Obama administration is no stranger to using violence in the pursuit of its agenda. Remember Fast and Furious and Operation Gunwalker, in which the BATFE rigged background checks for individuals, who then “walked” hundreds of genuine assault rifles over the Mexican border to the drug cartels, weapons which have subsequently been used to murder hundreds of Mexican citizens, as well as at least two U.S. border patrol agents? The ultimate aim of this operation was to increase gun violence, giving the Obama administration an excuse to call for stricter gun control laws. Don’t forget that this is the same President who has claimed for himself and his administration the power to assassinate American citizens with drones, without any sort of due process. The same President who has been firing military officers who refuse to state that they would order troops to fire on American citizens on American soil if commanded to. The same President whose Justice Department has been given the power to indefinitely detain American citizens, even after they have been acquitted in a court of law. The same President and his Party who want to restrict, and eventually confiscate, all civilian firearm ownership, even while his government actively stockpiles billions of rounds of ammunition and even the most desk-jockeyish of federal agencies are purchasing hundreds of fully-automatic rifles, presumably for use against the American people at some point or another.

In short, he is America’s very own ten-cent Catiline, seeking to overthrow our Constitution and establish his “rule” (as opposed to “governance”), inside or outside constitutional, legal bounds.

It’s not surprising that such an administration would find a ready and useful ally in a group such as the SPLC. A radicalizing agent like the SPLC fits right in with the plans for tyranny that Obama and his crew have for America. Bully, tyrannize, terrorize – all in the name of advancing the “progressive” agenda by any means necessary. The question is, what is the average American citizen – you, your families, your friends, your church members, your co-workers – going to do about it when more and more Floyd Corkinses start appearing, as the leftist radicalization efforts continue to be stepped up?

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