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The War on Competition

Competition is not only a good thing, but a necessary thing. Without the competitive spirit, mankind would never progress, never learn, never grow, evolve, invent new things, improve, or do anything else worthwhile or noble. But, the Left sees competition as bad because competition proves the folly of the Left’s deranged obsession with equality. So, the Left prefers to pursue equality, no matter how much damage that does to mankind. And valedictorians are just the latest target

Schools are getting rid of their “valedictorian” titles over concerns that they create harmful competition, influence course selection and propagate misconceptions of large disparities in GPA because of differences in class rank.

Nearly half of American high schools do not display class rank, according to the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), and many schools give out awards to students who obtain a certain grade-point average or higher instead of only the highest-scoring student, reported the Associated Press.

The NASSP stresses that schools should encourage cooperation instead of competition with regard to academic excellence. Connor Carrow of Lancaster High School in New York wants his school to switch from honoring the top 10 students to the cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude system of honors typically adopted by colleges. He advocated this switch well before placing 14th in his own graduating class.

Cooperation is another wonderful thing, but it is certainly not necessary to eliminate competition to stress cooperation. Teams, and businesses do both every day don’t they? The fact is both offer incentives for individual, as well as collective goals, and improvements. The desire to be the best spurs greatness, and not just in the winners of a game, or the person with the best GPA. Tiger Woods made a lot of other golfers better, even if most will never reach the heights he did.

Competition is part of the human condition. Yes, some go too far, and no one likes a sore winner. But the overall good, for everyone, that competition brings, far outweighs any negatives. The Left cannot see this. All they see is winners, losers and thus inequality. Inequality, to the Left is an egregious sin. Of course, inequality is all around us. Some people are smarter, better looking, have more charisma, etc. Again, this is reality, but the Left misses the necessity of competition. My niece, now seven, loves riding her bike, and she is far from the most skilled rider in the neighborhood. But her efforts to keep up with older kids, or kids with better bikes, has her improving constantly.

What good would it do her to have “bike equality”? She would never show any improvement, and the other kids who are more experienced riders would be penalized. And what of kids not as good as my niece? What would they have to strive for? Nothing of course. All the kids would simply be muddled together, riding slowly, so as not to leave any behind. The kids would quickly become bored and disinterested, and would like park their bikes. This would be a sad result, but the Left would prefer this, as all would be, yes, equal. Which reminds me of one of life’s great truths. The Left prefers an equality of misery to a happy society with “inequality” where everyone is free to improve.

Fox News Stomps Competition Into The Dirt… Again

Boom: Megyn Kelly And Fox News Have Just Buried Their Competition In The Trash Heap – Western Journalism


It was a little more than a year ago – in October 2013 – when Fox News boss Roger Ailes made what many at the time thought was a bold and risky programming move.

Ailes changed FNC’s primetime lineup, a schedule of shows that had been mostly unchanged for the prior 11 years. And quite an 11-year run it had been because in that time, Fox News remained a solid No. 1 in the cable news category in both total viewers and the core adult 25-54 demo.

The biggest change the channel made some thirteen months ago was the primetime addition of a brand new program in the 9pm hour. Where “Hannity” once held forth, Megyn Kelly brought in “The Kelly File,” whose soaring success since its launch has been simply stellar.

Megyn Kelly had risen to fame as an anchor on FNC’s dayside news coverage. A lawyer with a quick wit, a sharp mind, a tenacious interviewing style, and an unforgiving refusal to accept bloviating – plus the ability to hold her own with the likes of Bill O’Reilly – Kelly soon caught on and climbed high.

Now, her climb has reached a notable peak. For the first time ever, reports ratings tracker mediabistro.com, “The Kelly File” was the No. 1 show on cable news in the coveted 25-54 demo.

Megyn Kelly is becoming what many in the biz call a “category killer.”

The last time a host other than Bill O’Reilly has won the demo was in Oct. 2012, when the 10pmET hour, which included presidential debates, was No. 1. Fox News has now been the No. 1 cable news channel for 155 consecutive months in total viewers.

As for the standout performance of the Fox News Channel overall, FNC in the month of November was the second most-watched cable channel, topped only by ESPN.

FNC delivered its highest rated month since May 2013 in total viewers and April 2013 in the A25-54 demo, when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred.

Below is a chart that graphically illustrates the outstanding ranking of Fox News in all of cable…and the absolute dominance of the channel in the cable news category.

You”ll note that CNN and MSNBC are nowhere to be seen seen, as MSNBC placed 26th in primetime and 27th in total day; CNN placed 25th in primetime and 20th in total day.