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The childishness of the Left

So, Texas now allows those with licenses to carry firearms (LTCs) to carry on college campuses, and the reaction of the Cult of Gun Control is, well, pretty much what we might expect from children, angry, petulant children.

Note the referenced by Religion Prof. Steven Friesen (who obviously does nt know any gun owners) to dildos. He was referring to these buffoons

Thousands of students descended upon the University of Texas’ campus Wednesday with sex toys strapped to their backpacks in protest of the state’s new campus carry law.

Upwards of 4,500 dildos were donated to the student protest group known as “Cocks not Glocks,” which distributed the paraphernalia Tuesday night (in under 23 minutes) in anticipation of Wednesday morning’s demonstration.

The founder of the protest, Jessica Jin, told Campus Reform that the idea was just a “knee-jerk reaction” to what she thought was an absurd policy, saying she never anticipated actually holding a protest.

“Everybody’s made a dick joke on the Internet before, and you never think anything’s going to come of it,” she said, explaining that the idea came to her after listening to some commentators on a local radio show who observed that gun violence is simply the norm in America now.

“I was like: ‘what a bunch of dildos!,’” she exclaimed. “What a bunch of dildos on the radio; they don’t want to say anything that’s too divisive or offer any solutions. They’re just going to say: ‘we have to learn to live with it?’ Are you kidding me?”

No, child, are you kidding us?