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Equality or Liberty?

Milton Friedman, being a wise man, said, quite correctly, that we cannot have both liberty and equality. You might have one, or the other, but never both. Why is this you might wonder. After all, many politicians, pundits, and media types use the two terms almost as if they were entirely interchangeable. Of course, they, quite foolishly also do this with democracy and republic, bu that is a different topic. So why can’t we have equality and liberty? Consider this story, by Nate Madden from Conservative Review

Earlier this week, four churches filed federal suit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts over its now-infamous “bathroom bill,” contending that it infringes upon their basic First Amendment rights.

The law, which went into effect at the beginning of the month, comes alongside guidance from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD):

“Places of public accommodation may not discriminate against, or restrict, a person from services because of that person’s gender identity … Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public.”

A similar case in Iowa popped up over the summer, where the government quickly backpedaled after enough public pressure. However, Massachusetts is a whole new ball game. Despite the protests and media coverage that blanketed the issue, it would appear that everything is going forward as written and that houses of God are now required by law to keep their views on the nature of man and woman to themselves, lest they face fines and/or up to a year in prison.

Could we have a more concise case of how “equality” as defined by the Left, and liberty, as defined by our Founders can not coexist. Equality demands that everyone, have access to any bathroom, no matter their gender or gender identity any time they wish. This, the Leftist minds believes is equality. But, shouldn’t a church have a right to decide if they have unisex restrooms, or men’s and women’s rooms? Really, I would argue shouldn’t any business hold that same right? I can argue this position because, I, unlike the Left believes in liberty. So, if a church., or business decides to have separate facilities fine. If they choose to have single stall restrooms, fine. If they decide to have restrooms open to anyone fine. That is their right.

Liberty is messy isn’t it? In a nation that has freedom of expression and speech, we will all hear and see things that aggrieve us. In a free country, we will have neighbors that live quite differently than we do, who worship differently, who hold very different views on politics, culture, and everything else. That is liberty! And liberty ensures equality of opportunity, equal treatment under the law, and protects or liberties equally. But the Left loathes such ideals for the same basic reason they loathe liberty, they are Collectivists, and Collectivism certainly demands equality be enforced by the State.

Think of what the Left’s view of equality really requires? It requires empowering the State to mandate equality. What would that mean? It would mean that the government would be powerful enough to decide what type of housing you might live in. After all, if you live in a three-story mansion and someone else lives in a trailer, that is inequality. What kind of car you might drive, because you Audi A5 and my Ford Fusion are not equal. What else might an  “Equality Enforcement Agency” take control of?

How much money you make? Check!

How much property you own? Check!

How many kids you have? Check!

Your health care? Check! Check! Checkmate!

What type of food you buy, grow, or eat? Check!

You can see how equality as defined by Collectivists and liberty, as defined by Individualists are wholly incompatible. These two competing ideologies are the root of every difference between the Left and Right. Individualism, and its values, and principles has been championed by people like Locke, Mason, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, Prager, Williams, and Sowell. Collectivism, has been espoused by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Obama, Clinton, and the majority of the Democratic Party. 

In closing, understand one thing about Leftist equality. That equality demands everyone, except the elites, of course, be equal. A look at the history of Communism gives us a lesson on the pursuit of Utopian equality. That pursuit has led to poverty, starvation, slavery to the State, and complete destruction of individual liberty. But, that is OK with the Left, because equality of destitution is still equality, and equality is the goal. Not success, not competition, not limited government, not pursuing your dreams. All of those are by products of liberty, and liberty, although it makes everyone’s plight better and gives true opportunity to all, leads to inequality. To the Left equality, even equality of destitution and misery is preferable to inequality. The consequences of Marxism, and all its bastard “isms” matter not. 

The Left’s War on Individualism continues

I always say the Left loathes the individual, and loves the collective. Why is not tough to figure, it makes conformity and surrendering of liberty so much easier. The latest example? Our Secretary of Labor telling grads to check their Individualism

Congrats to @oberlincollege grads today. Remember: Don’t let individualism trump community; move from a selfie culture to an culture.

It must really suck to be Sarah Silverman

Moral retardation? Or Moral destitution? Or maybe just the antics of a truly despicable person who is obsessed with killing babies and mocking Christianity? Stacy McCain has Sarah Silverman at her very worst,

The Daily Caller’s Caroline May caught this on Friday: In a 5-minute video for “Lady Parts Justice” — the pro-abortion group she formed last year with Daily Show producer Lizz Winstead — Sarah Silverman pretends that she was visited by Jesus Christ, who told her to spread a pro-abortion message. Also, Jesus gives Silverman an orgasm:

This kind of pro-abortion fanaticism is always difficult for me to comprehend. It’s hard to imagine anyone could have such a bloodthirsty enthusiasm for killing babies, but it is especially hard to believe womencould harbor this kind of monomaniacal death fetish.

There is a video at the link, but I will spare you that. There is one more thing that describes this video, and Silverman’s history of mocking Christianity. It is boring frankly. Yes, we get it, you do not believe in Christianity so you mock it, wow, talk about not being cutting edge. If Silverman and her ilk REALLY want to be edgy, why don’t they mock Islam? Certainly Sharia Law is much worse on women than Christianity isn’t it? Honor killings, forced marriages, reducing women to little more than property. Yet Silverman remains silent on that. Talk about things that make you go hmmmm. Aleister answers my query

Do I even need to ask why Sarah Silverman never pokes fun at Islam, a faith with a less than perfect record on women’s rights? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest it’s because people who publicly ridicule Islam have a tendency to turn up dead.

Want to prove you’re really a feminist, Sarah?

Go to Afghanistan and advocate for the right of women to learn to read like Laura Bush did.

Hold a press conference and demand that Obama pay female White House staffers the same as men.

Go to China and speak out against their one child policy, it hasn’t worked out too well for female babies.

Of course, this really is not about women’s rights for Silverman. this is about bashing Western culture and the Christian faith that is such a big part of American culture and heritage. Silverman is a Leftist, and Leftists despise America. America was founded on individual rights, and small government. That is what Silverman and her fellow Leftists truly loathe. To Silverman the truly evil thing is not dictatorships, or Totalitarianism. It is not the trampling of liberties either. After all our liberties come from God, and I think we can see how Silverman thinks about God. No, evil, to the Sarah Silverman’s of the world is Individualism which rejects Leftism and its lies. See, Silverman IS very religious, and her religion is Collectivism. And everything between Left and Right boils down to Collectivism vs Individualism. We know what side Silverman is on don’t we?

*VIDEO* Barack Obama In 1995: Collectivism Is A Good Thing

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All you really need to know about Leftism in 13 simple rules

I decided earlier today to do a post outlining the Rules of Leftism so everyone could come to grips with the undeniable truth about the evil I call Leftism.

1- When a Leftist says “by any means…” BELIEVE them! They have a moral compass guided by one thing. If it helps them win, it is moral.

2- Leftism is an ideology of convenience. A Leftist, or a Liberal (a Leftist in training) can change their stance on an issue depending on what party is in power. Just because Leftists wanted to kick Clarence Thomas to the curb over accusations of sexual harassment, did not mean far more serious allegations about Bill Clinton mattered to them.

3- Leftism is just another bastard child of Marxism. Leftists never wish to be called out for what they really are, which is Communists. Everything Marx believed in, they believe in. Never be fooled by their rhetoric.

4- Leftism is about one thing, control! Control of you, your earnings, your property, your kids, your  rights, and certainly your thinking!

5- Leftists often use the term “power to the people”. Yet, everything they strive for seeks to dis-empower people. As Dennis Prager says the bigger the state, the smaller the individual, and the Left has yet to meet a state that is too big or an individual that is powerless enough,

6- The Left HATES your gun more than anything else. Why? Well because Leftism is all about Collectivism, and the ultimate enemy of Collectivists is Individualism. And nothing promotes Individualism more than the right to keep and bear arms. There can never be the Leftist Utopia as long as the right to keep and bear arms is in place. That right, given by the Creator, and protected by the Constitution our Founders gave us is the one liberty that all other’s hang on. The Left knows this, which is why they seek to destroy that liberty.

7- Leftists do not believe in God-given, or natural rights. They believe all right  MUST come from, and be controlled by big government. God-given rights cannot be touched by government. They are as inherent to us as is our soul. The Founders listed such rights, and constrained the government from restricting those rights. The Left has been trying to undo that ever since the birth of America.

8- Leftists seek to allow government to control individual liberty for the “common good”. To the Left, individual liberty, be it free speech, self-defense, freedom of religion, is to be trampled when it becomes a detriment to that common good. And, of course, only a Leftist government can “properly” judge what the common good is.

9- Leftists love freedom of speech, as long it they approve of it!

10- Leftists are not racists, or sexists, they are Marxists. Yes a Leftist will use racist, and sexist attacks on women and minorities when it suits them, But their motivation is not to discriminate, it is to USE those minorities to gain electoral power. And that electoral power can then be used to “fundamentally change” America.

11- The Left divides, then labels people, so as to control them. The Left uses this tactic with great effect. They have used it with women, Blacks, Hispanics, Homosexuals, Asians, the old, the young. First they convince people in a certain group that EVERYTHING in their life revolves around their sexuality, or gender or race. This allows the Left to convince any group that they must THINK as a group, or they are a traitor to that group. Next, the Left convinces these groups that Conservatives hate them, and that the only hope for their gender, sexuality, or race is to vote against the Conservatives.

12- Ignorance is the fertilizer that fuels Leftism. Leftism thrives on the uneducated. And as well on those that have been indoctrinated rather than educated. This is why Leftists always want more focus, and money for education, mandatory pre-school, and for everyone to go to college.

13- Leftists hate powerful corporations, and powerful groups like the NRA, but worship at the altar of all-powerful government. It is horrible to the Left when a health insurance company will not cover you. But, if the government dictates who gets care, and what type of care, well that is Utopia. The Left hates it when gas prices are high, and the people suffer as long as “big oil” is profiting. But if the oil industry were nationalized, and the government made all the money, and gas prices were even higher? Yes, Utopia!

Take these rules, pass them around, and never ever forget them!

When I say every difference between the Left and the Right is about Collectivism vs Individualism…………….

This is what I am talking about. Read as the COMMUNIST PARTY defines rights while cheering the Obama gun grab

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, polls show the great majority of Americans are now insisting that the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right – one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.

In fact, the right-wing extremists opposing all efforts to curb gun violence are the same forces that rallied behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, hoping to undermine every other democratic right as well as the living standards of workers and ordinary Americans. It is for that reason, as well as the need to protect public safety, that the same coalition of labor and its allies that worked so hard and effectively to re-elect President Barack Obama must now go all-out to back his common sense proposals for gun law reform.

As Obama has charged, the extremists recklessly “gin up fear” that the government is coming to take away hunting rifles and personal weapons owned for legitimate self-defense. Led by the hate-mongering leadership of the National Rifle Association, they use a totally fraudulent and only very recent interpretation of the Second Amendment which they falsely claim as necessary for protecting every other freedom contained in the Bill of Rights.

See there it is highlighted in RED. They favor collective rights and abhor individual rights, Natural Rights as Franklin called them. Let me put this as clearly as I can. Collectivists are evil. they seek to deny every American the rights they are Created with. They seek to place government, all-powerful, centralized government, in a position to give and take away rights as it sees fit. The Left seeks to replace the American ideal that our rights are from God, and that those rights CANNOT be restricted by or taken away by government. Understand the Left will lie cheat, and steal to achieve their nefarious ends. Their morality is not defined by religious faith, or by common respect for the rights of others. Their morality is defined only by achieving their ends. No matter the cost.



Socialists or Individualists

No two words more concisely define the difference between Left and Right than Collectivists and Individualists. Smitty of The Other McCain infamy sees this and examines whether or not Americans are still individualists.

I couldn’t agree less with O’Donnell’s thesis that Americans are Socialists, not rugged individualists.

Rather than just reject him entirely, though, we need to allow that there is a healthy chunk of the population with an unhealthy taste for the socialist whip. They exist. Stupid people. Fortunately, their stupidity often extends to their mating habits, with predictable non-results.
To the extent O’Donnell has a point, I submit that arguing the Socialist/individualist question at the national level is itself the problem. Let Massachusetts or California be as Socialist as they want to be, and don’t mess with Texas. We must halt the redistribution of wealth that lets the federal government be the collection agent for fools. O’Donnell may lack the intellectual honesty to deal with the results of prying Socialist states away from the federal tit. Enforcing sanity on O’Donnell is not our task. Protecting our wallets from the idiocy of O’Donnell and his ilk, however, is.

I agree, sadly too many of us are addicted to Socialist programs, and yes stupidity is the chief cause of that addiction. A genuine ignorance of our history, and our founders and their founding principles is at the root of that. Too many Americans are detached, self-absorbed and vote with their hands out. The fact is that our federal government has seized power over things the Constitution our founders gave us does not allow. Predictably, the further we move from the Constitution, the more our problems grow. I will allow Smitty, and his wisdom finish my thoughts here

I submit that admitting that 1913 was an abso-effing-lutely suck-tacular year for the US Constitution, and unwinding the ill deeds undertaken by Woodrow Fascist Wilson is crucial to letting the Progressive State of America experiment die its dismal death.
On a related note, Hot Air wants to know where the 5 minute tax form is. Going back to 1913, we need to repeal the 16th Amendment. There is no hope with the IRS. None. Nothing but byzantine pettifoggery there. We nix the IRS, and let the States figure out how to raise their allotted portion of the Federal tab. Doughty co-blogger Wombat will no doubt find gainful employment in Virginia, whose tax system will also grow burdensome. But the knuckleheads of Richmond are far more accountable than those within the Beltway.

Smitty is quite right, the simple fact is that the farther away from the people power is centralized, the worse that government gets. And, as our Founders knew, the problem is constraining government, not the people. Again, note our Constitution gave us constraints on the federal government. And also note that the Left has waged a war on those constraints for decades upon decades now. From Wilson, who Smitty rightfully despises, to FDR, and LBJ and Carter, and Obama, and scores of others, the Left loathes individualism, and embraces Collectivism, and make no mistake, Collectivism is the mortal enemy of God’s most precious blessing, liberty!

America, a nation founded on Individualism, not Collectivism

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There is no greater difference between the Left and Right than on the issue of human rights. The Left talks incessantly of human rights, equality, social justice, free elections, and so on. Wondferful stuff, really inspiring, until you look at what the Left REALLY means. In the mind of a Leftist, rights are collective, not individual. Take a peek at the “right” to health care, one of the pillars of Marxism, which, of course Leftism is a direct descendant of.

The Left will tell us that having access to health care is a right, as much as the right to speak, or worship, or assemble peacefully. But, in every nation where the ideal of universal health care is in practice, the “right” is managed, rationed, and ultimately controlled by the government. The “right” is often dependent on the patients age, or health condition, or the cost of treatment. What type of “right” is this? I have asked this question before, and ask it again. If the Left truly believes health care to be a right, and yet approve of that right being rationed, then what other rights would they allow the government to ration?

Would they allow the government to ration speech? Certainly many on the Left desire the return of the Fairness Doctrine, which would require radio stations to “balance” their political talk shows. This could, and certainly would be expanded to blogs, and all other forms of speech.

What type of right is that?

We know that the Left is no friend of the right to keep and bear arms. There is no real belief in that right among the Leftists is there? No there is not, unless you consider the government dictating when and where you may carry your gun. Not unless you are OK with the government dictating what type of gun you may own, whether or not you may keep it loaded, or must keep it locked away.

What type of right is that?

The Left does not seem to take freedom of religion as much of a right either. Again, unless you consider judges dictating that pretty much any public display of faith is forbidden.

Again, what type of right iks that?

In short, all of these rights are seen as “collective” by the Left. And as such these rights are to be controlled, rationed, restricted by the government to fit the common good. The idea of common good is straight from Marx. The individual is only valuable under Marxist doctrine if that individual is deemed beneficial to the collective. If not, then those rights the Left speaks of are taken away from the individual, for the common good of course.

Collectivist thinking celebrates “rights” like the right to have your income and wealth, and eventually you property redistributed to benefit the common good. They love the “right” to have your children educated as the government sees fit. Parental rights? The Left love those, as long as the parenting fits their model. In short, the Left loves “rights” that cede personal liberty to the State. The Bill of Rights? No, the Left much prefers the Bill of Needs, where of course they decide what you need.

The individual is a dangerous animal to the Collectivists. Individuals think, and seek things that the Collectivists loathe. The individual seeks less government, less regulation, greater liberties, and believe, as the Founders did, that rights are not collective, or dependent upon the common good. The individual sees our rights as natural rights, coming from either a Creator, or as simply the natural state of men. The individual sees our rights as unalienable, as untouchable by other men, or by government.

In 1789 Albert Gallatin wrote a letter to Alexander Hamilton which sums up how the Individualists see liberty.

The whole of that Bill [of Rights] is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals…[I]t establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of.

There, in those few words, lies the definition of American liberty. Such words are distasteful to the Collectivist’s mind, who see rights as conditional rather than unalienable. Conditional, as in, the government, not God, will give and take away your rights. Conditional, as in the government will be your master, your doctor, your teacher, your parents, your employer………….